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Random Lump O' Results  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Tue Jul 13th, 2010 12:22 am
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One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
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I mentioned elsewhere that these results were the result of random searches on the Google News Archives.  If anyone has these listings (some results, others the lineups from articles promoting upcoming events)I'd be interested in knowing if they are new to certain cities/regions or if it's ground already covered.

The day-to-day dedicated researchers like Becky, Claw and Ron have their methods, and I don't claim to have that patience.  But I like to rummage around and would do a bit more if there are any gems unearthed here.  Have a look:


Nevada, MO
August 22, 1987
Sheldon High School

Central States Champion Rufus R. Jones vs Hustler Rip Rogers
The Kansas Outlaws vs Brad & Bart Batten
Rick McCord vs. Porkchop Cash
Vinnie Valentino vs. Earthquake Ferris
Chief Jay Strongbow Jr. vs Russell Sapp, Esq.

Muscle Shoals, AL
May 9, 1987
Sheffield Recreation Center

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Mike Golden
Scott Casey vs. The Superstar
The Nightmares vs Shogun 1 and 2
Loser Leaves Town: Exotic Adrian Street vs. Dutch Mantell
Continental Title: Buddy Landel vs. Wendell Cooley
Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs. Dirty White Boy & Jerry Stubbs

Nashua, NH
January 25, 1979
Nashua Coliseum

Larry Zbyszko vs Victor Rivera
Ivan Putski vs Spiros Arion
Fabulous Moolah & Suzette Ferriera vs Joyce Grable & Wenonah Little Heart
Dave Darrow vs Allen Coage
Pete Doherty vs Mike Hall
SD Jones vs Sylvano Sousa

Albany, NY
August 17, 1979
Washington Avenue Armory

Chief Jay Strongbow DDQ (draw) Greg Valentine  21:00
Pat Patterson beat Ted DiBiase 18:00
Steve Travis beat Fred Marzino 6:00
Jose Estrada beat Jaguar 6:00
Johnny Rodz drew Johnny Rivera
Dominic DeNucci beat Moose Monroe 5:00

Fort Scott, KS
April 19, 1988
Fort Scott Memorial Hall

10 man Bunkhouse Match for $2000
Central States title- DJ Peterson (C) vs Eddie Gilbert
WWA World title- Mike George (C) vs Bulldog Bob Brown
Central States TV title- Masa Chono (C) vs Steve Ray
Rufus R. Jones vs Ken Timbs
Cowboy Lang & Shirley Black vs Little Tokyo & Sandy Partlow
Vinnie Valentino vs Cowboy Rick Patterson

Lexington, NC
May 8, 1982
North Davidson High School

Roddy Piper & Angelo Mosca vs. Jack Brisco & Wahoo McDaniel
Johnny Weaver vs. Michael Hayes
Carl Fergie vs. Terry Taylor
Tim Horner vs. Tony Russo
Mike Rotondo vs. Ken Timbs

Bangor, ME
June 13, 1979
Bangor Auditorium

Greg Valentine beat Ivan Putski
Jimmy,Johnny & Jerry Valiant beat Haystscks Calhoun, Ted DiBiase & Dominic DeNucci 2/3 falls
Steve Travis beat Bulldog Brower via DQ
Great Hossein beat Johnny Rodz
Tito Santana drew SD Jones 20:00

Albany, NY
October 20, 1974
Washington Avenue Armory

Susan Green & Judy Grable beat Paula Kaye & Peegy Patterson in 2 straight falls. 1st- 23:00, 2nd-3:00
Dean Ho & Tony Garea beat Johnny & Jimmy Valiant by DQ 24:00
Jose Gonzales drew Joe Nova 20:00
Dennis Johnson beat Tom Marin 17:00
Bob Duncum beat SD Jones 8:00

Eugene, OR
March 19, 1976
Lane County Fairgrounds

Professor Dale Lewis & Johnny Eagle vs Lord Jonathan Boyd & Norman Charles III
Bill Francis vs. Tor Yamamota
Tony Borne vs. Manny Cruz
Keith Franks vs. Haru Sasaki

Modesto, CA
May 20, 1978
Uptown Arena

Mando Guerrero vs Texas Red (mask on the line)
Dean Ho & Pepper Gomez vs. Sir Earl Maynard & Rock Riddle
Takashi Onoumi vs. Abdul Zaatar

Modesto, CA
February 4, 1977
Uptown Arena

Andre the Giant & Pepper Gomez vs. Jimmy & Johnny Valiant & The Great Fuji
Alberto Madril vs. Mad Dog Vachon
Alexis Smirnoff vs Rock Riddle

Modesto, CA
December 17, 1976
Uptown Arena

The Great Fuji & Masa Saito vs. Ray Stevens & Alberto Madril
Pepper Gomez vs. Rock Riddle
George Wells vs. Fabulous Frank

Modesto, CA
August 8, 1975
Uptown Arena

3/5 falls: Rock Riddle, Angelo Mosca & Masked Invader vs. Pat Patterson, Pedro Morales & Moondog Mayne
Peter Maivia vs. Kinji Shibuya

Sarasota, FL
November 13, 1963
American Legion Arena

The Assassins won best of three falls over Steve Kovacs & Don Curtis
Bob Orton beat Eric Pomeroy 22:00
Ray Andrews drew Lord Nelson Royal 30:00

Sarasota, FL
September 25, 1963
American Legion Arena

Jake Smith & Luke Brown beat Killer Karl Kox & Lord Nelson Royal -two straight falls
Midgets:  Marcel Semard beat Chico Santana
Chief Crazy Horse beat Duke Keomuka- DQ

Miami Beach, FL
December 6, 1963
Miami Beach Auditorium

Lou Thesz beat Don Curtis 2/3 falls
Mark Lewin drew Bob Orton
Jack Allen beat Lord Nelson Royal
The Gladiators beat Killer Karl Kox & Fred (Frank?) Valois

Miami Beach, FL
July 16, 1963
Miami Beach Auditorium

Hiro Matsuda beat Ramon Torres
The Kentuckians beat Tinker Todd & Lord Nelson Royal
The Great Malenko beat Mike Paidousis
Alberto Torres drew Len Rossi

Sydney, Australia (Haymarket)
September 5, 1971
Capitol Theatre

The Brute vs Mario Milano
Lord Littlebrook & Little Bruiser vs Bobo Johnson & Wee Willie Wilson
Sandy Parker vs. Toni Rose

Spokane, WA
August 16, 1968
The Coliseum

John Tolos vs. Paul Diamond
Arman Hussein & Abdullah the Butcher vs Paddy Barrett & Don Leo Jonathan
Bruce Kirk vs. Tom Andrews
Erich Froelich vs Tony Garfano

Spokane, WA
November 8, 1968
Spokane Coliseum (Promoter Harry Elliott)

8-Man Battle Royal
Four singles bouts determined at bell time
featuring John Heideman, Johnny Kostas, John Tolos, Dean Higuchi, Bobby Shane, Big Tom Andrews and 2 others

Ellensburg, WA
October 4, 1968
Botta Pavillion-Arena

Bobby Shane vs. John Tolos (2/3 falls-winner to meet World Champ Gene Kiniski)
Big Tom Andrews vs. Eric Froelich
Johnny Heideman vs. Sandy Barr (special referee Roy McClarty)

Ellensburg, WA
October 19, 1968
Botta Pavillion-Arena
Att: "nearly 500"

Don Leo Jonathan & Johnny War Eagle beat Arman Hussein & John Tolos
Don Leo Jonathan beat John Tolos
Arman Hussein beat Johnny War Eagle

Spokane, WA
September 20, 1968
Spokane Coliseum

Johnny Kostas & Bobby Shane beat John Tolos & Tom Andrews
Don Leo Jonathan beat Abdullah the Butcher in a Texas Fight-to-the-Finish
Jack Bence drew Eric Froelich (sub Tony Garfono)
Arman Hussein beat Soldat Gorky (sub Bruce Kirk)

Spokane, WA
November 27, 1968
Spokane Coliseum

Bobby Shane vs. John Tolos
Soldat Gorky vs. Don Leo Jonathan
Jack Bence vs. Dutch Savage
Beauregarde vs Eric Froelich








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 Posted: Tue Jul 13th, 2010 01:52 am
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Joined: Fri Oct 19th, 2007
Location: East Patchogue, New York
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One Fan Gang wrote:

Spokane, WA
November 27, 1968
Spokane Coliseum

Bobby Shane vs. John Tolos








This has to be unique. This one is as strange as the Bruno vs. Johnny Weaver result.

"Did Scott Hall fuck Mike Johnson's wife?"

