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Random Lump O' Results  Rating:  Rating
 Posted: Tue Nov 30th, 2010 02:01 am
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91st Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
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Just did a search under the phrase "six man tag" and found a boatload of results that start to hit their stride in the mid 50s... in some towns they make a big deal about it being the first match of its kind locally.  Odd that you might not get a result show up based on an individual's name, but you will see something with a phrase unique to the biz.     Seems like a lot more variety of newspapers showed up on this search as well.  The digging continues.

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 Posted: Thu Dec 2nd, 2010 03:33 am
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One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471
Wednesday, August 22, 1934
Marigold Gardens- Chicago, IL

175 pound title: Charles (Midget) Fischer beat Jimmy Demetral 2-0
1-Fischer in 15:09
2-Fischer in 9:22

Friday, August 24, 1934
Municipal Athletic Field- Dubuque, IA   8:30pm

Rowdy Joe Cox vs. Mike Brendel  2/3 120:00
George Koverly vs. Earl Wampler   1 fall 30:00
The Masked Red Devil vs. Andy Moen  1fall 30:00
Barney Cosneck vs. Stanley Myslajek  1 fall 30:00
Vic Krapfl vs. Wayne Anthony  1 fall 30:00

Tuesday, March 8, 1949
Gable Armory- St. Petersburg, FL
Promoter: George Romanoff

Two Referees: Garza Lozano, Cliff Olsen & The Purple Heart vs. Eddie Williams, Chico Salazar & Al Massey (billed as first six man Australian tag team match in the state)  1 fall 60:00

Dutch Howlett (Mr. America 1945) vs. George Callone 1 fall 30:00
plus 3 other bouts w/ 1 fall 20:00 TL


Thursday, November 8, 1956
Auditorium- Windsor, Ontario, Canada   8:45pm

Hard Boiled Haggerty & Don Leo Jonathan vs. Paul Baillargeon & Yvon Robert
Frank Valois vs. Edouard Carpentier
Manuel Cortez vs. Angelo Savoldi
Ramon Torres vs Joe (Killer) Christie


Wednesday, September 5, 1945
Civic Auditorium- San Jose, CA  8:45pm
Attendance: 2200 (learned from next week's mat preview)

Sandor Szabo drew Dutch Heffner   60:00
George (Kavo) Koverly drew. Texas Babe Sharkey 45:00
Cy Williams vs Hardy Kruskamp 30:00 TL

Wednesday, September 12, 1945
Civic Auditorium- San Jose, CA

Billy Hanson vs. Vincent Lopez  60:00
Sandor Szabo vs. Wee Willie Davis  45:00
Babe Sharkey (Texas Cyclone)  vs. Pat Fraley

Tuesday, July 14, 1987
Timken Gym at Limestone College- Gaffney, SC

The Barbarian vs. Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin (w/Precious)
plus Jimmy Valiant, Manny Fernandez, Thunderfoot #1 and #2


Tuesday, June 17, 1975
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA

Abdullah the Butcher vs. Mr. Wrestling II
Jerry Lawler vs. Mr Wrestling I
Sir Dudley Clements vs. Robert Fuller
Cowboy Parker vs. Ricky Gibson
Ken Dillinger vs. Jerry Bryant

Thursday, June 12, 1975
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA

Mr. Wrestling I & II beat Toru Tanaka & Abdullah the Butcher
Moose Morowski beat Bearcat Brown
Jerry Brisco beat Bob Orton Jr.
Dennis Hall beat Billy Spears

Tuesday, September 29, 1942
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada

British Empire Heavyweight title: Whipper Billy Watson (C) drew Earl McCready 60:00-no falls to retain the title

Walter Sirois beat Ivan Kimlkoff in 18:21
Johnny Gyroffy beat Jan Gotch in 17:10 by DQ


Monday, April 5, 1948
Windsor Arena-Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Promoter: Bill Thornton

Paul Orth (Tarzan of the Mat) and Stocky Kneilson vs. Rene LaBelle & Tommy Martindale

Bock Estes vs. Al Getz


Saturday, November 5, 1977
Spruce Creek High School Gym- Port Orange, FL  8:45pm

Lights Out/Texas Death Match: Pat Patterson vs. Ivan Koloff
Florida Heavyweight title: Lars Anderson vs. Rocky Johnson
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn vs. Tank Patton & Keith Franks
Mr. Saito vs. Pedro Morales

Thursday, January 4, 1973
Uptown Arena-Modesto, CA   8:45pm
Promoter: Johnny Miller

Tio Taylor vs. The Great Mephisto   1 fall, 60:00
Pepper Gomez vs. Mr. Paul DeMarco  2/3 falls  60:00
Terrible Ted (Wrestling Bear) vs. Fritz Von Goering & Crazy Luke Graham   1 fall 60:00
Manuel Cruz vs. Nick Adams  1 fall 20:00


Tuesday, December 12, 1939
Reading Armory- Reading, PA
Judges: Harold Carney, Arthur Whalen
Timekeeper: John Ronaski Jr.
Announcer: Harold Runyeon

Strangler Bob Wagner beat Bibber McCoy by DQ in 17:40 when McCoy pushed referee Jimmy Wilson
Maurice LaChappelle beat Angelo Leone in 11:57
Angelo Savoldi beat Bad Boy Brown by decision after 30:00
Tommy Ray beat Eddie Cook in 11:36
Bobby Brown beat Alex Fabiankovitch by decision after 20:00


Saturday, June 23, 1973
Baltimore Civic Center- Baltimore, MD
Promoter: Phil Zacko

Haystacks Calhoun referee/US TITLE/Steel Cage Match: Bobo Brazil (c) vs. Fred Blassie (cage billed as weighing 1175 pounds)


