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Iron Mike Sharpe (Jr.) Career record  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Mon Jan 31st, 2011 02:29 am
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Vance Nevada


Joined: Mon Nov 12th, 2007
Posts: 215
Maple Leaf Wrestling – Promoter Frank Tunney:
03/14 Toronto, ON  w/. Frank Hoffman, lost to Dewey Robertson & Billy (Red) Lyons
03/28 Toronto, ON  w/. Canadian Wildman, lost to Dewey Robertson & Billy Lyons
04/11 Toronto, ON  w/. The Beast, lost to Chris Tolos & Reginald Love
05/16 Toronto, ON  lost to Billy Graham
International Wrestling, Promoter Al Zinck:
05/26 Halifax, NS (TV) Matinee, TV Taping.  No Information Available
05/26 Fredericton, NB  
05/27 St. John, NB   
05/28 Bridgewater, NS 
05/29 New Glasgow, NS lost to Gil Hayes 
05/30 North Sydney, NS 
05/31 Moncton, NB
06/01 Halifax, NS  lost to Gil Hayes
06/02 Halifax, NS (TV) Matinee, TV Taping.  No Information Available
06/02 Fredericton, NB  
06/03 St. John, NB   
06/04 Bridgewater, NS 
06/05 New Glasgow, NS vs. Lewis Fleetwood
06/06 North Sydney, NS 
06/07 Moncton, NB
06/08 Halifax, NS  vs. Lewis Fleetwood
06/09 Halifax, NS (TV) Matinee, TV Taping.  No Information Available
06/09 Fredericton, NB  
06/10 St. John, NB   
06/11 Bridgewater, NS 
06/12 New Glasgow, NS w/. Leo Burke, vs. Frenchy Martin & Michel Martel
06/13 North Sydney, NS 
06/14 Moncton, NB
06/15 Halifax, NS  w/. Leo Burke, vs. Frenchy Martin & Michel Martel
06/16 Halifax, NS (TV) Matinee, TV Taping.  No Information Available
06/16 Fredericton, NB  
06/17 St. John, NB   
06/18 Bridgewater, NS 
06/19 New Glasgow, NS vs. John Firpo 
06/20 North Sydney, NS 
06/21 Moncton, NB
06/22 Halifax, NS  vs. John Firpo
06/23 Halifax, NS (TV) Matinee, TV Taping.  No Information Available
06/23 Fredericton, NB  
06/24 St. John, NB   
06/25 Bridgewater, NS 
06/26 New Glasgow, NS vs. Lewis Fleetwood
06/27 North Sydney, NS 
06/28 Moncton, NB
06/29 Halifax, NS  vs. Lewis Fleetwood
06/30 Halifax, NS (TV) Matinee, TV Taping.  No Information Available
08/18 Fredericton, NB  
08/19 St. John, NB   
08/20 Bridgewater, NS 
08/21 New Glasgow, NS w/. Bill Cody, vs. Frenchy Martin & Michel Martel
08/22 North Sydney, NS 
08/23 Moncton, NB
08/24 Halifax, NS  w/. Bill Cody, vs. Frenchy Martin & Michel Martel
08/25 Halifax, NS (TV) Matinee, TV Taping.  No Information Available
08/25 Fredericton, NB  
08/26 St. John, NB   
08/27 Bridgewater, NS 
08/28 New Glasgow, NS w/. Hubert Gallant, lost to Frenchy Martin & Mr. Wrestling 
08/29 North Sydney, NS 
08/30 Moncton, NB  
08/31 Halifax, NS  w/. Pat Ryan, lost to Frenchy Martin & Mr. Wrestling
09/01 Halifax, NS (TV) Matinee, TV Taping.  No Information Available
09/01 Fredericton, NB  
09/02 St. John, NB   
09/03 Bridgewater, NS 
09/04 New Glasgow, NS vs. John Firpo
09/05 North Sydney, NS 
09/06 Moncton, NB
09/07 Halifax, NS  vs. John Firpo
09/08 Halifax, NS (TV) Matinee, TV Taping.  No Information Available
09/08 Fredericton, NB  
09/09 St. John, NB   
09/10 Bridgewater, NS 
09/11 New Glasgow, NS vs. Mr. Wrestling
09/12 North Sydney, NS 
09/13 Moncton, NB
09/14 Halifax, NS  vs. Mr. Wrestling
09/15 Halifax, NS (TV) Matinee, TV Taping.  No Information Available
09/15 St. John, NB  
09/16 Fredericton, NB  lost to Mr. Wrestling by count out
Stampede Wrestling, Promoter Stu Hart:
09/17 Calgary, AB  vs. Tor Kamata
09/24 Calgary, AB  beat Tor Kamata by DQ
10/01 Calgary, AB  vs. Tor Kamata
10/08 Calgary, AB  w/. Curtis Smith vs. Super Assassin & Danny Babich
10/15 Calgary, AB  no contest vs. Super Assassin
10/22 Calgary, AB  w/. Gil Hayes vs. Super Assassin & Danny Babich
10/29 Calgary, AB  lost in a Battle royal
11/05 Calgary, AB  vs. Danny Babich
11/06 Edmonton, AB  vs. Danny Babich
11/11 Regina, SK  vs. Larry Sharpe
11/12 Calgary, AB  vs. Larry Sharpe
11/19 Calgary, AB  vs. John Foley
12/03 Calgary, AB  vs. Keith Hart
12/10 Calgary, AB  vs. Gil Hayes
12/17 Calgary, AB  vs. Gama Singh
12/26 Calgary, AB  vs. Nick Pacchiano

01/02 Calgary, AB  vs. Gerry Morrow
Northwest Promotions – Promoter Sandor Kovacs:
01/03 Vancouver, BC  beat Jack Bence
01/04 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Dutch Savage, beat Paul & John Vachon
01/06 Victoria, BC  vs. Paul Vachon
01/10 Vancouver, BC  w/. Dutch Savage, lost to John Quinn & Kurt Von Hess
01/11 Burnaby, BC (TV) beat Jack Bence
01/12 Chilliwack, BC  beat Jack Ruffen
01/12 Chilliwack, BC  w/. John Quinn & Kurt Von Hess, lost to Lumberjack Luke,
     Paddy Ryan & Buddy Rogers
01/17 Vancouver, BC  beat Buddy Rogers
Promoter Al Tomko:
01/18 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Lumberjack Luke, beat John Quinn & Kurt Von Hess by DQ
01/24 Vancouver, BC  w/. Don Leo Jonathan, lost to Kurt Von Hess & Paddy Morse
01/25 Portland, OR  lost to Jesse Ventura
01/26 Chilliwack, BC  drew Kurt Von Hess
01/26 Chilliwack, BC  w/. Paddy Ryan & Lumberjack Luke, beat Kurt Von Hess, Sky Hi
    Morse & Ivan Crnkovic
01/31 Vancouver, BC  beat John Quinn by DQ
02/03 Victoria, BC  beat Sky Hi Morse by DQ
02/07 Vancouver, BC  beat Jack Ruffen
02/14 Vancouver, BC  beat Jack Ruffen
02/15 Burnaby, BC (TV) beat Bob Harmes
02/17 Victoria, BC  w/. Lumberjack Luke, vs. Black Angus & Sky Hi Morse
02/21 Vancouver, BC  lost to Buck Ramstead
02/22 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Paddy Ryan, beat Kurt Von Hess & Mohan Singh
02/26 Portland, OR  lost to Jesse Ventura
02/28 Victoria, BC  beat Jerry Goodvoice
03/01 Burnaby, BC (TV) beat Larry Watts
03/02 Chilliwack, BC  lost to Texas Outlaw
03/07 Victoria, BC  lost to Gene Kiniski
03/14 Vancouver, BC  beat Jack Ruffen
03/21 Vancouver, BC  drew Joe Palardy
03/27 Victoria, BC  drew Joe Palardy
03/28 Vancouver, BC  w/. Dutch Savage & Jimmy Snuka, beat John Anson, Randy
     Morse & Texas Outlaw by DQ
03/30 Seattle, WA  beat Randy Morse by DQ
04/04 Vancouver, BC  drew Texas Outlaw
04/06 Chilliwack, BC  w/. Gama Singh, beat John Anson & Sky Hi Morse by DQ
04/11 Vancouver, BC  drew Texas Outlaw
04/18 Vancouver, BC  lost to Eric Froelich by DQ
04/25 Victoria, BC  beat Eric Froelich
05/02 Vancouver, BC  beat Buck Zumhofe
05/03 Burnaby, BC (TV) beat Jack Bence
05/04 Chilliwack, BC  vs. Guy Mitchell
05/09 Victoria, BC  w/. Texas Outlaw & Joe Palardy, lost to Guy Mitchell, Buck
     Zumhofe & Gama Singh
05/10 Burnaby, BC (TV) beat Jim Dmitri
05/16 Vancouver, BC  beat Jim Cook
05/23 Victoria, BC  lost to Gama Singh by DQ
05/25 Chilliwack, BC  lost to Guy Mitchell
05/30 Vancouver, BC  w/. Joe Palardy & Jack Bence, lost to Buck Zumhofe, Eddie &
     Gerry Morrow
05/31 Burnaby, BC (TV) beat Jim Gillespie
06/06 Victoria, BC  beat Gerry Morrow
06/13 Vancouver, BC  lost to Gerry Morrow by DQ
06/14 Burnaby, BC (TV) beat Larry Watts
06/19 Victoria, BC  lost to Paddy Ryan by DQ
06/20 Vancouver, BC  beat Jim Cook
06/27 Vancouver, BC  beat Guy Mitchell
    *Won the Pacific Coast title
07/04 Victoria, BC  lost to Paddy Ryan
07/05 Burnaby, BC (TV) beat Keith Hart
07/09 Portland, OR  lost to John Anson
07/11 Vancouver, BC  double DQ vs. Don Leo Jonathan
07/13 Chilliwack, BC  vs. Eddie Morrow
07/18 Victoria, BC  lost to Gene Kiniski
07/25 Vancouver, BC  w/. Randy Morse, beat Don Leo Jonathan & Guy Mitchell by DQ
08/01 Vancouver, BC  lost to Guy Mitchell
08/02 Burnaby, BC (TV) beat Bruce Brown
08/08 Vancouver, BC  w/. Texas Outlaw & The General, lost to Gene Kiniski, Guy
     Mitchell & Joe Palardy
08/09 Burnaby, BC (TV) lost to Eric Froelich by DQ
08/15 Vancouver, BC  w/. Texas Outlaw, lost to Eddie & Gerry Morrow
08/16 Burnaby, BC (TV) lost to Mr. X by DQ
08/18 Victoria, BC  w/. Texas Outlaw, lost to Guy Mitchell & Dutch Savage
08/22 Vancouver, BC  lost to Mr. X
    *Lost the Pacific Coast title
08/29 Vancouver, BC  beat Joe Palardy
08/30 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Black Avenger, beat Larry Watts & Jim Dmitri
09/01 Victoria, BC  w/. Black Avenger, lost to Eric Froelich & Mr. X by DQ
09/05 Vancouver, BC  w/. Black Avenger, lost to Mr. X & Eric Froelich by DQ
09/06 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Black Avenger, beat Bill Cody & Jim Dmitri
09/12 Vancouver, BC  w/. Ivan Crnkovic, lost to Eddie Morrow & Eric Froelich
09/13 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Black Avenger, beat Paddy Ryan & Bruce Brown