Kriss in the Scott Hall will be dead soon thread
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 Posted: Tue Jul 13th, 2010 08:22 am
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Citizen of nowhere

Joined: Wed Dec 12th, 2007
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Random searches on Google are a good start to find newspapers which might have results. There's no easy to search list of all newspapers on there. The biggest problem with Google News is that the search engine is pretty poor. It misses a large percentage of hits compared to the Newspaper Archive search. Also, a good percentage of Google scans are rotated 90 degrees, and these are never picked up by the search engine. With the Fort Scott cards I'm researching, maybe 10-15% of them appeared in searches. I'm just scrolling through day by day looking for wrestling ads.

“Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.” ― Mark Twain
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 Posted: Tue Jul 13th, 2010 08:43 am
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Joined: Fri Jan 23rd, 2009
Location: Bratenwender City, Germany
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Be glad that your newspapers are in Antiqua and not in Fraktur. The few newspaper archives over here don't have any search features as scanning software can't recognize Fraktur yet and you can guess how bad some paper material is. There is an Austrian (not Australian ;) ) archive that even has newspapers from Prague and Budapest and yet I've been only able to find one "tournament" of results until now. Of course I can't ignore the fact that maybe wrestling was never popular for those upper class newspapers.

By the way - is there any interest in Vienna 1908 results? :D .

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 Posted: Sun Sep 26th, 2010 11:31 pm
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One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471
Here's another batch I dug up from about 40 minutes of search:


Fri.  May 8, 1964
Uptown Arena, Modesto, CA

7 ft. Steel Cage match:  Kenji Shibuya beat Red Bastien
Pepper Gomez beat Buddy Austin
Dick Steinborn beat Karl Von Brock by DQ
Attendance: 500

Sat.  December 12, 1959
Reading Armory-  Reading, PA

Antonino Rocca & Red Bastien beat Wild Bull Koury (Curry) & The Sheik of Araby in 2 straight
Guy LaRose beat Ted Lewin with a bodypress
Mark Lewin beat Chet Wallick with a reverse half nelson
Luis Martinez beat Jack Vansky with a bodyslam
Referee:  Eddie Weber
Timekeeper: John Ramanski
Announcer: Harold (Runt) Runyeon

Friday, November 26, 1965
Sydney Stadium-  Sydney, Australia

World Title Match: Karl Gotch vs Spiros Arion (60 min.  best of three falls)
Skull Murphy vs. Mark Lewin 
Ron Reed vs King Curtis
Red Bastien vs. Roy Heffernan
& "a tag wrestle for local matmen"

Wednesday, March 20, 1957
City Auditorium-  Gadsden, AL

Tor Yamato & Wild Red Berry vs Chris Belkas & Dan Miller
Southern Jr. Heavyweight title:  Tor Yamato vs Dan Miller
Chris Belkas vs Wild Red Berry
Referee's Grudge Match: Freddie Lee vs.Roy Wilson

"Wrestling will be held on Wednesday night of next week, with the regular Thursday night bouts to be resumed April 4"


Monday, August 13, 1960
McCurdy Park-  Corunna, MI
Shiawassee County Free Fair

Leaping Larry Chene vs Brute Bernard
Louie Martinez vs Bulldog Brower
Midgets:  Irish Jackie vs Bouncing Bernie Burke
Happy Humphrey (750 lbs) vs Walter White (330 lbs.)


Friday, November 6, 1959
Florence National Guard Armory-  Florence, AL

Tor Yamato vs Leaping Larry Chene -Wire Cage Texas Tornado Death match
Corsica Joe vs Charlie Keene
Don Kent (formerly Black Dragon #2) vs Corsica Jean
Promoter: Bill Golden


Wednesday, February 27, 1957
St. Petersburg Armory- St. Petersburg, FL

Battle of the Giants: 6'4" Fred Atkins vs. 6'7" Don Leo Jonathan
Elaine Ellis vs Mae Weston
Yukon Eric vs. John Smith


March 10, 1957
Lake Worth Arena-  Lake Worth, FL

Ella Waldek beat Elaine Ellis to win a 5-girl wrestle royal in 30 minutes
Texas Death Match:  Yukon Eric beat Don Leo Jonathan


Saturday, January 31, 1970
YMCA-  Lexington, NC

No DQ:George Becker & Johnny Weaver beat Skull Murphy & Brute Bernard
on reverse decision (Special Referee: Pepper Gomez)
Kurt Stroheim & Art Nelson beat Luther Lindsey & Abe Jacobs
Rudy Kay beat Panch Valdez with a stump-puller in 16 minutes
Terry Kay beat Pedro Valdez with a Boston Crab in 13 minutes

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 Posted: Mon Oct 4th, 2010 11:23 pm
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One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471
TUESDAY- JULY 30, 1963


ATT: 7000

Bulldog Brower beat Dr. Jerry Graham in best of three falls
1-Brower wins 5:35  2-Graham wins w/backbreaker  3-Brower wins 4:00

Lord Athol Layton beat Killer Kowalski best of 3 falls
1-Kowalski by pin 12:58  2-Layton with judo chops 2:56  3-Layton by DQ 9:38

The Beast beat Larry Moquin with a bearhug 4:25
Edouard Carpentier beat Stan Stasiak by pin 14:37
Magnificent Duke Noble beat John Heath by pin 14:35
Little Beaver pinned Fuzzy Cupid in 12:00


TUES MARCH 19, 1963
ATT: 1500  Promoter: Howard Darwin

Heavyweight Title:  Edouard Carpentier beat Bulldog Brower
1- Brower 7:18 w/backbreaker  2-Carpentier wins 0:59  (Brower attacks ref Ed Creatchmann, who is replaced by Manuel Cortez)  3- Carpentier by pin after Cortez KO'ed Brower in mere seconds.

Manuel Cortez beat Haro Sakura two straight falls
1- Cortez by coco butt 6:26  2-Cortez wins 4:27

Chris and John Tolos beat Pete Sanchez & Gerry Dugas in 14:38
Argentina Apollo beat Mike Valentino 10:03
Jim Hady drew with Stan Stasiak.


Friday, August 26, 1960
Anna, IL-  Anna Fair

Rip Hawk vs John Paul Henning
Rock Hunter vs Ray Gordon
Lorraine Johnson vs Millie Stafford


Sunday, April 4, 1965
Municipal Auditorium-  Topeka, KS

World Title:  Lou Thesz (C) vs Pat O' Connor
6 man tag:  Ron Reed, Ken Hollis & Steve Bolus vs. Missouri Mauler, Art Neilson & Dutch Savage
Plus Three other bouts


Friday, August 14, 1964
Sanders Field- Kennewick, WA
Att: est 1100

Pat Patterson beat Haru Sasaki best of three falls.
Tony Borne beat Alvaro Velasco
Buddy Moreno beat Johnny Zenda


Saturday, June 15, 1957
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA
Promoter: Paul Jones

Jack O'Brien (The Demon) & Fred Blassie vs George Drake & Nick Roberts 2/3, 60:00 TL
plus 2 other matches


Wednesday, January 23, 1957
Beach Arena- Daytona Beach, FL
Matchmaker: Saul Weingeroff

Wilbur Snyder vs Big Ike Eakins
George Drake vs Jack Vansky
Judy Glover vs Margot Kuebler (listed in ad)
China Mera vs Kitty Glover (listed in news article)

Thursday, February 24, 1955
The Arena- Cape Girardeau, MO
Promoter: Leonard Thomas

Wilbur Snyder vs Johnny Valentine  2/3 60:00
Major Tom Thumb & Ivan The Terrible vs Pee Wee James & Tuffy McRea 2/3 45:00
Danny Farrazo vs George Drake  

Monday, December 29, 1964
Washington DC- Washington Coliseum

Sweet Daddy Siki, Argentina Apollo & Bobo Brazil vs Jerry, Eddie & Luke Graham

Midgets: King Toby & Mighty Mite vs Tiny Tim & Tom Thumb  2/3 falls


Friday, December 13, 1963
Spokane, WA-  Spokane Armory  8:15 pm

Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon vs. Abe "Kiwi" Jacobs   2/3-45:00
Sky Low Low & Irish Jackie vs. Tiny Tim & Billy the Kid   1-fall, 45:00
Paddy Barrett vs Shag Thomas   2/3- 45:00

Friday, January 17, 1964
Owosso National Guard Armory- Owosso, MI  9pm

The Black Orchid vs Chief White Eagle
Ivan Kalmikoff,The Mad Russian vs. leaping Larry Chene
Lord Landsdowne vs Paul DeMarco
Crusher Cortez vs Joe Maty