Monday, May 5, 1958
Pasco Armory-Pasco, WA  8:30pm
Promoter: Herman Morantes

Six Man Tag:  Leon (Mad Russian) Kirlenko, Elmer (Bad News) Davis & Gino Spindola vs. Bill Fletcher, Cal Roberts & Billy King  2/3 falls 60:00 (two members must be pinned to win a fall)

Cal Roberts vs. Gino Spindola
Elmer Davis vs. Billy King
Leon Kirlenko vs. Bill Fletcher


Friday, November 2, 1962
Florence Armory-Florence, AL  8:15pm

Frankie Cain, Len Rossi & Bobby Nichols vs. Billy Garrett, John Long & Jack Long
plus 2 other matches

Thursday, October 27, 1955
Arena- Cape Girardeau, MO  8:15pm
Promoter: Leonard Thomas

John Tolos & Chris Tolos (w/oCount Rossi -barred from ringside) vs. Enrique Torres & Wild Bill Longson  2/3  60:00

Rey Urbano vs. Sammy Berg  2/3  45:00
Amateur Match: Jim Hickman (or Hickam) vs. Chris Askew  1 fall 10:00

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 Posted: Thu Dec 2nd, 2010 09:12 am
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93rd Post

Joined: Sun Oct 14th, 2007
Location: The Bowels Of East Central Illinois
Posts: 48214
A few corrections on the newspaper spellings.

George (Kavo) Koverly drew. Texas Babe Sharkey 45:00

It's Kayo Koverly. Ron Witmer has some interesting Washington DC clippings about Koverly. I became a big fan of the guy just from reading the clippings.

Bock Estes vs. Al Getz

It's Balk Estes.

I came across Estes yesterday on Tim Hornbaker's site.

9/1/50 Houston, TX @ City Auditorium
NWA Champion Lou Thesz beat George Bollas 2-0
Handicap Match
Killer Kowalski beat Al Lovelock & Sonny Myers
Kowalski had to beat both in 30:00
Verne Gagne beat Black Guzman
Billy Varga beat Bob Wagner dq
Rito Romero beat Balk Estes by decision
Promoter: Morris Sigel
referee: Paul Boesch main event
Notes: Varga was making his return. He has been on the West Coast making movies, "his latest being with Bob Hope in the Lemon Drop Kid." Bollas was a major heel at this point in Houston. Estes was said to be making his local debut. The Houston Post said "for once in his reign as champion [Thesz] was popular with the crowd." An overenthusiastic fan from the crowd tried to get at Bollas, delivering a "Sunday punch" on the wrestler. The Gagne-Guzman match stole the show, and Gagne's win was considered an upset.  He was the "favorite throughout."

Estes later became a promoter in Indiana. He was involved with Jim Barnett & Johnny Doyle.

"We are the priests
Of the temples of syrinx
Our great computers
Fill the hollowed halls
We are the priests
Of the temples of syrinx
All the gifts of life
Are held within our walls" 2112 By Rush!!
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 Posted: Fri Dec 3rd, 2010 02:08 am
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94th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471
Tuesday, March 17, 1953
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada

Larry Moquin vs. The Great Togo (w/ valet Cato)
George Scott vs. Joe Christie
Frank Taylor vs. Red Vaggone


Thursday, May 15, 1958
Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm
Promoter: George (Porky) Jacobs

Jim (Riot Call) Wright referee: Iron Mike DiBiase & Danny (Bulldog) Plechas vs. George & Sandy Scott
Maurice LaPointe & Tarzan Tourville vs. Ivan & Karol Kalmikoff
Mike Paidousis vs. Mitsu Arakawa
Hans Schnabel vs. Bud Curtis


Friday, July 16, 1954
Hart Field- Spencer, IA
Attendance: 2000
Promoter: Pinky George

Argentina Rocca beat Art Neilson 2-1
1-Nielson in 16:00  2-Rocca in 11:00  3-Rocca in 9:00
Reggie Lisowski drew Gentleman Jim Dobie 45:00   1-1
1-Lisowski in 17:00  2-Dobie in 10:00  3-Time expired
Joe Dusek beat Harry Lewis in 16:00


Saturday, August 4, 1956
County Stadium- Milwaukee, WI 
Attendance: 16,069 (Record-setting in city)
Promoter: Johnny Heim
Gate: $33, 689.90

Jack Demspey Referee/US TV Title: Verne Gagne beat Wilbur Snyder 2-1
1-Snyder via backbreaker/pin  2-Gagne by sleeper  3-Gagne by DQ (Snyder retains title)
World Tag Team title: Reggie & Stan Lisowski beat Hans Schmidt & Dick the Bruiser
5 girl battle royal: Ada Ash outlasted Raymonde Coty, Lorraine Johnson, Ramona Teselle and Rose Roman to win
Bill Melby beat Benito (Fatso) Gardini in 17:00

Thursday, March 5, 1942
Armory-Reading, PA
Announcer: Harold (Runt) Runyeon
Judges: Jim Yeager, Hal Carney
Timekeeper: John Romanski Jr.

Lou Plummer beat Emil Dusek 2-1
1-Dusek in 12:56
2-Plummer in 2:31
3-Plummer in 7:29

Maurice LaChappelle beat Jim Austeri in 22:25
Milo Steinborn beat Stan Pinto
Fred (Legs) Grobmier drew Fred Carone


Thursday, March 12, 1942
Reading Armory-Reading, PA  8:30pm

Ed (Strangler) Lewis vs. Lou Plummer  2/3 falls
Emil Dusek vs. Dick Lever  45:00
Maurice LaChappelle & Ace Freeman vs. Fred Carrone & Jim Austeri
James Wigenis (360 lbs) vs. Herbie Friedman

Thursday, April 30, 1964
Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Waldo Von Erich & Mike Valentino vs. Dave Ruhl & Ricky Waldo
Sweet Daddy Siki vs. Bobby Christy
Eric the Great vs. Tex McKenzie
Tex McKenzie vs. referee Joe Lesperance
Jerry Christy vs. Alexander Newberry


