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Random Lump O' Results  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Mon Jan 17th, 2011 01:35 am
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151st Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 6184

Saturday, January 14, 1950
Armory- Reading, PA
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Gene (Mr. America) Stanlee vs. Tony Martinelli
Marvin Mercer vs. Jim Austeri
Ivan Kameroff vs. Billy Rose
Ace Freeman vs. Walter Kameroff


Saturday, January 7, 1950
Armory- Reading, PA
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Tony Martinelli & Ace Freeman beat Jim Austeri & Laverne Baxter

Friday, January 12, 1973
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA

Crazy Luke Graham & The Great Mephisto beat Pepper Gomez & Pat Patterson 2-1
(third fall stopped on a blood finish by Gomez)
Red Bastien beat Fritz Von Georing 2-1
Manuel Cruz beat Beauregarde in 17:50 with the Indian Deathlock


Saturday, March 2, 1985
Baltimore Civic Center- Baltimore, MD

Lumberjack Match/No Holds Barred: Tito Santana vs. Greg Valentine
Andre the Giant & Blackjack Mulligan vs. Ken Patera & John Studd
Women's Title: Wendi Richter vs. Leilani Kai
Swede Hanson vs. Jim Neidhart
John Valiant vs. Salvatore Bellomo
David Sammartino vs. Terry Gibbs
Les Thornton vs. Tony Atlas
Brutus Beefcake vs. George Wells

Thursday, May 3, 1956
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada  8:45pm

The Great Kato (with M. Suki) vs. Edouard Carpentier   2/3 falls
Larry Moquin vs. Chief Big Kettle
Clyde Steeves vs. Karl Von Albers
Steve Gob vs. Frenchie Roy


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 Posted: Sat Jan 22nd, 2011 03:20 am
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152nd Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 6184
Saturday, May 14, 1955
YMCA-Lexington, NC  8pm

Al Smith & John Smith vs. George Becker & Jack Witzig
Penny Banner vs. Judy Glover
Tex Riley vs. Jim (Mr. Backbreaker) Austeri


Tuesday, March 11, 1969
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL  8:15pm

Buddy Wayne & Len Rossi vs. Tojo Yamamoto & Johnny Long  2/3  60:00
The Great Mephisto vs. Johnny Walker  2/3 45:00
Les Thatcher vs. Ken Lucas 1 fall  15:00

Tuesday, April 20, 1971
Troy Armory- Troy, NY  8pm

US title: Ernie Ladd (C) vs. Victor Rivera
Dominic DeNucci & Chief White Owl vs. Crusher Verdu & Kurt Von Hess  2/3 falls
Bruce Swayze vs. Waldo Von Erich
Eric the Red vs. Bull Johnson


Friday, March 11, 1955
Arena- Cape Girardeau, MO
Promoter: Leonard Thomas

Barney (Chest) Bernard & Lu Kim vs. Johnny Valentine & Dutch Hefner  2/3 60:00
Dot Dotson vs. China Mera  2/3  45:00


Friday, April 2, 1971
Hueneme High School Gym- Oxnard, CA  8pm

Mil Mascaras & Freddie Blassie vs. Mr. Saito & Tokyo Tom   2/3 falls
Freddie Blassie vs. Tokyo Tom
plus exhibition matches by Hueneme High wrestlers:
Gerry Knuppel (157) vs. Manuie Eatrada (168)
Butch Escalante (130) vs. Jim Albano (130)
Denny McKee (148) vs. Mike Conner (148)

Thursday, September 28, 1972
Florence Coliseum- Florence, AL

Cage Match: Jackie Fargo beat Al Green by submission
US Junior Heavyweight title: Don Green (C) beat Dennis Fall  2-1
Oni Wiki Wiki & Eddie Marlin beat Greg Parlor & Jimmy Kent  2-0
1-Wiki  beat Parlor
2-Marlin beat Kent

Friday, May 31, 1968
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO
Attendance: 1487

Central States title: Nature Boy Kirby (C) beat Thor Hagen  2-1
1- Kirby by backbreaker in 17:24
2- Hagen with stepover toehold in 3:05
3-Kirby "literally stomped Hagen into submission" in 7:12

Sonny Myers beat Bob Brown with a sleeper in 19:10
Ronnie Etchison & Klondike Bill beat The Viking & Stan Moose in 10:31 when Klondike beat Viking with an Alaskan bearhug
Bob Geigel beat Doug Gilbert (sub for Earl Maynard) in 14:01 when Gilbert missed a dropkick
Steve Bolas beat Handsome Herbert in 6:06 with an abdominal stretch


Friday, June 7, 1968
Arena- St. Joseph, MO

No Time Limit/No DQ/ Central States title: Nature Boy Kirby (C) vs. Sonny Myers  2/3
Bob Geigel vs. Cowboy Bob Ellis
Ronnie Etchison vs. Bob Brown
Ripper Daniels vs. Klondike Bill
Thor Hagen vs. Steve Bolas
Stan Moose vs. The Viking

Friday, February 5, 1932
American Legion Arena- Bradenton, FL  8pm
Promoter: Cecil Lippard

Handicap Match: Farmer Pete Brown vs. John Polas & Pat Flynn (must beat both within 60:00)
Joe Hollander vs. Young Apollo
plus one other match


Saturday, April 1, 1950
Armory- Reading, PA
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Johnny (Dutch) Schweigart & Marvin Mercer vs. The Masked Phantoms of Boston   2/3 falls

The Super Swedish Angel vs. The Golden Superman (sub for Primo Carnera) 1 fall 30:00
Tony Murelli vs. Ace Freeman  1 fall  30:00



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 Posted: Sun Jan 23rd, 2011 12:08 am
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153rd Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 6184
Friday, September 19, 1958
Florence Armory- Florence, AL

World's Junior Heavyweight title: Angelo Savoldi (C) beat Herb Welch 2-1
1- Welch b Savoldi
2-Savoldi b Welch
3-Savoldi beat Welch with an Atomic drop