09/14 Chilliwack, BC  w/. Black Avenger & J.J. Dillon, lost to Eric Froelich, Eddie
     Morrow & Mr. X
09/15 Victoria, BC  w/. Black Avenger, drew Eric Froelich & Mr. X
09/19 Vancouver, BC  w/. Black Avenger, lost to Gene Kiniski & Don Leo Jonathan
09/20 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. J.J. Dillon, beat Bill Cody & Bruce Brown
09/26 Vancouver, BC  w/. J.J. Dillon, lost to Mr. X & Eric Froelich
09/29 Victoria, BC  w/. J.J. Dillon, vs. Eric Froelich & Mr. X
10/03 Vancouver, BC  w/. Black Avenger, beat Mr. X & Eric Froelich
    *Won the Canadian tag team titles
10/04 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Black Avenger, beat Paddy Ryan & Coco
10/05 Chilliwack, BC  beat Bill Cody
10/05 Chilliwack, BC  lost in an 11-man Battle royal
10/10 Vancouver, BC  lost to Eric Froelich by DQ
10/11 Burnaby, BC (TV) beat Jim Gillespie
10/13 Victoria, BC  vs. Guy Mitchell
10/17 Vancouver, BC  w/. Black Avenger, lost to Don Leo Jonathan & Guy Mitchell DQ
10/24 Vancouver, BC  w/. Black Avenger, double DQ vs. Dutch Savage & Guy Mitchell
10/25 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Black Avenger, beat Bill Cody & Jim Dmitri
10/27 Victoria, BC  lost to Eddie Morrow by DQ
10/27 Victoria, BC  lost in a Battle royal
10/31 Vancouver, BC  w/. Black Avenger, lost to Dutch Savage & Guy Mitchell
11/02 Chilliwack, BC  w/. Black Avenger, lost to Don Leo Jonathan & Guy Mitchell
11/07 Vancouver, BC  w/. Black Avenger, lost to Don Leo Jonathan & Igor Volkoff
11/08 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Black Avenger, beat Eddie Morrow & Jim Gillespie
11/10 Victoria, BC  w/. Black Avenger & Don Wayt, vs. Gene Kiniski, Guy Mitchell &
    Igor Volkoff    Guest Ref: Eric Froelich
11/14 Vancouver, BC  lost to Igor Volkoff by DQ
11/14 Vancouver, BC  lost in a Battle royal
11/15 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Black Avenger, beat Guy Mitchell & Larry Watts
11/21 Vancouver, BC  beat Guy Mitchell by DQ
11/24 Victoria, BC  vs. Igor Volkoff
11/28 Vancouver, BC  lost to Don Leo Jonathan
11/29 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Black Avenger, beat Eric Froelich & Bruce Brown
12/05 Vancouver, BC  lost to Igor Volkoff by DQ
12/07 Seattle, WA  lost to Dutch Savage
12/08 Victoria, BC  w/. Black Avenger, vs. Guy Mitchell & Igor Volkoff
12/12 Vancouver, BC  w/. Black Avenger & J.J. Dillon, lost to Don Leo Jonathan, Igor
    Volkoff & Gama Singh
12/19 Vancouver, BC  w/. Black Avenger, lost to Igor Volkoff & Gama Singh
    *Lost the Canadian tag team titles
12/22 Victoria, BC  w/. Black Avenger & Sandor Novak, vs. Guy Mitchell, Igor Volkoff
    & Gama Singh

All Star Wrestling:
08/14 Vancouver, BC  lost to Moose Morowski by DQ
08/16 Chilliwack, BC  lost to Texas Outlaw
08/17 Victoria, BC  vs. Goldie Rogers
08/21 Vancouver, BC  Won a Battle royal
08/28 Vancouver, BC  beat Texas Outlaw
08/29 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Denny Alberts, vs. Norman Charles III & Johnny Boyd
08/30 Chilliwack, BC  vs. Norman F. Charles III
08/31 Victoria, BC  beat Iron Sheik by DQ
09/04 Vancouver, BC  beat Gene Kiniski by DQ
09/09 Cloverdale, BC  vs. Norman F. Charles III
09/11 Vancouver, BC  beat Goldie Rogers
09/13 Chilliwack, BC  beat Texas Outlaw
09/14 Victoria, BC  w/. Jake Roberts, beat Texas Outlaw & Iron Sheik
09/18 Vancouver, BC  w/. Sal Martino, beat Larry Jones & Race Bannon
09/23 Cloverdale, BC  w/. Jake Roberts & Sal Martino, vs. Goldie Rogers, Texas
     Outlaw & Iron Sheik   Elimination match
09/25 Vancouver, BC  double DQ vs. Iron Sheik
09/26 Burnaby, BC (TV) beat Race Bannon
09/27 Chilliwack, BC  w/. Jake Roberts & Sal Martino, beat Goldie Rogers, Race
     Bannon & Texas Outlaw
09/28 Victoria, BC  w/. Jake Roberts, vs. Race Bannon & Texas Outlaw
10/02 Vancouver, BC  w/. Sal Martino, beat Iron Sheik & Texas Outlaw by DQ
10/09 Vancouver, BC  w/. Sal Martino, beat Iron Sheik & Texas Outlaw
    *Won the Canadian tag team titles (2)
10/12 Victoria, BC  vs. Race Bannon
10/16 Vancouver, BC  w/. Sal Martino & Jake Roberts, beat Gene Kiniski, Sandor
     Novak & Texas Outlaw
10/23 Vancouver, BC  w/. Sal Martino, beat Gene Kiniski & Sandor Novak
10/26 Victoria, BC  double DQ vs. Ivan Crankovic
10/26 Victoria, BC  Won a 9-man Battle royal
10/30 Vancouver, BC  lost to Gene Kiniski by DQ
11/06 Vancouver, BC  w/. Eric Froelich, lost to The Alaskan & Ivan Crnkovic
11/07 Burnaby, BC (TV) beat Race Bannon
11/08 Chilliwack, BC  w/. Sal Martino, beat Texas Outlaw & Sandor Novak
11/09 Victoria, BC  lost to Ivan Crnkovic by DQ
11/13 Vancouver, BC  w/. Sal Martino, lost to The Alaskan & Ivan Crnkovic
11/14 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Sal Martino, beat Sandor Novak & Ed Moretti
11/20 Vancouver, BC  lost to The Alaskan
11/23 Victoria, BC  w/. Sal Martino, vs. Texas Outlaw & The Alaskan
11/27 Vancouver, BC  w/. Sal Martino, beat The Alaskan & Ivan Crnkovic
12/04 Vancouver, BC  w/. Sal Martino, beat Gene Kiniski & Ivan Crnkovic
12/07 Victoria, BC  beat The Alaskan   Lumberjack match
12/11 Vancouver, BC  double DQ vs. Moose Morowski
12/16 Cloverdale, BC  w/. Sal Martino, vs. Ivan Crnkovic & The Alaskan
12/18 Vancouver, BC  lost to Moose Morowski
12/19 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Sal Martino, beat The Alaskan & Jim Gillespie
12/20 Chilliwack, BC  w/. Sal Martino & Eric Froelich, beat The Alaskan, Texas Outlaw
     & Moose Morowski
12/21 Victoria, BC  w/. Sal Martino & Eric Froelich, The Alaskan, Moose Morowski &
    Sandor Novak
12/26 Vancouver, BC  double DQ vs. Gene Kiniski
12/27 Burnaby, BC (TV) w/. Sal Martino, beat Ed Moretti & Larry Watts


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 Posted: Mon Jan 31st, 2011 02:30 am
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2nd Post
Vance Nevada


Joined: Mon Nov 12th, 2007
Posts: 215
01/02 Vancouver, BC  w/. Sal Martino, lost to The Alaskan & Texas Outlaw
01/03 Chilliwack, BC  defeated The Alaskan   Lumberjack match
01/04 Victoria, BC  w/. Bill Cody, lost to The Alaskan & Texas Outlaw
01/08 Vancouver, BC  w/. Sal Martino, beat Gene Kiniski & Sandor Novak
01/15 Vancouver, BC  w/. Sal Martino, lost to Texas Outlaw & Igor Volkoff by DQ
01/16 Burnaby, BC (TV) defeated Ron Ritchie
01/17 Chilliwack, BC  drew Sandor Novak
01/18 Victoria, BC  w/. Sal Martino, vs. Texas Outlaw & Igor Volkoff
01/22 Vancouver, BC  beat Don Leo Jonathan
01/23 Burnaby, BC (TV) lost to Eric Froelich by DQ
01/24 Kelowna, BC  defeated Sandor Novak
01/29 Vancouver, BC  lost to Sal Martino
01/31 Chilliwack, BC  vs. Joe Ventura
Mid-South Wrestling Association – Promoter Bill Watts:
02/05 Tulsa, OK  defeated Bob Marcus
02/19 Tulsa, OK  beat Randy Tyler
03/01 New Orleans, LA beat Gama Singh
03/02 Shreveport, LA  w/. Buck Robley, beat Charlie Cook & Bob Marcus
03/07 Baton Rouge, LA beat Bob Marcus
03/12 Tulsa, OK  beat Ron Bass
    *Won the Mid-South Brass Knuckles title
03/14 Baton Rouge, LA beat Bobby Jaggers
03/16 Shreveport, LA  w/. Bill Watts, beat The Assassin & The Angel by DQ
03/21 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Jerry Stubbs, lost to The Assassin & The Angel by DQ
03/22 New Orleans, LA w/. Jerry Stubbs, defeated Angel & Assassin by count out
03/25 Tulsa, OK  w/. Bill Watts, defeated Angel & Assassin
03/28 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Jerry Stubbs, lost to Angel & Assassin
03/29 New Orleans, LA w/. Jerry Stubbs, lost to Angel & Assassin
04/04 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Charlie Cook, beat The Assassin & The Angel by count out
04/08 Little Rock, AR  w/. Bill Watts, beat The Assassin & The Angel
04/09 Tulsa, OK  w/. Bill Watts & Buck Robley, defeated Rock Hunter, Angel &
04/11 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Bill Watts, beat The Assassin & The Angel by count out
04/13 Shreveport, LA  lost to The Assassin
All Japan Pro Wrestling, Promoter Shohei (Giant) Baba:
04/20 Tokyo, Japan  w/. Gene Kiniski, lost to Giant Baba & The Destroyer
04/22 Satte, Japan  w/. Gene Kiniski, beat Jumbo Tsuruta & Rocky Hata
04/27 Honjo, Japan  w/. Dick Murdoch, lost to Giant Baba & Jumbo Tsuruta
04/29 Suikado, Japan  w/. Gene Kiniski & Dick Murdoch, lost to Giant Baba, Jumbo
    Tsuruta & Destroyer
05/02 Nagasaki, Japan lost to Jumbo Tsuruta
05/03 Ohseto, Japan  beat Great Kojika
