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Random Lump O' Results  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Wed Nov 10th, 2010 04:04 am
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61st Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471
Saturday, February 17, 1973
Memorial Arena- Spartanburg, SC

Thunderbolt Patterson beat Killer Karl Kox
Rip Hawk beat Bobby Kay
The Alaskans beat Joe Furr & Pedro Columbo
Vicki Williams beat Dottie Downs
Terry Kay beat Pancho Valdez


Tuesday, March 23, 1976
Emma Sansom High School- Gadsden, AL  8pm

Dennis Hall & Randy Fargo vs. Phil Hickerson & Dennis Condrey
The Bounty Hunters vs. Charlie Cook & Joey Rossi
Beverly Shade vs. Casey Carr
plus one other match announced at ringside to open the show


Tuesday, January 28, 1958
Legion Arena- Lake Worth, FL

Don Eagle beat Ernie Dusek 2-1
1-Dusek  2-Eagle  3-Eagle by DQ when Dusek bashed the refere into the ringpost

Southern Women's title: Judy Glover (c) beat Betty Hawkins
Emil Dusek beat Tiger Jack Vansky in 23:00


Tuesday, February 4, 1958
Legion Arena- Lake Worth, FL

Women's Rassle Royal: Ida Mae Martinez, Nell Stewart, China Mera, Ruth Waters & Jerry Wright
Tony Martinelli (no relation to Angelo) vs. Emil Dusek

Saturday, November 7, 1959
Armory Arena- Eugene, OR  8:30pm
Matchmaker: Don Owen
Referee: Harry Elliott

Fritz Brauner & Kurt Von Poppenheim vs. Gentleman Ed Francis & Herb Freeman
Joe Scarpa vs. Doug Donovan
Tough Tony Borne vs. Billy Wright
Red Donovan vs. George Drake

Tuesday, May 2, 1939
El Rio Arena- Oxnard, CA

Ten match tournament for the Ventura County championship
All preliminary matches 1 fall with 15-min time limit; final match 1 fall to a finish
(Pacific Coast champion Tarzan White's title also on the line.  Any one pinning White will be champion, and anyone who beats a man who has pinned White also wins the title)
Entrants to date:   Tarzan White, Dick Raines, Casey Columbo, Ed Meske, Don Sebastian, Housepainter Hogan, Otto Schnabel, Don McIntyre, Terry McGinnis, Bobby Coleman, Signo Mendoza, Bob Gregory



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 Posted: Thu Nov 11th, 2010 12:30 am
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62nd Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471
Thursday, July 8, 1982
National Guard Armory- Hopkinsville, KY  8pm

Southern Tag Team titles: Dennis Condrey & Norvell Austin (w/Jimmy Hart) vs. Jerry Lawler & Carl Fergie
Southern Heavyweight title: Kamala (The Uganda Giant) vs. Stan Lane
The Iron Sheik vs. Ron Bass
Steve Keirn vs. Sweet Brown Sugar
Dutch Mantell vs. Bobby Eaton

Thursday, November 1, 1951
Sports Arena- Toledo, OH

Don Eagle vs. Frankie Talaber  2/3 falls
Ruffy Silverstein vs. Jack Vansky
Eddie Lee vs. Johnny Gates
Sheik Araby vs. Logger Larsen

Wednesday, December 14, 1959
Aragon Gardens- Pittsburgh, PA

Lucky Simunovich vs. Cyclone Anaya in 27:04
Salvatore Balbo & Skagway Clements beat Len Hughes & Jack Vansky
Salvatore Balbo beat Len Hughes by DQ in 27:19


Thursday, January 30, 1969
Sports Arena- Toledo, OH  8:30pm

Texas Death Match: Thunderbolt Patterson & The Sheik vs. Jess Ortega & Wild Bull Curry
plus a big All-star card

Thursday, February 16, 1950
Melody Mill Ballroom- Dubuque, IA
Promoter: Ken Fenelon

Pee Wee James vs. Tom Thumb   1 fall 30:00
June Byers vs. Dot Dotson    2/3  60:00
Farmer Jones vs. Jack Britton   2/3 60:00

"Farmer Jones, of Possum Hollow, Ark.-- he swears there is such a place  __ will be without his most ardent  supporter, Salome, his pet pig.  Jones sacrificed her to the polio fund recently in Omaha. Salome, though heartbroken at her separation, enriched the fund by $500 through auction."


Thursday, April 23, 1942
South Side Armory- Milwaukee, WI

Olaf Olson vs. Wladyslaw Talun
George Macricostas vs. Joe Dvorak
Rudy Stronberg vs. TBA
Einar Olson vs. TBA


Friday, July 25, 1980
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA  7:30pm

Woody Farmer, Steve Pardee & Mike Ellison vs. Bomber Ray Evans, Kurt Von Brauner & Chris Colt
plus feats of strength by Farmer, Matt Burns & The Beast
and three other bouts

Friday, February 24, 1950
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO

Wild Bill Longson beat Mike Sharpe 2-1
Irish Tommy O'Toole beat Tarzan Kowalski by DQ
Violet Vann & Lilly Bitters beat Dot Dotson & June Byera
Vic Holbrook beat Pete Schuh







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 Posted: Fri Nov 12th, 2010 04:30 am
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63rd Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471

Tuesday, October 2, 1984
Memorial Auditorium-Spartanburg, SC  7:30pm
TV Taping for Mid Atlantic Championship Wrestling and World Wide Wrestling

NWA TV Title/20 minutes, $10,000: Tully Blanchard (c) vs Barry Windham
Nikita Koloff vs. Dusty Rhodes
Also listed: Brian Adidas, Mike Rotundo, World Tag Team champions Ivan Koloff & Don Kernodle, Mid-Atlantic Tag Team champs The Long Riders (with JJ Dillon) Ron Bass & Black Bart and more   