Don Fields (sub for Ray Stevens)& Cowboy Bradley beat Frank (Tarzan) Hewitt (sub for Tor Yamato) & Jay (Curly) Cox 2-1
3rd fall-Fields tossed Cox into Hewitt, then bodypressed Cox to flaten Hewitt's shoulders


Friday, September 26, 1958
Florence Armory- Florence, AL

The Fabulous Fargo Brothers vs. Tex Riley & Chief Little Eagle
Non-Title: Angelo Savoldi vs. Ray Stevens


Thursday, March 12, 1942
Armory-Reading, PA  8:30pm

Strangler Lewis vs. Lou Plummer  2/3 falls
Dick Lever vs. Emil Dusek  45:00
Jim Austeri & Fred Carrone vs. Ace Freeman & Maurice LaChappelle
Herbie Friedman vs. James Wigenis


Thursday, March 5, 1942
Armory-Reading, PA   8:30pm
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Lou Plummer beat Emil Dusek 2-1
1-Dusek b Plummer in 12:56
2-Plummer b Dusek in 2:31
3-Plummer b Dusek in 7:29

Maurice LaChappelle beat Jim Austeri in 22:25
Fred Carrone drew Fred (Legs) Grobmier
Milo Steinborn beat Stan Pinto


Friday, October 26, 1979
Civic Arena- Pittsburgh, PA
Ticket Contact; Rudy Miller

WWWF title: Bob Backlund (C) vs. Handsome Jimmy Valiant
Bruno Sammartino vs. Swede Hanson
Dominic DeNucci vs. Jim Grabmier
Larry Zbyszko vs. Rocky Tamayo
plus other matches

Sunday, March 16, 1952
Armory-Dubuque, IA  8:30pm
Promoter: Ken Fenelon
Boxing and Wrestling Show

10 Rounds/Featherweight Division: Santos Lupino vs. Glen Flanagan
The Great Balbo vs. Carl Gray  2/3 60:00
Gentleman Jim Dobie vs. Ivan Kamroff  2/3  60:00
(Note: Flanagan's career was managed by Pinkie George)

Friday, October 22, 1976
Lane County Fairgrounds- Eugene, OR

Jesse Ventura beat Bull Ramos

Wednesday, August 11, 1954
Sportatorium- Victoria, TX

Texas Death Match (not billed as such but No DQ/No time limit/falls till one man UTC):
Johnny Valentine beat Ray Gunkel after five falls; Gunkel suffered a rib injury and was UTC (Gunkel won falls 1,2 and 4)

Texas Junior Heavyweight title: Billy Raburn (C) drew Rito Romero
Don Evans beat Enrique Guzman (sub for Sugi Sito) 1-0 (Guzman injured and UTC)


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 Posted: Sun Jan 23rd, 2011 12:52 pm
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154th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 6184
Friday, July 14, 1967
Spokane Coliseum- Spokane, WA 8pm

Little Beaver & Jamaica Kid vs. Fuzzy Cupid & Little Brutus
Northwest tag Team Title: Chris Tolos & John Tolos (c) beat. Don Leo Jonathan & Rocky Johnson  2-1
1-John Tolos beat Jonathan
2-Jonathan beat John Tolos
3-Chris Tolos beat Johnson

Abdullah the Butcher beat Bad Boy Shields 6:00
Don McClarty beat Tony Nero  11:00
Red McNulty drew Crybaby Cannon


Saturday, February 11, 1950
Armory- Reading, PA
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Jim Austeri & Miguel Torres vs. Marvin Mercer & Steve Gob  2/3 falls
Jack Kelly & Tiny Mills vs. Johnny (Dutch) Schweigart & The Golden Superman (aka Walter Podolak) 2/3 falls


Wednesday, January 22, 1969
Convention Hall- Miami Beach, FL

The Masked Medics beat Tarzan Tyler & King Louie Tillet 2-1
The Grladiator drew The Great Malenko
Jose Lothario beat Jim Dalton
Bobby Duncum beat Koa Tiki
Bobbie Hart beat The Outcast

Saturday, April 10, 1943
Arena- Eugene, OR  8:30pm
Referee: Elton Owen

Pete Belcastro vs. Jack Lipscomb
Pierre LaBelle vs. Bulldog Jackson
Merle Peters vs. Billy McEuin



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 Posted: Sat Jan 29th, 2011 01:48 am
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155th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 6184
Tuesday, December 26, 1978
Fort Homer Hesterly Armory- Tampa, FL

Southern title: Dick Slater (C) beat Jos LeDuc by DQ in 21:04
Taped Fist Match: Rocky Johnson beat Masked Superstar in 14:00
US Tag team title: Killer Karl Kox & Jim Garvin (C) beat The Rising Suns (w/Masao Hatori) in 18:02
Jack & Jerry Brisco beat Herb Calvert & Ali Bey in 13:06
Ziegfried Stanke beat Bubba Douglas in 10:47


Saturday, May 18, 1957
YMCA-Lexington, NC

Pete Managoff, George Becker & Dick Steinborn vs. Ernie Dusek, Emil Dusek & Ray (Wonder Boy) Stevens  2/3, 90:00
Ken Kenneth vs. Tom Bradley  2/3 falls


Saturday, March 18, 1950
Reading Armory- Reading, PA  8:45pm
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Mae Weston vs. Elvira Snodgrass (winner to face women's champ Mildred Burke next week) one fall to a finish
Sandor Kovac vs. Ace Freeman  1 fall 30:00
Marvin Mercer & Kenny Ackler vs. Miguel Torres & Tony Morelli  2/3 falls


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 Posted: Sun Jan 30th, 2011 12:19 am
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156th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 6184

Wednesday, February 17, 1965
Bowling Green High School Gym- Bowling Green, KY  8:30pm

Jackie Fargo vs. Tojo Yamamoto
Gene Dundee & Mitsu Hirai vs. Mack York & Len Rossi
Amateurs: Robert Mullikan & Melwood Lee vs. Wayne Stinson & Jerry Meadows
Amateurs: Allan Curtis & Phil Breeden vs. McCoy Vanmeter & Ven Decker