Thursday, March 13, 1958
Peabody Auditorium- Daytona Beach, FL  8:30pm

Argentina Rocca beat Gorgeous George 2-1 (won 3rd fall in 13:00)
Southern Girls title: Nell Stewart drew Judy Glover 45:00
Edward Perez beat Nick Roberts in 24:00


Saturday, April 21, 1979
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA  1pm
Promoter: Red Bastien

Pepper Gomez vs. Eddie Mansfield
Chavo Guerrero & Al Madril vs. The Twin Devils
Woody Farmer vs. The Avenger
plus one more bout


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 Posted: Sat Dec 4th, 2010 05:29 am
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95th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471
Saturday, January 10, 1970
YMCA-Lexington, NC

Blonde Bombers (Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson) beat Paul Jones & Nelson Royal  2-1
1-Hanson wins via neckbreaker  10:00
2-Royal wins with a spinning wristlock  6:00
3-Hanson pinned Jones in 2:00

Luther Lindsey & Abe Jacobs drew Ronnie & Terry Garvin  1-1
1-Ronnie via a "hammer"  17:00  2-Lindsey via headbutts 5:00  3-time limit expired

Jesse James beat Pedro Valdez with a stump-puller in 11:00
Pedro Godoy beat Steve Rickard with a rolling headlock in 11:00

Saturday, January 17, 1970
YMCA-Lexington, NC

Nelson Royal & The Kentuckian (Tiny Anderson) vs. Swede Hanson & Rip Hawk
Art Nelson & Kurt Stroheim vs. Jesse James & Randy Curtis
Billy Hines vs. Peppy Gomez
Rudy Kaye vs. El Lobo


Friday, February 9, 1968
County Hall- Charleston, SC  8:15pm

Abe Jacobs & Luther Lindsey vs. Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson
Ronnie & Terry Garvin vs. Bob Nandor & Alex Medina
Tank Morgan vs. Bob Taylor
Nikita Mulkavich vs. The Matador

Friday, April 16, 1982
Lane County Fairgrounds- Eugene, OR

NWA World title: Ric Flair (c) beat Rocky Johnson 2-1
Rip Oliver beat Jimmy Afi
Handicap Match: Tommy Rogers & Hack Sawyer beat Matt Borne
Curt Hennig beat Dizzy Hogan


Thursday, December 17, 1970
Sports Arena- Toledo, OH

The Sheik & Wild Bull Curry beat Bobo Brazil & The Stomper 13:00
Fred Curry beat Tim Brooks 6:00
Ernie Ladd beat Ben Justice  11:00
Tex McKenzie beat Don Fargo in 36 seconds
The Kangaroos & Hans Schmidt beat Haystacks Calhoun, Lou Klein & Sonny King
Baby Face Fargo drew Mike Loren 20:00

Monday, November 25, 1968
Paul Sauve Arena-Montreal, Canada
Promoter: Bob Langevin

Abdullah the Butcher vs. Jacques Rougeau
Hans Schmidt & Bulldog Brower vs. Edouard Carpentier & Antonio Baillargeon
Matt Gilmore & Doug Kent vs. Antonio Pugliese & Gino Brito
Buster Lloyd & Chin Lee vs. Larry Moquin & Eddie Auger
Brute Martin vs. Dale Roberts
Gerard Dugas vs. Dutch Brink


Thursday, January 25, 1940
Foot Guard Hall- Hartford, CT  8:30pm

Marvin (Shadow) Westenberg vs. Gene Bowman
Charlie Strack vs. Jack Sherry  30:00 TL
Bob (Bibber) McCoy vs. Ernest (Dutch) Hefner  30:00 TL
Leo LeFebrve vs. Patsy Basigalupi  30:00 TL

Friday, October 26, 1951
Arena- Milwaukee, WI
Attendance: 5,200

World Heavyweight title: Lou Thesz (c) drew Verne Gagne 1-1 (Thesz retains title)
1-Thesz pins Gagne after "a 2 minute headlock, one minute body scissors and a kick  to the jaw" at 27:00
2-Gagne after "a series of toe holds, body and head scissors, headlocks and kicks in the groin by parking Thesz on his purple pants with a right smack on the chin" at 53:00
3- Thesz almost "passed out to be saved by...that timely bell" at 60:00 (Thesz carried out on a stretcher)

Billy Goelz & Johnny Balbo beat Gypsy Joe & Al Williams 2-0
Adele Anton beat Dot Dotson in 19:00
Tarzan Kowalski beat Chest Bernanrd by DQ


Monday, September 30, 1968
Paul Sauve Arena- Montreal, Canada

Johnny Rougeau vs. Tony Angelo (w/Yvan Koloff in his corner)  2/3 falls
George Momberg vs. Waldo Von Erich  1 fall
Gino Brito & Jacques Rougeau vs. Matt Gilmore & Doug Kent
Carlos Colon vs. Abdullah the Butcher
Joe & Paul LeDuc vs. Antonio Baillargeaon & Larry Moquin
Butch Morgan vs. Chin Lee
Lionel Robert vs. Akio Yoshihara

Monday, September 23, 1968
Paul Sauve Arena- Montreal, Canada

International title: Yvan Koloff (C) vs. Edouard Carpentier  2/3 falls
Jacques & Johnny Rougeau vs. Baron Fritz Von Raschke & Waldo Von Erich  2/3 falls
Gino Brito vs. George Momberg   30:00 TL
Joe & Paul LeDuc vs. Eddie Auger & Larry Moquin
Don McClarity vs. Eric the Red
Matt Gilmore & Doug Kent vs. Antonio Baillargeaon & Dale Roberts
Carlos Colon vs. Akio Yoshihara