05/07 Osaka, Japan  beat Rocky Hata
05/08 Oniba, Japan  beat Takashi Ishikawa
05/09 Sendai, Japan  beat Great Kojika
05/10 Tokyo, Japan  beat Rocky Hata
Mid-South Wrestling Association:
05/23 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Buck Robley, lost to Angel & Assassin
05/24 Chalmette, LA  w/. Jerry Oates & Buck Robley, defeated Angel, Assassin &
     Rock Hunter
05/25 Shreveport, LA  w/. Jerry Oates, lost to The Angel & The Assassin
05/28 Tulsa, OK  defeated Dan Johnson
06/07 Chalmette, LA  defeated Tank Patton
06/11 Tulsa, OK  defeated Angelo Mosca
06/14 Chalmette, LA  defeated Angelo Mosca by count out
06/20 Baton Rouge, LA beat Angelo Mosca by DQ
06/21 Chalmette, LA  double DQ vs. Angelo Mosca
06/24 Tulsa, OK  beat Angelo Mosca by count out
06/25 Oklahoma City, OK w/. Jerry Oates, lost to Angelo Mosca & Luke Graham
06/28 Chalmette, LA  defeated Angelo Mosca
07/01 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Tony Atlas, beat Angelo Mosca & Luke Graham
07/05 Chalmette, LA  w/. Jerry Oates, lost to Angelo Mosca & Luke Graham
07/06 Shreveport, LA  beat Bob Sweetan
07/10 Alexandria, LA  vs. Bob Sweetan
07/11 Baton Rouge, LA beat Tank Patton
07/11 Baton Rouge, LA Won a Battle royal
07/12 Chalmette, LA  w/. Buck Robley, defeated The Assassins
07/13 Shreveport, LA  w/. Bill Watts, defeated Angelo Mosca & Luke Graham by DQ
07/18 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Buck Robley, beat Angelo Mosca & Luke Graham by DQ
07/21 New Orleans, LA beat Ivan Koloff
07/24 Alexandria, LA  vs. Angelo Mosca
07/25 New Orleans, LA w/. Charlie Cook, beat Angelo Mosca & Luke Graham
Central States Wrestling, Promoter Bob Geigel:
07/26 Kansas City, KS beat Ron McFarlane by DQ
Mid-South Wrestling Association:
08/01 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Buck Robley, beat John Tolos & Mike George by DQ
08/02 Chalmette, LA  w/. Buck Robley, defeated Angelo Mosca & Luke Graham by DQ
08/06 Tulsa, OK  beat Luke Graham
08/06 Tulsa, OK  lost in a 12-man Battle royal
08/08 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Buck Robley, drew John Tolos & Mike George
08/09 Chalmette, LA  defeated Luke Graham   Texas Death match
08/16 New Orleans, LA w/. Charlie Cook, beat John Tolos & Mike George
08/23 New Orleans, LA w/. Jerry Oates, beat John Tolos & Mike George
09/03 Tulsa, OK  defeated Angelo Mosca
09/06 Chalmette, LA  w/. Hercules Ayala, drew Mike George & Tank Patton
 *Won the Louisiana State title around this time
11/03 Alexandria, LA  defeated Porkchop Cash
11/13 Oklahoma City, OK defeated Ryuma Go
12/04 Baton Rouge, LA no contest vs. Bob Sweetan

01/04 Shreveport, LA  defeated Ernie Ladd
01/05 Alexandria, LA  no contest vs. Bob Sweetan
01/09 Jackson, MS  defeated Ben Alexander
01/16 Jackson, MS  lost to Bob Sweetan
 *Lost the Louisiana State title prior to this point
01/18 Shreveport, LA  lost to Ernie Ladd
01/19 Alexandria, LA  defeated Bob Sweetan
01/15 Shreveport, LA  w/. Ted Fields, lost to Bob Sweetan & Tank Patton
01/29 Baton Rouge, LA double count out vs. Ernie Ladd
02/01 Shreveport, LA  w/. King Cobra, lost to Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy
02/04 New Orleans, LA w/. Paul Orndorff, defeated Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy by DQ
02/05 Baton Rouge, LA defeated Mike Bowyer
02/08 Shreveport, LA  defeated Bull Ramos by DQ
02/12 Baton Rouge, LA lost to Ernie Ladd by DQ
02/16 Alexandria, LA  lost to Ernie Ladd
02/19 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Paul Orndorff, defeated Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy
02/20 Jackson, MS  defeated Bull Ramos by DQ
02/22 Shreveport, LA  lost to Bull Ramos
02/26 Baton Rouge, LA defeated Bull Ramos
02/27 Jackson, MS  lost to Bull Ramos
02/28 Monroe, LA  lost to Ernie Ladd by DQ
02/29 Shreveport, LA  lost to Bull Ramos
03/04 Baton Rouge, LA defeated Bull Ramos   Lumberjack match
03/05 Jackson, MS  defeated Bull Ramos   Lumberjack match
03/07 Shreveport, LA  lost to Bull Ramos   Strap match
03/09 Lake Charles, LA defeated Toru Tanaka by DQ
03/10 New Orleans, LA defeated Mike George
03/11 Baton Rouge, LA lost to Bull Ramos   Strap match
03/18 Baton Rouge, LA defeated Bull Ramos   Brass Knuckles match
03/19 Jackson, MS  defeated Bob Bouchard
03/21 Shreveport, LA  lost to Ken Mantell
03/22 Shreveport, LA (TV) drew Ken Mantell
03/22 Shreveport, LA (TV) lost to Killer Khan
03/22 Bastrop, LA  lost to Bull Ramos
03/23 Lafayette, LA  lost to Ken Mantell   Matinee
03/23 Houma, LA  lost to Bull Ramos
03/26 Jackson, MS  lost to Bull Ramos
03/29 Loranger, LA  defeated Bull Ramos
04/01 Baton Rouge, LA lost to Ken Mantell
04/02 Jackson, MS  lost to Ken Mantell
Georgia Championship Wrestling, Promoter Paul Jones:
04/06 Atlanta, GA  beat Charlie Fulton
04/07 Augusta, GA  beat Charlie Fulton
04/08 Macon, GA  beat Charlie Fulton
04/09 Columbus, GA  beat Charlie Fulton
04/10 Rome, GA  vs. Charlie Fulton
04/14 Augusta, GA  beat Genichiro Tenryu
04/16 Columbus, GA  beat Charlie Fulton & Jim Nelson  Handicap match
04/17 Rome, GA  vs. Ted Allen & Jim Nelson  Handicap match
04/20 Atlanta, GA  w/. Lars Anderson, beat Charlie Fulton & Genichiro Tenryu
04/21 Augusta, GA  beat Jim Nelson
04/22 Macon, GA  beat Genichiro Tenryu
04/23 Columbus, GA  beat Genichiro Tenryu
04/28 Augusta, GA  beat Charlie Fulton
05/01 Rome, GA  vs. Genichiro Tenryu
05/04 Atlanta, GA  defeated French Angel
05/05 Augusta, GA  defeated French Angel
05/08 Rome, GA  vs. Snake Brown
05/14 Columbus, GA  w/. Eddie Gilbert, vs. Bob Sweetan & French Angel
05/15 Rome, GA  vs. Charlie Fulton
05/18 Atlanta, GA  defeated Charlie Fulton
05/19 Augusta, GA  beat Jim Nelson
05/21 Columbus, GA  lost to Bob Sweetan by count out
05/22 Rome, GA  vs. Rocket Monroe
05/26 Augusta, GA  lost to Bob Sweetan
05/27 Macon, GA  lost to Baron Von Raschke
05/29 Rome, GA  vs. Bob Sweetan
06/02 Augusta, GA  beat French Angel
06/06 Morrow, GA  defeated Charlie Fulton
06/08 Atlanta, GA  lost to Bob Sweetan
06/12 Rome, GA  vs. Eddie Mansfield
06/16 Augusta, GA  beat French Angel
06/17 Macon, GA  defeated French Angel
06/19 Rome, GA  vs. Genichiro Tenryu
06/20 Dalton, GA  vs. Genichiro Tenryu
06/22 Atlanta, GA  w/. Tony Atlas & Mr. Wrestling II, beat Masked Superstar, Bob
    Sweetan & Alexis Smirnoff
06/25 Columbus, GA  lost to Dennis Condrey
07/06 Macon, GA  lost to Dennis Condrey    Matinee
07/06 Atlanta, GA  w/. Big Red, beat Dutch Mantell & Bob Sweetan
07/07 Augusta, GA  beat Bob Sweetan
07/10 Knoxville, TN  lost to Dennis Condrey
07/14 Augusta, GA  lost to Abdullah the Butcher
07/15 Macon, GA  beat Alexis Smirnoff by DQ
07/16 Columbus, GA  lost to Assassin #1
07/17 Athens, GA  lost to Bob Sweetan
07/17 Knoxville, TN  lost to Alexis Smirnoff
07/19 Carrollton, GA  lost to Dennis Condrey
Stampede Wrestling:
08/01 Calgary, AB  beat Bill Jodoin
08/29 Calgary, AB  w/. Mr. Sakurada & Kasavubu, vs. Bret, Keith & Bruce Hart
09/05 Calgary, AB  lost to Texas Red Miller by DQ
09/06 Edmonton, AB  vs. Texas Red Miller
09/07 Ponoka, AB  vs. T.G. Stone
09/12 Calgary, AB  beat Texas Red Miller
09/19 Calgary, AB  lost to Hubert Gallant
09/20 Edmonton, AB  beat Hubert Gallant
09/26 Calgary, AB  beat Bill Jodoin
09/27 Edmonton, AB  vs. Bill Jodoin
10/04 Edmonton, AB  w/. Kasavubu, vs. Jim Neidhart & Hercules Ayala
10/07 Regina, SK  w/. Kasavubu, vs. Jim Neidhart & Hercules Ayala
10/10 Calgary, AB  beat Kelly Kiniski
10/11 Edmonton, AB  vs. Kelly Kiniski
10/14 Regina, SK  vs. Kelly Kiniski
10/17 Calgary, AB  vs. Gene Kiniski
10/18 Edmonton, AB  lost to Gene Kiniski
10/21 Regina, SK  vs. Gene Kiniski
10/24 Calgary, AB  w/. John Foley, beat Gene & Kelly Kiniski
10/25 Edmonton, AB  vs. Gene Kiniski
10/29 Red Deer, AB  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Bret Hart & Kelly Kiniski
10/31 Calgary, AB  lost to Bret Hart by DQ
11/01 Edmonton, AB  vs. Bret Hart
11/04 Regina, SK  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Leo & Bobby Burke
11/07 Calgary, AB  beat Keith Hart
11/08 Edmonton, AB  vs. Keith Hart
11/14 Calgary, AB  lost to Bret Hart
11/15 Wetaskiwin, AB  beat Bret Hart
11/18 Regina, SK  vs. Bret Hart
11/21 Calgary, AB  lost to Bret Hart
11/22 Edmonton, AB  vs. Bret Hart
11/26 Red Deer, AB  vs. Bret Hart
11/28 Calgary, AB  w/. Bobby Bass & Duke Myers, lost to Jim Neidhart, Bret & Keith
12/02 Creston, BC  ??