Tuesday, May 3, 1983
Fieldhouse- Williamson, WV  8pm

NWA World title: Ric Flair (C) vs. Tommy (Wildfire) Rich
National title: Larry Zbyszko (C) vs. Tony (Mr. USA) Atlas
Mad Dog Buzz Sayer vs. Captain Redneck Dick Murdoch
The Iron Sheik vs. Ron Garvin
Brian Blair vs. Precious Paul Ellering
Matt Borne & Arn Anderson vs. Bret Wayne & Buddy Lane


Friday, July 5, 1940
Eugene Armory- Eugene, OR  8:30pm
Promoter: Herb Owen
Referee: Elton Owen

Participants: Danny McShain, George Wagner, Prince Ilaki, Dude Chick, Jimmy Goodrich & Babe Small

Article, Eugene Register-Guard
Friday, July 5, 1940


McShain, Chick, Wagner to Vie
Goodrich, Ilaki, Small to Furnish Opposition

Complete Program
Danny McShain vs. Jimmy Goodrich
George Wagner vs. Prince Ilaki
Dude Chick vs. Babe Small
Referee- Elton Owen

Lane county's professional wrestling followers will be given an opportunity to handle the job of match-making Friday night at the armory when the fans will determine the position of three matches on the regular weekly card. Promoter Herb Owen is using the plan to settle a dispute between the three grapplers, none of whom hold themselves in the preliminary class, all classing themselves as main-eventers.

While some critics believe there is more truth than fiction in the belief that such men as Dude Chick and George Wagner are of headline calibre, it will be up to the applause of the fans to determine what two men will view in Thursday's finale

McShain Fears Goodrich Match

Owen originally scheduled Danny McShain to meet Jimmy Goodrich in the main event and then booked Wagner to meet Prince Ilaki in the semi-final,. under Wagner's protest.  When the local cauliflower impresario attempted to give Chick a preliminary assignment against babe Small he found unmovable opposition.  The Colorado cow-puncher flatly refused to wrestle anything but a main event and then Wagner followed by giving notice that he would not appear.  Owen's only alternative was to use his quickly devised spectator plan.

There have been many rumors that McShain wasn't at all happy about his match with Goodrich, the senastional newcomer from Oklahoma.  McShain, who filed formal protest on Elton Owen's reversed decision that gave Wagner a victory last week, wants to meet George in a return match.  Critics said the Irish meanie was only trying to get out of his match with Goodrich, that he was afraid of the former Notre Dame grid star.  And that appears why the McShain-Goodrich match will probably remain as the main event; fans believing that Goodrich will have a better chance of handling the villain a beating over the one-hour route.

Wagner Risks Title Chance

Wagner has nothing to gain and everything to lose by meeting Ilaki.  The Arabian is one of the toughest mat customers in the business and a victory over Wagner will virtually ruin George's present chance of securing a coast light-heavyweight championship match with Herb Parks, current king.  The opinion of local fans may be surprising, however, and force Wagner to meet Ilaki in the one-hour headline clash.

It appears as though Chick and Small are certain to tangle in the opening engagement despite the fact that the Colorado ace is very popular here and that the skirmish is expected to be a Donneybrook.

The six grapplers will enter the ring at 8:30 o'clock to vie in the "popularity" contest.

Reserved seat tickets are on sale at the Club cigar store.,5116285&dq=friday+night+wrestling&hl=en

Thursday, April 24, 1975
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA  8:30pm

No Time Limit/No DQ: Professor Toru Tanaka vs. Mr. Wrestling No. 2
Don Green & Lorenzo Parente vs. Ricky Gibson & Robert Fuller
Don Muraco vs. Jerry Lawler
Tom Gilbert vs. Don Kent


Friday, December 11, 1981
County Hall- Charleston, SC  8:15pm

Hair vs. Mask: Terry Taylor vs. The Super Destroyer
Bad Bad Leroy Brown & Ron Bass vs. Ox Baker & Pretty Boy Fergie
Ninja vs. Buddy Landell
Mike Miller vs. Mike Davis
Charlie Fulton vs. Tony Anthony



Friday, December 16, 1966
Spokane Coliseum- Spokane, WA  8pm
Promoter: Harry Elliott

Lou Thesz vs. John Tolos
Dutch Savage & Don Jardine vs. Don Leo Jonathan & Don Denucci
Jungle Jim Starr vs. Erich Froelich
Rene Goulet vs. The Golden Terror
Sandy Barr vs. Bad Boy Shields


Wednesday, April 7, 1954
Arena- Daytona Beach, FL 8:30pm
Referee: Frank Leach

Free matches -charity drive for the American Foundation for Allergic Diseases fund

Millie Stafford vs. Ida Mae Martinez
Male bouts featuring Milo Steinborn, Billy Rabon, Saul Weingeroff, Ted Rozankowski
A battle royal and team team match to be featured


Saturday, April 10, 1954
Arena- Daytona Beach, FL

Milo Steinborn & Dick Steinborn vs. Frank Taylor & Jim Austeri


Saturday, April 3, 1954
Arena- Daytona Beach, FL  8:30pm

Southern tag team title: Frank Taylor & Dick Steinborn vs. Al Smith & John Smith
Mary Jane Mull vs Ida Mae Martinez
Jackie (Honeyboy) Fargo vs. Billy Rabon


Saturday, March 27, 1954
Arena- Daytona Beach, FL  8:30pm

Mary Jane Mull NC Ida Mae Martinez

Saturday, October 16, 1943
Armory- Reading, PA

Baron Michele Leone vs. Big Babe Sharkey
George Macricostas vs. Cliff (Swede) Olson
Bill Darnell vs. Ed (Strangler) White  30:00
Diz Dapper vs. Dominick Serio  30:00

Friday, December 21, 1962
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO

United States title: Pat O'Connor (C) beat Tiny Mills 2-1
1-O'Connor with dropkicks in 1:00
2-Mills with a smother in 4:00
3-Mills Disqualified

Nelson Royal beat Red Bastien 2-1
1-Royal in 14:00 with a smother
2-Bastien in 1:00 with an airplane spin
3-Royal in 6:00 after forearm smashes