Wednesday, December 13, 1995
MSOE Sports Center- Milwaukee, WI  7pm

Ten man Battle Royal
The Texas Hangmen vs. Jumping Jim Brunzell & Legendary Dr. X (Tom Stone)
Chris Curtis vs. Rock N Roll Zumhofe
plus another tag team bout

Sunday, September 7, 1986
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO    8pm
Promoter: Sonny Myers

Pat O'Connor referee: Pony Express Boys (Mike George & Dave Peterson) vs. Bruce (Hacksaw) Reed & Bulldog Bob Brown
Tag Team titles: Joe Lightfoot & Billy Two Eagles (c) vs. The New Chain Gang (Moondog Moretti & Chris Colt)  60:00
$2500 Bounty match: Big Bob Owens vs. Rufus R. Jones
The Masked Assassin vs. Ric McCord   20:00
John Paul Demann vs. The Super Hawk

Tuesday, August 20, 1985
Jai-Alai Fronton- Ocala, FL  
International Wrestling Alliance

Non-Title: Pretty Boy Doug Somers & Ravishing Randy Rose (All-South tag team champs) beat Super Pak Man & Mark Starr (Rose pinned Starr in 8:00)

Ox Baker & Crazy Luke Graham NC Vern Henderson & Cowboy Billy Mack
Bugsy McGraw beat Suki
Non Title: US Tag Team titlists The Arm & Hammer Connection (Beverly Shade & Tracy Richards) beat Judy Martin & Wenonah Little Heart

Golden Boy Chic Donovan beat Beautiful Chris Champion
Coowboy Billy Mack beat The Superstar
The Africans beat Dr. Red Roberts & The Crusher
Abner Collins beat Mitch Colt
Little Mike Majestic beat Dangerous Danny R

Monday, April 7, 1958
American Legion Coliseum- Sarasota, FL  8:15pm

Anything Goes: Fuzzy Cupid & Nell Stewart vs. Pee Wee James & China Mera
2/3 falls 60:00

Chris Zaharias vs. Harry Smith  2/3 45:00
Pee Wee James vs. Fuzzy Cupid  1 fall
China Mera vs. Nell Stewart  1 fall

Saturday, March 18, 1950
Armory- Reading, PA
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Winner meets Women's Champion Mildred Burke: Mae Weston vs. Elvira Snodgrass -1 fall to a finish

Sandor Kovacs vs. Ace Freeman
Marvin Mercer & Kenny Ackler vs. Miguel Torres & Tony Murrelli  2/3 falls

Friday, October 18, 1985
County Hall- Charleston, SC  8:15pm

Taped Fist Match: Cowboy Ron Bass vs. Black Bart
Boogie Woogie Jimmy Valiant & Rocky King vs. The Midnight Express
Brett Sawyer vs. Thunderfoot
Terror vs. Tanaka
Italian Stallion vs. Tommy Lane
Junior title: Denny Brown vs. Brady Boone

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 Posted: Sat Nov 13th, 2010 01:45 pm
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64th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471
Friday, May 21, 1976
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA  9pm
Promoter: Johnny Miller

Women's World Tag Team title: Toni Rose & Donna Christantello (C) vs. Joyce Grable & Vicki Williams  2/3 60:00
Masked Invader vs. Tony Garea  60:00
Mr. Saito vs. Pepe Lopez  1 fall 20:00


Saturday, November 12, 1994
Carroll Green Civic Center- Quitman, TX

Featuring: Gentleman Chris Adams, Girls Cat Fight, Iceman King Parsons and other matches

Thursday, November 16, 1972
Florence-Lauderdale Coliseum- Florence, AL

Chain Match: Len Rossi beat George Hultz
Don Duffy beat Ken Nichols
Kevin Sullivan & Big Bill Dromo beat Bobby Hart & Lorenzo Parente (w/Don Duffy)  2-1

Saturday, August 15, 1992
DeLuca Toyota- Ocala, FL   1pm
International Wrestling Federation "Power inParadise Tour '92"

IWF WORLD TITLE: Blackjack Mulligan (c) vs. Mongolian Stomper (w/Nasty Ronnie)
Note: Seems there was a younger guy using the Stomper name at this point than Arch Gouldie

IWF Tag team titles: The Longriders (Kip Winchester & Brett Colt-C) vs. Brute Forcz (Slammer & Jammer)
Captain's Match: Kip Winchester vs. Slammer


Saturday, January 26, 1957
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA

Ernie & Emil Dusek vs. Ramon Torres & Ronnie Etchison
Lou (Shoulders) Newman vs. Paul Baillargeon

Saturday, November 23, 1985
Civic Center Arena- Lakeland, FL  8:30pm

Southern title: Wahoo McDaniel (c) vs. Abdullah the Butcher
Steel Cage Match: Barry & Kendall Windham vs. Kevin Sullivan & Bob Roop
US Title: Magnum TA vs. Tully Blanchard
Boogie Woogie Valiant & Frankie Lane vs. The Midnight Express

Wednesday, December 2, 1936
Auditorium- Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Promoter: Jack Corcoran/Queensbury Club

Ernie Zeller vs. Lou Plummer
Hardy Kruskamp vs. Chris Zaharias
Gene Bowman vs. Al Dunlop


Friday, February 9, 1934
Madison Square Garden- New York, NY

Rudy Dusek vs. Frank Speer

Saturday, November 1, 1958
Memorial Auditorium-Spartanburg, SC  8pm
Attendance: "800 plus"

Marco Polo, Rocky Perez & Billy Two Rivers beat Jim Austeri, Lou Plummer & Terrible Tom Bradley 2-1
1-Polo beat Bradley 12:00  2-Plummer beat Perez  3-Two Rivers beat Austeri 19:00

