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RIP Kat LeRoux, Big Slam Vader/Crybaby Waldo, & Sally the Farmer's Daughter (GLOW)  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Wed Jul 29th, 2020 12:53 am
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Hat trick of deaths today in the wrestling world. Geezus....

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-Clubber Lang
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 Posted: Wed Jul 29th, 2020 01:02 am
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You're saying the they all passed away on the same day today? That's crazy. Kat was a good worker and Sally was hella over in Glow. Crybaby Waldo is one of my favorite wrestling names.

RIP to all 3!

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 Posted: Wed Jul 29th, 2020 01:12 am
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Crybaby Waldo was an ECW original who was kind of grandfathered into the new company by virtue of being a regular with TWA in Philly before ECW began. He wrestled The Sandman back when he was Mr. Sandman, J.T. Smith, Jimmy Jannetty, Cheetah Kid (Rocco Rock), etc. Once ECW started getting a little bigger (and I’m sure changed boomers), Waldo and that crew stopped being booked. He left Philly completely and moved to the Carolinas where he adapted the Big Slam Vader knock-off gimmick and regularly competed there for many years, but at some point near the end of his career he moved back to the east coast and was still very active here on the indy circuit up until maybe 10 years ago. He was always part of that 3rd tier group of indy guys, never a hot prospect or an indy darling but never having trouble getting bookings.

Almost every match that Kat had was against Misty Blue Simmes, who I’ll assume helped train her, and she wrestled a handful of matches for NWA/WCW and the AWA.

I don’t remember much about Sally other than she was hot.

This thread was great before AA ruined it.
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 Posted: Wed Jul 29th, 2020 05:13 am
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pwinsider: is sad to report the passing of Kat LeRoux, who worked for Jim Crockett Promotions and WCW in the 1980s and early 1990s. The circumstances of LeRoux's passing are not yet known but she had been dealing with health issues related to her liver. Her passing was first announced by female star Brittany Brown on social media.

LeRoux broke into the business in 1986, training at Killer Kowalski's wrestling school in Massachusets, where she linked up with Misty Blue Simmes and portrayed a regular heel foil for Simmes in singles and tag team matches all over the United States. The two were initially a team before LeRoux turned on her and became a regular partner for Linda Dallas and Mad Dog Debbie as they traveled the independent scene in the Northeast at the time, working for the Savoldi family and a number of other promotions, including Kowalski's IWF.

In 1987, LeRoux, Simmes and several other women were brought in by Jim Crockett Promotions to work the undercard of the Great American Bash tour with LeRoux often challenging Simmes, who was billed as the NWA United States Women's Champion. The run ended in 1988, leading to the duo returning to their former stomping grounds, including appearances in the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance.

In Tor Bergs' LPWA promotion, LeRoux was billed as Nasty Kat as one half of the Nasty Girls tag team with Linda Dallas, playing off the title of a Janet Jackson song. The team continued on, under that name, on independents after the LPWA became defunct. The team worked a series of WCW live events in 1991, of course facing Misty Blue Simmes and different partners.

Although billed from New Orleans, LeRoux was actually from New England. She continued to perform until the mid-1990s before quietly retiring.

---------- reported this afternoon that Beckie Mullen, who performed on the first and third seasons of David McLane's GLOW, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling as Sally The Farmer's Daughter passed away last night at the age of 55 following a battle with cancer in California.

Bullen's daughter told TMZ her mother had been diagnosed in October 2019 with "stage 4 kidney, colon and liver cancer" and was told at the time she did not have long to live.

During her time with GLOW, Mullen (as Sally) represented the series during appearances on Family Feud. Beyond GLOW, Mullen appeared in a number of TV series as a guest star, including Married...with Children, Pacific Blue and Renegade. Bullen also appeared in a number of rock videos and was a featured personality in the 1991 VHS release Rock Star Girls.

---------- is sad to report the passing Walt McDonald, who performed under several names over the course of his career on the independent scene, including Crybaby Waldo and Big Slam Vader before promoting his own events under the Slam Championship Wrestling banner. According to a post on his wife's Facebook page, McDonald had been dealing with health issues, specifically COPD, congestive heart failure and kidney issues for some time. His health had taken a turn for the worst after a bad fall a month ago and he had gone from being hospitalized to a rehab facility before going into hospice several days ago. He was only 54 years old but

McDonald initially broke into the business in the late 1980s as part of Joel Goodhart's Tri-State Wrestling Alliance, training at the TWA school and performing as Crybaby Waldo, carrying a giant baby bottle and dressed in white, working against the likes of JT Smith, Ted Petty (under a mask as Cheetah Kid), The Sandman and others, including a short program with Mr. Anthony (Brian Anthony). He also appeared on a number of events promoted by Tod Gordon's ECW in Philadelphia, working undercard matches.

McDonald rechristened himself Big Slam Vader in 1994, more than obviously a takeoff of Leon White's Big Van Vader and worked all over the Eastern Seaboard from Pennsylvania and Virginia down to the Carolinas, wrestling names like Wahoo McDaniel, CW Anderson, Christian York, 911 and the Tom Brandi version of the Patriot. McDonald and Brandi were extremely close and worked a lot all over the independent scene.

McDonald was a regular fixture for the IPWA in Virginia in the 1990s as Slam Vader. Later in his career, he worked a lot in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey wrestling scene later in his career, often working shows he was also promoting. He even worked the undercard of the first-ever CZW Cage of Death event, facing Jon Dahmer. I believe his last in-ring appearance was a TWA reunion event in 2009 where he reprised the Waldo persona.

McDonald was well liked by those who worked with in the business and was known for giving chances to a lot of younger talents on his shows. He was considered quite the character in the locker room as well. Former ECW and WWE star Brian Heffron aka The Blue Meanie, paid tribute to McDonald in the wake of his passing: "Rest in Peace Walt McDonald aka Crybaby Waldo aka Big Slam Vader. You were a good dude and were very kind to me. Rest easy my friend."

“Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain
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