Thor Hagen beat Bulldog Lee Henning by DQ in 8:00
Bob Geigel drew Ray Gordon in 15:00
Judy Glover won a 5-girls battle royal.
Elimination order: Kathy Starr, Jessica Rogers, Evelyn Stevens, Ann Reagen

Thor Hagen beat Jeeves by submission with a stepover toehold


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 Posted: Sun Jan 30th, 2011 04:08 pm
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157th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 6184

Friday, April 28, 1978
Lane County Fairgrounds-Eugene, OR  8pm
Referee: Ricky Hunter

No DQ: The Iron Sheik & Bull Ramos vs. Jimmy Snuka & Dutch Savage
Jesse Ventura vs. Ed Wiskowski
Jerry Oates vs. Karl Von Steiger
Johnny Eagle vs. Mike George


Monday, October 16, 1972
Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum- Florence, AL  8:30pm
Matchmaker: Bob Seymour


Jim White & Jerry Lawler beat Kevin Sullivan & Joey Rossi .2-1
1-Rossi beat White with a Boston crab
2-White beat Rossi after an elbowsmash
3-Sam Bass interfered to help White/Lawler win

Bearcat Brown beat George Hultz by DQ for throwing Brown over the top rope
The Masked Blitzer beat Steve Hagan (sub for Roy Lee Welch) by using a foreign object
Sam Bass beat Leon (Flash) Chandler


Friday, November 13, 1970
Eugene Cow Palace- Eugene, OR

Lonnie Mayne beat Dutch Savage 2-1
Carlos Belafonte beat Bob Sweetan
Beauregarde beat The Great Fuji by DQ
Haru Sasaki drew Pierre LaGrand


Tuesday, December 12, 1939
Armory- Reading, PA
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

From preview article in Reading Eagle, Dec. 11, 1939:

Bibber McCoy vs. Strangler Bob Wagner  1 fall to a finish
Maurice LaChappelle vs. Henry (Wild Man) Kulkuvich  (replacing Angelo Leone, who is billed in ad) 1 fall 45:00
Jack (Bad Boy) Brown vs. Angelo Savoldi
Eddie Cook vs. Les Ryan
Alex (Tarzan) Fabiankovitz vs. Bobby Brown


Thursday, June 15, 1939
T & C Arena- Wilmington, DE
Promoter: Rudy DeCamillo

Bibber McCoy vs. Maurice LaChappelle
Also Tentatively scheduled to appear: Nanjo Singh, George Calza, Jim Clintstock


Friday, August 23, 1963
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA
Promoter: Johnny Miller

Non Title: Ray Stevens (United States Champion) beat Stan Neilson  2-1
1-Stevens beat Neilson in 13:00
2-Neilson beat Stevens after throwing him into the ring corner, causing Stevens to flip over in the air
3-Stevens pinned Neilson using the ropes for leverage

Joe Brunetti beat Bud Curtis (sub for The Great Pampero)
Tex McKenzie beat George Kosti

Thursday, January 16, 1936
North Side Arena- Pittsburgh, PA  8:30pm
Promoter: Elwood Rigby

Vic Christy vs. Jumping Joe Savoldi  1 fall to a finish

Sergi Kalmikoff vs. Mike Mazurki  30:00 tl
Sam Cordovano vs. Dr. Freddy Meyers  30:00 tl
Pete Peterson vs. Sandor Vary  30:00 tl
Joe Tonti vs. Andy Meixner  15:00 tl



Wednesday, January 15, 1936
Wheeling, WV

Joe Savoldi beat Pete Mehringer in 30:00

Thursday, January 30, 1936
Arena- Pittsburgh, PA
Promoter: Elwood Rigby

Jumping Joe Savoldi vs. Joey Dusek   1 fall to a finish

Saturday, September 20, 1958
YMCA-Lexington, NC

Total Purse to the Victor/No DQ/No Time limit: George Becker beat Ernie Dusek 2-1
1-Becker in 12:00 with an abdomonal stretch
2-Dusek in 11:00 with a Boston Crab
3- Becker in 12:00 with a Boston crab

Cyclone Anaya & Angelo Martinelli beat Lou Plummer & Johnny Heideman 2-1
1-Heideman beat Martinelli in 10:00
2-Martinelli beat Heideman in 12:00
3-Anaya beat Plummer in 8:00
(all falls came after bodyslams)

Jim Austeri beat Nick Roberts in 14:00 after a series of kneelifts

Saturday, September 27, 1953
YMCA-Lexington, NC

Southern Tag team title: George Becker & Irish Mike Clancy vs. Jim Austeri & Johnny Heideman  2/3 falls

Cyclone Anaya vs. The Great Bolo  2/3 falls
Chick Garibaldi & Angelo Martinelli vs. Jack Vansky & Tom Bradley   2/3 falls



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 Posted: Wed Feb 2nd, 2011 06:44 am
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158th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 6184



adding a few that can also be added to the Rocky Johnson thread



Friday, December 7, 1973
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA  8:45pm

Don Muraco & Peter Maivia vs. Kurt & Karl Von Brauner (w/Gerhardt Kaiser)  2/3  60:00
Rocky Johnson vs. Mr. Saito  2/3  60:00
Moondog Mayne vs. Bob Griffin  1 fall 30:00


Friday, November 3, 1967
Coliseum- Spokane, WA  8pm
Promoter: Harry Elliott

Irish Jackie & Jamaica Kid vs. Sky Low Low & Little Brutus
Abdullah the Butcher vs. Chris Tolos
Ricky Renaldo vs. Don McClarty
Erich Froelich vs. Bad Boy Shields
Rocky Johnson vs. Dr. Jerry Graham

Friday, July 9, 1971
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA

Ray Stevens, Pepper Gomez & Rocky Johnson beat Billy Graham, Pat Patterson & Dr. Ken Ramey  2-1
1- Patterson beat Stevens with an atomic drop
2- Gomez beat Graham with a submission hold and backbreaker
3-Gomez again beat Graham with a submission hold and backbreaker