Jim Austeri beat Rocky Perez
Marco Polo beat Lou Plummer by DQ
Billy Two Rivers drew Tom Bradley  20:00


Monday, September 15, 1930
Municipal Athletic Field- Dubuque, IA

Light Heavyweight title: Charles (Midget) Fischer (C) vs. Heinie Engel


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 Posted: Sat Nov 13th, 2010 11:42 pm
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65th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471

Saturday, November 30, 1968
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Hiro Matsuda & Missouri Mauler vs. George & Sandy Scott
Ronnie & Terry Garvin vs. Paul Jones & Nelson Royal
Cowboy Lang vs. The MIghty Atom
Angelo Martinelli vs. El Gaucho

Friday, October 4, 1968
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO

Central States title: Bob Brown (c) vs. Tommy Martin  90:00
Chris Tolos vs. Billy Red Cloud
Dusty Rhodes vs. Gil Hayes
Earl Maynard vs. Ronnie Etchison
Ruben Lopez vs. Dick Murdoch

Thursday, November 11, 1971
Auditorium- Regina, Seskatchewan, Canada
Attendance: 1090

North American title: Black Angus Campbell (c) beat Carlos Belafonte (sub for injured Big John Quinn)

Kurt Von Hess vs. Michel Martel was cancelled in progress when a fan threw and object in the ring and hit the referee

Sugi Sito & Chin Lee drew Tiger Joe Tomasso & Earl Black
Gil Hayes beat Big Ed Sullivan
Dave Ruhl beat Danny Babich


Friday, October 6, 1961
National Guard Armory- Owosso, MI  9pm
Promoter: Leo Campione

6-Man Russian Roulette Free for All: Lou Klein, Le Bestia, Jumping Joe Smith, Crybaby MacArthur, Crusher Cortez & Gino Brito
(order of elimination determines matchups for three remaining bouts)

Friday, September 29, 1961
National Guard Armory- Owosso, MI
Promoter: Leo Campione

Gentleman Jim Hady DDQ Mr. X
Luis Martinez drew Gino Brito
Dick Garza & Crusher Cortez beat Lou Klein & Wee Davey Duncan  2-1 (won 3rd fall by DQ)

Friday, April 29, 1966
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO
Matchmaker: Gust Karras

Central States title: Ron Reed (C) vs. Bob Geigel   2/3 falls
2 vs 3: Lee Henning & The Stomper vs. The Viking, The Butcher & Dandy  Jack
Bob Brown vs. Jerry Kozak
Sonny Myers vs. Tor Kamata
Oki Shikina vs. Bob Hart

Monday, January 22, 1973
City Auditorium- Waycross, GA  8:30pm

Sputnik Monroe & Norvel Austin vs. Mr. Wrestling & Bill Dromo
The Grappler vs. Mr. Wrestling No. 2
Tank Morgan & Jack Evans vs Pat O'Brien & Bob Orton Jr.
Toni Rose vs. Susan Green
Billy Hines vs. Pedro Colombo

Thursday, June 28, 1973
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL

Bearcat Brown & Dandy Jack Donovan beat Duke Myers & terry Garvin 2-1 (won 1st fall then 3rd fall by DQ)
TojoYamamoto beat Bill Costello 2-0

Saturday, April 23, 1938
Melbourne Stadium- Melbourne, Australia

8 Rounds:  Billy Hansen beat Dick Raines (awarded penalty fall when raines DQ'ed after being tied 1-1)
1-Hansen by pin 0:45 in Round 3
2-Raines by pin at 1:40 in Round 6
3- Raines DQ by referee Alf Bridges

10 Rounds: Young Jackie Burgess vs. Billy Darcy
plus one six rounder and three 4-round preliminaries

Saturday, April 23, 1938
Leichhardt Stadium- Sydney, Australia

Pat O'Shocker beat Vic Hills (Hills UTC after Round 4)


Wednesday, May 3, 1933
Forum- Montreal, Canada
Matchmaker: Aleck Moore

World Title: Jim Londos (C) vs. Rudy Dusek  2/3 falls
Dick Raines vs. Joe DeVito  30:00
Grubemeir vs. Zaharis  30:00
Farmer George McLeod vs Dr. Ralph Wilson  30:00
Jean Pusie vs Jack Early 20:00


Saturday, August 2, 1980
Crystal River High School- Crystal River, FL  8:30pm

US Womens Title: Beverly Shade (c) vs. Tracy Richards
plus The German Terrors, Lil Abner Collins, Doctor Death, Apache Kid

Monday, October 3, 1955 
Sheffield Community Center- Florence, AL    8pm
Promoter: Bill Jobe

Butch Boyette & Rube Wright vs. Lee Fields & Pierre Dugas  2/3  60:00
Ethel Brown vs. Corine Cordero   2/3  60:00

Saturday, January 30, 1982
Sportatorium- Hollywood, FL  7:30pm

Via Satellite: WBC Super Welterweight Boxing title: Wilfred Benitez (C) vs. Roberto Duran (15 rounds from Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.  Don King Promotions)

Live wrestling matches from Hollywood:
All Matches refereed by the Great Malenko

Luis Astea & Joe Malenko vs. Scrap Iron & Bear Stevens
plus Crusher, Jim Savage and more.
Plus Female boxing featuring Undefeated Ruth Beals


Saturday, October 6, 1990
Gore Gym (Rome, GA? --clip found in the Chattooga Press

The Assassins vs. The Fantastics (Jackie and Bobby Fulton)