Saturday, November 14, 1959
Armory- Eugene, OR

Pepi Pasquale & Eric Pedersen beat Doug Donovan & George (Rough House) Coleman 2-1
1-Pedersen beat Donovan via full nelson
2-Donovan beat Pedersen with a back slam into the ropes
3-Pasquale beat Coleman via small package

Eric Pedersen beat Bill Wright
Doug Donovan beat Pepi Pasquale

(injuries to Herb Freeman & Fritz Brauner in Portland on Friday forced a number o fshifts in the program)


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 Posted: Sat Dec 4th, 2010 02:37 pm
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96th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471
Friday, July 22, 1949
N.W. Gable Armory- St. Petersburg, FL  8:30pm
Promoter: George Romanoff

The Alaskan Wolfman vs. Johnny Valentine  2/3  60:00
Young Sandow (sub for Chris Belkas) vs. Nick Bacalis  1 fall 45:00
Patrick O'Hara vs. Nattie Nappa (replacing Young Sandow) 1 fall 30:00

(Chris Belkas, the junior-heavyweight champion was scheduled to appear but was seriously injured in an automobile accident over the weekend)


Monday, November 16, 1953
Salt Cottaurs- Madras, Tamil Nadu, India

King Kong beat Dara Singh with a double elbow hold and bodypress in the 4th round  1-0
Ron Harrison beat Savaran Singh 2-1
1-Harrison via leg-arm submission in round 2
2-Savaran Singh with Indian crab submission in round 3
3-Harrison with a pin in Round 4

Alf Greer beat Puran Singh 2-0
1-Greer by bodyslam/pin in round 2
2-Greer with Boston crab submission in round 4

Ernie Railey beat an unnamed opponent 2-0
1-Railey via neck scissor and pin
2-Railey with a bodyslam and press

Indian Style bouts:
Sitaram Pahelwan drew Norad Singh
Kanakasundaram beat Murugesan of the Government Transport


Friday, September 25, 1959
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL
Promoter: Bill Golden

World's Tag Team title: Don & Luke Fields (c) vs. The Fabulous Fargos (Jackie and Sonny)  2/3 60:00
Che Torres vs. Chico (Hot Tamale) Cortez  2/3  45:00
Al Medina vs. Saul Weingraf  1 fall 15:00


Tuesday, July 30, 1940
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada  8:45pm

Lou Thesz (sub for Yvon Robert) vs. Dynamite Joe Cox
Frank Taylor vs. Lee Henning
Sandy O'Donnell vs. Jerry Monohan (sub for Harry Kent)

Ottawa Citizen- Monday, July 29, 1940

Frank Tunney of Toronto, promoter of the weekly wrestling shows in the Auditorium, announced last night that Yvon Robert had been taken off Tuesday's card.  Robert was to have met Joe Cox in the main bout here but, since Robert failed to live up to regulations and has not yet sent in his fine to the proper mat authorities, Promoter Tunney has taken him off the card and substituted Thesz.

Thesz and Cox will meet in the main attraction, Frank Taylor and Lee Henning meet in the semi-final, and "Sandy" O'Donnell has ben matched with Jerry Monohan, the latter replacing Harry Kent.


Montreal, July 27- (CP) Yvon Robert declined today to accept a rematch in Ottawa with Dynamite Joe Cox and declared: "I am through with wrestling in Ottawa, also through with the wrestling of Joe Cox anywhere."

The attitude of the Montreal heavyweight is a development of his meeting with Cox in Ottawa earlier this week when Robert was fined $100 by the Ontario Athletic Comminssion for attacking referee Fred Borguignon after Cox had been awarded the first fall.

"It was very unfair," Robert said.  "Cox didn''t have me pinned, or anything like it.  I protested this to the referee and he told me to mind my own business.  One word led to another and I swung on him, and knocked him down.  While I was battling with the referee, Cox swung on me.  So I turned on him and smacked him a couple of good ones."


"I want no part of Ottawa, nor of Cox.  In fact, I am thinking of quitting the wrestling game entirely.  It's getting to be more fighting than wrestling, and too much favoritism by referees."

Montreal, July 28  (CP)   Yvon Robert, idol of many a Montreal wrestling fan, announced during the weekend that he will enter into training in preparation for a few boxing bouts.

Robert retired to his suburban camp for training, and said he was turning down all wrestling offers for the time being.

Montreal Gazette- Friday, August 2, 1940


With Yvon Robert finally signed to make his boxing debut against his rugged rival  of the wrestling mat, Joe Cox, and negotiations almost closed to secure Jack Dempsey as the third man in the ring, promoter Edddie Quinn turned back to more familiar ground last night, and went campaigning among th wrestlers to geta  supporting cast for his boxing wrestlers.

He signed up Lou Thesz, holder of Montreal Commission recognition as world's champion, who has wrestled hgere only once in defence of the title he easily won from Leo Numa.

It is likely that Ernie Dusek will be the opponent for Thesz.  Dusek was the original "champion" of the present local cycle, winning that honor after Cy Williams had declined to defend his championship, then losing it to Robert.

Only hitch in the Cox-Robert match is expected to be straightened out today.  Since knocking out his last victim, Jack Dempsey has been in the south, and Quinn was unable to reach him last night.  Robert and Cox are scheduled for 10 rounds in a regular boxing match.


