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What Sports Have Declined The Most Last 25 Years?  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Tue Sep 17th, 2019 01:20 pm
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 I  have to agree with everything said.  Analytics is killing all sports, especially baseball and basketball.  At some point, someone needs to be smart and realize that you need a fanbase to actually watch this shit or there isn't much point in playing the games.  Staring at an Excel spreadsheet isn't anyone's idea of fun. 

The fact that beating the shift should be the simplest thing in the world for any trained athlete, and yet no one even attempts to do it because some MIT grad claims it's not worth it, is a real killer to entertainment.

Some other stuff can't be controlled.  Pitchers throw too hard now.  It's just sports evolution and improved training/nutrition.  That results in strikeout, walk, or home run on almost every fucking at-bat.  And when everyone is a flamethrower, everyone is replaceable, diminishing the value of any particular pitcher, especially starters.  You add to that the analytics saying that taking any chances on the bases is a losing proposition and you get an incredibly boring game.  I laugh when I hear people say that fans love home runs.  Who still loves that shit?  I'm bored of it and love a line drive single up the middle or a stolen base at this point.  Those almost don't exist in the game anymore.

Football might be worse.  I'm trying to get into it again this year and it's really hard.  You have a contact game where almost all contact is either illegal or arbitrarily flagged to the point where the analysts can't even tell you what is or isn't allowed anymore.  Other than QB, most of the skill position players flame out in a few years so you can't develop attachments to talent.  The running game doesn't exist anymore and I can't name 3 RBs in the league, but I can still name dozens from the '80s.  I loved watching guys like Barry Sanders, and that's not even part of the game anymore.  And people talk about pace of game and length in baseball, but holy shit, football games have gotten LONG with big gaps between plays. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.
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 Posted: Tue Sep 17th, 2019 01:38 pm
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At first I thought Nascar but it really hasn't declined all that much in the last 25 years. 25 years would put it at 94 right when it was really starting to blow up. It got MASSIVE for a long time now has declined a lot from it's peak but honestly it's just about now back to where it was 25-30 years ago. People don't believe that because they see a lot of empty seats but 25 years ago the tracks had like 60-80,000 seats and when it blew up they expanded to like 120,000 seats at some they're back to 60-80k...

Well, Im of the opinion that one wouldnt actually have to eat the corn out of Chynas shit to know that nothing good could come of it. - Portalesman
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