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"Iron" Mike Sharpe  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Thu Apr 22nd, 2010 11:11 pm
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Papa Voo

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Anybody have any records for "Iron" Mike Sharpe from around 83-85?

Discussion on KM about him being turned as a face.  I do not necessarily know if he was turned into a face, but I believe he jobbed to some of the top heels.

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 Posted: Sat Apr 24th, 2010 02:31 am
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I could only find two matches featuring Mike Sharpe against other heels.

7/15/83 Queens NY
Andre The Giant & Rocky Johnson & Sal Bellomo beat Mr. Fuji & John Studd & Sgt. Slaughter
Ivan Koloff dcor Mike Sharpe
Invaders beat Don Kernodle & Frank Williams
Swede Hanson beat Steve Lombardi

11/21/83 NY NY MSG
WWF Champion Bob Backlund beat Masked Superstar
Jimmy Snuka drew Sgt. Slaughter
Pat Patterson beat Ivan Koloff COR
Tony Atlas beat Big John Studd
WWF IC Champion Don Muraco beat Iron Mike Sharpe
Wild Samoans beat Rocky Johnson & SD Jones
Iron Sheik beat Tony Garea
The Invaders beat Mr. Fuji & Rene Goulet
Tito Santana beat Don Kernodle
Salvatore Bellomo beat Butcher Vachon

Check Graham Cawthon's site for more listings.

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