Friday, August 12, 1988
James H Gray Sr. Civic Center- Albany, GA  8pm

(The Rock) Don Muraco vs. Greg (The Hammer) Valentine
Hercules vs. The Ultimate Warrior
Killer Bees vs. Young Stallions
Ladies Title: Sensational Sherri (C) vs. Rockin' Robin
Brady Boone vs. Steve Lombardi

Thursday, May 5, 1983
Sumter County Exhibition Center- Sumter, SC  8:15pm

World Tag Team title: Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood (C) vs. Greg Valentine & Dick Slater
Jake Roberts vs. Mike Rotundo
Joe LeDuc vs. One Man Gang
Rufus R. Jones vs. Rick Harris
Wayne Jones vs. Masa Fuchi


Tuesday, December 30, 1952
Lake Worth Arena- Lake Worth, FL  8:30pm
Referee: Herb Freeman

Dot Dotson & Arlene Ratliffe vs. Helen Hild & Frances Minor  2/3  60:00
Jack Vansky vs. Mike Clancy  2/3  45:00
Swede Nelsen vs. Eddie Gossett  1 fall 30:00

Friday, July 28, 1950
Zivic Arena- Millvale, PA   8:30pm

Don Eagle vs. Lucky Simunovich  1 fall 60:00
Black Phantom & Jack Vansky vs. Dennis Clary & Bobby Ford  2/3
KO Natey Brown vs. Roger McKay
Fred Bozic vs. Tom Bradley

Friday, March 25, 1994
Germantown High School- Germantown, WI   7pm
Badger State Wrestling Group

The Texas Hangmen vs. The Manson Brothers
Mens Title: Trevor Adonis vs. Rambo Robinson
Iron Mike Samson vs. K.C. Knight
Charlene Powers vs. Atomic Punk
Illinois State Trooper vs. Frank James
Hollywood Hitman vs. Baby Bull

Wednesday, June 19, 1940
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Leo Lefebvre vs. The Angel
Lou Thesz vs. Opponent to be named

Wednesday, June 7, 1972
National Guard Armory- Rock Hill, SC  8:15pm
Promoter: Bob Hooper

Lt. Melvin "Snow" Roseboro (Rock Hill Police Dept) & Lt. Mack George (York Police Dept.) vs. The Texas Menace & The Hornet
Charlie Cook vs. Ripper Ox (514 lbs)
Rock Riddle vs. Black Medic
Norman Gordon vs. Tammy Jones


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 Posted: Mon Nov 15th, 2010 12:39 am
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66th Post

Joined: Fri Jul 24th, 2009
Location: Westchester County, New York USA
Posts: 286
One Fan Gang wrote:
Friday, February 9, 1934
Madison Square Garden- New York, NY

Rudy Dusek vs. Frank Speer

According to New York Times:

02/09/1934 - New York, NY - 22nd Engineers Armory (2,000)
Ernie Zeller drew Sid Nadors
Tom Alley (20min limit draw) Eli Fischer
Bert Rubi (10:37) Pat McGuire
Sam Cordovano (30min limit draw) Scotty McDougall
Ernie Dusek (30min limit draw) Sammy Stein
World Heavyweight Title: Jim Browning* (32:48) Rudy Dusek


Hisaharu Tanabe
Japanese Pro-Wrestling
Kickboxing - Muay Thai - MMA - Boxing
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 Posted: Mon Nov 15th, 2010 12:39 am
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67th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471

Saturday, December 12, 1981
Memorial Auditorium-Spartanburg, SC  8:15pm

Roddy Piper vs. Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Gene Anderson vs. Jay Youngblood
Super Destroyer & Austin Idol vs. Jake Roberts & Paul Jones
plus 3 other matches


Tuesday, September 20, 1955
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada    8:45PM

Championship Match: Don Leo Jonathan (c) vs. Paul Baillargeon  60:00
Larry Moquin vs. Maurice Vachon
Yvon Robert vs. Al Getz
Hans Herman vs Leo Numa


Wednesday, October 23, 1950
Melody Mill Ballroom- Dubuque, IA
Promoter: Ken Fenelon

Bob Geigel vs. Britton
Sky Low Low & Pancho the Bull vs. Mighty Fritz & Pee Wee James
Andy Rockne vs. Joe Scarpello


Wednesday, January 31, 1973
Bangor Auditorium- Bangor, ME 
Promoter: Jim Hachey

Indian Strap Match: Chief Jay Strongbow vs. Buddy Wolff
King Curtis vs. Sonny King
Tony Garea vs. Professor Tanaka (w/Grand Wizard)
plus 2 other bouts


Friday, January 22, 1971
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA  8:45pm

Earl Maynard vs. Superstar Billy Graham  60:00
Ray Stevens & Cyclone Negro vs. Pat Patterson & Mighty Brutus 1 fall to a finish
plus one other one fall 30:00  bout


Friday, June 29, 1979
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA

Gerry Monti beat playboy Buddy Rose 2-1
1-Monti won w/ flying bodypress
2-Rose won with a backbreaker
3-Monti takes deciding fall with a rolling cradle

Don Stevenson & Robert Acosta beat Kurt Von Brauner & Bob (The Blond Bomber) Adonis by DQ when Adonis hit referee Steve Pardee

Friday, July 6, 1979
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA

Gerry Monti vs. Kurt Von Brauner
Steve Pardee vs. Bob (The Blond Bomber) Adonis

Monday, June 26, 1978
Ventura County Fairgrounds-Ventura, CA  8PM

Mexican Death Match: Black Gordman vs. Moondog Mayne
Hector Guerrero vs. Goliath
Professor Ito vs. Carlos Mata
Robot C-3 vs. Tonga