Friday, February 14, 1964
Owosso National Guard Armory- Owosso, MI

Cry Baby Cannon (365 lbs) vs. Rip Collins (The Scufflin' Hillbilly) w/ Cousin Alfred in his corner
Leaping Larry Chene vs Ivan Kalmikoff
Chuck Collins (The other Scufflin' Hillbilly) vs Lord Landsdowne


Tuesday, January 31, 1961
Montreal Forum-  Montreal, Canada

Dominic DeNucci & Edouard Carpentier beat Al Costello & Ivan Kalmikoff 2-1
Angelo Mosca beat Tony Altimore
Mark Lewin & Don Lutz beat Red Berry & Angelo Savoldi
Fred Atkins DDQ Ike Eakins for fighting outside the ring
Bob Nandor beat Juan DeSilva


Saturday, December 31, 1966
Lexington YMCA-  Lexington, NC

Col. Homer O'Dell, Aldo Bogni & Bronko Lubich vs Ike Eakins, Klondike Bill & Bobby Shane
Pedro Zapata vs Jesse James
Big Boy Blondell vs Pedro Godoy
Tinker Todd vs El Gaucho


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 Posted: Wed Oct 6th, 2010 12:17 am
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One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
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Thursday, April 27, 1967
Modesto Sports Arena-  Modesto, CA
8:15 pm  Promoter: Johnny Miller

United States Championship: Ray Stevens (c) vs. Cyclone Negro
Pepper Gomez vs Jungle Jim Starr
The Mongolian Stomper vs Eddie Sharkey
Skull Murphy vs George Drake


Friday, January 13, 1967
Uptown Arena-   Modesto, CA
8:45 pm   Promoter: Johnny Miller

Pepper Gomez & Joe Scarpa vs Ray Stevens & Pat Patterson
Plus 2 other bouts


Thursday, June 8, 1967
Sports Arena-  Modesto, CA   8:45pm
Matchmaker Johnny Miller says that he has his air conditioning units working!

Mongolian Stomper vs Dominic DeNucci
Red Bastien vs Cyclon Negro
plus 2 preliminary bouts


Friday, April 21, 1967
Sports Arena-  Modesto, CA

8-man battle royal for $400  (Each wrestler puts in $50; final two men meet in a 2/3, 60:00 bout)
Dom DeNucci of Italy
Joe Scarpa of Newark
Cyclone Negro of Mexico
Red Bastien of Minneapolis
George Drake of Catalina Island
Tom Andrews of Salt Lake City
The Mongolian Stomper
The Masked Spoiler

Friday, August 20, 1976
Uptown Arena-  Modesto, CA

Haystack Calhoun (605 lbs) & Pat Patterson vs The Great Fugi & Don Muraco  2/3  60:00
Pedro Morales vs Sir Jonathon Boyd   60:00 TL
Sgt. LiBeouf vs. Alberto Madril  1 fall, 20:00


Friday, March 1, 1974
Uptown Arena-  Modesto, CA

Peter Maivia, Pat Patterson & Rocky Johnson beat Kurt & Karl Von Brauner & <r. Saito (Rocky pins Saito)
Blackjack Slade beat Don Muraco (won the 2nd and 3rd fall)
Pat Patterson beat Kurt Von Brauner


Saturday, March 19, 1955
YMCA-  Lexington, NC

Two Referees:  Dick Steinborn & Chick Garibaldi vs Brother Frank Jares & Jim Austeria
Tex Riley vs Wild Red Berry  2/3  60:00
Frankie Murdoch vs Danno O' Shocker


Saturday, April 9, 1955
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Brother Frank Jares & Jim Austeri vs Antonino Rocca & Chick Garibaldi
George Curtis vs Rube Wright
Jack Curtis vs Frankie Murdoch


Saturday, November 12, 1988
Mars High School-  Mars, PA   8pm

Kimmie Kozak vs. Keystone Kelly
Also Scheduled:  David Sammartino, Luscious Johnny Valiant, Dominic DeNucci


Friday, January 19, 1990
Steinbrenner's Yankee Inn-  Ocala, FL
Promoted by Sports World Productions of Ocala

The Masked Superstar & Nasty Ned vs. Dean Malenko & Rico Federico
Malia vs Penelope Paradise
Robert Duvall vs. Frankie Rose
Chris Proctor vs. The Big V
Bobby Mercedes vs. Andy Johnson
Jumbo Baretta vs. Full Force
Plus Karate demonstration by 3-time state champion Danny Bridges, age 13


Wednesday, June 4, 1969
American Legion Hall-  Attalla, AL  8:30pm
Promoter Roy Bragg

The Mighty Yankees vs. Les Thatcher & Corsica Joe  2/3 falls
Plus two one fall matches

Saturday, July 7, 1973
Memorial Auditorium-  Spartanburg, SC

Swede Hanson KO'ed Big Boy Brown in 8th round of a Boxing-Wrestling feature
Wee Willie Wilson & Bobo Johnson beat Little Bruiser & Billy the Kid- 2 straight falls
Les Thatcher beat Two Ton Harris
Red Dupree beat Joe Soto

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 Posted: Thu Oct 7th, 2010 02:22 am
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One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471

Tuesday, December 27, 1960
Baltimore Coliseum-  Baltimore, MD
Promoter: Last name is Smyth

World Championship:  Pat O'Connor (C) vs. The Crusher
US Heavyweight title: Buddy Rogers (c) vs. Antonino Rocca
Babs Wingo & Marva Scott vs Ethel Johnson & Ramona Isbelle  2/3
Plus two other matches


Saturday, January 18, 1958
YMCA-  Lexington, NC   8pm

Marva Scott & Babs Wingo vs Ethel Johnson & Lula Mae Provo
Len Rossi vs. Great Bolo
Kurt Von Hess vs. Tinker Todd


Saturday, January 4, 1958
Memorial Auditorium- Spartanburg, SC

Mike & Doc Gallagher vs George Becker & Dick Steinborn 2/3 60:00
Marva Scott vs. Lula Mae Provo
Elephant Boy vs. Jack O'Riley

Thursday, July 16, 1959
Interstate Fairgrounds-  Spokane, WA
Attendance: 3009

World Heavyweight Championship:  Pat O'Connor (c) beat Lou Thesz 2-1
1-Thesz by reverse bodypress 9:23   2-O'Connor with dropkicks & pin 8:03
 3-O'Connor by DQ (Thesz refused to break on the ropes)
Special Referee: Jersey Joe Walcott

Sky Hi Lee beat Bobby Mors with a backbreaker 17:12
Judy Grable & Betty Clark beat Ethel Johnson & Marva Scott 17:05
Maurice & Paul Vachon beat Sandy & George Scott 23:00


Monday, June 8, 1957
Griffith Stadium- Washington DC

Antonino Rocca vs Ricki Starr  2/3 60:00
Marva Scott & Kathleen Wimberly vs. Babs Wingo & Lula Mae Provo  2/3 60:00
Wilbur Snyder & Chief Big Heart vs. Dr. Jerry Graham & Prof. Roy Shire
Tarzan Killer Kowalski vs. Czaya Nandor
Edouard Carpentier vs Karl Von Hess

Saturday, February 7, 1959
Memorial Arena- Spartanburg, SC  8pm

Grudge Match: George Becker vs John Smith  2/3  60:00
Babs Wingo & Marva Scott vs Betty White & Ethel Johnson   2/3  60:00
Jerry Christie vs. Ramon Fernandes  ("one fall, scientific match")


Monday, November 9, 1959
Charlotte Coliseum- Charlotte, NC  8:15pm
Promoter: Jim Crockett

Southern Tag Team title: Larry (Crusher) Hamilton & The Great Bolo (c) vs enrique Torres & George Becker-Texas Death match
Two Referees, ring surrounded by 300 feet of extra rope-no escape

Bob Boyer vs Karl Von Hess
George & Sandy Scott vs Duke Hoffman & Jimmy Samson
Marva Scott vs Ethel Johnson
Billy Cox vs. Nelson Royal

Saturday, March 31, 1956
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Babs Wingo & Ethel Johnson vs. Lula Mae Provo & Marva Scott
Jack Witzig vs. Bud (Bulldog) Curtis
Karl Von Hess vs George Becker


Friday, February 4, 1972
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA  8:30pm

Roger Kirby vs Antonio Rocca (nephew of Argentina Rocca)  60:00 TL
Haru Sasaki, Paul DeMarco & Ripper Collins vs. Rocky Johnson, Peter MAivia & Pepper Gomez
plus one other bout


Friday, June 26, 1959
Florence Armory- Florence, AL  8:15pm
Promoter- Bill Golden

Herb Welch vs Black Dragon #2
Carlos Romero vs Buck Burnet (unmasked last Friday as Black Dragon #1)
Farmer Marlin vs. Pierre Degal


