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There is growing support around the NFL to introduce an alternative to the onside kick, according to Pro Football Talk.

A proposal suggests that teams should be allowed to try a 4th-and-15 play in lieu of an onside kick. Following rule changes last season that prevented players on the kicking team from taking a running start, the onside kick’s effectiveness was limited and dwindled teams’ chances of coming from behind late in games.

According to PFT, the Philadelphia Eagles proposed the change. NFL owners are expected to vote on the proposed change later this month.

Lining up from their own 25-yard line, teams would retain possession if they were able to convert for a first down. If they fail to convert, the opposing team would be able to take from the location of the dead ball. The options would be available to teams twice in a game, while the traditional onside kick would still remain an option.

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I’m officially an old man because this doesn’t sound like football to me. I can understand things getting goofy in overtime but not during regulation. I’m not the viewer the NFL is going after anymore (80’s fan that loves running plays and big hits) so it doesn’t matter but I do dread the day of being in the room with someone somewhere with them talking about the new onside kick and having their explanation or understanding so fucked up that they think the offense can rough the passer during that moment.

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