Monday, April 24, 1933
Deutsches Haus- Milwaukee, WI

Midget Fischer beat Emil Barbola 2-0
1-Fischer in 35:00  2- Fischer in 0:15

Duke Ruppenthal drew Whitey Wahlberg  30:00
Johnny Paulin beat Jim Londes with a top scissors in 21:00
Clarence Rhyner drew Stan Polachowski  30:00
Billy Schmoe beat Joe Bauers with a bodyslam in 19:00
Art Nelson beat Steve Kolt with a scissors in 15:30


Friday, March 5, 1937
Armory- Schenectady, NY


Tom Dennebaum vs. Tony Maschioni  45:00
Dutch Schultz vs. Pat Schaeffer  30:00
Bert Rubi vs. Billy Weidener  2/3 falls
Tony Morette vs. John Bousa  20:00


Saturday, January 2, 1960
Armory- Eugene,OR

Kurt Von Poppenheim & Fritz Brauner beat Red and Doug Donovan  1-`
1-Von Poppenheim beat Doug w/a half crab
2-Doug beat Brauner w/an atomic drop, injuring him
3-Von Poppenheim beat Doug after a placekick to the face and a German Crossbow

Tony Borne beat Joe Scarpa with a cannonball
Jerry Kozak beat Billy Wright with a skin-the-cat hold
George Drake drew Eric Pederson


Tueday, January 21, 1969
Owosso Armory- Owosso, MI  8pm

Hell's Angels vs. Ben Justice & Rocky Johnson
Bull Curry vs. Lou Klein
Al Costello vs. Thunderbolt Patterson
plus one other match


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 Posted: Mon Nov 15th, 2010 06:00 am
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68th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
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Monday, November 18, 1940
The Forum-Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Matchmaker: Eddie Quinn


(Montreal version) World Title match: Yvon Robert (C) vs. Lou Plummer  2/3 falls
Tommy O'Toole vs. Emil Dusek  60:00


Wednesday, October 23, 1935
Auditorium-Ottawa, Canada 
Promoter: Jack Corcoran (Queensbury Club)

John Katan (Former Canadian Champion) vs. Tom Alley (Australian Champion) 2/3 falls
Vic Christie vs. Lou Plummer
Sid Westrich vs. Little Beaver

Thursday, April 2, 1942
Reading Armory-Reading, PA
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Gino Garibaldi vs. Lou Plummer
Max Krauser vs. Jim Austeri (replacing previously scheduled George (KO) Koverly)
Ace Freeman & Al Norcus vs. George Pavich & Henry Kulkwich  2/3 falls
Maurice LaChappelle vs Fred Carrone


Tuesday, November 13, 1951
County Hall- Charleston, SC

The Great Scott vs. Mr. Moto
Chester Hayes vs. Jungle Boy Vansky
Bobby Weaver vs. Lou Plummer


Thursday, September 10, 1953
County Hall- Charleston, SC

Karl (Killer) Davis beat Lou Plummer 2-0 with a Chinese Leglock twice
1-Davis in 15:00  2-Davis in less than one minute

John (Golden Greek) Kostas beat Red Roberts by DQ for gouging in 3rd fall  2-1
1-Kostas with a dropkick in 17:00
2-Roberts with a throat stretch in 16:00
3-Kostas by DQ

Buddy Jackson beat Jack Claybourn in 18:00
Tex Riley beat Johnny Heideman in 15:00

Friday, August 10, 1979
Eugene Armory- Eugene, OR  8:30pm
Referee: Johnny Eagle

Winner gets championship match: Dutch Savage & Crusher Stasiak vs. Playboy Buddy Rose & Hustler Rip Rogers

Adrian Adonis vs. Luke Williams
Crazy Butch Miller vs. Sal Martino
King Parsons vs. John Mantell
Matt Borne vs. Gene Kelly


Thursday, February 7, 1980
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA  8pm

Boston Street Fight: Austin Idol vs. Kevin Sullivan
Georgia Heavyweight title: Mr. Wrestling II (C) vs. Killer Khan (w/The Great Mephisto)
Georgia Tag team titles: Alexis Smirnoff & Ivan Koloff (c) vs. Lars Anderson & Charles Boufon
Big Bill Dromo vs. Steve Travis

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 Posted: Tue Nov 16th, 2010 02:39 am
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69th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
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Tuesday, December 12, 1978

SAN DIEGO (UPI) The cat that darkened downtown San Diego must have needed more than nine lives to survive the jolt.

Electric power to several city blocks was cut Tuesday night.  Extra police were called in to direct traffic at darkened intersections.

At the San Diego Coliseum, lights went out just as "Black Gordman" and "Great Goliath" were about to square off in a wrestling match, and the 1,538 spectators had to be ushered out with the aid of flashlights.

The outage was caused by a cat that climbed to the top of a 69,000-volt transformer at the San Diego Gas & Electric Substation downtown, said Fire Capt. Claude Bell.

A downtown merchant said he watched the cat climb up and diappear in a "big blue light" that looked like "we were being visited by someone from outer space."