12/05 Calgary, AB  vs. Hercules Ayala
12/06 Edmonton, AB  vs. Hercules Ayala
12/09 Regina, SK  vs. Hercules Ayala
12/13 Edmonton, AB  beat Hercules Ayala
12/16 Regina, SK  vs. Hercules Ayala
12/19 Calgary, AB  lost to Jim Neidhart
12/20 Edmonton, AB  lost to Bret Hart

01/02 Calgary, AB  double count out vs. Jim Neidhart
01/03 Edmonton, AB  vs. Jim Neidhart
01/07 Calgary, AB  beat Jim Neidhart by DQ
01/10 Edmonton, AB  beat Jim Neidhart   No DQ match
01/16 Calgary, AB  beat Jim Neidhart   Helmet match
01/17 Edmonton, AB  w/. Duke Myers vs. Jim Neidhart & Hubert Gallant
01/19 Saskatoon, SK  vs. Jim Neidhart
01/23 Calgary, AB  vs. Jim Neidhart    Helmet match
01/24 Edmonton, AB  w/. Duke Myers vs. Jim Neidhart  Handicap Helmet match
01/30 Calgary, AB  beat Mr. Sakurada
01/31 Edmonton, AB  w/. Duke Myers vs. Jim Neidhart & Kerry Brown
02/03 Regina, SK  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Jim Neidhart & Kerry Brown
02/04 Red Deer, AB  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Jim Neidhart & Kerry Brown
02/06 Calgary, AB  beat Mr. Sakurada
02/07 Edmonton, AB  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Jim Neidhart & Kerry Brown
02/09 Saskatoon, SK  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Jim Neidhart & Kerry Brown
02/10 Regina, SK  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Jim Neidhart & Kerry Brown
02/13 Calgary, AB  w/. Duke Myers, beat Leo & Bobby Burke
02/14 Edmonton, AB  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Leo & Bobby Burke
02/17 Regina, SK  w/. Duke Myers, beat Leo & Bobby Burke by DQ
02/20 Calgary, AB  w/. Duke Myers, beat Jim Neidhart & Kerry Brown
02/21 Edmonton, AB  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Jim Neidhart & Kerry Brown
02/24 Regina, SK  w/. Duke Myers, beat Leo & Bobby Burke
02/27 Calgary, AB  w/. Duke Myers, beat Jim Neidhart & Kerry Brown
02/28 Edmonton, AB  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Jim Neidhart & Kerry Brown
    *Billed as Stampede International tag team champions
03/03 Regina, SK  w/. Duke Myers, beat Jim Neidhart & Bobby Burke by DQ
03/06 Calgary, AB  w/. Duke Myers, beat Bret & Keith Hart by DQ
03/07 Edmonton, AB  w/. Duke Myers, beat Jim Neidhart & Keith Hart
03/10 Regina, SK  w/. Duke Myers, beat Leo Burke & Hubert Gallant
03/13 Calgary, AB  w/. Duke Myers, lost to Bret & Keith Hart by DQ
03/14 Edmonton, AB  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Bret & Keith Hart
03/20 Calgary, AB  w/. Duke Myers & Kerry Brown, beat Jim Neidhart, Bret & Keith
03/24 Regina, SK  w/. Duke Myers & Kerry Brown, beat Gama Singh, Bobby Burke
     & Rocky Brewer
03/27 Calgary, AB  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Jim Neidhart & Keith Hart
03/31 Regina, SK  w/. Duke Myers, beat Mr. Hito & Rocky Brewer by DQ
04/03 Calgary, AB  w/. Duke Myers, beat Jim Neidhart & Keith Hart
04/04 Edmonton, AB  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Jim Neidhart & Keith Hart
04/07 Regina, SK  w/. Duke Myers, beat Mr. Hito & Rocky Brewer by count out
04/10 Calgary, AB  w/. Cuban Assassin, lost to Leo & Bobby Burke
04/11 Edmonton, AB  w/. Cuban Assassin, vs. Leo & Bobby Burke
04/17 Calgary, AB  w/. Duke Myers, lost to Leo & Bobby Burke by DQ
04/18 Edmonton, AB  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Leo & Bobby Burke
04/21 Regina, SK  w/. Duke Myers, no contest vs. Bret Hart & Mr. Hito
04/24 Calgary, AB  w/. Duke Myers, beat Leo & Bobby Burke
04/25 Edmonton, AB  w/. Duke Myers, vs. Leo & Bobby Burke  No DQ match
Georgia Championship Wrestling:
05/11 Augusta, GA  defeated Jim Duggan
05/17 Atlanta, GA  defeated Jim Duggan
05/17 Atlanta, GA  lost to Greg Valentine
05/17 Chattanooga, TN vs. Mike Boyer
05/18 Augusta, GA  defeated French Angel
05/30 Chattanooga, TN vs. Bobby Eaton
05/31 Atlanta, GA  defeated Ken Patera by DQ
06/05 Clayton, GA  vs. Jim Duggan
06/06 Chattanooga, TN vs. Ken Patera
06/08 Augusta, GA  defeated Ken Patera
06/10 Columbus, GA  defeated Ken Patera by DQ
06/13 Chattanooga, TN w/. Bruce Reed vs. Jim Duggan & French Angel
06/15 Augusta, GA  lost to Ken Patera
06/17 Columbus, GA  lost to Ken Patera   No DQ match
06/20 Chattanooga, TN lost to Ken Patera
06/21 Atlanta, GA  defeated Bruce Reed
06/22 Augusta, GA  defeated French Angel
06/24 Columbus, GA  w/. Steve Olsonoski, drew Jim Duggan & Bryan St. John
07/06 Augusta, GA  defeated Gypsy Joe
07/09 Marietta, GA  vs. Bryan St. John
07/12 Columbus, OH  vs. Gene Anderson
07/13 Augusta, GA  defeated Bruce Reed
07/19 Atlanta, GA  defeated Abe Jacobs
07/20 Augusta, GA  vs. Bruiser Brody
07/23 Marietta, GA  drew Bruce Reed
07/27 Augusta, GA  defeated Ted Oates
07/29 Columbus, GA  lost to George Wells
08/03 Augusta, GA  w/. Bryan St. John, lost to Bruce Reed & George Wells
08/09 Atlanta, GA  w/. John Studd, defeated Bruce Reed & George Wells
08/10 Augusta, GA  defeated Bruce Reed
08/17 Augusta, GA  w/. Bryan St. John, lost to Kevin Von Erich & Mr. Wrestling II
08/23 Chattanooga, TN vs. George Wells
08/24 Augusta, GA  lost to George Wells
08/29 Atlanta, GA  w/. John Studd, lost to George Wells & Mr. Wrestling II
09/05 Chattanooga, TN lost to George Wells
09/07 Augusta, GA  vs. Kevin Von Erich
09/14 Augusta, GA  Battle royal
09/27 Atlanta, GA  lost to George Wells
09/28 Augusta, GA  lost to Brian Blair
10/11 Chattanooga, TN vs. Brian Blair
10/12 Augusta, GA  lost to Steve Olsonoski
10/18 Atlanta, GA  lost to Mr. Wrestling II
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, Promoter Jim Crockett Jr.:
10/20 Columbia, SC  lost to Vinnie Valentino
Georgia Championship Wrestling:
10/24 Chattanooga, TN defeated Jerry Oates
10/26 Augusta, GA  vs. Rick Ferrera
11/01 Atlanta, GA  lost to Big Red
11/02 Augusta, GA  vs. Bruno Sammartino Jr.
11/21 Chattanooga, TN w/. Ray Stevens, lost to Bob & Brad Armstrong
11/23 Augusta, GA  lost to Big Red
11/30 Augusta, GA  vs. Brad Armstrong
12/08 Tifton, GA  vs. El Gran Apollo
12/12 Chattanooga, TN defeated Tommy Rogers
12/19 Chattanooga, TN lost to Michael Hayes
Championship Wrestling from Florida, Promoter Eddie Graham:
12/28 Hollywood, FL  w/. Bobby Jaggers, vs. Charlie Cook & David Sierra
12/29 Tampa, FL  defeated Ron Ritchie

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01/04 West Palm Beach, FL w/. Chan Chung, lost to Jack & Jerry Brisco
01/05 Tampa, FL  w/. Chan Chung, defeated Jack & Jerry Brisco by DQ
01/10 Ocala, FL  vs. Ron Ritchie
01/11 West Palm Beach, FL w/. Chan Chung, lost to Jack & Jerry Brisco
01/12 Orlando, FL  w/. Chan Chung, lost to Jack & Jerry Brisco
01/20 Miami, FL  beat David Sierra
01/25 Hollywood, FL  lost to Mr. Wrestling II
01/26 Tampa, FL  lost to Mr. Wrestling II
02/01 Miami, FL  beat Jerry Brisco
02/02 Tampa, FL  drew Eric Embry
02/03 Miami, FL  lost to Mr. Wrestling II
02/09 Tampa, FL  w/. J.J. Dillon, defeated Don Diamond & Eric Embry
02/10 Miami, FL  w/. J.J. Dillon & Chan Chung, lost to El Gran Apollo, Eric Embry
    & Don Diamond
02/16 Tampa, FL  w/. J.J. Dillon & Masa Fuchi, lost to El Gran Apollo, Jack &
    Jerry Brisco
02/20 St. Petersburg, FL lost to Giant Baba
02/20 St. Petersburg, FL lost in a 2-ring, 22-man Battle royal
02/24 Key West, FL  defeated Giant Baba
02/28 Orlando, FL  w/. Iron Sheik, vs. Terry Allen & Mr. Wrestling II
03/02 Tampa, FL  lost to Don Diamond
03/09 Tampa, FL  lost to Brian Blair
03/10 Miami, FL  w/. Chan Chung & J.J. Dillon, lost to Don Diamond, Eric Embry &
    El Gran Apollo
Mid-South Wrestling Association:
03/18 Jackson, MS  vs. Bob Orton Jr.
