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Papa Voo

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Albert Belle was certainly an enigma for the Cleveland Indians, Major League Baseball and even in the community. 

Belle did not like the reporters, and the media probably did not like him too well.  

There was also some crazy incidents in his private life.

Belle overall just seemed to be a guy that had a mean disposition. 

If Belle would have smiled more and played nice with the media, would he have a shot at the HOF? 

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Belle would've had to play several more years to get a sniff at the HOF.

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Dude was pretty awesome in 94 and 95.


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He retired too soon. Another 3 or 4 years might have gotten him in.
Albert Belle=Prince Fielder

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He was an asshole but didn’t have the longevity. He didn’t hit any milestone: no 2,000 hits, no 400 HRs, no .300 BA, no 1,000 runs. He broke 1,000 RBIs and that’s it.

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Benlen wrote: He retired too soon. Another 3 or 4 years might have gotten him in.
Albert Belle=Prince FielderHe didn't really retire, he was forced out with a hip injury that was almost as bad as Bo Jackson's.  The pain that he endured just to take a simple AB was more than he could deal with.  He had financial security and he left.  I really liked him as a player and loved his "Fuck Everybody" attitude.

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Should've been the 1995 AL MVP. I remember a radio interview with some reporter who had a vote and said: "I voted for Mo Vaughn. Because who would you rather have come over to your house-- Vaughn or Belle?" Thought that was such BS reasoning. No way the Indians even sniffed the postseason without Belle around, that year.

(FWIW, in that same year Dante Bichette should've been the NL MVP, but that's a whole different thing)

In his career, Belle was also connected with the weird "climb through the ceiling" corked bat scenario. Plus his alcohol problems before becoming "Albert", and his Phenomenal Forearm into Fernando Vina.

In a way, I respected him for going through counseling at a young age and re-inventing himself as "Albert", instead of "Joey". Seemed like a bust in 1990, but he came back in 1991, was a completely different player, and never looked back.

Like ya' said, his career was about 2-3 years too short for HOF discussion. He played in the 90's, which will always raise suspicion about a batter's numbers.

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Worst contract in Baltimore Orioles history. Orioles fans today are still bitter over it.
Belle signed for five years and $65 million. The Orioles thought they were stealing the slugger away from the New York Yankees. Instead, they got an angry man with a chronic hip condition.
He had a splendid first year, hitting 37 home runs with 117 RBIs, a .297 average and a .400 on-base percentage.
On the day Belle hit three home runs, he decided to talk to the press for the first and only time that season. He spoke, not in the Orioles clubhouse, but in the press dining room and chose the occasion to denounce a beat writer.
Belle broke down late in 2000, and didn’t play the final three years of his contract. He was on his way to a Hall of Fame career, but it was over at 33. He wasn’t missed
Many teammates say he was understood because in his prime, Belle rarely missed a game, but the contract gnawed at the Orioles for years afterwards.

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Didn't an opponent make a steroid gesture towards him after a HR? Then he pointed to his bicep, or was that the corked bat incident?

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