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At another board I am a member of someone posted this:

Alaska Airlines flight from JFK to LAX is forced to land in Kansas City after a passenger 'tries to storm the cockpit and threatens to harm crew because he wasn't allowed to use the First Class bathrooms'
    Alaska Airlines flight was forced to land at Kansas City International Airport Thursday after an unruly passenger 'threatened the safety of the aircraft'
    Flight from New York to LA had 177 passengers and six crew aboard and video showed the man complaining that he couldn't use empty bathroom in First Class
    Airline said the passenger threatened crew members and the aircraft's safety 
    He was heard saying 'I'll slap the s**t out of this n****r' in a passenger's video clip
    CBS reported he tried to break into cockpit and but the airline wasn't aware
    Flight 411 landed safely in the afternoon and he was taken into police custody
    Federal officials interviewed crew and continue to investigate the incident 

(Yeah, yeah, I know, what a great fanbase my team has)

Anyway someone posted this wiki page of air rage incidents. I was dying laughing at some of these.

American Airlines Flight 2763: The October 1 flight from Phoenix, Arizona, to Boston diverted to Kansas City to put off a male passenger who had grown belligerent after a flight attendant repeatedly asked him to stop doing pull-ups on the overhead luggage racks; he had reportedly appeared to have boarded the plane already somewhat intoxicated and had more to drink on board. Police escorted him off the plane but did not arrest him.
EasyJet Flight 9025: During the August 2 flight from Luton to Ibiza, a woman began giving lap dances to male passengers traveling with her and exposing her breasts to the rest of the cabin; in return those she gave lap dances to those who rewarded her with drinks. After a while she began doing cartwheels in the aisles, resisting when a friend began returning her to her seat for landing and starting fights with other passengers in the process. The airline later confirmed that an unspecified number of passengers were escorted off the plane by police on landing but provided no further information.
United Express Flight 5449: A woman on the March 5 flight from San Francisco to Boise, Idaho, got up in the middle of the flight and began wandering around, repeatedly saying that she was God, and making other unusual statements. Passengers restrained her with zip ties after she attempted to open the emergency exit during flight. A passenger seated near the woman said she appeared to have been anxious about flying and may have taken some medication; upon arrival she was taken into the custody of the state department of health.
In early February a Transavia Airlines flight from Dubai to Amsterdam diverted to Vienna to put off four passengers, all Dutch, following an altercation that arose from one passenger's refusal to control his flatulence. Two of the removed passengers, both of Moluccan descent, claimed that they had done nothing wrong and were simply sitting near the combatants; they accused the airline of discriminating against them.
United Airlines Flight 895: The flight from Chicago to Hong Kong diverted to Anchorage on January 4 after an unidentified passenger smeared feces on the walls of several lavatories and tried to flush his shirt down one of the toilets. The FBI took the passenger into custody on landing; he was sent to a nearby mental hospital for observation. United put the passengers up in local hotels for the night; the flight continued to Hong Kong the next day.
Qatar Airways Flight 962: Shortly after the November 5 flight departed Doha, an Iranian woman who had reportedly consumed a significant quantity of alcohol before boarding[369] pressed her sleeping husband's finger against his cellphone sensor to unlock it, allowing her to discover evidence of an extramarital affair. After she awoke him to confront him about this, flight attendants were unable to calm her, and eventually the plane diverted to Chennai to put the couple and their child off; the flight continued to Bali. Indian authorities questioned them but found no basis for charges; the Iranian family left the country for Malaysia later.
United Airlines Flight 455: On February 11, the pilot of the flight from Austin, Texas, to Los Angeles arrived at the plane in street clothes and immediately began arguing with other crewmembers. Passengers assumed that she was another one of them until she took the microphone and told them she was the pilot of the flight. Initially she apologized for being out of uniform, saying she was going through a divorce; passengers sympathized with her at first but soon grew concerned when she began talking about politics, calling both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump "assholes". As she called for a vote on whether she should change into her uniform, and promised she would let her copilot fly the plane, passengers began leaving out of fear she was not mentally competent to fly. Eventually the airline removed her and assigned another pilot to the plane, delaying its departure by 90 minutes. Videos of the original pilot's rant went viral on social media.


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So how is one supposed to control their flatulence, unless of course they are Abdullah the Butcher, who according to Mick Foley held a fart for several hours?

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