Saturday, September 26, 1964
Ambridge High School Auditorium- Ambridge, PA  8:45pm
Promoter: Alex Scassa

European title: Waldo Von Erich (C) vs. Chief White Owl
Bobby (Hurricane) Hunt vs. Johnny Powers
Cowboy Bill Watts vs. Killer Joe Abbey
Johnny DeFazio & Ace Freeman  vs. Duke Hoffman & Baron Gattoni

Thursday, June 25, 1970
Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm

Two referees/North American title: Abdullah the Butcher (C) vs. Carlos Belafonte
Niccola Pacciano vs. Sweet Daddy Siki
Bob (Bruiser) Sweetan vs, Dan Kroffat
Dave Ruhl vs. Danny Babich
Bobby Christy vs. Gil Hayes
Gorilla Marconi vs. Jerry Christy

Friday, December 12, 1975
Civic Arena- Pittsburgh, PA  8:30pm

Spiros Arion & Superstar Billy Graham vs. Bruno Sammartino & Dom DeNucci
Irish Pat Barrett vs. Baron Scicluna
Donna Christantello & Toni Rose vs. Sue Green & Sheila Sheppard
Johnny DeFazio vs. Mike Paidusas
Manuel Soto vs. The Executioner
Frank Holtz vs. Jim Grabmire


Tuesday, June 1, 1971
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL  8:30pm

Dr. Death 1 and 2 NC Gary Martin & Big Bad John
Pepe Lopez & Dandy Donovan drew Dennis Hall & Young Atlas

Friday, March 6, 1964
Armory-Spokane, WA  8:15pm
Promoter: Harry Elliott

Luther Lindsey & Shag Thomas vs. Art (Boom Boom) Mahalik & The Destroyer
plus two warmup bouts featuring the tag match participants
Opening bout: Pierre Duranton vs. Rocky Colombo

Thursday, March 7, 1974
Owosso Armory- Owosso, MI   8pm

Bobo Brazil vs. Killer Brooks
World Tag Team title: Kurt Von Hess & Karl Von Shotz vs. pampero Firpo & Flying Fred Curry
Tony Marino vs. Kabooki (Ben Justice is listed in newspaper ad as Marino's opponent)
Gypsy Joe vs. Sonny King


Saturday, January 31, 1959
Memorial Auditorium- Spartanburg, SC

George Becker & Bobby Christie & Jerry Christie beat Al Smith 7 John Smith & Johnny Heideman  2-1
1-John Smith pinned Jerry Christie 11:31
2-Bobby Christie beat John Smith 6:51
3-Jerry Christie beat John Smith 12:49

Ethel Johnson beat Marva Scott 2-1 (won 2nd and 3rd falls)
Ramon Fernandez beat Marco Polo in 17:37

Saturday, July 19, 1958
Armory-Bowling Green, KY 8:45pm

The Mexican Ape Man, Dick Lever & Charro Azteca beat Dan O'Shocker, Gene Bowman & Charlie Laye 2-0

1-Ape Man beat Laye with a body hug
2-Ape Man beat Bowman with headbutts

Gene Bowman beat Dick Lever
Mexican Ape Man beat Danny O'Shocker
Charlie Laye beat Charro Azteca

Friday, February 11, 1938
Melody Mill Ballroom- Dubuque, IA

Jack Curtis vs. Charles (Midget) Fischer  2/3  90:00
Bucky O'Neill vs. Farmer Mack
paul Miller vs. Bullyboy Kogut


Saturday, July 17, 1976
Municipal Auditorium- Junction City, KS  8:30pm

Cnetral States title: Handsome Harley Race (c) vs. Bulldog Bob Brown
Tag team titles: Super Intern & Tank Patton (C) vs. Akio Sato & Mike George
Omar Atlas vs. John Foley














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 Posted: Sat Dec 4th, 2010 03:40 pm
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97th Post

Joined: Sun Oct 14th, 2007
Location: The Bowels Of East Central Illinois
Posts: 48214
Very cool results from India.

"We are the priests
Of the temples of syrinx
Our great computers
Fill the hollowed halls
We are the priests
Of the temples of syrinx
All the gifts of life
Are held within our walls" 2112 By Rush!!
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 Posted: Sat Dec 4th, 2010 05:40 pm
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98th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
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Monday, August 1, 1988
Arena- Milwaukee, WI
NWA Great American Bash Series

War Games: Dusty Rhodes, Sting, Lex Luger & The Road Warriors beat Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham & JJ Dillon

TV title: Mike Rotunda (C) beat Nikita Koloff
Bunkhouse Tag Match: The Fantastics beat The Midnight Express
Dick Murdoch beat The Russian Assassin
Jimmy Garvin beat Rick Steiner
Ricky Morton & Brad Armstrong beat The Sheepherders
Larry Zbyszko beat Tim Horner
Bugsy McGraw beat Rip Morgan
Al Perez beat Kendall Windham


Wednesday, July 1, 1987
Lakeland Civic Center- Lakeland, FL
Attendance: Apprx 5000

NWA World Heavyweight title: Dusty Rhodes beat Ric Flair (C) 2-1 (3rd fall by DQ; Flair retains belt)
1-Rhodes pins Flair 17:07
2-Flair pins Rhodes 10:00
3-Rhodes by DQ; ref Pee Wee Anderson disqualifies Flair for interference by Tully Blanchard

World TV title: Tully Blanchard (C) drew Barry Windham (Blanchard retains belt)
Florida title: Mike Rotunda (C) beat The Barbarian
Bunkhouse Match: Bugsy McGraw, Big Ed Gantner & Blackjack Mulligan beat Dory Funk Jr., The Black Assassin & Sir Oliver Humperdink
US title: Nikita Koloff (C) beat Lex Luger
World Tag Team title: Rock N Roll Express beat Midnight Express (C) by DQ (Midnights retain title)
Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin drew Arn Anderson
Florida Tag team title: Steve Keirn & Mike Graham (C) DCOR The Sheepherders
The Freebirds beat The Mod Squad
Ron Simmons beat the Tahitian Prince
The Cuban Connection beat Bill & Randy Mulkey

Thursday, July 17, 1975
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA

Dusty Rhodes & Bob Armstrong vs. Dick Slater & Bob Orton Jr.
Nikolai Volkoff vs. Mike Stallings
Sir Dudley Clements vs. Ric McCord
Bill Malone vs. Rick Martel


