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In terms of the 70s, I have him definitely in the top twenty -- and without having won a world title.

Of course today you bring up the name and the homo stuff starts flying but I like to remember Pat as a great wrestler. Some memories I have and feel free to add your own.

In the Apter mags he would show up in more than one fed's rankings. Pretty cool.

His North American championship win vs Ted Dibiase where he clocks Ted with brass knucks is classic. He then has the good sense to put the knucks away and just when everyone has forgotten about them, he takes them out in a match vs Backlund.

The whole feud with Sgt Slaughter from "Cobra Clutch Challenge" to the MSG "Street Fight" was just great stuff.

He lost a bit of an edge going from a bad guy to a good guy IMO. Still -- never a bad match with this guy.




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All things considered, from his tag team with Stevens to his singles career to his backstage duties as Vince's right-hand man, he's easily one of the top 100 most important figures in wrestling history.  He was one of the top 10-20 best pure workers of the '70s too.

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His importance backstage continues today.  He retired, but it lasted like, 15 min. 


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I've never seen him have a bad match.  The Backlund-Patterson cage match might be the most interesting cage match in history simply for the ring psychology.  While I am a 'huge backlund fan":D, I know who led that match. 
IMO, Patterson is one of the best performers of all-time.


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Patterson was one of the top 10 workers in the world in the 60's and 70's.  His impact on today's wrestling through his work behind the scenes isn't matched by many.  Easily one of the 5-10 most important figures in wrestling history if you ask me. 


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I grew up watching Patterson in the 60's and 70's. Probably one of the most under rated wrestlers ever. Tag or singles he alwaysed entertained. His feud with Stevens and then Moondog Mayne and Fuji were top notch.  He was always second banana to Stevens in San francisco.When Stevens left area Patterson stepped right in as top headliner. When Patterson left the territory slowly crumbled.

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