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Becky Lynch  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Mon Feb 18th, 2019 01:50 am
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Just beat the shit out of Charlotte and Rhonda with brutal crutch shots, including landing one on Rhonda's head that opened her up a little. 
Rhonda gets the predictable win over Ruby Riott in like 3 minutes.Charlotte's as ringside of course.Post match,  Charlotte gets in the ring. 
Becky limps into the ring on crutches (I must've missed why She's limping so bad now as she walked fine to the ring last Monday)
She throws one at Charlotte and proceeds to beat the shit out of her with the other.  Like 17 brutal shots.Then, gives the other crutch to Rhonda.  As you think Rhonda's gonna start hitting Charlotte,  WHACK!  Becky nails her across the back.  Then hits her with the fucking stiffest shot over the head that splits her open and I'm sure management's gonna be pissed about. 
It was very satisfying. 

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