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Pro Wrestling > PWI Year-End Awards (15 replies - 746 views)

Portalesman wrote: Im glad Medusa was awarded. True hero.AND legend...and I'm not even talking about her pro wrestling career, what she did in the ...   Thu Feb 4th, 2021 08:00 am

Pro Wrestling > PWI Year-End Awards (15 replies - 746 views)

Not sure if you would know this srossi, as I doubt you pay much attention to PWI besides the year-end and 500 issues, but I ...   Wed Feb 3rd, 2021 05:59 am

Pro Wrestling > Jon Moxley Invades NJPW Strong (14 replies - 668 views)

srossi wrote: Very interesting but the first acknowledgment of this match from the AEW side happened tonight on Impact when heel Tony Khan announced that ...   Wed Feb 3rd, 2021 05:32 am

Pro Wrestling > Lars Sullivan returns (10 replies - 1052 views)

srossi wrote: BitterOldMan wrote: Is this the same assclown who made somewhat recent homophobic comments, and who had made gay porn in the past? Yes.  And ...   Wed Feb 3rd, 2021 05:22 am

Pro Wrestling > Royal Rumble 2021 (106 replies - 3049 views)

I thought Morrison would have been used better than he has since his return. I assume he got a pretty sweet contract because wasn't AEW ...   Wed Feb 3rd, 2021 04:44 am

Pro Wrestling > Carlito is Officially Back (7 replies - 417 views)

It's nice to see some guys that haven't been with the company for awhile, get a chance to return. It seemed like for awhile there ...   Wed Feb 3rd, 2021 04:19 am

Sports Talk > Matt Stafford Sweepstakes (25 replies - 934 views)

Holy smokes. I wasn't expecting someone like The Rams to give up what they did and all the salary cap shit it comes with. ...   Mon Feb 1st, 2021 05:25 am

Pro Wrestling > Royal Rumble 2021 (106 replies - 3049 views)

Anyone check out that Yokuzuna documentary that aired right after the Rumble went off the air? Not sure if that was the premiere or if this ...   Mon Feb 1st, 2021 05:15 am

Sports Talk > Would you rather attending sporting event live or watch on TV? (30 replies - 999 views)

I've attended the "Big Four" North American pro sports leagues, so just going by them: MLB, I love going to baseball games. The whole experience is ...   Sat Jan 30th, 2021 12:53 pm

Sports Talk > Matt Stafford Sweepstakes (25 replies - 934 views)

Like Benlen,I also think Indianapolis would be an ideal situation for Stafford to fit in. I'm now thinking that he has a lot to offer a ...   Sat Jan 30th, 2021 11:34 am

Pro Wrestling > 4 New NXT UK Signings (5 replies - 415 views)

I might have already asked this question a long time ago, but if so I forgot...Who runs the NXT UK show over there? Who do they ...   Sat Jan 30th, 2021 11:24 am

Pro Wrestling > All Elite Wrestling Discussion (Megathread) (1101 replies - 111146 views)

Kriss wrote: Kriss wrote: You can add MLW to the loosely affiliated non-WWE wrestling universe. Kenny Omega is in an on-going Impact storyline and is also ...   Sat Jan 30th, 2021 11:20 am

General Discussion > GameStop Frenzy (18 replies - 1115 views)

Principal_Raditch wrote: WongLee wrote: Final question I promise. So now if you ask to "borrow" a stock, the person who owns the stock will automatically ...   Sat Jan 30th, 2021 10:36 am

General Discussion > GameStop Frenzy (18 replies - 1115 views)

Some Joe Blow Redditors made a shit ton of money today. I see a thread over there where a 19 year old invested 6K in it ...   Sat Jan 30th, 2021 10:33 am

Pro Wrestling > Young Rock (5 replies - 507 views)

So is this a half hour sitcom? \ I had no idea it was set to air on NBC....Actually tbh, I had no clue it was a ...   Tue Jan 19th, 2021 02:54 am

Pro Wrestling > Major Shake-Up With Impact Announcing Team (5 replies - 474 views)

Does anyone here know if Josh Matthews worked just for Impact all these years? I wonder if he had another job to supplement his income from ...   Tue Jan 19th, 2021 02:52 am

General Discussion > Trump Might Be Removed From Home Alone 2 (27 replies - 922 views)

Well he always has WWE. What's the chances he shows up at Wrestlemania again? I doubt this year as the heat would be too much, but ...   Tue Jan 19th, 2021 02:46 am

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