Championship Wrestling from Florida:
03/21 Orlando, FL  w/. Sweet Brown Sugar, lost to Dory Funk Jr. & David Von Erich
Mid-South Wrestling Association:
03/21 Monroe, LA  defeated Bob Orton Jr.
03/21 Monroe, LA  lost to Paul Orndorff
03/26 Shreveport, LA  defeated Ron Cheatam
04/04 Monroe, LA  defeated Ron Cheatam
Championship Wrestling from Florida:
04/05 West Palm Beach, FL w/. Hiro Matsuda, beat Terry Allen & Don Diamond
Mid-South Wrestling Association:
05/01 New Orleans, LA defeated Ron Cheatam
05/16 Oklahoma City, OK lost to The Assassin
06/08 Baton Rouge, LA defeated Billy Starr
06/15 Baton Rouge, LA lost to Killer Khan
06/18 Tulsa, OK  defeated Billy Starr
06/18 Tulsa, OK  lost to Bob Roop
06/29 Baton Rouge, LA defeated Mike Bond
07/02 Shreveport, LA  lost to Ted DiBiase
07/04 Monroe, LA  defeated Rick Harris
07/04 Alexandria, LA  lost to The Assassin
07/06 Baton Rouge, LA defeated Vinnie Romeo
07/06 Baton Rouge, LA lost to Killer Khan
07/10 Jackson, MS  lost to Ted DiBiase
07/17 New Orleans, LA defeated Rick Harris
07/18 Tulsa, OK  lost to Ted DiBiase
07/19 Monroe, LA  lost to Ted DiBiase
07/27 Baton Rouge, LA vs. Rick Harris
08/02 Monroe, LA  defeated Rick Harris
08/12 Little Rock, AR  w/. Buck Robley, defeated Killer Khan, The Assassin & Skandor
09/02 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Buck Robley, defeated Killer Khan & One Man Gang
09/17 Oklahoma City, OK defeated Kelly Kiniski
09/21 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Dick Murdoch & Buck Robley, defeated Killer Khan, One Man
    Gang & Skandor Akbar
10/22 Houston, TX  vs. Killer Khan
10/24 Little Rock, AR  defeated Kelly Kiniski
11/02 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Buck Robley, lost to Ted DiBiase & Jim Duggan
11/03 Shreveport, LA  w/. Mr. Olympia, lost to Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne
11/06 Little Rock, AR  lost to Kamala
11/10 Shreveport, LA  defeated Kelly Kiniski
11/14 Monroe, LA  lost to Jim Duggan
11/21 Oklahoma City, OK lost to Kamala
11/22 Baton Rouge, LA defeated Marty Lunde (aka Arn Anderson)
12/10 Houston, TX  lost to Kamala

World Wrestling Federation – Promoter Vince McMahon Jr:
01/25 Allentown, PA (TV) vs. Curt Hennig
Mid-South Wrestling Association:
01/28 Houston, TX  beat Art Crews
02/02 Shreveport, LA  beat Art Crews
02/09 Shreveport, LA  beat Kelly Kiniski
02/11 Houston, TX  beat Marty Lunde
World Wrestling Federation:
02/15 Allentown, PA (TV) beat Barry Hart (Horowitz)
02/15 Allentown, PA (TV) beat Pete Sanchez
Mid-South Wrestling Association:
02/25 Houston, TX  lost to Jim Duggan
03/04 Houston, TX  lost to Jim Duggan
World Wrestling Federation:
03/08 Allentown, PA (TV) defeated Pete Sanchez
03/08 Allentown, PA (TV) defeated S.D. Jones
Mid-South Wrestling Association:
03/11 Houston, TX  lost to Kendo Nagasaki
03/12 Tulsa, OK  lost to Kendo Nagasaki
World Wrestling Federation:
03/18 Boston, MA  defeated S.D. Jones
03/25 Sussex, NJ  Advertised to appear
03/29 Allentown, PA (TV) defeated Mac Rivera
03/31 Worcester, MA  vs. Tony Garea
04/02 Springfield, MA  Advertised to appear
04/07 Little Silver, NJ  Advertised to appear
04/11 Brooklyn, NY  Advertised to appear
04/14 Hackensack, NJ Advertised to appear
04/19 Allentown, PA (TV) defeated Tony Colon
04/19 Allentown, PA (TV) defeated Barry Hart
04/19 Allentown, PA (TV) beat Charlie Brown
04/21 Rocky Hill, CT  Advertised to appear
04/23 Los Angeles, CA vs. Pat Patterson
04/25 New York, NY  defeated Johnny Rodz
04/30 Philadelphia, PA lost to Bob Backlund (WWF World champion)
05/10 Allentown, PA (TV) beat Jack Carson
05/12 Manchester, NH defeated S.D. Jones
05/15 Toronto, ON  beat Joe Marcus
05/21 Los Angeles, CA lost to Pat Patterson
05/23 New York, NY  double DQ vs. Jay Strongbow
05/26 Williamsport, PA Advertised to appear
05/28 Landover, MD  beat Mikel Scicluna
05/31 Allentown, PA (TV) defeated Jack Carson
06/03 Ridgewood Grove, NY lost to Jay Strongbow by DQ
06/04 Philadelphia, PA lost to Salvatore Bellomo by DQ
06/07 Brooklyn, NY  No information available
06/09 Worcester, MA  beat Pete Doherty
06/10 Portland, ME  beat Don Kernodle
06/11 Boston, MA  beat Pete Doherty
06/12 New Haven, CT  Advertised to appear
06/17 New York, NY  beat S.D. Jones
06/21 Allentown, PA (TV) defeated John Callahan
06/22 Hamburg, PA (TV) defeated Steve Grey
06/23 Monongahela, PA vs. Salvatore Bellomo
06/24 Pittsburgh, PA  beat S.D. Jones
06/27 Bridgeport, CT  Advertised to appear
06/29 Taunton, MA  vs. Pete Doherty
07/02 Trenton, NJ  beat Bob Bradley
07/03 Ocean City, MD  double count out vs. Jay Strongbow
07/04 Wildwood, NJ  lost to Tony Garea by count out
07/06 Kittaning, PA  lost to Rocky Johnson
07/07 Altoona, PA  drew Tony Garea
07/08 Harrisburg, PA  lost to Rocky Johnson by DQ
07/09 Boston, MA  drew Salvatore Bellomo
07/11 East Rutherford, NJ vs. Salvatore Bellomo
07/12 Allentown, PA (TV) beat Rudy Diamond
07/15 Queens, NY  double count out vs. Ivan Koloff
07/16 Philadelphia, PA beat Tony Garea
07/17 Manchester, NH lost to Rocky Johnson by DQ
07/21 Poughkeepsie, NY Advertised to appear
07/27    vs. Tito Santana
07/28 Oswego, NY  lost to Bob Backlund (WWF World champion)
07/30 New York, NY  drew Tony Garea
08/02 Allentown, PA (TV) beat Steve King
08/05 Queens, NY  Advertised to appear
08/13 Philadelphia, PA lost to Pat Patterson
08/15 Glens Falls, NY  vs. S.D. Jones
08/17 Buffalo, NY  beat Billy Red Lyons
08/23 Allentown, PA (TV) beat Bob Clement
08/27 New York, NY  beat Swede Hanson
09/09 Queens, NY  vs. Salvatore Bellomo
09/10 Landover, MD  drew Jay Strongbow
09/13 Allentown, PA (TV) beat Victor Mercado
09/17 Baltimore, MD  no contest vs. Jeff Craney
09/19 Marlboro, MD  lost to Rocky Johnson
09/24 Philadelphia, PA w/. Swede Hanson, lost to The Invaders by count out
09/27 Buffalo, NY  w/. Sgt. Slaughter & John Studd, vs. Andre the Giant, Rocky
    Johnson & Tito Santana
09/29 Waterloo, NY  vs. Rocky Johnson
10/04 Allentown, PA (TV) vs. Tony Garea
10/12 Altoona, PA  vs. Rocky Johnson
10/17 New York, NY  drew Tito Santana
10/22 Philadelphia, PA beat Swede Hanson
10/23 Hegins, PA  vs. Jay Strongbow
10/25 Allentown, PA (TV) defeated Victor Mercado
10/25 Allentown, PA (TV) defeated Rudy Diamond
11/01 Valley Stream, NY w/. Iron Sheik vs. The Invaders
11/02 Wallingford, CT  vs. Jay Strongbow
11/05 Los Angeles, CA vs. Tony Atlas
11/19 Baltimore, MD  vs. Tito Santana
11/21 New York, NY  lost to Don Muraco
11/22 Freehold, NJ  vs. Salvatore Bellomo
11/24 Philadelphia, PA w/. Mr. Fuji, lost to The Invaders
11/26 Landover, MD  vs. Salvatore Bellomo
11/28 Auburn, NY  vs. Salvatore Bellomo
12/04 Bay Shore, NY  Advertised to appear
12/06 Allentown, PA (TV) defeated Tony Garea by DQ
12/06 Allentown, PA (TV) lost to Tito Santana
12/07 Hamburg, PA (TV) w/. Rene Goulet, no contest vs. Tony Garea & Eddie Gilbert
12/09 Queens, NY  w/. Rene Goulet, vs. ?
12/12 Tamaqua, PA  Advertised to appear
12/16 Troy, NY  vs. Rocky Johnson
12/26 New York, NY  w/. Butcher Vachon, lost to The Invaders
12/30 White Plains, NY lost to Bob Backlund

01/01 Hartford, CT  lost to Tony Atlas
Mid-South Wrestling Association:
01/04 Baton Rouge, LA beat Tom Renesto Jr.