Pepper Martin beat Treach Phillips 2-1
1-Martin with a sunset flip
2-Phillips evened the match
3-Martin with a submission hold

Rocky Johnson drew Billy Graham 10:00

Monday, April 7, 1969
Washington Coliseum- Washington, DC
Promoter: Vince McMahon

12-man battle royal for $2000 purse (new match in the Washington area)
"McMahon adds $1400, all 12 wrestlers post $50 entry fee"
Entered: Haystacks Calhoun, Killer Kowalski

Professor Toru Tanaka vs. Bruno Sammartino
Rocky Johnson vs. Thunderbolt

Friday, May 5, 1967
Coliseum-Spokane, WA  8pm

NWA World title: Gene Kiniski (C) vs. Don McClarty
Pacific Northwest Tag team title: John Tolos & Chris Tolos (c) vs. Crybaby Cannon & Dutch Savage
Rocky Johnson vs, Jack Bence
Golden Terror vs. Roy McClarty
Big Ku vs. Tony Nero

Friday, June 9, 1972
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA

Lumberjack Match: Paul DeMarco beat Rocky Johnson 2-1
(DeMarco won 2nd fall and 3rd fall by DQ when Pepper Gomez banged DeMarco's head into the post)
Lars Anderson & Ripper Collins beat Pepper Gomez & Beauregarde 2-1
Antonio Rocca beat Kubla Khan


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 Posted: Thu Feb 3rd, 2011 06:56 am
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159th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 6184
Friday, February 19, 1971
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO  8:30pm
Matchmaker: Gust Karras

Bob Geigel referee/ Central States title: Harley Race (c) vs. Danny Little Bear  2/3 90:00

Ronnie Etchison & The Viking vs. Natureboy Kirby & Rock Hunter
Baron Von Heisinger vs. Bobby Whitlock
Cowboy Bradley vs. Little Bruiser
Spike Jones vs. Benny Ramirez


Wednesday, August 8, 1956
Armory- St. Petersburg, FL  8pm

5 Girl Wrestle Royal: Patty Neff, Betty Hawkins, Elaine Ellis, Barbara Baker, Olga Zepeda
(1st girl eliminated goes home)
2nd woman vs. 3rd woman eliminated- 1 fall, 20:00
last two in ring- 1 fall, 30:00

Bob DeMarce vs. Jack Laskin   2/3, 45:00


Wednesday, November 6, 1985
Gadsden Coliseum- Gadsden, AL  8pm

Lumberjack match: Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs. The Bullet & Brad Armstrong
Continental title: The Flame vs. Roberto Soto
Southeastern Tag team title: Tommy Rich & Johnny Rich vs. The Nightmares
Southeastern title: Adrian Street vs. Norvel Austin
Roy Welch vs. Tony Anthony


Friday, August 12, 1955
Cape Girardeau Arena- Cape Girardeau, MO  8:15pm

Wild Bill Longson vs. Billy McDaniels  2/3  60:00
Lana Lamar & Ethel Brown vs. Betty Hawkins & Barbara Baker  2/3 45:00
Vic Holbrook vs. Ray Villmer  1 fall  30:00


Wednesday, April 24, 1957
Sportatorium- Victoria, TX

Don Leo Jonathan beat Duke Keomuka 2-0 in 14:00
1- Don Leo in 12:00
2- Don Leo in 2:00

Pepper Gomez beat Tokyo Joe by DQ
Luis Martinez drew Dory Funk


Friday, February 24, 1989
Show Me Center- Cape Girardeau, MO  8pm

Andre the Giant vs. Jake (The Snake) Roberts
Non-Title: Demolition vs. The Powers of Pain
Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Dino Bravo
King Haku vs. Rick Martel
Ronnie Garvin vs. Boris Zhukov
Dangerous Danny Davis vs. Koko B. Ware
Tim Horner vs. Barry Horowitz


Thursday, May 27, 1937
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada  8:45pm
Queensbury Club Wrestling
Promoter: Jack Corcoran

Canadian Heavyweight title: Earl McCready (C)  vs. Dr. Freddy Meyers  2/3 60:00
John Katan vs. Ralph Garibaldi  1 fall 40:00
Joe Maynard vs. Eli Fischer 1 fall, 30:00


Wednesday, May 26, 1937
Worcester, MA

Danno O'Mahoney drew Tor Johnson  90:00

Wednesday, May 26, 1937
Oklahoma City, OK

Ali Baba beat Roughhouse Jack McDonald  2-0

Wednesday, May 26, 1937
Los Angeles, CA

Vincent Lopez beat Hardy Kruskamp  2-0


Friday, January 29, 1954
Sports Arena- Hershey, PA  8:45pm
Promoter: Bert Bertolini
Broadcaster: Wayne Griffin

Antonino (Argentina) Rocca vs. Baron Michele Leone   1 fall to a finish
John (Bronx Bull) Heideman vs. Billy Darnell
Ray Thunder & Clyde Steeves vs. Zebra Kid & Lenny Montana  2/3 falls
Mike Lane vs. Dike Stepp  30:00 TL


Friday, April 8, 1955
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO  8:30pm
Matchmaker: Gust Karras

Referee: Lou Spandle:  Hans Schmidt vs. Yukon Eric  2/3, no time limit
Joe Dusek vs. Bob (Mr America) McCune  2/3, 45:00
Dutch Hefner vs. Jack (Buddy) Bauer  1 fall 30:00
Terry Majors vs. Dot Dotson  1 fall, no time limit


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 Posted: Fri Feb 4th, 2011 02:58 am
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160th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 6184

Friday, April 1, 1977
Auditorium-St. Joseph, MO  8:30pm

Central States title: Bob Slaughter (c) vs. Ted DiBiase
Bobby Jaggers vs. Bob Brown
Buck Robley vs. Pat O'Connor
Randy Brewer vs. Ted Oates
Akio Sato & Big Red vs. Bennie Ramirez & Mitsuo Hata