Tuesday, June 24, 1958
Sports Arena-  Toledo, OH

Boris Volkoff & Farmer Marlin beat Gypsy Joe & Ivan the Terrible  2-1
Jackie Nichols beat Hans Schmidt  2-1
Happy Humphrey (610 lbs) beat Abe Coleman with a bodypress


Tuesday, April 28, 1959
High School Gym- Tonganoxie, KS  8pm

Scheduled: Lee Henning, Farmer Marlin, Tiny Roe, Bull Brummell, Lord Littlebrook, Cowboy Bradley

Saturday, January 30, 1960
Reading Armory- Reading, PA

Gorgeous George vs Ted Lewin
Marvin Mercer & Gregory Jarque vs. George Allen & Miguel Torres
plus two other bouts


Friday, February 5, 1954
Reading Armory-  Reading, PA
Promoter Bert Bertolini

Gorgeous George Grant vs. The Nature Boy  2/3 falls
Mike Lane & Gregory Jarque vs. Baron Gattoni & Tony Marco  2/3 falls
Pedro Escobar vs Frank Dallo (6-foot-10, 300 lbs)


Saturday, September 11, 1954
Memorial Arena-  Spartanburg, SC
Attendance: 1518
Matchmaker Babe Sharkey

Bobby Becker & George Becker beat the Smith Brothers (aka Cough Drop Kids) 2-1
1- Al Smith b George Becker 17:00 with a sickle
2- Bobby Becker wins with an alpine clutch in 11:00
3-Beckers via countout

Al Cortez beat Gregory Jarque 2-1
1-Cortez wins 31:00 with a knee dip and press
2-Jarque wins in 0:51 with series of flying mares

3-Cortez wins after missed dropkick by Jarque

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 Posted: Sat Oct 9th, 2010 04:07 am
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One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
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Thursday, October 6, 1955
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada
Matchmaker Eddie Quinn

Non Title: (c) Don Leo Jonathan vs. Bobby Managoff
Chief Don Eagle vs Frank Valois
Kato the Great vs. Manuel Cortez
Joe Christie vs. Billy Two Rivers

Tuesday, February 18, 1974
Defiance High School- Defiance, OH
Attendance: "nearly 3000"

Cowboy Parker beat Tom Lynch

Ken Dillinger beat Luis Martinez
Sherry Lane beat Tanya West
Tom Lynch & Luis Martinez beat Cowboy Parker & Ken Dillinger
The Fabulous Kangaroos beat Yukon Moose Cholak & Luis Martinez 2/3 falls
"Cowboy Bob Ellis was slated to appear and team with Parker but possibly fell off his horse"


Friday, February 20, 1959  8:45 pm
Coliseum- Salt Lake City (?) -city not confirmed but lineup appeared in Deseret News

World Championship: Pat O'Connor (C) vs. Bill Melby
Tough Tony vs. Royal
Logger vs. Lenz
McDonald vs. Goelz
(from newspaper ad)


Saturday, August 6, 1960
Lane County Fairgrounds Auditorium- Eugene, OR

World Championship:  Pat O'Connor (C) beat Shag Thomas 2/3
1-O'Connor w/dropkicks & cobra twist
2-Thomas w/headbutts
3-O'Connor by pin

Ken Larrimore beat Haru Sasaki -DQ
Billy White Wolf beat Wild Bill Savage-DQ
Soldat Gorky & Kurt Von Poppenheim beat Luigi Macera & Ramon Torres (Gorky b Torres w/ a wolf leap)

Saturday, July 25, 1959
Eugene Armory-  Eugene, OR

World Championship:  Pat O'Connor (C) beat Kurt Von Poppenheim 2-1
1-O'Connor w/half-crab
2-Von Poppenheim w/elbows to the neck
3-O'Connor with a bodypress

Fitz Brauner drew Sandy Scott
Luther Lindsey beat Gene Darval with a full nelson


Saturday, March 11, 1961
Fairgrounds Cow Palace- Eugene, OR

World Championship: Pat O'Connor (c) beat Wild Bill Savage 2-1
1-O'Connor by pin
2-Savage with headbutts
3-O'Connor w/ dropkick & press

Bobby Nichols beat Rough-House Coleman DQ (ref Luigi Macera)
Challenge Match: Luigi Macera beat Rough-House Coleman with a backbreaker
Mike DiBiase beat Ken Ackles (1-Ackles 2-DiBiase (stopped with Ackles UTC in 3rd fall)


Saturday, April 14, 1962
YMCA- Lexington, NC    8pm

US Title: Pat O'Connor (C) vs. Mike Paidousis
Lenny Montana vs. Hans Schmidt
Eddie Auger vs. Pancho Villa
Frank Morgan vs. Reggie Parks


Wednesday, May 1, 1965
Municipal Auditorium- Topeka, KS  8:15pm

Pat O'Connor vs Bob Geigel
Missouri MAuler vs. Ron Reed
Steve Bolus vs Mike York
Doug Gilbert vs Don Soto

Saturday, September 7, 1960
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA  8:45pm

Southern Heayweight Title:  The Mighty Yankee (C) vs. Don McIntyre  2/3 60:00
Pretty Boy Nelson vs. Dick Steinborn  2/3  60:00


Friday, August 22, 1969
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA  8:45 pm

US Title: Pat Patterson (C) vs. Klondike Bill (325 lbs)  60:00
Bobby Shane & Pepper Gomez vs. Kinji Shibuya & Mr. Saito  2/3  60:00
Jim Osborne vs. Paddy Barrett 30:00


Saturday, December 5, 1964
Festival Hall- Melbourne, Australia

Tex McKenzie & Domenic DeNucci beat Buddy Austin & Killer Kowalski 2/3
1-Kowalski b DeNucci w/stomach claw
2-DeNucci b Kowalski w/airplane spin & pin
3- Mckenzie scored winning fall

George Manousos beat Bruce Wyatt
Dale Lewis beat Clem Lakis
Mongolian Stomper beat Dennis Hall
Larry O'Dea beat Emil Dupre


Saturday, November 21, 1964
Festival Hall- Melbourne, Australia

Domenic DeNucci & Dale Lewis (later by Tex McKenzie) beat Killer Kowalski & Buddy Austin  2/3 60:00
-Lewis injured in 3rd fall and carried out; replaced by McKenzie


Tex McKenzie beat Ron Fury
George Manousos beat Emil Dupre
Larry O'Dea beat Al Woods

Tuesday, October 28, 1972
Central Recreation Center- Gadsden, AL  8:15pm

Non-title: (Tri-State Tag Team Champs) The California Hippies vs. Ramon Perez & Ricky Gibson  2/3
Rufus Jones vs. Buddy Wayne
plus 2 other matches


Thursday, April 21, 1977
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA  8:30pm

Mr. Wrestling II vs. Lars Anderson (Special Referee Black Atlas)
Ole Anderson vs Thunderbolt Patterson
Zatar vs. Don Kernodle
Black Atlas & Richard Blood vs. Bill Evans & Bill Howard


Thursday, April 7, 1977
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA

NWA Georgia Tag Team Title: Gene & Ole Anderson (c) vs. Black Atlas & Mr. Wrestling II
Lars Anderson vs. Thunderbolt Patterson
Dean Ho vs. Roger Smith
Jack Evans vs. Richard Blood

Thursday, April 14, 1977
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA  8:30pm

Lars Anderson vs. Mr. Wrestling II
Paul Jones vs. Dick Slater
Charlie Fulton & Randy Savage vs. Black Atlas & Roberto Soto
Bill Howard vs. Richard Blood

Thursday, December 30, 1976
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA  8:30pm

Georgia Title:  Dick Slater (C) vs. Black Atlas
Texas Death Match:  Big Bill Dromo vs. Mongolian Stomper
Tony Parisi vs. Killer Brooks
Dean Ho vs. Scott Cowan
Ted Oates vs. Randy Alls

Thursday, November 18, 1976
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA  8:30pm

Gene & Ole Anderson vs. Robert Fuller & Mr. Wrestling II
Bob Armstrong vs. Dick Slater
Black Atlas vs. Johnny Ringo
Mr. X vs. Ricky Steamboat


Tuesday, October 26, 1982
IWA Wrestling
Coliseum Theatre- Latham, NY  8pm

Dominic DeNucci & Bruno Sammartino Jr. vs. The Valiant Brothers
Larry Zbyszko vs. Jerry Fazio
Big Bill Schmidt vs. Larry Winters
Rocky Jones vs. Hans Schroeder
Gypsie Rodriguez vs. Manny Soto