World Wrestling Federation:
01/06 Long Island, NY  lost to Tony Atlas
Mid-South Wrestling Association:
01/11 Baton Rouge, LA beat Marty Lunde
01/12 Shreveport, LA  beat Great Yatsu
World Wrestling Federation:
01/13 Bangor, ME  vs. Tony Atlas
01/14 Boston, MA  lost to Pat Patterson
Mid-South Wrestling Association:
01/16 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Bruno Sammartino Jr, lost to Matt Borne & Ted DiBiase
World Wrestling Federation:
01/18 Warren, OH  lost to Jimmy Snuka
01/19 Monongahela, PA lost to Jimmy Snuka
01/20 Pittsburgh, PA  lost to Rocky Johnson
01/21 Landover, MD  lost to Andre the Giant
01/21 Landover, MD  lost in a 20-man Battle royal
Mid-South Wrestling Association:
01/25 Baton Rouge, LA beat Kelly Kiniski
New Japan Pro Wrestling – Promoter Kanji (Antonio) Inoki:
01/27 Nagoya, Japan  w/. Hulk Hogan, double count out vs. Antonio Inoki & T. Fujinami
01/28 Fujioka, Japan  w/. Hulk Hogan, beat Riki Choshu & Great Yatsu
01/30 Hakkodate, Japan beat Haruka Eigen
02/01 Otaru, Japan  w/. Bad News Allen & Rusher Kimura, double count out vs. Seiji
    Sakaguchi, Antonio Inoki & Tatsumi Fujinami
02/02 Muroran, Japan  w/. Hulk Hogan, beat Akira Maeda & Osamu Kido
02/03 Sapporo, Japan  w/. Hulk Hogan, lost to Antonio Inoki & Akira Maeda
02/04 Tomakomai, Japan w/. Hulk Hogan, beat Higo Hamaguchi & Great Yatsu
02/05 Noheji, Japan  w/. Hulk Hogan, beat Tatsumi Fujinami & Akira Maeda
02/07 Tokyo, Japan  w/. Hulk Hogan, beat Riki Choshu & Great Yatsu
02/08 Hekinan, Japan  w/. Hulk Hogan & Bret Hart, lost to Antonio Inoki, Akira Maeda,
    & Kengo Kimura
World Wrestling Federation:
02/11 Boston, MA  beat Brian Blair
Mid-South Wrestling Association:
02/13 Baton Rouge, LA w/. Art Crews, lost to The Moondogs
02/18 Shreveport, LA  w/. Chavo Guerrero, beat The Moondogs
World Wrestling Federation:
02/20 New York, NY  beat Brian Blair
02/22 Mount Union, PA lost to S.D. Jones
02/23 Royersford, PA  w/. Butcher Vachon, lost to S.D. Jones & Invader #1
02/24 Long Island, NY  vs. Tito Santana
02/25 Los Angeles, CA vs. Mil Mascaras
02/26 Brooklyn, NY  lost to Tito Santana
03/02 Detroit, MI  lost to Tony Garea
03/04 Bloomsburg, PA Advertised to appear
03/06 Allentown, PA (TV) w/. Frank Williams, lost to Rocky Johnson & Tony Atlas
03/06 Allentown, PA (TV) beat Victor Mercado
03/07 Hamburg, PA (TV) w/. Ron Shaw, lost to Tony Garea & Brian Blair
03/07 Hamburg, PA (TV) no contest vs. Jay Strongbow
03/10 New Haven, CT  lost to Rocky Johnson
03/11 East Rutherford, NJ lost to Rocky Johnson
03/12 Staten Island, NY lost to Tito Santana
03/14 White Plains, NY lost to Tito Santana
03/17 Boston, MA  lost to Tito Santana
03/19 Waterbury, CT  lost to Ivan Putski
03/21 Queens, NY  w/. David Shultz, no contest vs. Rocky Johnson & Ivan Putski
03/22 Englishtown, NJ  lost to Rocky Johnson
03/23 Akron, OH  lost to Ivan Putski
03/23 Akron, OH  lost in a Battle royal
03/23 Pittsburgh, PA  lost to Andre the Giant
03/23 Pittsburgh, PA  lost in a Battle royal
New Japan Pro Wrestling:
04/03 Sagamihara, Japan w/. Masked Superstar & Hercules Ayala, lost to Seiji Sakaguchi,
    Tatsumi Fujinami & Kengo Kimura
04/05 Kawasaki, Japan w/. Masked Superstar & Don Muraco, lost to Seiji Sakaguchi,
    Tatsumi Fujinami, & Kengo Kimura
04/06 Izumi, Japan  w/. Don Muraco, beat Isamu Teranishi & Kuniaki Kobayashi
04/10 Sawara, Japan  w/. Don Muraco, beat Haruka Eigen & Fujiwara
04/11 Lida, Japan  w/. Hercules Ayala, beat Isamu Teranishi & Great Yatsu
04/12 Tsuruga, Japan  w/. Don Muraco, drew Seiji Sakaguchi & Kengo Kimura
04/13 Fukuyama, Japan w/. Masked Superstar, beat Seiji Sakaguchi & Osamu Kido
04/15 Osaka, Japan  w/. Masked Superstar & Hercules Ayala, lost to Antonio Inoki,
    Tatsumi Fujinami & Osamu Kido
04/17 Tokushima, Japan lost to Tatsumi Fujinami
04/19 Tokyo, Japan  w/. Masked Superstar, lost to Seiji Sakaguchi & Osamu Kido
World Wrestling Federation:
07/28 Landover, MD  lost to Tony Garea
07/29 Hartford, CT  beat Billy Travis
08/05 Toronto, ON  beat Joe Marcus
08/10 Detroit, MI  beat S.D. Jones
08/12 Salisbury, MD  defeated S.D. Jones
08/17 Pittsburgh, PA  beat S.D. Jones
08/20 Bangor, ME  defeated S.D. Jones
08/25 New York, NY  double count out vs. Brian Blair
08/28 Glens Falls, NY  vs. Rick McGraw
08/29 Brantford, ON (TV) w/. Troy Alexander, lost to Bret Hart & Dynamite Kid
08/29 Brantford, ON (TV) beat Bob Marcus
09/01 Philadelphia, PA beat Steve Lombardi
09/02 Carbondale, PA  beat A.J. Petruzzi
09/06 Altoona, PA  vs. Jay Strongbow
09/08 Detroit, MI  beat John Bonello
09/09 Manchester, NH beat Rick McGraw
09/11 Poughkeepsie, NY (TV) w/. Aldo Marino & Rusty Brooks, lost to Michael Hayes, Terry
    Gordy & Buddy Roberts
09/11 Poughkeepsie, NY (TV) beat Joe Mascara
09/13 White Plains, NY lost to Junk Yard Dog
09/14 Providence, RI  beat Jay Strongbow
09/15 East Rutherford, NJ lost to Sgt. Slaughter
09/16 New Haven, CT  lost to Junk Yard Dog
09/21 Salisbury, MD  lost to Junk Yard Dog
09/22 New York, NY  lost to Brian Blair by DQ
09/23 Toronto, ON  beat Brian Blair
09/24 London, ON (TV) beat Brian Mackney
09/29 Landover, MD  lost to Sgt. Slaughter
10/18 Salt Lake City, UT Advertised to appear
10/27 Baltimore, MD  vs. Junk Yard Dog
Promoter Jerry Jarrett:
11/11 Louisville, KY  beat Mark Batten
11/19 Memphis, TN  lost to Jerry Lawler by DQ
11/20 Louisville, KY  double DQ vs. Ronnie Garvin
11/25 Louisville, KY  lost to Ronnie Garvin by DQ
12/03 Memphis, TN  beat Tojo Yamamoto

01/06 Louisville, KY  beat Tojo Yamamoto
01/07 Memphis, TN  lost to Randy Savage by DQ
01/13 Memphis, TN  w/. Eddie Gilbert, drew Jerry Lawler & Johnny Wilhoit
01/13 Memphis, TN  w/. Eddie Gilbert, beat “The Daydreamers”
01/13 Memphis, TN  w/. Eddie Gilbert, lost to Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson
01/15 Louisville, KY  beat Jimmy Valiant    Flag match
01/22 Louisville, KY  w/. Eddie Gilbert, beat Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Valiant
01/27 Memphis, TN  lost to Jimmy Valiant by DQ
02/12 Memphis, TN  lost to Jimmy Valiant
    *Lost the Mid-American title?
02/17 Memphis, TN  lost to Jimmy Valiant by DQ
03/05 Louisville, KY  w/. Strong Machine, lost to Tim Ashley & Steve Constant
03/07 Lexington, KY  w/. Eddie Gilbert, lost to Jerry Lawler & Randy Savage
03/11 Memphis, TN  beat Tracy Smothers
03/12 Louisville, KY  w/. Nick Bockwinkel, lost to Stan Lane & Steve Keirn
03/17 Memphis, TN  lost to Dutch Mantell
03/25 Memphis, TN  drew Jerry Oski (aka Jerry Allen)
03/26 Louisville, KY  drew Jerry Oski
04/02 Louisville, KY  beat Brad Batten
04/04 Lexington, KY  drew Jerry Oski
04/09 Louisville, KY  beat Sweet Daddy Siki
04/15 Memphis, TN  lost to Jerry Oski
04/16 Louisville, KY  lost to Steve Constant by DQ
04/17 Evansville, IN  w/. Mr. Wrestling, lost to Tim Ashley & Steve Constant
04/22 Memphis, TN  beat Brad Batten
04/23 Louisville, KY  lost to Jerry Oski
04/29 Memphis, TN  lost to Tim Ashley
New Japan Pro Wrestling:
05/10 Fukuoka, Japan  lost to Strong Machine #1
05/11 Katatsu, Japan  w/. Jimmy Snuka, defeated Tatsumi Fujinami & Shunji Kosugi
05/24 Kobe, Japan  defeated Hiro Saito by DQ
05/27 Shizuoka, Japan w/. Andre the Giant & Masked Superstar, beat Antonio Inoki,
    Kengo Kimura & Shunji Takano
05/28 Hamamatsu, Japan
05/29 Sagamihara, Japan
05/31 Omiya, Japan
06/02 Niigata, Japan
06/03 Iwaki, Japan
06/04 Morioka, Japan
06/05 Niigata, Japan
06/06 Sendai, Japan
06/07 Matsumoto, Japan w/. Hulk Hogan, lost to Antonio Inoki & Kengo Kimura
06/08 Handa, Japan  w/. Andre the Giant & Tony St. Clair, beat Antonio Inoki, Kengo
    Kimura & Tatsumi Fujinami
World Wrestling Federation:
07/22 Long Island, NY  w/. Moondog Spot, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
07/23 Providence, RI  vs. Lanny Poffo
07/24 Buffalo, NY  drew Lanny Poffo
07/25 Rochester, NY  w/. Moondog Spot, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
07/28 Toronto, ON  beat Swede Hanson
07/29 Brantford, ON (TV) defeated Sal Gee
07/29 Brantford, ON (TV) w/. Jerry Adams, lost to Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo
08/01 Newark, NJ  lost to Pedro Morales
08/03 Honolulu, HI  lost to Jimmy Snuka
08/05 Scranton, PA  beat Swede Hanson
08/09 Pittsburgh, PA  drew Lanny Poffo
08/10 New York, NY  drew Lanny Poffo
08/12 Warwick, RI  drew Lanny Poffo
08/13 Manchester, NH lost to Lanny Poffo
08/15 Pensacola, FL  w/. Moondog Spot, vs. Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
08/17 Miami, FL  w/. Moondog Spot, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
08/18 Tampa, FL  lost to S.D. Jones
08/19 Quebec City, QC lost to Tony Atlas
08/21 Glens Falls, NY  vs. Lanny Poffo
08/23 Detroit, MI  drew Lanny Poffo
08/24 St. Louis, MO  w/. Steve Lombardi, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
08/27 Brantford, ON (TV) w/. A.J. Petruzzi, lost to Lanny Poffo & Steve Gatorwolf
08/27 Brantford, ON (TV) w/. Gino Carabello, lost to Tito Santana & Junk Yard Dog
08/31 Akron, OH  w/. Barry O, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
09/01 Toronto, ON  drew Lanny Poffo
09/02 Cincinnati, OH  lost to Lanny Poffo
09/03 Wayne, NJ  vs. Lanny Poffo
09/07 Boston, MA  drew Lanny Poffo
09/11 Warren, OH  beat S.D. Jones
09/12 Erie, PA  vs. S.D. Jones
09/13 Pittsburgh, PA  lost to King Tonga
09/16 Miami, FL  beat Lanny Poffo
09/17 West Palm Beach, FL vs. Lanny Poffo
09/18 Canton, OH  vs. Brian Blair
09/19 Lexington, KY  vs. Brian Blair
09/20 Long Island, NY  drew Lanny Poffo
09/21 Springfield, MA  vs. Brian Blair
09/22 Toronto, ON  w/. Tiger Chung Lee, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
09/23 Montreal, QC  w/. Rene Goulet, lost to Jacques (Jr) & Raymond Rougeau
09/26 New Haven, CT  lost to Davey Boy Smith
10/01 Poughkeepsie, NY (TV) defeated Jim Young
10/06 Miami, FL  drew Scott McGhee
10/07 West Palm Beach, FL w/. Barry O, vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotundo
10/12 Boston, MA  w/. Barry O, lost to Barry Windham & S.D. Jones
10/13 Toronto, ON  beat S.D. Jones
10/14 Montreal, QC  lost to Tito Santana
10/16 Buffalo, NY  lost to Brian Blair
10/19 San Juan, Puerto Rico w/. Barry O, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
10/21 New York, NY  w/. Barry O, lost to Mike Rotundo & Tony Atlas
10/22 Poughkeepsie, NY (TV) defeated Mike Saxon
10/26 Philadelphia, PA w/. Moondog Spot, lost to Hillbilly Jim & Cousin Junior
10/27 Toronto, ON  lost to Cousin Junior
10/28 Elizabeth, NJ  vs. Rick McGraw
10/30 Coatsville, PA  lost to Uncle Elmer
11/01 Long Island, NY  lost to King Tonga
11/05 Oshawa, ON  w/. Tiger Chung Lee, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
11/09 New Haven, CT  lost to Scott McGhee
11/10 Columbus, OH  w/. The Spoiler, lost to Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid
11/14 Brisbane, Australia No info.