Monday, May 3, 1982
Auditorium- West Palm Beach, FL

Lights Out: Mike Graham beat Kendo Nagasaki in 18:25
International title: Hacksaw Reed beat Dory Funk, Jr. in 8:45
Florida title: Jim Garvin beat Mr. Wrestling II in 12:28
Sweet Brown Sugar beat Derek Draper by DQ in 13:05
El Gran Apollo drew Hiro Matsuda
Brian Blair beat Chris Markoff in 7:42
Terry Allen & Reggie Parks beat Hiro Matsuda & Bob Russell in 5:35


Saturday, May 14, 1988
Optimist Field- Cedartown, GA  (evening show)

Texas Tornado match; Mr. Wrestling II & Ted Oates vs. Dirty Dick Slater & Mr. Atlanta
Ravishing Randy Rose vs. Tommy (Wildfire) Rich
Ranger Ross & Steve Prichard vs. The Outlaw Deaton Brothers
Luna vs. Bambi
John Michaels vs. Steve (The Brawler) Lawler


Saturday, April 20, 1940
High School Gym- Richmond, ME  8pm

Junior Heavyweight title: Jackie Nichols (c) vs. Win Robbins (replacement for Lloyd Stewart)  2/3 90:00
Irish Paddy Mack vs. Ted Germaine
Wildman Lloyd Stewart vs. Eddie Malone


Wednesday, March 5, 1947
Armory-Hopkinsville, KY 
Promoter: Bob Randall
Referee: Jimmy Jones

"Live Entertainment pre-show and between falls"
Bob Burton and his Sunny South Boys 8pm- 8:30pm
plus Harry Jones "The Original Rubber Man"

Mixed boxing & wrestling:
Tommy Ward & George Curtis vs. Al Galento & Tarzan White

Ed (Tarzan) White vs. George Curtis
Tommy Ward vs. Al Galento


Wednesday, February 26, 1947
Armory-Hopkinsville, KY

Tommy Ward beat Al Galento by DQ
George Curtis beat Chris Belkas

Monday, February 14, 1972
Forum-Montreal, Canada
Eastern Sports Enterprises

International Heavyweight title: Carlos Rocha (c) vs. Abdullah the Butcher (w/Eddie Creatchman)
Ernie Ladd & Angelo Mosca vs. Jacques Rougeau & Gino Brito
plus nine other bouts

Tuesday, February 15, 1972
Verdun Auditorium-Montreal, Canada
Grand Prix Wrestling

Jos LeDuc & Paul LeDuc vs. Gerry Brown & Dale Roberts
Edouard Carpentier vs Gilles Poisson


Saturday, December 19, 1964
Memorial Auditorium-Spartanburg, SC   8:15pm

Wire Match/Inside 7 foot chain link fence: George Becker, George Scott & Sandy Scott vs. Aldo Bogni, Bronko Lubich & Homer O'Dell   2/3  60:00

Nick Kozak vs. Two-Ton Harris  2/3  45:00
The Beast vs. Peppy Gomez  1 fall 30:00
Mike Gallagher vs. Sonny Fargo


Thursday, April 23, 1953
County Hall-Charleston, SC  8:30pm

Lily Bitter vs. Violet Viann   1 fall 45:00
El Diablo & Jim Austeri vs. Gene Dubuque & Tony Casenza  2/3  60:00
Ace Freeman vs. Tomas Renastro  1 fall  30:00


Friday, September 18, 1987
Beeghly Center- Youngstown, OH   8pm

Jimmy Hart caged above the ring/ Intercontinental title: Honky Tonk Man (C) vs. Jake (The Snake) Roberts

George (The Animal) Steele vs. Outlaw Ron Bass
Davey Boy Smith vs. Danny Davis
The Rougeau Brothers vs. Demolition
Judy Martin vs. Olympia (managed by A.C. McCullough)*
*McCullough was an area radio personality


Monday, November 16, 1970
Washington Coliseum- Washington, DC
Promoter: Vince McMahon

International Tag team title: The Mongols with Tony Angelo (Bepo & Gido [c]) vs. Bobo Brazil & Bruno Sammartino
(*Bepo Mongol billed as a 6-9 and 352 Croatian, Gido Mongol 6-2 and 275, "a well-traveled Canadian")
Ivan Koloff vs. Gorilla Monsoon
Victor Rivera vs. Baron Scicluna


Friday, March 11, 1955
Arena- Cape Girardeau, MO
Promoter: Leonard Thomas

Barney (Chest) Bernard & Lu Kim vs. Johnny Valentine & Dutch Hefner  2/3 60:00
Dot Dotson vs. China Mera  2/3 45:00


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Friday, March 3, 1995
Wembley Indoor Arena -Turffontein, Gauteng, South Africa

The Blade Runner beat Hammer in 22:00
No DQ: Black Bullit beat Dirty Angel
Gama Singh vs. Dave Morgan
Indian Strap Match: Danie Voges beat Giant Warrior
Danie Brits beat The Warlord by DQ

*best interpretation I can give based on a report here:

Wednesday, November 2, 1983
Lyman Hall High School- Wallingford, CT  8pm
Attendance: about 600

Chief Jay Strongbow beat Iron Mike Sharpe
Pat Patterson vs. Ivan Koloff
The Invaders vs. Tiger Chung Lee & Mr. Fuji
Bob Bradley vs. Tony Colon

Friday, December 2, 1955
Cape Girardeau Arena- Cape Girardeau, MO 
Promoter: Leonard Thomas

(Kentucky Cannonball) Ike Eakins vs. Dick Hutton  2/3 60:00
Ed Gardenia vs. Joe (Giant Killer) Millich  2/3  45:00
Amateurs: John Henry Mack vs. Joe Lewis  1 fall 10:00
Finas Hall vs. Ramon Torres  1 fall 30:00

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Saturday, December 11, 1954
YMCA- Lexington, NC

National TV Ladies title: Nell Stewart (c) vs. Judy Glover  2/3 falls
Gino Garibaldi vs. Jack O'Riley  2/3 falls
Chick Garibaldi vs. Steve Novak
Jack (Rough House) O'Brien vs. Herb Larsen


