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Annual Work update  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sun Aug 11th, 2019 02:09 am
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What's ironic is that since you work Med/Surgical, it's not a destination unit for Managers...Most use it to move on to something more desirable (ICU/Cardiac/Renal/Pulmonary which get bigger budgets) So when these managers come in, you're lucky if you get them to stay for 2 years..and start this shit all over again.

I understand going back to 2016 when you actually got coaxed into applying for the manager vacancy, they knew you were willing to stay in for the long haul, that you were not interested in to shifting into other units, they again opted for an outside hire which became an unmitigated disaster. They chose not to learn from that experience, so you don't even see this one lasting as long, because she walked into a mess to start, and has not tackled it efficiently, and is already alienating a good portion of the few who stuck around after the changeover.

In a way I'm guessing you're hoping they see a big purge like y'all did back in 2015, where they went nuts firing the CEO, Chief Nursing Office and Director of Patient Care along with a bunch of Managers because the patient satisfaction scores were become a huge problem. It's cycling to that again, so it's best you just sit on the sidelines and watch.

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