11/15 Sydney, Australia lost to Junk Yard Dog
11/16 Melbourne, Australia lost to Junk Yard Dog
11/17 Perth, Australia  No info.
11/19 Adelaide, Australia No info.
11/21 Newcastle, Australia No info.
11/24 Melbourne, Australia drew The Tiger
11/30 Baltimore, MD  lost to Mike Rotundo
12/07 Philadelphia, PA lost to King Tonga
12/09 Miami, FL  lost to Cpl. Kirchner
12/11 Los Angeles, CA beat S.D. Jones
12/12 Oakland, CA  beat Alexis Smirnoff
12/13 San Diego, CA  beat Steve Gatorwolf
12/16 Charlotte, NC  No info.
12/25 Landover, MD  defeated S.D. Jones
12/26 Richfield, OH  lost to Ivan Putski
12/27 Long Island, NY  lost to Junk Yard Dog
12/27 Long Island, NY  lost in a 30-man Battle royal
12/29 Toronto, ON  drew Tony Parisi
12/30 Detroit, MI  lost to Pedro Morales

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01/03 Kansas City, MO lost to Junk Yard Dog
01/05 Columbus, OH  w/. Terry Gibbs, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
01/06 New Haven, CT  lost to King Tonga
01/11 Boston, MA  lost to George Wells
01/17 Detroit, MI  lost to Tony Atlas
01/24 Kansas City, MO w/. Tiger Chung Lee, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
01/27 New York, NY  double count out vs. George Wells
01/28 Poughkeepsie, NY (TV) w/. Joe Mirto, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
01/29 Lake Placid, NY  vs. George Wells
02/02 Cincinnati, OH  lost to King Tonga
02/05 Buffalo, NY  w/. Tiger Chung Lee, lost to Scott McGhee & S.D. Jones
02/07 Pittsburgh, PA  lost to King Tonga
02/08 Philadelphia, PA vs. Danny Spivey
02/10 Brantford, ON (TV) w/. Steve Lombardi, lost to Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid
02/13 Rockford, IL  beat Paul Christy
02/14 Chicago, IL  lost to George Steele
02/22 Minneapolis, MN lost to Uncle Elmer
02/28 Hershey, PA  lost to Danny Spivey
03/01 Baltimore, MD  lost to Tony Atlas
03/03 Brantford, ON (TV) w/. Claude Hebert, lost to Danny Spivey & Cpl. Kirchner
03/05 White Plains, NY defeated Jose Luis Rivera
03/06 Buffalo, NY  defeated Scott McGhee
03/08 Boston, MA  lost to Cpl. Kirchner
03/09 Detroit, MI  lost to Danny Spivey
03/10 East Rutherford, NJ lost to Lanny Poffo
03/18 Warren, OH  lost to King Tonga
03/20 Kansas City, MO lost to King Tonga
03/22 Denver, CO  lost to King Tonga
03/23 Toronto, ON  lost to Cpl. Kirchner
03/24 Brantford, ON (TV) w/. Ted Grizzly, lost to Danny Spivey & Cpl. Kirchner
03/25 Montreal, QC  lost to King Tonga
03/28 Pittsburgh, PA  lost to King Tonga
03/29 Buffalo, NY  drew King Tonga
03/30 Philadelphia, PA lost to King Tonga
03/31 Poughkeepsie, NY (TV) defeated Andre Malo
03/31 Poughkeepsie, NY (TV) w/. Dave Barbie, lost to George Steele & Junk Yard Dog
04/20 Landover, MD  defeated Lanny Poffo
04/21 Poughkeepsie, NY (TV) w/. Joe Mirto, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
04/22 New York, NY  lost to Siva Afi by count out
04/26 Detroit, MI  lost to Cpl. Kirchner
05/01 Providence, RI  defeated S.D. Jones
05/05 Brantford, ON (TV) w/. Neil Carr, lost to King Tonga & Ted Arcidi
05/06 Oshawa, ON  lost to Ted Arcidi
05/08 Welland, ON  lost to Ted Arcidi
05/14 Winnipeg, MB  drew Scott McGhee
05/16 Vancouver, BC  lost to George Wells
05/24 Boston, MA  beat Tony Garea
05/27 Brantford, ON (TV) w/. Gino Carabello, lost to Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid
05/31 Philadelphia, PA lost to Danny Spivey
06/01 Fall River, MA  Advertised to appear
06/02 Metheun, MA  defeated Mr. X
06/06 Kansas City, MO lost to Lanny Poffo
06/09 Miami, FL  lost to Danny Spivey
06/12 Johnstown, PA  lost to Mike Rotundo
06/13 Pittsburgh, PA  lost to Danny Spivey
06/15 Toronto, ON  w/. Les Thornton, lost to Danny Spivey & Mike Rotundo
06/16 Brantford, ON (TV) w/. John Rizzo, lost to Mike Rotundo & Danny Spivey
06/16 Brantford, ON (TV) w/. Larry Finnegan, lost to Jacques & Raymond Rougeau
06/16 Brantford, ON (TV) w/. Brian Mackney, lost to Jacques & Raymond Rougeau
06/19 Fresno, CA  lost to S.D. Jones
06/21 Exeter, NH  lost to Cousin Luke
06/29 Baltimore, MD  w/. Les Thornton, vs. Mike Rotundo & Danny Spivey
07/07 Brantford, ON (TV) w/. Steve Lombardi, lost to Jacques & Raymond Rougeau
07/07 Brantford, ON (TV) w/. Mr. X, lost to King Tonga & Siva Afi
07/09 Davenport, IA  drew Siva Afi
07/10 Des Moines, IA  vs. Siva Afi
07/11 Pittsburgh, PA  defeated Tony Garea
07/12 New York, NY  lost to Pedro Morales
07/12 New York, NY  lost in a 22-man Battle royal
07/14 London, ON  lost to Cpl. Kirchner
07/15 Poughkeepsie, NY (TV) w/. Jim Haley, lost to George Steele & Junk Yard Dog
07/17 East Rutherford, NJ beat Scott McGhee
07/18 Los Angeles, CA lost to George Wells
07/19 Oakland, CA  lost to George Wells
07/26 Long Island, NY  lost to King Tonga
07/27 Scranton, PA  beat Brickhouse Brown
07/28 Brantford, ON (TV) lost to Tito Santana
07/30 Kitchener, ON  lost to Cousin Luke
08/01 Detroit, MI  lost to Billy Jack Haynes
08/03 Milwaukee, WI  lost to Cpl. Kirchner
08/05 Poughkeepsie, NY (TV) w/. The Gladiator, lost to Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid
08/08 Richfield, OH  lost to Dick Slater
08/09 Pittsburgh, PA  lost to Pedro Morales
08/09 Pittsburgh, PA  lost in a 30-man Battle royal
08/12 Burlington, VT  vs. Jose Luis Rivera
08/15 Rochester, NY  lost to Lanny Poffo
08/16 Long Island, NY  vs. Scott McGhee
08/17 Binghamton, NY lost to Siva Afi
08/18 Ogdenburg, NY  vs. Tony Garea
08/19 Lake Placid, NY  vs. Scott McGhee
08/21 Ottawa, ON  vs. Cousin Luke
08/24 Detroit, MI  lost to Dick Slater
08/26 Providence, RI (TV) lost to Kamala
08/27 Hartford, CT (TV) w/. Don Muraco, lost to Dan Spivey & Mike Rotundo
08/28 Toronto, ON  lost to Dick Slater  Attendance: 61,470
09/01 Pueblo, CO  lost to King Tonga
09/05 Vancouver, BC  Advertised to appear
09/10 Oakland, CA  defeated Alexis Smirnoff
09/11 Anaheim, CA  defeated Jack Armstrong
09/13 Phoenix, AZ  vs. S.D. Jones
09/15 East Rutherford, NJ w/. Jimmy Jack Funk, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
09/20 Hershey, PA  lost to Cpl. Kirchner
09/25 Nashville, TN  lost to Jerry Allen
09/26 Detroit, MI  lost to Dick Slater
09/27 Milwaukee, WI  defeated Paul Roma
09/28 Toronto, ON  drew Siva Afi
09/30 Highland Heights, OH defeated Paul Roma
10/01 Altoona, PA  defeated Paul Roma
10/04 Jackson, MS  lost to Koko B. Ware
10/06 Syracuse, NY (TV) lost to Ricky Steamboat
10/07 Rochester, NY (TV) w/. Terry Gibbs, lost to Haku & Tama
10/25 Richfield, OH  lost to Hercules Hernandez
10/26 Toronto, ON  lost to Honky Tonk Man
10/27 London, ON  drew Siva Afi
10/29 Glens Falls, NY (TV) lost to Dick Slater
11/03 Kansas City, MO lost to Honky Tonk Man
11/08 Philadelphia, PA vs. Mike Rotundo
11/09 East Rutherford, NJ lost to Koko B. Ware
11/19 South Bend, IN (TV) w/. Jimmy Jack Funk, lost to Rick Martel & Tom Zenk
11/20 Rockford, IL (TV) w/. Barry O & Brian Costello, lost to Pedro Morales, Tito Santana
    & Hillbilly Jim
12/01 Long Island, NY  lost to Siva Afi
12/06 Boston, MA  vs. S.D. Jones
12/08 East Rutherford, NJ lost to Dick Slater
12/13 Philadelphia, PA lost to Jose Luis Rivera
12/14 Hartford, CT  lost to Jose Luis Rivera
12/26 Pittsburgh, PA  defeated Tiger Chung Lee
12/27 St. Louis, MO  lost to Terry Gibbs   Matinee
12/27 Chicago, IL  lost to Paul Roma
12/29 Long Island, NY  lost to Blackjack Mulligan
12/30 Providence, RI  lost to Paul Roma