Saturday, January 15, 1972
YMCA-Lexington, NC

Kurt & Karl Von Steiger beat Johnny Weaver & Argentina Apollo 2-1
1-Weaver via pin with a victory roll  13:00
2-Von Steigers after double teaming in 6:00
3-Weaver was disqualified by referee George Grant

Les Thatcher & Jim Dillon beat Joe Soto & Tinker Todd in 27:00
Bill Bowman drew Bob Griffin
Joe Turner beat Jesse James in 12:00 after a knee lift

Saturday, April 5, 1958
Memorial Arena-Spartanburg, SC  8pm

Southern Tag Team title: George Becker & Dick Steinborn vs. Ali Bey & Jack O'Reilly  2/3 falls 60:00

Texas rules: Ronnie McKay vs. Johnny (Jaw Breaker) Heideman  (Fight to the finish-no time limit; no falls)
Dick Steinborn vs. Jack O'Reilly  1 fall  20:00


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 Posted: Sun Dec 5th, 2010 12:58 am
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99th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471
Monday, February 12, 1940
Armory- Hopkinsville, KY 
Promoter: Billy Goff

Del Raines vs. Gene Blakely
Lee Myers vs. Charlie Vaden


Wednesday, February 7, 1940
Armory- Hopkinsville, KY
Promoter: Billy Goff

Del Raines beat Joe Dillman 2-1 (won 1st and 3rd falls)
Charlie Vaden (sub for Lee Myers) beat Stocky Nielson


Tuesday, December 16, 1941
Armory-Reading, PA  9pm (late start to allow fans to complete their Christmas shopping chores)
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Lou Plummer vs. Paul Boesch  2/3 falls
Jim (Goon) Henry vs. Freddy (Legs) Grobmier  45:00 TL
Babe Caddock vs Ace Freeman  30:00 TL
Herbie Friedman vs. Frank Judson 30:00 TL

Wednesday, July 7, 1943
Auditorium- San Jose, CA
Matchmaker: Hal Moore

The Swedish Angel beat Abe (King Kong) Kashey
1-Kashey with bodypress 2-Angel via stepover toehold 3-Kashey DQ'ed
Jimmy (Irish) Casey drew Ted (King Kong) Cox 45:00
Stan Pinto beat Joe Campbell  12:40 with a figure 4 hold

Wednesday, July 14, 1943
Auditorium- San Jose, CA
Matchmaker: Hal Moore

Winner Faces Ladies Champ Mildred Burke July 21: May Weston vs. Dottie Gillum


Saturday, June 28, 1975
Montpelier High School Gym- Montpelier, OH  8:30pm

Bull Curry & Blackjack Lucka vs. Tony Marino & Bad News Jackson
plus a match with two world famous midget wrestlers


Saturday, June 15, 1968
YMCA-Lexington, NC

Nelson Royal, Paul Jones & Chief Little Eagle DDQ Ole, Lars & Gene Anderson
1-Andersons with a slam on Royal  10:00
2-Little Eagle withg a bow-and-arrow in 7:00
3-double DQ

The Fabulous Moolah beat Betty Boucher with a backslide in 18:00
Bob Ramstead beat Rick Miller with dropkicks
Jesse James beat the Matador with "billy goat butts"


Saturday, June 22, 1968
YMCA-Lexington, NC

Paul Jones & Nelson Royal vs. Blone Bombers (Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson)
Chief Little Eagle & Paul DeMarco vs. Alex Medina & Peppy Gomez
Mr. Wrestling vs. Frank Hickey
Jack Rico vs. Bob Ramstead

Monday, October 31, 1955
Sheffield Community Center- Sheffield, AL  8pm
Promoter: Bill Jobe

Lee Fields, Don Fields & Luke Fields vs. Butch Boyette, Rube Wright & Pierre Dugas  2/3 60:00
Lee Fields vs. Butch Boyette  1 fall 30:00
Pierre Dugas vs. Don Fields   1 fall 30:00


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 Posted: Sun Dec 5th, 2010 04:40 am
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100th Post
One Fan Gang

Joined: Wed Apr 22nd, 2009
Posts: 13471

Thursday, June 9, 1932
Municipal Athletic Field- Dubuque, IA
Promoters: Heinie Engel & Captain George W. Flanders

Heinie Engel vs. Zack Malkow
plus 5 other matches


Saturday, November 18, 1933
Arena- New Haven, CT  8:30pm
Promoter: Tom Alley

Jim Londos (c) vs. Dick Raines (Texas Tornado)  2/3 falls
Dick Daviscourt vs. Sid Westrich
George Zaharias vs. Jack Humberto
Ray Steele vs. Fred Grubmeier
Lou Plummer vs. Floyd Marshall
Saturday, September 17, 1983
Southeast Boys Club-Gainesville, FL  8:30pm
Florida Wrestling Federation

Chuck Dempsey & Billy Mac vs. The Crusher & Dr. Death
The Great Malenko vs. Tom Laxton

Monday, August 20, 1984
Auditorium- West Palm Beach, FL  8pm

Double Bullrope & Chain Match: Kevin Sullivan & Superstar Billy Graham vs. Billy Jack & Pistol Pez Whatley
Florida title: Scott McGhee (C) vs. The Saint
Mike Graham vs. Jim Neidhart
plus 4 other matches

Saturday, June 8, 1985
Cow Palace-Lexington, NC   8:15pm

Masked Infernos I & II vs. Rick Link & Johnny Hunter
Belt &Hair vs Mask & $5000: Chief Jay Eagle vs. The Super Destroyer
Dog Food Match: Bob Brandon vs. Joe Blevins
Johnny Savage vs. Fred Carpenter
Masked Assassin I vs. Jose Luis Colon
Bob Stabler vs. Jim Gallagher

Thursday, April 13, 1961
Auditorium-Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada   8:30pm
Promoter: Charlie Underhill
Attendance: Apprx 1000

Dr. Timothy Geohagen & Johnny Foti beat Ricki Waldo & Dave Ruhl on promoter's reverse decision

