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Remember the anchorwoman that sent "bikini pics" to NFL Network's Rich Eisen? She's back in the news. I think she'll get fired for this (my guess)

Posted: 2007-12-17 11:52:59

NEW YORK (Dec. 16) - Philadelphia TV news anchor Alycia Lane was arrested in New York early Sunday on a charge of punching a police officer in the face, authorities said.

Philadelphia Inquirer/MCT
Philadelphia TV anchor Alycia Lane was arrested on a charge of punching a police officer in the face on Sunday.

Lane, 35, hit a female officer in the face in Manhattan at about 2 a.m. Sunday, said police, who provided no information about what led up to the incident. The officer was treated at a hospital for a cut and was released.

The Emmy Award-winning anchor was arraigned on a felony charge of assaulting a police officer and pleaded not guilty, said her lawyer, David Smith.

Lane, a Long Island native, co-anchors evening newscasts at KYW-TV, a CBS affiliate in Philadelphia. Station spokeswoman Joanne Calabria said management was "very concerned for Alycia."

"We are still trying to sort out exactly what happened," Calabria said in a statement.

Lane, who lives in Philadelphia, was released from police custody on Sunday and was scheduled to appear in Manhattan Criminal Court on April 3, Smith said, adding that his client "denies striking anyone."

"We're confident that after a full investigation of the facts she'll be cleared of these charges," Smith said.

Lane made national headlines in May after she e-mailed vacation pictures of herself and friends wearing bikinis to NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen. The shots were intercepted by Eisen's wife, who responded with a snarky message to Lane.

Lane said the pictures were meant to be good fun between old friends, not an attempt to break up Eisen's marriage.

Besides Lane's Philadelphia news role, she also has hosted CBS 3's annual "Best of Philly" specials and its "Holiday Traditions" special, for which she won a local Emmy in 2005.


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The woman that Eisen is married to used to be a sideline reporter for ABC. Her most famous moment (as most sideline reporters are completely useless) was when she asked then-Nebraska coach Bill Callahan after a Gatorade bath "is that the most satisfying dump you have ever had?"


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For those of us who live in the Philly area, you have to appreciate the fact that Lane is hot.  In the end, who cares who is ready the news to you.  It might as well be some hot chick.  I only see her updates if I happen to be watching CBS.  I can't remember watching the actual newscast.

Having said that, if I ran the local news station or CBS (calling Les Moonves), I would make her a huge star.   Instead the idiots running the station have taken her off the air.  I actually wanted to watch the news for the first time in years.  You could make her one of the stars of the new American Gladiators.  The marketing possibilities are endless!


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