Saturday, December 4, 1954
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Sky Low Low & Ivan the Terrible beat Pee Wee James & Tiny Tim Gerard 2-1
1-Ivan pinned Tim in 10:00
2-Pee Wee pinned Ivan 13:00
3-Sky low Low beat Pee Wee in 7:00 with a full crab

Jack O'Riley beat Tex Riley 2-1
1-O'Riley with a forward toehold and kneedrop in 12:00
2-Riley with a dropkick and full crab in 13:00
3-O'Riley with a Boston Crab in 4:00

Al Cortez beat Jim Siskay in 15:30

Friday, September 25, 1970
Uptown Arena-Modesto, CA  8:45pm

No DQ/World Tag team title: Ray Stevens & Peter Maivia (c) vs. Stan Stasiak & Pat Patterson  60:00 TL

Earl (Mr. Universe) Maynard vs. The Gladiator  60:00 TL
The Great Pampero vs. Bobby Nichols  1 fall  20:00


Friday, October 2, 1970
Uptown Arena-Modesto, CA  8:45pm

Death Match: Ray Stevens & Peter Maivia vs. Stan (Crusher) Stasiak & Pat Patterson  (no time limit- No DQ- Falls do Not count)


Saturday, July 18, 1953
Uptown Arena-Modesto, CA  8:40pm
Matchmaker: Logan Champ

Hombre Montana & Bobby Bruns vs. Don Lee & Big Ike Eakin  60:00 TL
Roy McClarity vs. Thunderbird Roland Meeker   60:00 TL

Friday, January 11, 1957
Victoria Pavillion- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Canadian Heavyweight title: Johnny Valentine (c) beat Chet Wallick 2-1 in 41:00

Sammy Berg beat Bob Corby in 35 seconds

Tag team title: John Paul Henning & Johnny Foti (C) beat Tiger Tomasso & Fritz Von Ulm 2-1
1-Henning over Von Ulm 8:45
2-Von Ulm beat Henning in 8:00
3-Foti beat Tomasso in 9:10

Chick Garibaldi drew Pat Meehan 30:00
Reg Parks beat Firpo Zybysko by DQ in 13:00


Wednesday, January 9, 1957
Saskatoon Arena- Saksatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Canadian Heavyweight title: Johnny Valentine (c) vs. Johnny Foti
Sammy Berg vs. Fritz Von Ulm
Bob Corby vs. Chet Wallick
Joe Tomasso vs. John Paul Henning


Thursday, January 10, 1957
Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada   8:30pm
Promoter: George (Porky) Jacobs

Handicap Match: Johnny Valentine vs. Fritz Von Ulm & John Paul Henning (Valentine must beat both in 60:00 or lose the match)

Sammy (Mr. Canada) Berg vs. Jan Gotch  1 fall 45:00
Johnny Foti vs. Chet Wallick
Bob Corby vs. Tiger Joe Tomasso

Tuesday, August 13, 1946
Auditorium-Ottawa, Canada
Attendance: near 5000
Matchmaker: Eddie Quinn

Lou Thesz beat Dave Detton 2-0
1-Thesz with airplane spin and slam in 20:00
2-Thesz with dropkicks in 1:30

Yvon Robert beat "Iron" Tlalun in 14:55
Manuel Cortez drew Henry Kulkavich 30:00


Thursday, October 26, 1972
Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum- Florence, AL 8:30pm
Matchmaker: Bob Seymour

Southern tag team title: Len Rossi & Kevin Sullivan beat The Interns w/Dr. Ken Ramey (C) 3rd fall DQ win
3-Interns DQ'ed after tossing Rossi over the top rope, but still retain belts

Sam Bass barred from arena: Joey Rossi & Cowboy Frankie Lane beat Jim White & Jerry Lawler 2-1



Monday, July 25, 1966
Forbes Field- Pittsburgh, PA

World Heavyweight title: Bruno Sammartino (c) vs. Johnny Valentine
Prince Iaukea vs. Dr. Bill Miller
Chief White Owl vs. Waldo Von Erich
Smasher Sloan vs. Antonio Pugliese
Bulldog Brower vs. Ron Etchison
Sky Low Low & Little Brutus vs. Little Beaver & jamaica Kid
Golden Boy Skaaland vs. Baron Scicluna
Bob Nandor vs. Jim Grabmire
Hurricane Hunt vs. Ron Romano

Saturday, January 15, 1955
Armory- Reading, PA  8:45pm
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Al Smith & John Smith vs. TBA  2/3 60:00
Big Chief Don Kettle vs. Larry Hamilton 2/3  60:00
Brother Frank Jares vs. Tinker Todd 1 fall 30:00


Friday, January 21, 1955
Madrid Palestra- Harrisburg, PA
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Al Smith & John Smith vs. Tinker Todd & Don O'Shocker  2/3 falls  60:00
Brother Frank Jares vs. Tex Riley 2/3 falls
Steve Novak vs. Chick Garibaldi  30:00 TL

Wednesday, April 6, 1938
Armory Arena- Miami, FL

George Hagen vs. Pat McCleary  1 fall to a finish
Ernie Powers vs. Nick Pakas
Jess Willard Gilmer vs. Jean Baptiste
Harold (Millionaire) Murphy vs. Allen Eustace


Friday, January 12, 1973
Uptown Arena-Modesto, CA  8:45pm
Promoter: Johnny Miller

Pat Patterson & Pepper Gomez vs. Luke Graham & The Great Mephisto  2/3  60:00
plus one 60:00 semi-final and a 20:00 one fall opener




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Thursday, June 21, 1973
National Guard Armory-Florence, AL 8:30pm

Cowboy Frankie Lane & Billy Lane beat. Jerry Lawler & Sam Bass (w/Jim White) 2-1
1-Lanes with a bulldog
2-Bass/Lawler with aid of foreign objects
3-Lanes win deciding fall

No DQ/No Time Limit/Hair vs. Mask: Dandy Jack Donovan beat Masked Blue Demon (unmasked as Tony Santos) 2-1