Friday, September 6, 1974
Washington Avenue Armory- Albany, NY

WWWF Tag Team title: Jim & John Valiant (c) vs. Chief Jay Strongbow & Haystack Calhoun
Otto Von Heller vs. Pedro Morales 2/3 falls
Jack Evans vs Pete Doherty
Lou Torres vs. Lee Wong
SD Jones vs. Tony Altamore

Wednesday, July 2, 1975
Bangor Auditorium- Bangor, ME

Chief Jay Strongbow,Tony Garea & Dean Ho vs Lou Albano & The Valiant Brothers 3/5 120:00
Pete Sanchez vs. Jack Evans
Pat McGinnis vs. George Steele
Baron Mike Scicluna vs. Lee Wong


Saturday, November 18, 1989
Modesto High School Girls Gym- Modesto, CA  7:30pm
IWF Wrestling-International Wrestling Federation

Cowboy Rex Cody, Pretty Boy Steve Pardee & Alexis Smirnoff vs Earthquake Ferris, American Ninja & Sgt. Jim Gorman
Sue Sexton vs. Jan Flame
Jerry Monte vs. Masked Assassin
Boston Mauler vs. Alan Smith
Rich Frisk vs. Reep Havick
























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10th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471
Monday, August 11, 1952
Lincoln Park Arena- Fayetteville, PA

Ray Thunder vs Mr. America Gene Stanlee  (one fall to a finish)
Bill Dixson vs Ilio DiPaolo
Roland Meeker & Tony Martinelli vs Jack Dillon & Clint Cody 2/3 falls


Monday, July 15, 1968
Beaver Falls High School- Beaver Falls, PA  8:45pm

Handicap Tag Match: Bruno Sammartino vs. Tony Altomare & Lou Albano (The Sicilians)
George Steele vs Johnny DeFazio
The Battman vs Jim (Hangman) Grabmire
Man Mountain Cannon (400 lbs) vs Chuck Martoni
Ron Romana vs. John L. Sullivan


Saturday, August 15, 1964
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Brute Bernard & Skull Murphy vs Irish Mike Clancy & Nick Kozak
Doc Gallagher vs Ronnie Etchison
Jim Grabmire vs Doug Gilbert
Tim Woods vs Mike Valentino

Wednesday, February 3, 1965   8pm
Arena- Cape Girardeau, MO (?-city not listed in ad but sponsored by VFW Post 3838 which is in Cape Girardeau)

Don & Al Greene vs Bob Hamby & Rocky Smith
Ronnie Etchison vs. Marcello Firpo


Thursday, March 31, 1960
Civic Auditorium- Stockton, CA

The Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Roy Heffernan) vs Ronnie Etchison & Ramon Torres  2/3 60:00
Leo Nomellini & Enrique Torres bs Steve Stanlee & Clyde Steeves  2/3 60:00
Ronnie Etchison vs Red Berry  10:00

Thursday, December 8, 1960
Civic Auditorium- Stockton, CA

Edouard Carpentier vs Gorgeous George  2/3 60:00
Ronnie Etchison & Ramon Torres vs Gene Baillargeon & Man Mountain Campbell
Enrique Romero vs Sonny Pascue

Thursday, November 24, 1966
Kyrock School Gym- Brownsville, KY

Chief White Eagle & Ray Lopez vs. Professor Ito & Tojo Yamamoto
The Crimson Terror vs Ronnie Etchison


Thursday, November 9, 1961
Civic Auditorium- Stockton, CA   8:40pm

Pacific Coast title: Enrique Torres (c) vs Jesse Ortega (325 lbs) in a no-falls finish match
Chief Black Hawk & Reggie Parks vs. Jim Morris & Ed Miller
Roberto Gonzales vs Ronnie Etchison
Johnny Walker vs Tony Perez


Wednesday, March 10, 1965
The Arena - (city not listed but assumed to be Cape Girardeau, MO)

Ronnie Etchison & Rocky Smith beat The Masked Wolfmen  2/3 falls
Gene Dundee beat Joachin Corea 2/3 falls


Tuesday, November 25, 1941
The Tabernacle- St. Petersburg, FL
Matchmaker: Casey Ingram

Jack Sherry vs Ghafoor Khan  2/3 falls
Johnny Plummer vs Roy Reynolds 2/3 falls
Chris Belkas vs Al Robinson  1 fall 30:00
referee: Eddie Elzea, former auto race driver


Monday, August 5, 1957
Crystal Arena- Norwalk, CT
Promoter: Mike Aide

Antonino Rocca vs Prof. Roy Shire
The Great Scott vs. Dr. Jerry Graham
Skull Murphy vs Sandor Kovacs
Czaya Nandor vs Harry Lewis

Wednesday, August 14, 1957
Boyle Stadium- Stamford, CT
Promoter:  Ray Fabiani

Dr. Jerry Graham vs. Antonino Rocca
Larry Hamilton & Danny McShain vs. Chief Big Heart & Arnold Skaaland
Karl Von Hess vs. Ricki Starr
Oyama Kato vs. Cowboy Lee
Czaya Nandor vs. Harry Lewis


Saturday, July 26, 1958
Exposition Building- Portland, ME  8:30 pm

Prof. Roy Shire & Dangerous Danny McShain vs. Pat O'Connor & Manuel Cortez 
Wild Bull Curry vs. Guy LaRose  2/3 45:00
plus one other bout


Saturday, March 21, 1959
Auditorium Arena- Spartanburg, SC   8pm
Promoter- Jim Crockett

Enrique Torres vs Danny McShain 2/3 60:00
Two Ton Harris & Jack Donovan vs. Billy Two Rivers & Scotty Williams
Dick Scarbo vs. Alberto Torres


Friday, October 26, 1956
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL  8pm

World Junior Heavyweight title: Irish Mike Clancy (C) vs. Frank "Tarzan" Hewitt
Al "Spider" Galento vs. Lee Fields
Doran O'Hara vs. Garza Lazano


Tuesday, December 3, 1957
New Haven Arena- New Haven, CT

Edouard Carpentier & Ricki Starr vs. Dr. Jerry Graham & Prof. Roy Shire (special referee Cowboy Rocky Lee-325 lbs)  2/3 60:00


Thursday, June 17, 1954   8:30pm
the Arena - (assumed to be Cape Girardeau, MO) 

Wild Bill Longson vs Cyclone Anaya  2/3 60:00
Dot Dotson vs. China Mera  2/3 45:00
Steve Dusek vs Al Getz 1 fall 30:00


Monday, November 18, 1957
Buckingham Hall- Waterbury, CT

Antonino Rocca & Ricki Starr vs. Prof. Roy Shire & Dr. Jerry Graham  2/3 60:00
Luis Martinez vs. Danny McShain  2/3 45:00
Chief Don Eagle vs Sandor Kovacs  1 fall  30:00


Friday, November 13, 1953
Fairgrounds Coliseum- Salt Lake City, UT

World Championship:  Lou Thesz (c) vs. Baron Michele Leone


Thursday, July 11, 1957
Ocean Beach Auditorium- New London, CT
Promoter: Pat DiNoia

*no lineup available*


Monday, July 15, 1957
Boyle Stadium- Stamford, CT
Promoter: Ray Fabiani

World Championship: Prof. Roy Shire vs. Edouard Carpentier (c)
Eric Von Hess & Karl Von Hess vs. The Great Scott & Chief Big Heart
Skull Murphy vs. Ricki Starr
Miguel Perez vs. Bobby Wallace (manager of Shire)


Wednesday, July 17, 1957
Crystal Arena- Norwalk, CT
Promoter: Mike Aide

Ricki Starr vs. Danny McShain
Eric Von Hess vs. the Great Scott
Skull Murphy vs. Arnold Skaaland
Soldier Barry vs. Cowboy Rocky Lee

Tuesday, July 23, 1957
Raybestos Memorial Field- Stratford, CT
Acorn A.C. Promoter: Police Lt. Jack Havery

Ricki Starr vs. Dr. Jerry Graham
Skull Murphy vs. Czaya Nandor
Angelo Savoldi vs. Miguel Perez
Cowboy Rocky Lee vs. Larry Hamilton
Arnold Skaaland vs. The Great Kato


Friday, July 26, 1957
New Haven Arena- New Haven, CT

*No Lineup available*


Wednesday, February 9, 1955
Armory- Bowling Green, KY  8:15pm

World Jr. Heavyweight title: Baron Michele Leone (C) vs. Cyclone Anaya
Stu Gibson vs. Sonny Myers  2/3  60:00

Monday, November 26, 1984
Memorial Auditorium- (city probably Greenville, SC but possibly Spartanburg, SC)