Millie Stafford & Judy Glover beat Lorraine Johnson & Kathy Starr  2-0
Dick (Bulldog) Brower beat Gene Murphy COR in 12:00
Gino Marello beat Bud Fischer (sub for Karl Kollbrecker) in 3:00 (Marello's challenge: $50 each week added to the pot if no one pins him in under 10 minutes)
Chico Gracia beat Rip Miller in 12:00

Thursday, April 20, 1961
Auditorium-Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada   8:30pm
Promoter: Charlie Underhill

Three Referees (including Mighty Ursus)/No Holds Barred/All Four in Ring:
Dr. Timothy Geohagen & Johnny Foti vs. Ricki Waldo & Dave Ruhl

Wednesday, July 4, 1945
Civiv Auditorium- San Jose, CA

Ted Cox beat George (K.O.) Koverly 2-1
1-Koverly in 15:10
2-Cox in 9:35
3-Cox in 2:03

Karl Davis beat Jim Henry in 30:06
Butch Heffner beat Jimmie El Pulpo (sub for Pat Fraley) in 15:13

Thursday, March 7, 1946
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada
Matchmaker: Eddie Quinn
Attendance : over 3000

Florida George Becker beat Gino Garibaldi
2-Becker in 30 seconds
3-Garibaldi counted out
Bibber McCoy drew Felix Miquet
George Cagney beat Bulldog Al Korman by DQ


Thursday, March 14, 1946
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada
Matchmaker: Eddie Quinn


George Cagney & George Becker vs. Emil Dusek & Wally Dusek


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 Posted: Sun Dec 5th, 2010 01:07 pm
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101st Post
One Fan Gang

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Thursday, April 29, 1976
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm

Lumberjack Luke vs. Tapu
Tony Marino vs. Bobby Bass
Karl Schotz vs  Gadabra Sahota
Gary Stevenson vs. "- - ingo" (text is cutoff- Shingo?)

Wednesday, January 11, 1967
Fredericksburg Armory-Fredericksburg, VA   8:30pm
(snow date for a previously slated 12-28-66 card)

WWWF title: Bruno Sammartino (c) vs. Crazy Luke Graham
World Tag team title: Spyros Arion & Antonio Pugliese vs. Bull Ortega (353 lbs) and Tank Morgan (303 lbs)-led by Wild Red Berry
Baron Mikel Scicluna vs. Tony Nero
Smasher Sloan vs. Rick Sexton
Arnold Skaaland vs. Angelo Savoldi

Tuesday, February 13, 1962
Coliseum- Ottawa, Canada
Attendance: 1300

Dick (Bulldog) Brower beat Tom Jones 2-1
1-Brower in 6:35
2-Jones in 4:47
3-Brower in 4:35

Giant Baba beat Tony Lanza in 6:20 with a sleeper and judo chops
The Kangaroos DDQ Johnny Valentine & Fred Atkins
Yukio Suzuki beat Timothy Geohagen

Monday, February 5, 1940
Auditorium- Ottawa, Canada
Promoter: Queensbury Athletic Club/Frank Tunney (first show since death of co-promoter John Tunney, Frank's brother)
Attendance: Close to 2000

Yvon Robert beat Elmer "The Great" Eastup  2-1
1-Eastup with a backbreaker 16:08
2-Robert with wicked slams and a press 9:21
3-Robert with a short arm scissors 7:28

Lou Thesz drew Ted (King Kong) Cox 45:00
Bill Longson beat Jerry Monohan 27:10

Saturday, September 12, 1970
Troy Armory- Troy, NY  8:30pm

Title Match: Johnny Powers vs. Dick (Bulldog) Brower)  2/3 falls to a finish
Hans Schmidt vs. Chief White Owl

Saturday, July 25, 1964
Forbes Field- Pittsburgh, PA

WWWF Title: Bruno Sammartino (C) vs. Johnny Powers
Killer Kowalski vs. Bobo Brazil
Irish Jackie & Vito Gonzales vs, Pancho Lopez & Farmer Pete  2/3 falls
plus a 6-man tag match
and two other head to head clashes




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 Posted: Mon Dec 6th, 2010 12:43 am
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102nd Post
One Fan Gang

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This one sounded great, so I am listing it separately.  I would have been more enthused to see the show based on who "might" be booked than if the ad had told me!


Thursday, November 23, 1961
Exhibition Auditorium- Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada  8:30pm

12 Great Wrestlers-- 11 Great Bouts
Winner to meet KILLER KOWALSKI for Canadian Heavyweight Wrestling Title!
Tournament Value $2,000

This is a sudden death tournament--
Losers will be eliminated immediately.
Winners meet winners, until one ultimate winner remains.

Drawing to be made in the ring at 8:30pm to determine pairings.
Each bout will be of 15 minute duration-- except the final, which goes to an absolute finish with no time limit.  Should any bout go 15 minutes without a fall, a decision will be rendered.

This is a one-night tournament and a winner will be determined on Thursday night-- regardless of how long it will take.


