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Pro Wrestling > DX with Chyna going into WWE HOF (14 replies - 258 views)

Married Jo wrote: Superstar wrote: WongLee wrote: Married Jo wrote: You do Hogan, Nash, Hall and Bischoff..What about Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr? They were ...   Wed Feb 20th, 2019 01:00 am

Sports Talk > Antonio Brown Sweepstakes (7 replies - 66 views)

Benlen wrote: I didn't like the Niners releasing Ruben Foster. The chick he suppose to be beating the shit out of is always dropping the ...   Wed Feb 20th, 2019 12:27 am

The Clawmaster's Archives > what promotion is this? (7 replies - 100 views)

LOl at "The Smurfs". Not much, but it is something:;f=9;t=024146 ...   Tue Feb 19th, 2019 01:56 am

Pro Wrestling > Flair vs Brisco question (1 reply - 85 views)

I just went through a bunch of Flair and Brisco match results and this is first match that came up where they wrestled each other:Mid ...   Tue Feb 19th, 2019 01:27 am

Pro Wrestling > WWE get the rights to Wargames (1 reply - 89 views)

That is strange WWE didn't grab up all those WCW trademarks back when they purchased the company. If someone was on the ball, they should ...   Tue Feb 19th, 2019 12:27 am

Games, Contests & Tournaments > RAW RATINGS PICK EM POOL MONDAY 2-18-19 (6 replies - 29 views)

2.45 ...   Tue Feb 19th, 2019 12:22 am

Pro Wrestling > RIP Pedro Morales (44 replies - 798 views)

I also wanted to mention that I don't recall him ever doing any "shoot interviews" after he left wrestling. I knew he did the Spanish announcing ...   Wed Feb 13th, 2019 05:44 am

Pro Wrestling > RIP Pedro Morales (44 replies - 798 views)

WongLee wrote: Ed Lock wrote: G'day WongLee Kings Cross was notorious for being Sydney's late nightlife, gambling, drugs and red light district. It was reported that Morales ...   Wed Feb 13th, 2019 05:30 am

Pro Wrestling > RIP Pedro Morales (44 replies - 798 views)

BlueThunder wrote: WongLee wrote: Pedro gets unfairly maligned because most of the footage of him in circulation is from his IC run. By then he ...   Wed Feb 13th, 2019 12:39 am

Pro Wrestling > RIP Pedro Morales (44 replies - 798 views)

That is a drag. Rest In Peace Pedro Morales. I was always a fan of his fire and intensity. The man "ALWAYS had a surprise and was ...   Tue Feb 12th, 2019 10:14 pm

Pro Wrestling > Jose Luis Rivera Needs Your Help (6 replies - 231 views)

Well I need Jose Luis Rivera's help. Wait a second...It says he is 58 years old and first debuted in the WWWF in 1974...AFTER breaking into ...   Sat Feb 2nd, 2019 05:33 pm

Pro Wrestling > Government Shutdown forces NJPW show in US to have zero Japanese Talents (10 replies - 287 views)

Who does New Japan use as "Agents" and "producers"? ...   Fri Feb 1st, 2019 03:49 am

Sports Talk > Wayne Gretzky's 1st regular season game worn jersey up for sale (14 replies - 248 views)

Franchise wrote: khawk wrote: There was a set in the 60s that had a trivia question about the player on the back that you had ...   Thu Jan 31st, 2019 04:43 pm

Pro Wrestling > Daniel Bryan's eco-friendly WWE Championship (20 replies - 482 views)

That is kind of a clever idea. How long before they do an angle where someone throws it in their fireplace? Did the other belt just ...   Wed Jan 30th, 2019 03:24 pm

Pro Wrestling > Dean Amrose Leaving WWE. (16 replies - 311 views)

I take it he will go back to being John Moxley again once he leaves? I have a question about the names the WWE gives wrestlers ...   Wed Jan 30th, 2019 04:38 am

General Discussion > Tin Foil Hat: Clintons to be arrested this weekend? (90 replies - 6583 views)

The Ultimate Sin wrote: Arnold_OldSchool wrote: Pelosi is going to ousted as speaker and the House, with a special election replacing her spot. How? She's ...   Wed Jan 30th, 2019 01:49 am

Pro Wrestling > ROH & NJPW Supershow Set for MSG in 2019 (36 replies - 2146 views)

Franchise wrote: It looks bad at this venue. How many people do you figure would be a sellout for the set up they have at that ...   Sat Jan 26th, 2019 04:39 am

Pro Wrestling > Why Does WWE Use Mostly Non Homegrown Guys As Producers, Trainers, Etc? (13 replies - 286 views)

Reading the thread about Dutt and Abyss heading to WWE to work in off-air roles reminded me of a question I have had for a ...   Fri Jan 25th, 2019 04:54 pm

Pro Wrestling > Royal Rumble Announce teams (11 replies - 238 views)

Reading all of that gave me a headache. Who would even tune into the pre-show at all? If no one is watching Raw and SD nowadays, ...   Thu Jan 24th, 2019 02:19 am

Sports Talk > SUPER BOWL 53 -- PATRIOTS vs RAMS (26 replies - 715 views)

Heenan Fan wrote: carpetbeggar wrote: Heenan Fan wrote: Both starting QBs grew up in Northern California and were hardcore Niner fans. Both Tom and Jared ...   Thu Jan 24th, 2019 02:08 am

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