Ragin' Bull And Dusty Rhodes beat Black Bart & Ron Bass
Wahoo McDaniel DCOR Dick Slater
Tully Blanchard beat Brian Adidas
Ole Anderson & Keith Larson drew Ivan & Nikita Koloff
Denny Brown beat Mike Sam Houston
Mike Davis & Tommy Lane beat Jeff Sword & Paul Kelly


Monday, February 27, 1984
Memorial Auditorium- Greenville, SC

Dory Funk Jr., Jimmy Valiant & Rufus R. Jones beat Paul Jones & Assassins #1 & #2
Mark & Jay Youngblood drew Don Kernodle & Bob Orton Jr. 60:00
Barry Orton beat Mike Sam Houston
Tim Horner beat Jeff Sword
Ernie Ladd beat Brickhouse Brown


Monday, October 8, 1984
Memorial Auditorium- Greenville, SC

Ragin' Bull & Dusty Rhodes beat Tully Blanchard & Wahoo McDaniel
Ron Bass beat Mike Rotundo
Ivan & Nikita Koloff beat Brian Adidas & Mark Youngblood
Ultimate Assassin beat Assassin #1 by DQ
Black Bart beat Mike Sam Houston


Wednesday, October 10, 1984
Memorial Auditorium- Spartanburg, SC  7:30pm
Jim Crockett Promotions TV Taping

Advertised to appear:
Dusty Rhodes- Tony Atlas- Jimmy Valiant- Mr. Saito- Tommy Rich- The Road Warriors- Mike Rotundo- Ivan Koloff- Nikita Koloff- Jerry Lawler

Wednesday, February 6, 1985
Nevada High school Gymnasium- Nevada, MO  8pm

Central States Tag team title: Bulldog Bob Brown & Marty Jannetty vs. Sheik Abdullah & The Great Pogo (c)
Rufus R Jones vs. Ken Timbs


Tuesday, March 22, 1983
Yorktown High School Gym- Yorktown, TX  8pm
World Class Wrestling

Kerry Von Erich vs. Michael Hayes
Terry Gordy vs. Kevin Von Erich
Jose Lothario vs. Wild Bill Irwin
Arman Hussein vs. King Kong Bundy
Tola Yatsu vs. The Texan


Friday, March 25, 1988
High school Gym- Brookwood, AL  8pm

Alabama Heavyweight title: Raging Bull vs. Exotic Adrian Street
US Heavyweight title:  Mike Jackson vs. The Spoiler

Also: a 6-man tag team match and Terrible Ted, 600 pound wrestling bear


Saturday, June 23, 1984
Stafford High School- Fredericksburg, VA  8:15pm

Ivan Koloff & Don Kernodle vs. King Kong Bundy & Angelo Mosca Jr.
Exotic Adrian Street (w/Miss Linda) vs. Rufus R. Jones
Mark Youngblood & The Renegade vs. Paul Kelly & Jesse Barr


Thursday, October 8, 1987
Lewiston Armory- Lewiston, ME  8pm

15 matches "Live Television Spectacular"
Jumping Joe Savoldi vs Dr. D David Shults
Plus: Appearance by The Iron Sheik
Also on the card: Exotic Adrian Street, Tony Atlas, Butcher Vachon, Fabulous Phil Apollo, Boston Bad Boy & Dungeon Master


Saturday, April 14, 1984
Stafford High School- Fredericksburg, VA  8:15pm

Jimmy Valiant vs. Paul Jones -special 5 minute challenge
Jimmy Valiant vs. The Masked Assassin
plus: Exotic Adrian Street and midget wrestlers


Wednesday, November 6, 1985
Gadsden Coliseum-  Gadsden, AL
Continental Championship Wrestling

Canadian Lumberjack Match: Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs. The Bullet & Brad Armstrong
Continental title:  The Flame vs. Roberto Soto
Southeastern Tag Team Title: Tommy & Johnny Rich vs The Nightmares
Southeastern Title: Adrian Street vs. Norvel Austin
Roy Welch vs. Tony Anthony


Wednesday, May 2, 1984
Memorial Auditorium- Spartanburg, SC  7:30pm

Wahoo McDaniel & King Kong Bundy vs. The Road Warriors
plus 8 other matches featuring Jimmy Valiant, Adrian Street, Ernie Ladd, US Champion Dick Slater, Pistol Pez Whatley, Rufus R. Jones, The Great Kabuki, Mid-Atlantic Champion Ivan Koloff, Angelo Mosca & Angelo Mosca Jr., Mark and Jay Youngblood, Don Kernodle, Brian Adidas, Gary Hart, Paul Ellering and others.  (TV Taping for Mid Atlantic and World Wide Wrestling)


Thursday, August 16, 1984
Sumter County Exhibition Center-  Sumter, SC

World Tag Team title: Don Kernodle & Ivan Koloff (C) vs Mark Youngblood & Renegade
Nikita Koloff vs. Johnny Weaver
Exotic Adrian Street (w/Miss Linda) vs. Jeff Sword
John Shaft vs. Kurt Von Hess
Mike Golden vs. Paul Kelly


Sunday, April 29, 1984
Winthrop Coliseum- Rock Hill, SC   3pm

World Tag team title: Jack & Jerry Brisco (c) vs Wahoo McDaniel & Brad Armstrong
Jimmy Valiant vs. Adrian Street
Ernie Ladd vs. Rufus R. Jones
Keith Larson vs. Gary Royal
Leilani Kai vs. Despina Montague
Sam Houston & Larry Hamilton vs. Don Kernodle & Kurt Von Hess


Tuesday, March 11, 1986
Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum- Florence, AL  8pm

$25,000 14-Man tag elimination match
Loser Leaves Town: The Nightmares vs. Johnny & Tommy Rich
Southeastern Heavyweight title: Norvel Austin vs. Exotic Adrian Street
Roberto Soto vs. Mr. Perfect
Tim Horner, Brad Armstrong & The Bullet vs. TOm Prichard, Luscious Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden


Saturday, May 16, 1964
Troy Armory- Troy, NY  8:30pm

Hans Schmidt vs. Magnificent Maurice  2/3 falls, no time limit
Billy the Kid & Farmer Pete vs. Pancho Lopez & Jamaica Kid  45:00 TL
Chief Suni War Cloud vs. Johnny Barend  1 fall, 30:00
Ilio DiPaolo vs. Bob Leipler

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One Fan Gang

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Wednesday, February 17, 1965
High School Gym- Bowling Green, KY  8:30pm

Grudge Match:  Tojo Yamamoto vs. Jackie Fargo
Gene Dundee & Mitsu Hirai vs. Mack York & Len Rossi
Robert Mullikan & Melwood Lee vs. Wayne Stinson & Jerry Meadows
Allan Curtis & Phil Breeden vs. McCoy Vanmeter & Ven Decker

(opening 2 tag matches billed as "amateur affairs")


Thursday, August 3, 1972
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL
Promoter: Bob Seymour

The Masked Interns (with Dr. Ken Ramey) vs. Cowboy Frankie Lane & Tojo Yamamoto
George Hultz vs. Oni Wiki Wiki
The Masked Medic vs. Kevin Sullivan


Thursday, May 2, 1974
Florence, AL

Joey Rossi & Nick DeCarlo beat Tojo Yamamoto & Mr. Kamikazi
1-Rossi/DeCarlo  2-Yamamoto/Kamikazi with wooden shoe  3-Rossi pins Kamikazi when Tojo hit his partner with the shoe.

