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Verne Gagne vs. Adrian Adonis  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sat Jun 6th, 2020 02:24 pm
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tamalie wrote: Kriss wrote: The Chicago Tribine is a horrible source for wrestling results. It was patchy even in the 50s when pretty much every wrestling show in North America was covered in reasonable detail by a local newspaper. By 1981, there weren't even adverts, let alone articles. Had the Observer started by November 81?
It is too bad the Chicago Sun-Times isn't available in archived form online. Maybe someday it will be. The broadsheet Tribune was and is the respectable newspaper in town, having a readership that generally was more educated and better off financially than the readership of the Sun-Times which had more of a working class background and thus tended to be less well educated and not as well off financially. Long story short, the promotion likely saw the Sun-Times as the paper read by its fanbase and concentrated whatever newspaper advertising and blurbs about upcoming cards in that publication.

I met George Schire for lunch several years ago, intending to do so again, but it sort of got away from me. Long story made short, I absolutely agree that he's a really nice guy when you meet him in person. Some guys just don't come off well online whether because their tone can't be properly interpreted or they don't really get internet customs and communication, which differs from the real world, something that really hurt him early on when he used is Authority heel poster gimmick, not getting that what worked in a dirt sheet's reader letter's page didn't on a message board.  It must also be said that George was long used to being the one and only expert and I think running into people who knew as much and more was both shocking and upsetting to him. That said, face to face he really is a good guy.
Agree with all of that but The last part I absolutely agree with. Meeting others with AWA knowledge cannot have sat well with him, unless they were in the business. Then it was ok. 

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 Posted: Thu Jun 11th, 2020 07:02 pm
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This is straight from George Lentz who wrote the Crusher Career Record Book which just came out on Amazon. He has been researching The Crusher, the AWA and more that I can't recall right now for years. He actually travels to libraries in the Illinois-Wisconsin area for info.

I have known him for over 45 years through us reporting wrestling results, etc. to each other. George actually kept all of our correspondence and he found my letters to him regarding this card.

The first list of matches is what was SUPPOSED to be the card.
Chicago Amphitheatre
Super Bowl of Wrestling

Farewell match...Verne Gagne vs Adrian Adonis
AWA Champ Nick Bockwinkel vs Billy Robinson
AWA Champs Greg & Jim Brunzell vs Ken Patera & Bob Duncum
WWA Champs Kelly Twins vs Wilbur Snyder & Dick the Bruiser
Hulk Hogan vs Jerry Blackwell (Body Slam Challenge Match)
NO DQ Bobo Brazil vs Blackjack Mulligan
Baron Von Rashcke vs Sheik Kaissey
Tito Santana vs Jesse Ventura
also signed Moose Cholak, Ox Baker, Spike Huber and Ali Hassan

Then I sent him the results and stated to him the card was great. The matches changed a bit and didn't go off as originally scheduled.

AWA Title...Billy Robinson over Nick Bockwinkel by DQ
AWA Title... Gagne & Brunzell NC Patera & Duncum
Hogan bodyslammed Blackwell after a few minutes of action and won the match. Blackwell left the ring by rolling under the ropes after being slammed by Hogan

Verne Gagne beat Adrian Adonis with the sleeper to win his farewell match to the fans of Chicago.

WWA Champs Kelly Twins beat Bruiser & Snyder by COR.
Bobo Brazil beat Ox Baker
Tito Santana beat Dizzy Ed Boulder
Spike Huber beat Ray Styles.

There was a lot of changes to the undercard as you can see.

That's it.

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