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 Posted: Tue Nov 16th, 2010 05:03 am
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70th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471



Tuesday, June 7, 1960
Crystal Rink- Norwalk, CT
Promoter: Leo Skidd

Skull Murphy & Pat Kelly vs. Haystacks Calhoun & Antonino Rocca
Zebra Kid vs. Tony Altomare
Ted Lewin vs. Chet Wallick
Don Curtis vs. Iron Mike DiBiase
Judo Jack Terry vs. Miguel Perez


Tuesday, September 11, 1951
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada  8:45pm

Yukon Eric vs. Nature Boy Buddy Rogers  2/3 falls
Al Lovelock vs. George Scott
Billy Darnell vs. Jackie Nichols

Wednesday, June 3, 1942
Fort Brandon Armory- Tuscaloosa, AL  8:30pm
Promoter: Gunther

Rod Fenton vs. The Bat  2/3 falls  120:00
Women's Championship: Mildred Burke (c) vs. Mae Weston  2/3 falls  60:00

Special Attraction: Edwards' Contortionist Troupe- Gymnastic Exhibition


Saturday, March 17, 1951
Eugene Armory- Eugene, OR 
Matchmaker: Don Owen

Non Title: Frankie Stojack (Coast Junior Heavyweight titlist) lost to Soldat Gorky 2-1
1-Stojack by Boston Crab
2-Gorky with a jack knife
3-Gorky via flying kneedrop following a missed dropkick by Stojack

Leo (The Lion) Newman drew. Walter (Tinkit) Achiu
Rufus Jones drew George O'Hara

Saturday, March 18, 1950
Reading Armory- Reading, PA  8:45pm
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Winner to face Mildred Burke (Women's Champ): Elvira Snodgrass vs. Mae Weston
Sandor Kovacs vs. Ace Freeman  30:00
Marvin Mercer & Kenny Ackler vs. Tony Murrelli & Miguel Torres  2/3 falls


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 Posted: Thu Nov 18th, 2010 03:54 am
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71st Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
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Thursday, September 30, 1948
Toledo Sports Arena- Toledo, OH
Promoter: Maupin

Salvadore Balbo vs. Jimmy James  2/3 falls, 90:00
Violet Vian vs. Dot Dotson  2/3 falls, 60:00
Dory Funk vs. Jack Terry 1 fall 30:00

Thursday, October 7, 1948
Toledo Sports Arena- Toledo, OH

Dangerous Dan Savich vs. Jimmy James  2/3 falls 90:00
Irish McGee vs. Dory Funk  60:00
Frankie Hart vs. Eddie Williams  30:00

Thursday, September 25, 1986
Spokane Coliseum- Spokane, WA  8pm

The Road Warriors vs. Bruiser Brody & Rip Oliver
AWA World title: Nick Bockwinkel (C) vs. Curt Hennig
Sgt. Slaughter vs. Abuddadein
Mean Mike Miller vs. Coco
Ricky Santana vs. Joey Jackson
Jim Seibert vs. Scott Doring
Brady Boone vs. Dan Hodge
Lama Samoa vs. Vinnie Valentino

Thursday, October 18, 1984
Special Events Center-University of Utah  8pm

WWF title: Hulk Hogan(C) vs. Jesse (The Body) Ventura
Sgt. Slaughter vs. Alexis Smirnoff
Rocky Johnson vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper
Pat Patterson vs. The Iron Sheik
plus Paul (Mr Wonderful) Orndorff, Mil Mascaras, Iron Mike Sharpe, Brutus Beefcake, Tony Garea

Tuesday, September 27, 1949
Armory- Hopkinsville, KY

Ellen Olson vs. Dot Dotson  2/3 falls 60:00
Ralph Garibaldi vs. Eddie Gossett  2/3 falls 60:00

Tuesday, November 9, 1982
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm

World Mid-Heavyweight title: Davey Boy Smith (C) vs. Dynamite Kid
Bret Hart & Jim Neidhardt vs. Kerry Brown & Duke Myers
Judy Martin & Velvet McIntyre vs. Joyce Grable & Wendi Richter
Great Gama vs. Mach Hayato
Leo Burke vs. Ho Chi Lau
Laurent Soucie & Don Kolov  vs. Hubert Gallant & Danny Davis

Thursday, March 8, 1956
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 
Promoter: Porky Jacobs
Attendance: 1400

Jim Wright & Roberto Pico beat Ray Villmer & Pat McGill 2-1
1-Wright pinned McGill in 22:00
2-Villmer pinned Wright 28:00
3-Villmer fell out of the ring and was "Disqualified" (Counted out?) at 38:00

Lou Newman (Canadian champion) beat Bearcat Wright in 17:37
George Gordienko beat Adrian Baillargeon in 18:49
Luther Lindsey beat Logger Larson in 14:41

Wednesday, April 29, 1942
Civic Auditorium-San Jose, CA
Matchmaker: Hal Moore

Wee Willie Davis vs. Iron Mike Mazurki  2/3 falls 60:00
Vincent Lopez vs. Gentleman Joe Corbett
Cliff Olson vs. Al (Cisco Kid) Corrello
Gil Knutsen vs. Frank Malcewicz


Thursday, April 20, 1961
Owosso Armory-Owosso, MI

Irish Jackie vs. The Brown Panther
Bouncing Bennie Burke vs. Farmer Pete
Winners of elimination bouts face losers in an Australian tag team bout

State title: Rick (Crusher) Cortez vs. Joe Smith

Wednesday, April 14, 1954
Saratoga, NY

Verne Gagne beat Hans Schmidt  2-1
1-Schmidt beat Gagne with a backbreaker 12:28
2-Gagne beat Schmidt with a claw hold 4:15
3-Schmidt was DQ'ed in 6:05

Thursday, May 2, 1974
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL  8pm

Nick DeCarlo & Joey Rossi beat Tojo Yamamoto & Mr. Kamakazi 2-1
3rd fall- Rossi pinned Kamakazi when Tojo accidentally hit Kamakazi with a wooden shoe

Mike Jackson beat The Devil's Disciple (Sub for Buddy Wayne) 2-1 (won 1st and 3rd falls)

Thursday, August 18, 1983
Sumter County Exhibition Center- Sumter, SC  8:15pm

NWA TV title: The Great Kabuki vs. Boogie Woogie Jimmy Valiant
Jake Roberts vs. Bob Orton
Jacques Goulet & Billy Howard vs. Steve Muslin & Ric McCord
Magic Dragon vs. Brett Hart
Golden Boy Grey vs. Mike Davis
Abe Jacobs vs. Joel Deaton