Mike Jackson beat The Devil's Disciple (sub for Buddy Wayne) 2-1
(original matchup scheduled to be a Coal Miner's match)

Thursday, May 16, 1974
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL

Charles & Frank Morrell (with Sir Clements) beat Mike Jackson & Rufus Jones 2-1

Joey Rossi & Buddy Wayne beat Mr. Kamikazi & Charles Morrell (sub for Tojo Yamamoto)  2-0

Mike Jackson drew Sir Clements

Wednesday, May 12, 1965
High School Gym- Bowling Green, KY  8:30pm


Gene Dundee vs. Tojo Yamamoto
Mitsu Hirai vs. Jackie Fargo
The Scufflin' Hillbillies vs/ Al Gomez & Mickey Sharpe
plus two amateur matches:
Bob Uullikin & James Meustion vs. Pete Green & Franklin Orange
Oliver Clive vs. Charles Gentry
Referee: Lonnie J. Evans

Tuesday, March 25, 1969
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL   8:15pm

Lenn Rossi, Buddy Wayne & Johnny Walker vs. Mack York, Tojo Yamamoto & Johnny Long 2/3 60:00
Ray Lewis vs. Buddy Hackney  2/3  60:00

Tuesday, March 18, 1969
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL  8:15pm

Len Rossi & Buddy Wayne vs. Johnny Long & Tojo Yamamoto  2/3  60:00 (Special Referee: Johnny Walker)
Ken Lucas vs. The Great Mephisto  2/3  60:00
Johnny Walker vs. Ramon Perez


Thursday, July 19, 1973
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL

Duke Myers & Terry Garvin (with Jim Garvin) beat Bearcat Brown & Joey Rossi (w/Len Rossi & George Gulas)
Johnny Marlin, Tojo Yamamoto & Jerry Jarrett beat Sam Bass, Jerry Lawler & Jim White 2-0
Tojo Yamamoto beat Sam Bass
Johnny Marlin drew Jim White
Jerry Jarrett beat Jerry Lawler by DQ

Thursday, July 28, 1966
Beech Bend Raceway- Bowling Green, KY  8pm

Tojo Yamamoto vs. Mario Milano
10 Round Boxing Match: Len Rossi vs Tamayo Soto
Saul Weingeroff vs. Mack York
Cyclone Atlas vs. Corsica Joe


Thursday, April 28, 1966
High School Gym- Bowling Green, KY  8pm

The Medics vs. Tojo Yamamoto & Tamayo Soto (Masks vs. Loser Leaves Town)
Diamond Lil vs. Little Darling Dagmar
Scufflin' HIllbilly Rip Collins vs. Mack York

Thursday, December 13, 1973
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL  8pm

Joey Rossi, Tojo Yamamoto & Jackie Fargo vs. The Kangaroos & Steve Clements
Jackie Fargo vs. Al Costello
Jeoy Rossi vs. Don Kent
Tojo Yamamoto vs. Steve Clements

Thursday, June 28, 1973
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL

Dandy Jack Donovan & Bearcat Brown beat Terry Garvin & Duke Myers  2-1
Tojo Yamamoto beat Bill Costello 2-0

Thursday, April 12, 1973
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL  8pm

Ben Justice & Tojo Yamamoto vs The Kangaroos (with George Crybaby Cannon)
Rock Riddle (Mr Wonderful) vs Joey Rossi
Thomas Marlin  vs George Cannon


Thursday, November 23, 1972
Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum- Florence, AL

10 round Boxing match: Len Rossi beat George Hultz by DQ
(8th Round- Hultz' second Don Duffy placed brass knuckles in gloves)

Bill Dromo beat Don Duffy by DQ (Bobby Hart interfered)
Continental Warriors (Bobby Hart & Lorenzo Parente) drew Ken Lucas & Tojo Yamamoto  1- Hall b Parent  2-H&P win b Tojo 3-draw

Thursday, May 9, 1974
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL

Joey Rossi beat Tojo Yamamoto 2-1
1-Judo Match (Tojo) 2-Wrestling (Rossi) 3-Boxing (Rossi)

12 round Boxing: Mike Jackson beat Buddy Wayne by DQ
Mr. Kamikazi beat Vic (Scufflin' Hillbilly) 2-1 (won 2nd & 3rd)

Tuesday, December 10, 1968
Florence Armory- Florence, AL   8pm

Lou Thesz vs. Tojo Yamamoto
Len Rossi & Johnny Walker vs. Johnny Long & Saul Weingeroff
Dennis Hall vs. Jesse Morales

Tuesday, October 8, 1968
Florence Armory- Florence, AL

Johnny Long, Saul Weingeroff & Tojo Yamamoto vs. Les Thatcher, Johnny Walker & Buddy Wayne 2/3 60:00
Dick Rose & Len Rossi vs. The Mighty Yankees   2/3 60:00






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12th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471

Friday, August 24, 1973
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA

Rocky Johnson & Peter Maivia beat the Masked Interns (w/Dr. Ken Ramey) 2-1
-Ramey & Interns attacked special ref Pepper Martin and lost by DQ in 3rd fall

Jim Gagne beat Pedro Godoy
Masa Saito beat Pepper Martin 2-1


Sunday, September 23, 1973
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA

Masa Saito & Kinji Shibuya drew Peter Maivia & Rocky Johnson 1-1
1-Johnson beat Shibuya  2-Saito beat Johnson

Moondog Mayne beat Mablo Cordoza
(Mayne initially replaced for first 5 minutes by Masa Saito when Mayne failed to appear)

Jim Gagne beat Fritz Von Goering 2-1  (Gagne won 1st and 3rd falls)


Friday, December 7, 1973
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA  8:45pm

Kurt & Karl Von Brauner (with Gerhardt Kaiser) vs. Peter Maivia & Don Muraco 2/3 60:00
Rocky Johnson vs. Mr. Saito 2/3  60:00
Moondog Mayne vs. Bob Griffin  1 fall 30:00

Saturday, February 21, 1976
Calhoun High School Gym- Port Lavaca, TX  8:30pm

Don Fargo vs. Rocky Johnson
Nick Kozak vs. Number 1
also featured: Jose Lothario, Bad Man Hanson

Monday, February 23, 1987
(Memorial Auditorium?)-Greenville, SC

Ragin' Bull beat Ricky Morton
Wahoo McDaniel & Baron Von Raschke drew Midnight Express 20:00
Robert Gibson beat Rick Rude
Bullet Bob & Brad Armstrong beat The Barbarian & Bill Dundee
Hector Guerrero beat Gary Royal
George South & Rocky King beat Randy & Bill Mulkey
Jimmy Valiant beat Brody Chase


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13th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471
Saturday, August 27, 1988
Charlotte Coliseum- Charlotte, NC


Ric Flair vs Lex Luger
Dusty Rhodes & Sting vs. Ronnie Garvin & Barry Windham
World Tag Team Title: Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson (w/JJ Dillon) vs US Tag Team Title: Midnight Express (w/Jim Cornette)
Russian Chain Match: Al Perez (W/Gary Hart) vs Nikita Koloff
Tower of Doom: The Road Warriors (w/Paul Ellering), Brad Armstrong, Jimmy Garvin & Steve Williams vs. Ivan Koloff (w/Paul Jones), Rick Steiner, Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotundo & Russian Assassin
(Precious holds the cage key)
Tim Horner vs The Italian Stallion
Rock N Roll Express vs Rip Morgan & Larry Zbyszko
Cruel Connection #1 vs Chris Champion
Cruel Connection #2 vs Kendall Windham


Saturday, March 24, 1984
Memorial Gymnasium- Rome, GA  8:30p


National Title: Brad Armstrong (C) vs. The Spoiler
Ronnie Garvin & King Kong Bundy vs. Jake Roberts & Paul Ellering
World Jr. Heavyweight title: Les Thornton (c) vs. Tommy Rogers
Sweet Brown Sugar vs Jesse Barr
Dale Veasey vs Bob Roop


Thursday, May 4, 1978
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA 8:30pm


Stan Hansen vs. Thunderbolt Patterson
Georgia TV Title: Ole Anderson vs. Mr. Wrestling II
Sgt. Jacques Goulet & Wolfgang Schmidt vs. Doug (The Pro) Gilbert & Tommy Rich
The Invader vs Paul Ellering


Sunday, June 15, 1986
Legion Stadium- Wilmington, NC  8pm


Midnight Express vs Rock N Roll Express
Lights Out No DQ:  Shaska Whatley vs Jimmy Valiant
National Title: Wahoo McDaniel vs Tully Blanchard

Also: Ragin’ Bull


Monday, July 29, 1985
Memorial Auditorium- Greenville, SC


NWA World tag Team title:  Rock N Roll Express drew Ivan Koloff & Krusher Khrushchev  60:00
Ron Bass beat Buddy Landel by DQ
Jimmy Valiant beat Paul Jones
Abdullah the Butcher beat Ricky Reeves
Joel Deaton beat Lee Ramsey
Sam Houston beat George South

Tuesday, July 28, 1987
Winthrop Coliseum- Rock Hill, SC

NWA World Tag Team title: Rock N Roll Express  (c ) beat Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson
US title: Lex Luger (c ) beat Barry Windham
Jimmy & Ronnie Garvin drew The Midnight Express
Jimmy Valiant beat Ivan Koloff by DQ
Todd Champion & The Italian Stallion beat Thunderfoot #1 and #2
The Barbarian beat Lazor Tron
Ragin’ Bull beat Kendall Windham


Monday, August 11, 1986
Goettge Memorial Field House - Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, North Carolina  8pm


Nikita Koloff vs Ron Garvin
Ivan Koloff & Krusher Khrushchev vs. The Kansas Jayhawks
Baron Von Raschke vs Manny Fernandez
World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Denny Brown vs Hector Guerrero
Black Bart vs. Todd Champion
The Barbarian vs. The Italian Stallion