Wednesday, October 23, 1957
National Guard Armory- St. Petersburg, FL  8pm

Nell Stewart & Judy Glover vs. Betty Hawkins & Corrine Cordero  2/3  60:00
Ray Villmer vs. Jack O'Riley  2/3  45:00
Jerry Christy vs. Don Whittler  1 fall, 30:00

Tuesday, December 21, 1954
N. Worth Gable Armory- St. Petersburg, FL
Attendance: 700

Don Eagle beat Big Ike Eakins 2-1
1-Eakins in 25:00 with the Kentucky Stump Puller
2-Eagle with a hammerlock in 18:00
3-Eakins counted out of the ring

John Smith NC Fred Atkins (double count out) 1-1
1- Smith b Atkins after a bodyslam in 6:00
2-Atkins with the gilligan twist, preceded by kidney punches in 18:00
3-no contest

Billy Two Rivers drew Dick Steinborn


Wednesday, June 1, 1955
Exhibition Stadium- Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:45pm
Promoter: George Jacobs

George Gordienko & Dr. Timothy Geohagen NC Don Lee & Sky Hi Lee in 37:00 of 3rd fall (1-1)
1-Sky Hi Lee over Geohagen at 19:18 after backbreakers
2-Geohagen with the sleeper on Sky Hi Lee in 27:00
Ted Christy beat Roy Heffernan (withdrew due to hand injury) in 17:00
Adrienne Baiilargeon drew Chris Tollas 30:00


Thursday, June 2, 1955
Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm
Promoter: George Jacobs
Attendance: 1000

Roy Heffernan & George Gordienko beat Chris Tolas & Ted Christy on a 3rd fall DQ
1-Christy b Heffernan in 15:00
2-Heffernan b Christy at 23:00
3-Tolas/Christy DQ'ed

Don Lee beat Dr. Timothy Geohagen in 31:20
Adrian Baillargeon beat Sky Hi Lee by referee's decision (Lee Dq'ed?) in 20:00


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Monday, February 22, 1960
Madison Square Garden- New York, NY

Antonino Rocca & Miguel Perez beat Jackie Fargo & Don Stevens in 19:34 (2-1)
1-Fargo b Perez 10:44
2-Perez b Stevens 2:38
3-Rocca b Fargo 6:12

Bruno Sammartino NC Killer Kowalski 16:38
The Mighty Zuma beat Danny Ferrazo 1:30
Red Bastien & Lou Bastien beat The Iron Russians (Boris & Igor) in 22:27 (2-1)
1-Igor b Red 11:55
2-Red b Igor 5:09
3-Iron Russians DQ'ed in 5:23

Johnny Walker beat Skull Murphy (sub for Miguel Torres) in 9:27 by DQ
Black Panther & Little Beaver beat Sky Low Low & Fuzzy Cupid in 15:28 (2-1)
1-Sky Low Low b Panther 4:19
2-Panther b Cupid 5:27
3-Beaver b Cupid 5:42

Taro Sakura (sub for Skull Murphy) beat Louis Martinez 6:44
Vic Christy beat Larry Moquin 8:59

Saturday, March 19, 1960
Madison Square Garden- New York, NY

Antonino Rocca & Miguel Perez beat Jerry Graham & Eddie Graham in 19:14 (2-0)
1-Rocca beat Eddie 16:36
2-Graham Bros. DQed  in 2:38

Bruno Sammartino beat Karl Von Hess in 6:24
Pampero Firpo beat Carlo Milano 6:14
Prince Maiava beat Angelo Savoldi in 9:29
Mighty Zuma beat Tony Altomare 4:54

Chief Big Heart & Chief War Cloud beat The Iron Russians (Boris & Igor) in 26:53 (2-1)
1-Igor beat War Cloud in 12:48
2-Iron Russians DQ'ed in 8:57
3-Big Heart beat Igor 5:08

Don Lewin beat Skull Murphy in 15:00 by referee's decision
Pat Kelly beat Vic Christy in 10:38


Saturday, June 4, 1960
Madison Square Garden-New York, NY

Antonino Rocca & Bruno Sammartino beat The Great Antonio & Pampero Firpo in 9:52 (2-0)
1-Rocca beat Firpo 5:52
2-Sammarino beat Antonio 4:00

Buddy Rogers beat Sweet Daddy Siki in 11:42
Haystack Calhoun beat Pat Kelly in 6:10
Miguel Perez & Bearcat Wright beat Jackie Fargo & Sonny Fargo in 18:06 (2-1)
1-Jackie Fargo beat Perez 10:25
2-Perez beat Jackie Fargo 4:15
3-Wright beat Sonny Fargo 3:26

Don Curtis beat Mike DiBiase in 10:52
Frank Gabor & Johnny Gabor beat Johnny Walker & Prince Maiava in 16:34 (2-0)
1-Johnny Gabor beat Maiava in 12:07
2-Frank Gabor beat Walker 4:27

Skull Murphy beat Larry Moquin (sub for Don Curtis) in 7:57
Jack Davis beat Pedro Godoy in 10:30
Arnold Skaaland beat Jack Terry in 6:14


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Monday, December 1, 1958
Madison Square Garden-New York, NY

Haystack Calhoun drew Johnny Valentine 15:00

Antonino Rocca & Miguel Perez beat Eddie Graham & Jerry Graham in 15:07 (2-1)
1-Eddie beat Perez 9:56
2-Perez beat Eddie 3:44
3-Rocca beat Jerry 1:27

Pedro Escobar beat Skull Murphy (sub for Dan Miller) in 11:12
Ilio DiPaolo beat Big Bill Miller on a referee decision after 15:00

Doc Gallagher & Mike Gallagher drew Mark Lewin & Don Curtis after 30:00 (1-1)
1-Doc beat Lewin 9:35
2-Lewin beat Doc 11:38
3-time limit expired after 8:47

Tony Marino beat Big Ed Miller in 11:12

Tom Thumb & Tito Infante beat Pee wee James & Farmer McGregor  in 14:34 (2-1)
1-Thumb beat McGregor in 4:42
2-McGregor beat Tito in 5:02
3-Tito beat James in 4:50

The Sheik beat Lou Kline in 7:30
Don Evans beat Jack Terry in 3:04









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