Thursday, May 8, 1952
Memorial Arena- Spartanburg, SC  8pm
Promoter: Joe Littlejohn

Clyde Steeves beat Ray Stern 2-1 (Stern DQ'ed in 3rd fall for hitting the referee)
Jack Ross beat Jack Vansky as the 45-minute time limit elapsed
Dick Bishop beat Les Ryan by DQ for beating the referee in 16:41


Monday, March 2, 1970
Bradenton Armory- Bradenton, FL  8:30pm

Mr. Saito vs. Thunderbolt Patterson
Danny Miller & Jack Welch vs. Dr. Blood & Tom Dalton
Sabu Singh vs. Frank Hickey
Jose Betancourt vs. Skull Von Stroheim

Friday, March 7, 1958
National Guard Armory- Lakeland, FL

China Mera & Brother Elmer beat Sonny Boy Cassidy & Nell Stewart
1-Stewart pinned Mira
2-Elmer pinned Cassidy
3-Stewart DQ'ed for ripping the trousers of referee Ted Christy, then tossing Mira and Elmer from the ring and knocking them off the apron

Ray Villmer beat Pete (Man Mountain) Managoff 2-1
1-Managoff  2-Villmer 3-Managoff DQ'ed for throwing Villmer & ref Ted Christy from the ring
Billy Parks beat Nick Roberts


Friday, March 14, 1958
National Guard Armory- Lakeland, FL  8pm

Nell Stewart & Leo Wallich vs. China Mera & Billy Parks
Billy Parks vs. Leo Wallich
Nell Stewart vs. China Mera


Wednesday, April 13, 1955
Sportatorium- Victoria, TX

Bull Curry vs. Tarzan Mike
Cyclona Anaya vs. The Sheik of Araby
Ethel Brown vs. Mary Jane Mull
Larry Chene vs. Tony Baillargeon

Wednesday, January 12, 1955
Armory- Bowling Green, KY

Southern Jr. Heavyweight title: Ray Piret (c) beat Sonny Myers 2-1
1-Piret with a backslide  2-Myers with a neck twist  3-Myers DQ'ed for low blow

Wilbur Snyder beat Cyclone Anaya  2-1 (won 2nd and 3rd falls)


Wednesday, January 19, 1955
Armory- Bowling Green, KY

Nell Stewart vs. Olga Zepeda


Tuesday, April 8, 1958
American Legion Arena-Lake Worth, FL  8:30pm

5-girl wrestle royal featuring:
Nell Stewart (Birmingham, AL)
China Mera (Cuban star)
Corinne Cordera (Mexican flash)
Dot Dotson (Former Lakeland Taxi Jockey)
Betty Evans

1st girl out done for the night; pairing for singles bouts featured 2nd and 3rd eliminated, and between final two girls, winner of wrestle royal wins extra purse

Billy Parks vs. Johnny Henning  1 fall, 30:00

Tuesday, October 23, 1934
Portsmouth, OH

Light Heavyweight Championship tournament matches  2/3 falls 90:00 time limits:
Joe Montana vs. Gorilla Parker
Strongboy Ray Carpenter vs. Sgt. Henry Nixon

Friday, May 30, 1980
Lane County Fairgrounds- Eugene, OR   8pm
Referee: Dutch Savage

Ten Man battle royal/ $1000 Purse
Crazy Butch Miller vs. Roddy Piper
Sal Marino vs. Buddy Rose
Chris Colt vs. Johnny Eagle
Steve Pardee vs. Luke Wiliams
Igor Volkoff vs. Mike Hennessey

Milwaukee, WI- Tuesday, March 30, 1937

Wrestlers handled a sit-down strike here last night in the most approved style.

Henry Tolle, promoter, found six wrestlers instead of two in the ring when he wanted to start his show.  More money was the issue.

The promoter offered an additional "twenty" and five called off the strike.  John Felix, however, demanded "fifty" extra and kept sitting.  But the show went on, and Arnold Pocan and Einar Olson soon were tossing one another around and at Felix.

Tiring of the sit-downer, the wrestlers tossed him over the ropes.  Milwaukee's first sit-down strike was a washout in the laps of the customers.


Sunday, March 9, 1986
Riverview High School- Finley, WA  7pm

PNW heavyweight title: Tom Zenk vs. Bobby Jaggers
Cocoa Samoa & Brady Boone vs. Rip Oliver & The Assassin
plus other outstanding bouts

Friday, December 8, 1967
Spokane Coliseum- Spokane, WA  8pm

The Masked Assassins beat Roy & Don McClarty 2-1
Don Leo Jonathan beat Dr. Jerry Graham by DQ
Jack Bence beat Woody Farmer
Rocky Johnson drew Abdullah the Butcher
Eric Froelich beat Ike Hansen


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72nd Post

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One Fan Gang wrote:
Monday, June 26, 1978
Ventura County Fairgrounds-Ventura, CA  8PM

Mexican Death Match: Black Gordman vs. Moondog Mayne
Hector Guerrero vs. Goliath
Professor Ito vs. Carlos Mata
Robot C-3 vs. Tonga

Robot C-3 was the luchador that Harley Race apparently stiffed the hell out of in Mexico. I think Tonga was the future Haku, but can't be certain.

