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Pro Wrestling > RIP Jocephus (5 replies - 123 views)

Rest In Peace Jocephus. He and his wife always treated us like gold at the R-Pro cards in the Chicago area, always posing for crazy photos ...   Thu Feb 25th, 2021 03:12 pm

General Discussion > $50,000 Student Loan Forgiveness (36 replies - 1271 views)

I paid off my portion of the one kid's loans and a lot of the interest and principal for the youngest already. Yeah, this provision would ...   Fri Feb 5th, 2021 02:40 pm

General Discussion > Great re-occurring guest role/character on a TV series (52 replies - 2418 views)

Erick Von Erich wrote: -"Parks & Recreation" has a whole host of recurring characters, but I'd say the most prominent is Jean Ralphio. Councilman Jam ...   Wed Feb 3rd, 2021 08:47 pm

General Discussion > Great re-occurring guest role/character on a TV series (52 replies - 2418 views)

BitterOldMan wrote: The roles I'm envisioning are a memorable character who might show up once per season and has the episode built around the character ...   Thu Jan 28th, 2021 12:03 pm

General Discussion > 1099-K for Ebay Sales (13 replies - 454 views)

Illinois and other states are really nickel and diming us. ...   Mon Jan 25th, 2021 10:41 pm

Sports Talk > RIP Henry Aaron (13 replies - 514 views)

Rest in Peace to Hank Aaron. ...   Fri Jan 22nd, 2021 04:32 pm

Sports Talk > NFL WILDCARD WEEKEND (18 replies - 936 views)

I don't listen to WGN Radio much anymore but I'll miss these guys until late summer, if the station keeps them. ...   Wed Jan 13th, 2021 09:27 am

Sports Talk > Name The Players That Made You Fall In Love With Sports (18 replies - 981 views)

For baseball in Chicago for me: Billy Williams Glenn Beckert Fergie Jenkins Dick Allen Wilbur Wood ...   Sun Jan 3rd, 2021 11:55 pm

Pro Wrestling > Interview with Pedro Morales' widow (5 replies - 437 views)

GregOliver wrote: Mr. Searchy didn't find any RIP Pedro Morales thread from last year. Strange. To me, he is most definitely an under-appreciated superstar. We're really excited to ...   Sat Jan 2nd, 2021 07:13 pm

General Discussion > HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL SITE MEMBERS (4 replies - 362 views)

Happy New Year! ...   Sat Jan 2nd, 2021 08:11 am

Pro Wrestling > RIP Brodie Lee (61 replies - 3396 views)

AEW did things right. What caught my eye was Colt crying most of the time. He and Jon go way back. I used to see ...   Thu Dec 31st, 2020 11:49 am

General Discussion > What Are You Reading? (425 replies - 264523 views)

On the pro wrestling front I received the Buddy Rogers book from Scott Teal's Crowbar Press written by Tim Hornbaker. It looks great. On the ...   Wed Dec 30th, 2020 01:15 pm

Sports Talk > Rest In Peace - Phil Niekro (4 replies - 386 views)

I'm speechless. ...   Sun Dec 27th, 2020 06:24 pm

Pro Wrestling > RIP Danny Hodge (18 replies - 1010 views)

Rest In Peace Danny Hodge. ...   Sat Dec 26th, 2020 07:35 pm

General Discussion > MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL SITE MEMBERS (11 replies - 683 views)

Merry Christmas. ...   Thu Dec 24th, 2020 10:15 am

Pro Wrestling > Is Lana Being Punished? (90 replies - 9266 views)

That agonizing look by Lana especially with all of the make-up is getting on my nerves. ...   Tue Dec 15th, 2020 11:34 pm

Sports Talk > RIP Dick Allen (7 replies - 666 views)

Chitown Rich wrote: BitterOldMan wrote: I felt he never got his due from the local media when he played in Chicago just because he played ...   Wed Dec 9th, 2020 03:57 pm

Pro Wrestling > RIP Pat Patterson (61 replies - 4602 views)

GregOliver wrote: We have an editorial up at looking at the bigger picture of what Patterson meant. Hope you'll give it a read: and ...   Mon Dec 7th, 2020 07:20 pm

The Clawmaster's Archives > Dick The Bruiser record book (981 replies - 399046 views)

Brute and Kriss, I discovered this poster buried in my garage. It must be 1983: 11/12/1983 Fairmount IN The Fairmount Lions Club Presents @ the old Fairmount ...   Sat Dec 5th, 2020 11:16 am

General Discussion > Johnny and Doc Talk About Thanksgiving (9 replies - 710 views)

Married Jo wrote: KGB wrote: Gil Wilcox wrote: I saw the Rickles and Sinatra show one day last week. What a story! You can tell ...   Tue Nov 24th, 2020 08:01 pm

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