Wednesday, February 11, 1970
Victoria Community Center- Victoria, TX


Wahoo McDaniel beat The Great Malenko 2-1 (won 1st and 3rd falls)
Nick Kozak beat Edwardo Perez 2-1
Chico Santano drew Cyclone Soto 20:00


Friday, March 7, 1975
Edon, Ohio


International Wrestling championship:  Tony Marino beat  Killer Brooks (C ) via DQ
Mark Starr & The Great Kabuki beat Al Friend & Tom Weisman
The Great Kabuki beat Al Friend
Mark Starr drew Tom Weisman

Failed to appear: The Mongols

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14th Post
One Fan Gang

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Friday, October 4, 1935
McCullough’s Arena- Salt Lake City, UT

Lord Landsdowne beat Hy Sharman 2-1
1-Sharman beat Landsdowne  0:18
2- Landsdowne beat Sharman 29:00
3-Landsdowne beat Sharman 7:00

Lt. Heavyweight championship: Roy McGuirk (C ) beat Steve Nenoff 2-0
1- McGuirk by Indian Deathlock  17:00   2-McGuirk by pin 10:00

Del Kunkle beat Max Glover 23:00
Red Lyons beat Les Wolfe 23:00
Buzz Reynolds beat Dan Milligan 18:00

Tuesday, March 17, 1936
Stockton, CA

Tsutao Higami  beat Mr. X (Cy Mackey) 2-0
1- Higami by Japanese arm scissors 16:30
2-Higami by pin 10:30

Lord Landsdowne beat Gorilla Pogi  2-1
1- Landsdowne by pin 12:45
2- Pogi by piledriver 9:00
3- Landsdowne wins in 10:20

Red Lyons beat Pete Belcastro
Tiger Tsakoff drew Frankie Peck

Wednesday, July 29, 1953
Schenectady Stadium- Schenectady, NY
Attendance: 4500  Promoter:  Pep Cassillo

Yukon Eric beat Don Evans   2-0
1-Evans DQ’ed for not breaking illegal hold 10:14
2- Eric by bearhug  12:31

Ronnie Etchison beat Steve Budynas (sub for Jack Bence)  2-0
1-Etchison by pin 21:03  2-Etchison by giant swing 8:09

Johnny Barend beat Baron Von Schultz with a flying scissors  17:44

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One Fan Gang

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Saturday, January 28, 1961
Wesleyan University Fieldhouse- Middletown, CT

The Fabulous Kangaroos (c) vs. Mark Lewin & Don Curtis  2/3
Lou Albano & Tony Altomare vs Haystacks Calhoun
Tito Carreon vs. Judo Jack Terry
Chick Garibaldi vs. Billy Darnell


Saturday, September 13, 1969
Rochester High School Gym- Rochester, PA   8:45pm
Promoter: Alex Scassa Jr.

Ivan Koloff & Waldo Von Erich vs Johnny DeFazio & The Batman
Tony Angelo vs Tony Altomare
plus 2 other bouts


Friday, June 28, 1968
Civic Arena- Pittsburgh, PA

Bruno Sammartino & Edouard Carpentier vs. The Sicilians (Lou Albano & Tony Altomare)
Professor Tanaka vs Antonio Pugliese
Gorilla Monsoon(6'6" 415 lbs) vs. Frank Holtz & Ron Romano
Ace Freeman vs. Jim (Hangman) Grabmire
George Steele vs. John L. Sullivan
Hans Mortier vs. Johnny DeFazio
Frank Durso vs. Man Mountain Cannon (450 lbs)

Saturday, December 10, 1960
City Arena- Bridgeport CT

Abe Jacobs beat Al Smith by DQ
Dickie Steinborn beat Jack Vansky 2-0
Mark Lewin & Don Curtis beat Lou Albano & Tony Altomare  2-0

Saturday, December 17, 1960
City Arena- Bridgeport, CT

The Bastien Brothers vs. The Sharp Brothers *dark match*
World Championship:  Pat O'Connor vs. Skull Murphy
Bearcat Wright vs. The Crusher
Tony Altomare vs. Johnny Valentine
Arnold Skaaland vs. Buddy Rogers
Tito Carreon vs. Angelo Savoldi


Tuesday, June 7, 1960
Crystal Rink- Norwalk, CT
Promoter: Leo Skidd

Pat Kelly & Skull Murphy vs. Haystacks Calhoun & Antonino Rocca
Tony Altomare vs. The Zebra Kid
Ted Lewin vs. Chet Wallick
Don Curtis vs. Iron Mike DiBiase
Judo Jack Terry vs. Miguel Perez


Saturday, July 30, 1961
City Arena- Bridgeport, CT

Larry Gagner beat Miguel Torres by DQ
The Black Terror beat Al Smith
Bill Zbyszko beat Red Grupe
Lou Albano & Tony Altomare beat Tony Martinelli & Tony Cosenza

Saturday, August 6, 1961
City Arena- Bridgeport, CT

World Heavyweight Championship:  Buddy Rogers (c ) vs. Bill Zbyszko
Pat O'Connor vs. Larry Simon
Sweet Daddy Siki vs. Karl Von Hess
Doug Kinslow vs. Bob Orton
Lalo Rodriguez vs. Al Smith

Wednesday, August 8, 1962
Crystal Arena- Norwalk, CT

Edouard Carpentier vs. Handsome Johnny Barend
The Hillbillies vs. Lou Albano & Legs Langevin
Enrique Torres & Red Bastien vs. The Fabulous Kangaroos
Hans Schmidt vs. Tony Altomare


Saturday, February 1, 1958
Ocean Beach Auditorium- New London, CT  8:45pm
Promoter: Pat DiNola

Steve (Crusher) Casey vs. Angelo Savoldi & Ivan Kirlenko
Tony Bello & Joe Esposito vs. Pat Muldune & Frederick Von Sheels
Ronnie Hill vs. Don Ballerina

Wednesday, February 3, 1954
Sportatorium- Victoria, TX
Promoter: Roy Adcock

Marvin Jones beat Angelo Savoldi by 3rd fall  DQ
1-Savoldi  2-Jones
Don Evans beat Larry Hamilton (Unable to continue)
1-Hamilton  2-Evans
Dennis Clary drew Dick Hutton 30:00

Friday, September 19, 1958
Florence Armory- Florence, AL

World Junior Heavyweight title: Angelo Savoldi (c ) beat Herb Welch 2-1
1-Welch 2-Savoldi 3-Savoldi with an atomic drop

Don Fields & Cowboy Bradley beat Frank (Tarzan) Hewitt & Jay (Curly) Cox


Wednesday, July 27, 1955
Sportatorium- Victoria, TX
Promoter: Ray Adcock

Stu Gibson beat Killer Karl Davis
Hard Boiled Haggerty beat Jimmie James 2-1 (won 1st and 3rd falls)
Polo Torres drew Leo Garibaldi  15:00


Saturday, June 4, 1960
Festival Hall- Melbourne, Australia

Lord James Blears vs Lucky Simonovich
Hard Boiled Haggerty vs Jack Laskin


Thursday, December 4, 1958
Civic Auditorium- Stockton, CA

Ronnie Etchison & George Kongozan vs. Hard Boiled Haggerty & Red Mask


Saturday, March 21, 1959
Ocean Beach Auditorium- New London, CT

Hard Boiled Haggerty vs. Emil Dupre


Thursday, January 7, 1982
Sumter County Exhibition Center- Sumter, SC  8:15pm

Lights Out: Blackjack Mulligan vs Big John Studd
Ox Baker & Carl Fergie vs. Rick Steamboat & Jay Youngblood
Johnny Weaver vs Billy Robinson
Terry Taylor vs Mike Miller
Lord Alfred Hayes vs Tony Anthony
Buddy Landel vs Izzy Slapowitz
Thursday,  February 25, 1982
Sumter County Exhibition Center- Sumter, SC  8:15pm

Lumberjack Match: Ivan Koloff vs. Jimmy Valiant
Jay Youngblood & Ray Stevens vs Gene Anderson & Ninja
John Studd vs. Mike George
Jeff Sword vs. Tim Horner
Doug Vines vs. Tony Anthony

Sunday, April 4, 1982
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA

North American Tag Team title: John Studd & The Super Destroyer vs. Tommy Rich & Dick Slater
Buzz Sawyer vs. Terry Funk
Kevin Sullivan vs Brad Armstrong
Rick Harris vs Tom Prichard


Friday, March 31, 1978
Washington Avenue Armory- Albany, NY

Andre the Giant beat Stan Stasiak
Mil Mascaras beat Ken Patera 12:00
Steve King drew Gypsy Rodriguez
Frank Williams defeated an unknown
Sylvano Sousa defeated an unknown










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