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General Discussion > Gimme An Over-Rated Singer Or Band (44 replies - 612 views)

Papa Voo wrote: Rush This willl have people going in defense mode.  I hate them as well  ...   Thu Feb 14th, 2019 05:03 am

General Discussion > What Would You Do If You Were Invisible For 12 Hours? (14 replies - 204 views)

Salma Hayek. No way she'd do it if she could see me. ...   Thu Feb 14th, 2019 05:02 am

General Discussion > Gimme An Over-Rated Singer Or Band (44 replies - 612 views)

Red Hot Chili Peppers. Hot garbage. ...   Sun Feb 10th, 2019 08:48 pm

Pro Wrestling > What are you watching? (917 replies - 149855 views)

I agree on Billy Black. He didn't look like much, but he was a good hand. Same as his partner Joel Deaton.  ...   Sat Feb 9th, 2019 12:02 am

Sports Talk > Black Monday (34 replies - 908 views)

As a Packers fan I'm disappointed in the choice. I wanted Adam Gase. Hopefully LaFleur is a good fit. ...   Sat Jan 12th, 2019 11:43 am

General Discussion > Price Of Gas IN GAME Thread (150 replies - 13809 views)

1.89 today in Milwaukee ...   Sun Jan 6th, 2019 01:47 am

General Discussion > From Your Employer: Christmas Bonus , Gift Or Nothing? (14 replies - 560 views)

We got a raise and an extra week of vacation. And about a month ago they started picking up 20 percent more of the health ...   Wed Dec 26th, 2018 07:07 pm

General Discussion > Merry Christmas To All Site Members (19 replies - 596 views)

Merry Christmas ...   Tue Dec 25th, 2018 09:36 am

Sports Talk > NFC LAST WILDCARD SPOT (26 replies - 986 views)

Packers have 3 road games to end the season and suck out loud on the road. I love the Packers but the smart pick is ...   Fri Dec 14th, 2018 03:06 am

General Discussion > Sad songs that were actually cool (20 replies - 749 views)

Superstar wrote: I can’t listen to any version of Cats in the Cradle at all. Morbid fucking song about a father and his son ...   Fri Dec 14th, 2018 03:00 am

General Discussion > Bundy Ranch Hero Slams Trump on Immigration; Now Republicans Hate Him (4 replies - 260 views)

Superstar wrote: WongLee wrote: Did he say this at the nudie bar? Aaaaah...the nudie bar!  Where the ladies dance in their underpants, at the nudie bar! ...   Mon Dec 10th, 2018 12:06 am

Pro Wrestling > What are you watching? (917 replies - 149855 views)

Arnold_OldSchool wrote: HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! -Ol'Hacksaw battles Communism as Vince McMahon promotes a MAGA agenda on national TV in 1988. -The origins of Duggan's feud with Harley Race ...   Sun Dec 9th, 2018 04:46 pm

Sports Talk > Packers Head Coach Opening Day 2019 [Betting Odds] (11 replies - 408 views)

Lombardi has been mentioned as well, but I guess there's no odds on him. ...   Fri Dec 7th, 2018 02:08 pm

Pro Wrestling > Gimme An OVER-RATED Tag Team (47 replies - 2310 views)

The Ultimate Sin wrote: Kriss wrote: The New Age Outlaws. Take away the catchphrases and they were very, very average. Billy Gunn was always boring, ...   Sun Nov 25th, 2018 11:00 pm

General Discussion > CNN's Don Lemon: Is he Right? (24 replies - 1100 views)

If you change a few words and have a white guy deliver that message claiming black men are our greatest threat, society would lose it's ...   Mon Nov 5th, 2018 12:12 pm

Pro Wrestling > Rick Martel - was he a good champion? (15 replies - 1336 views)

I asked Tito,he said no. He also said ARRIBA! ...   Tue Oct 23rd, 2018 12:31 am

Pro Wrestling > Not Into Shoots....Bob “Ace” Orton (14 replies - 1346 views)

Spatulapup wrote: I was just watching the barry windham shoot with a guy named Hannibal. these would be better if the interviewer was a lot ...   Sun Sep 2nd, 2018 01:42 am

General Discussion > So What Happens To The Guy That Killed The College Girl In Iowa? (31 replies - 2273 views)

khawk wrote: freebirdsforever2001 wrote: WongLee wrote: I'm not sure of the purpose of this thread. If the guy is guilty he should go to jail ...   Fri Aug 24th, 2018 03:23 am

Pro Wrestling > GLOW Season 2 Episode 8 (13 replies - 1354 views)

I'm just glad we got to see the blonde naked this season. ...   Sat Jul 21st, 2018 10:49 pm

Pro Wrestling > Things That Actually Happened That No One Remembers (233 replies - 17713 views)

Dr Death as well with a short time in ECW. ...   Tue Jul 17th, 2018 03:57 am

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