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One Fan Gang

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Wednesday, June 6, 1951
the Ballpark- Wilmington, DE

National Wrestling Association title: Don Eagle (c) vs. The Golden Terror
Jim Austeri & Jack Dillon vs. The Mighty Titan & Tony Cosenza  2/3 falls
Miguel Torres vs. George Macricostas
Kid Fox vs. Harry Finkelstein


Monday, February 8, 1943
Capitol Arena- Albany, NY  8:30 pm

Rudy Dusek vs. Michele Leone  2/3 falls
Hans Ray Schwartz vs. Mike Haller
Moe Brazen vs. Jim Austeri  1 fall
Chief Bamba Tabu vs. Max Krauser  1 fall

Wednesday, November 2, 1977
Arena Park Building- Cape Girardeau, MO  8pm

King Ripper Collins & Crazy Luke Graham vs. Danny Little Bear & Chief Thundercloud
Vicki Williams & Ann Jeannette vs. Terri Shane & Beverly Shade
plus singles matches

Saturday, December 11, 1954
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Nell Stewart vs. Judy Glover
Gino Garibaldi vs. Jack O'Riley
Chick Garibaldi vs. Steve Novak
Herb Larson vs. Jack O'Brien


Wednesday, September 12, 1945
Armory Arena- Miami, FL  8:45pm

Bill Cazzell  beat Johnny Carlin 2-1 (won 2nd & 3rd falls)
Tommy O'Toole beat Jack LaRue by DQ
Tuffy Truesdale beat Billy Williams (Sub for Chuck Gore) in 10:00

Friday, September 14, 1945
Biscayne Arena-Miami, FL  8:45pm

Jr. Heavyweight title: Herb Welch (C) beat Bill Cazzell  2-1 (won 1st and 3rd falls)
1-Welch in 17:00  2-Cazzell in 15:00  3-Welch in 5:00

Nick Bacalis (sub for Jack LaRue) beat Wild Bill Canny
Tuffy Truesdale drew Scotty Williams 30:00


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74th Post
One Fan Gang

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Tuesday, May 5, 1953
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada
Attendance: "Almost 3000"

Primo Carnera beat Sandor Kovacs 2-1
1-Kovacs with reverse nelson in 2:57
2-Carnera in 6:00 after hip throws
3-Kovacs counted out of the ring in about 8:00

Hardy Kruskamp drew Ovila Asselin
Sammy Berg beat Joe DaValto (sub for Vincent Lopez) in 19:00


Thursday, March 18, 1948
Sports Arena- Toledo, OH 
Promoter: Cliff Maupin

Women's World title: Mildred Burke (c) vs. Mae Weston
Farmer Jones vs. TBA
Steve Nenoff vs. TBA

Saturday, March 12, 1955
YMCA- Lexington, NC

Belle Starr vs. Mae Weston
Southern Heavyweight title: Fred Blassie (c) vs. Wild Red Berry  2/3 falls
Tex Riley vs. Buddy Lee
Larry Hamilton vs. Jack Bence

Thursday, February 10, 1955
Ocean Beach Auditorium- New London, CT
Attendance: 771  gate: $956.50
Promoter: Pat DeNoia

Mario DeSouza beat Steve (Mr. America) Stanlee 2-1
1-DeSouza in 15:28 following kicks to the head
2- Stanlee in 7:28 after an airplane spin
3- DeSouza in 19:23 with a head drop

Les Ryan & Tony Martinelli drew Tiger Tasker & Fred Carrone 1-1
1-Tasker/Carrone in 25:04
2-Ryan/Martinelli in 4:44
3-time limit expired at 60:00

Joe Esposito beat Les Ruffin in 9:25


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One Fan Gang

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Saturday, July 2, 1955
Berlin High School- Berlin, NH
Attendance: 300  Referee: Barney Tucker  Announcer: Laurier B. Rousseau

Pat O'Connor drew Paul Baillargeon 60:00 1-1 at the time limit
Yvon Robert beat Leo Numa 2-1

Paul Ballargeon demonstrated his strength by lifting a horse off the floor (estimated 1000 pounds)


Spartanburg Herald-Journal
Wednesday, December 28, 1988

By Michael Mayo
Staff Writer

MEMPHIS, Tenn.-  The University of South Carolina and Indiana football teams attended a rodeo last night after team dinners at local restaurants.

At a professional wrestling match attended by both teams Monday night, Indiana players got in some verbal bombs during a match between ex-USC player Del Wilkes and Scott Steiner, who wrestled at Big 10 school Michigan.

Steiner was a last-minute replacement for The Golden Lion, a former Indiana football player who failed to show.

When Wilkes took off his robe and showcased his muscular physique, Indiana's players collectively shouted, "Steroids, steroids, steroids."

Wilkes grabbed a microphone, pointed at the players and said, "Maybe it would help you punks if you used some steroids.  Everybody knows the Big 10 is just the Big One.  And you sure aren't the one."

The match ended in a draw.


Thursday, March 19, 1959
Auditorium-Ottawa, Canada   8:45pm

Wladek Kowalski & Don Leo Jonathan vs. Pepper Gomez & Paul Baillargeon  2/3 falls
Don Mucci vs. Larry Moquin   30:00
Maurice LaPointe vs. Sammy Berg
Paul Bouchard vs. Yvon Raciot  20:00

Tuesday, June 9, 1953
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada

Paul Balliargeon beat Len Hughes

Wednesday, December 27, 1950
Blue Grass Arena- South Shore, KY

Joe Wolfe vs. Iris Mike McGee  2/3 falls  60:00
Mars Bennett vs. Dot Dotson  1 fall 20:00
June Byers vs. Carol Cook  1 fall 20:00
womens match losers choose partners for 2/3 45:00 tag team match

Friday, March 7, 1980
Lane County Fairgrounds- Eugene, OR  8pm

Andre the Giant, Stan Stasiak & Roddy Piper vs. Luke Williams, Crazy Butch Miller, Playboy Buddy Rose & Sam Bass

Ricky Martel vs. Chris Colt
Dutch Savage vs. Sam Bass
Frank Dusek vs.. King Parsons




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