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 Posted: Mon Dec 6th, 2010 03:06 am
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103rd Post
One Fan Gang

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Saturday, November 20, 1948
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA

Dean Dutton beat Gene Bowman 2-0
1-Dutton via armlock in 23:00
2-Dutton via armlock in 40 seconds

Tom O'Toole drew Frederick Von Schacht (Time limit ran out with O'Toole up 1-0)
1-O'Toole in 20:00 via a stranglehold

The Red Phantom bead John Sepeda in 16:00


Thursday, November 13, 1969
Sports Arena-Toledo, OH  8:30pm

The Sheik & Wild Bull Curry vs. Luis Martinez & Bobo Brazil
The Great Igor vs. Ali Baba
The Stomper vs. Rocky Johnson
Flying (f)Red Curry vs. The Kangaroo
Haystack Calhoun vs. Man Mountain Cannon

Friday, December 8, 1967
Spokane Coliseum-Spokane, WA  8pm

The Assassins beat Roy & Don McClarty 2-1

Don Leo Jonathan beat Dr. Jerry Graham via DQ
Rocky Johnson drew Abdullah the Butcher
Eric Froelich beat Ike Hansen (sub for Chris Tolos)
Jack Bence beat Woody Farmer

Friday, February 5, 1971
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO
Matchmaker: Gust Karras

North American Tag team title: Rock Hunter & Nature Boy Kirby (C) vs. Bob Geigel & The Viking
Central States title:  Harley Race (c) vs. Danny Little Bear
Kay Noble vs. Sandy Partlow
Baron Von Heisinger vs. Spike Jones
20 Minute challenge: John Tolos vs. Bobby Paul & The Great Mephisto (Tolos must beat both)

Friday, October 13, 1972
Uptown Arena-Modesto, CA

Paul DeMarco vs. Pat Patterson  2/3 60:00
Great Mephisto vs. Reno Tuufuli  2/3 60:00
Cruz vs. Sullivan 1 fall 30:00
Beauregarde vs. Montero  1 fall 20:00


Saturday, November 25, 1972
Memorial Auditorium-Spartanburg, SC  8:15pm

Lumberjack Match/Joe Louis referee:  Thunderbolt Patterson vs. Gene Anderson
The Alaskans vs. Joe Furr & Randy Curtiss
Ronnie Garvin vs. The Menace
Tony Romano vs. Pancho Valdez
Angelo Martinelli vs. Charlie Fulton
Mike Hall vs. Billy Hines

Saturday, February 17, 1973
Memorial Auditorium- Spartanburg, SC

Thunderbolt Patterson beat Killer Karl Kox
Rip Hawk beat Bobby Kay
The Alaskans beat Joe Furr & Pedro Columbo
Vicki Williams beat Dottie Downs
Terry Kay beat Pancho Valdez

Saturday, May 6, 1950
Valley Arena- Youngstown, OH
Attendance: 1110
Gate: $1586.75
Net Receipts: $1291.25

Heavyweight title: Frank Sexton (C) beat Lucky Simonuvich   2-1
Sneeze Achiu & Duke Keomuka beat Jack Vansky & Dutch Howlett  2-0
Golden Greek beat Flash Clifford
Bobby Ford drew Dennis Cleary




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 Posted: Tue Dec 7th, 2010 04:01 am
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104th Post
One Fan Gang

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Friday, March 1, 1974
Uptown Arena- Modesto, CA

Pat Patterson, Peter Maivia & Rocky Johnson beat Mr. Saito, Kurt Von Brauner & Karl Von Brauner (Johnson pinned Saito)

Blackjack Slade beat Don Muraco 2-1 (won 2d and 3rd fall)
Pat Patterson beat Kurt Von Brauner

Saturday, October 27, 1951
Armory- Reading, PA   8:45pm
Promoter: Bert Bertolini

Gene (Mr. America) Stanlee vs. Edmund Francis
Ida May vs. Cora Combs  2/3 falls
Don Leo Jonathan & Mike (Lower the Boom) Clancy vs. Jim Austeri & Aldo Bogni  2/3 falls


Wednesday, November 2, 1932
Auditorium- St. Joseph, MO 
Prmoters: Bob Craddock & Vic Muhl

John Pesek vs. Chief Bearclaw Chewacki  2/3 falls to a finish
George Gostovich vs. Frank French  2/3 falls to a finish
Fred Peterson vs. Charlie Peters  1 fall 30:00
Jesse Joy vs. Goerge Lapel   1 fall 30:00


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 Posted: Wed Dec 8th, 2010 03:46 am
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105th Post
One Fan Gang

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Thursday, August 7, 1975
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA  8:30pm

Nikolai Volkoff, Dick Slater & Bob Orton Jr. vs. Wrestling II, Rick Martel,& Iron Mike McCord
5 Minute Challenge: Iron Mike McCord vs. Capt. Dudley Clements
Ron Garvin vs. Jerry Brisco
Steve Kyle vs. Sonny King


Thursday, July 31, 1975
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA  8:30pm

Mr. Wrestling I & II beat Dick Slater & Bob Orton Jr.
Iron Mike McCord beat Nikolai Volkoff
Sonny King beat Jerry Lawler
Bob Backlund beat Jack Bench


Tuesday, July 14, 1987
Timken Gymnasium-Limestone College- Gaffney, SC

Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin & Ronnie Garvin vs. Raging Bull & The Barbarian

Thursday, October 16, 1975
Memorial Gym- Rome, GA  8:30pm

The Spoiler vs. Mr. Wrestling II
Nikolai Volkoff & Brute Bernard vs. Dick Slater & Bob Orton Jr.
Rip Hawk vs. Tony Garea
Dean Ho vs. Billy Spears


Friday, June 19, 1959
National Guard Armory- Florence, AL
Promoter: Bill Golden

Fence Match/Hair vs. Hood/No Time Limit: Roy & Herb Welch beat The Masked Black Dragons (Herb Welch pinned Dragon #1- unmasked as Buck Burnet)

Larry Chene beat Joe McCarthy


Monday, February 4, 1980
Memorial Auditorium- Greenville, SC

World Tag team title: Greg Valentine & Ray Stevens beat Jay Youngblood & Ricky Steamboat by DQ

Masked Superstars I & II beat Pedro Morales & Special Delivery Jones
Mr. Wrestling Tim Woods beat Dewey Robertson by referee's decision
Bob Marcus beat Doug Somers

Saturday, June 10, 1972
Central Recreational Center- Gadsden, AL  8:30pm

Ann Casey vs. Patty Drake  2/3  60:00
Buddy Wayne & The ex-Golden Hawk vs. Ramon Perez & Jimmy Golden  2/3 falls
plus one other bout


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