01/05 East Rutherford (TV) w/. Terry Gibbs, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
01/14 Notre Dame, IN  lost to Dick Slater
01/16 Pittsburgh, PA  lost to S.D. Jones
01/23 Chicago, IL  lost to Mike Rotundo
01/24 Detroit, MI  lost to Mike Rotundo
01/27 Fort Myers, FL (TV) w/. Steve Lombardi, lost to Rick Martel & Tom Zenk
02/01 Toronto, ON  lost to Brad Rheingans
02/03 Phoenix, AZ  lost in a Battle royal
02/04 Salt Lake City, UT lost to Tama
02/06 Sacramento, CA lost in a Battle royal
02/07 Los Angeles, CA lost to Cpl. Kirchner
02/16 New Haven, CT (TV) w/. Mike Luka, lost to Ax & Smash
02/16 New Haven, CT (TV) w/. Tiger Chung Lee, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
02/17 Springfield, MA (TV) lost to Koko B. Ware
02/18 West Palm Beach, FL vs. Scott McGhee
02/19 Miami, FL  defeated Joe Mirto
02/20 Omaha, NE  beat Jerry Allen
02/21 Milwaukee, WI  lost to Pedro Morales
02/23 Madison, WI  Participated in a 20-man Battle royal
02/24 Davenport, IA  lost to Lanny Poffo
02/24 Davenport, IA  lost in a Battle royal
02/25 Des Moines, IA  lost in a 20-man battle royal
02/28 St. Louis, MO  lost to Jim Duggan
03/02 Long Island, NY  lost to Jim Duggan
03/03 Tulsa, OK  lost to Tom Magee
03/05 Albuquerque, NM lost to Koko B. Ware
03/10 Dayton, OH (TV) w/. Jimmy Jack Funk, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
03/11 Columbus, OH (TV) w/. Terry Gibbs, lost to Rick Martel & Tom Zenk
03/11 Columbus, OH (TV) w/. Al Navarro, lost to Haku & Tama
03/13 Worcester, MA  lost to Outback Jack
03/16 Denver, CO  lost to Jim Duggan
03/18 Milwaukee, WI  lost to Jim Duggan
03/19 Chicago, IL  lost to Jim Duggan
03/20 Omaha, NE  lost to Jim Duggan
03/21 Las Vegas, NV (TV) w/. Steve Lombardi, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
03/22 Phoenix, AZ (TV) w/. Steve Lombardi, lost to Tom Zenk & Rick Martel
04/23 Worcester, MA (TV) w/. The Shadows, lost to Blackjack Mulligan, Tito Santana &
    Billy Jack Haynes
04/24 New Haven, CT (TV) lost to Billy Jack Haynes
04/30 Oshawa, ON  vs. ?
04/30 Oshawa, ON  lost in a Battle royal
05/02 Boston, MA  beat Siva Afi
05/11 Modesto, CA  lost to Lanny Poffo
05/12 Anaheim, CA (TV) lost to Jim Duggan
05/13 San Diego, CA (TV) lost to Ricky Steamboat
05/15 Houston, TX  lost to Sam Houston
05/18 Davenport, IA  defeated Siva Afi
05/22 Providence, RI  defeated Tony Garea
05/30 St. Paul, MN  lost to Hillbilly Jim
05/31 California, PA  lost to Hillbilly Jim
06/01 Kitchener, ON  lost to Hillbilly Jim
06/02 Buffalo, NY (TV) w/. Johnny K-9 & Jimmy Jack Funk, lost to Brutus Beefcake,
    Jacques & Raymond Rougeau
06/03 Rochester, NY (TV) lost to Hillbilly Jim
06/03 Rochester, NY (TV) w/. Don Muraco & Bob Orton Jr, lost to Billy Jack Haynes,
    Hillbilly Jim, & S.D. Jones
06/07 Toronto, ON  lost to Hillbilly Jim
06/08 East Rutherford, NJ lost to Koko B. Ware
06/12 West Palm Beach, FL lost to S.D. Jones
06/13 Providence, RI  defeated Outback Jack
06/17 Chicago, IL  vs. Lanny Poffo
06/23 Indianapolis, IN (TV) lost to Ken Patera
06/24 Louisville, KY (TV) lost to Bam Bam Bigelow
06/27 Detroit, MI  lost to Jerry Allen
07/03 Calgary, AB  defeated David Sammartino
07/08 Wheeling, WV  beat David Sammartino
07/09 East Rutherford, NJ lost to Scott Casey
07/10 Providence, RI  lost to Scott Casey
07/15 Glens Falls, NY (TV) w/. Tiger Chung Lee, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
07/16 Lake Placid, NY (TV) w/. Dusty Wolfe & Mario Mancini, lost to Brutus Beefcake,
    Jacques & Raymond Rougeau
07/25 Baltimore, MD  lost to Lanny Poffo
07/26 Los Angeles, CA lost to Scott Casey
07/31 Las Vegas, NV  lost to Scott Casey
08/04 Madison, WI (TV) w/. Mike Richards, lost to Haku & Tama
08/04 Madison, WI (TV) lost to Paul Orndorff
08/05 Lacrosse, WI (TV) lost to Outback Jack
08/07 Omaha, NE  lost to Tony Greco
08/08 Chicago, IL  lost to Lanny Poffo
08/09 Toronto, ON  lost to S.D. Jones
08/10 Montreal, QC  lost to Billy Graham
08/11 Rochester, NY  lost to S.D. Jones
08/12 Binghamton, NY vs. Scott Casey
08/13 Columbus, OH  vs. Scott Casey
08/14 Hershey, PA  defeated Brad Rheingans
08/15 Boston, MA  beat Brady Boone
08/17 Manchester, NH lost to Ultimate Warrior
08/21 Indianapolis, IN  vs. Brad Rheingans
08/22 Landover, MD  beat Jerry Allen
08/23 Springfield, MA  w/. Barry Horowitz, defeated Scott Hall & Jerry Allen
08/25 San Francisco, CA (TV) lost to Jake Roberts
08/26 Fresno, CA (TV) w/. Steve Lombardi, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
09/09 Binghamton, NY defeated David Sammartino
09/11 Palmetto, FL  vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
09/16 Rockford, IL (TV) w/. Terry Gibbs, lost to Rick Martel & Tito Santana
09/18 Philadelphia, PA lost to Scott Casey
09/22 Tacoma, WA  lost to Bam Bam Bigelow
09/23 Portland, OR  lost to Bam Bam Bigelow
09/26 Landover, MD  lost to Outback Jack
09/27 Cleveland, OH  lost to Outback Jack
10/06 Milwaukee, WI (TV) w/. Dave Wagner, lost to Paul Roma & Jim Powers
10/09 Utica, NY  lost to Lanny Poffo
10/10 Providence, RI  lost to Lanny Poffo
10/12 New Haven, CT  beat Siva Afi
10/16 New York, NY  lost to Ivan Putski
10/27 Syracuse, NY (TV) lost to Jim Duggan
10/28 Rochester, NY (TV) lost to Sam Houston
10/30 San Francisco, CA defeated Scott Casey
10/31 Sacramento, CA defeated Scott Casey   Matinee
10/31 Fresno, CA  defeated Scott Casey
11/01 Springfield, IL  defeated Jerry Allen   Matinee
11/01 Chicago, IL  beat Jerry Allen
11/15 South Bend, IN  lost to Sam Houston
11/25 Providence, RI  beat Ivan Putski
11/29 Chicago, IL  lost to Ultimate Warrior
12/04 Pittsburgh, PA  lost to Ultimate Warrior
12/05 Philadelphia, PA lost to Ultimate Warrior
12/06 Springfield, MA  lost to Ultimate Warrior
12/07 Landover, MD  lost to Ultimate Warrior
12/09 Fort Myers, FL (TV) w/. Van Van Horne, lost to Ken Patera & Billy Jack Haynes
12/11 Houston, TX  lost to Ultimate Warrior
12/12 St. Louis, MO  lost to Ultimate Warrior
12/13 Youngstown, OH lost to Koko B. Ware   Matinee
12/13 East Rutherford, NJ lost to Lanny Poffo
12/26 New York, NY  beat S.D. Jones
12/27 London, ON  lost to Koko B. Ware
12/29 Hamilton, ON  lost to Koko B. Ware

01/04 Augusta, GA  lost to Brady Boone
01/05 Huntsville, AL (TV) w/. Dusty Wolfe, lost to Rick Martel & Tito Santana
01/05 Huntsville, AL (TV) w/. Joe Mirto, lost to Billy Jack Haynes & Ken Patera
01/06 Nashville, TN (TV) lost to Don Muraco
01/09 Boston, MA  beat S.D. Jones
01/15 Los Angeles, CA lost to Koko B. Ware
01/16 Sacramento, CA lost to Koko B. Ware
01/18 Vancouver, BC  lost to Tom Magee
01/19 Calgary, AB  lost to Tom Magee
01/21 Winnipeg, MB  lost to Tom Magee
02/06 Boston, MA  lost to Sam Houston   Matinee
02/06 Philadelphia, PA beat Brady Boone
02/08 Clinton, NY  lost to Outback Jack
02/13 Minneapolis, MN lost to Outback Jack
02/14 Pontiac, MI  lost to Outback Jack
02/15 Chicago, IL  lost to Outback Jack
02/16 Wichita, KS (TV) lost to Randy Savage
02/17 Topeka, KS (TV) w/. Terry Gibbs, lost to Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid
02/22 New York, NY  w/. Harley Race, lost to Jacques & Raymond Rougeau
02/26 Baltimore, MD  defeated Outback Jack
02/28 Toronto, ON  lost to Sika
03/09 Winston-Salem, NC (TV) w/. John Seigler, lost to Rick Martel & Tito Santana
03/09 Winston-Salem, NC (TV) w/. Bill Cooper, lost to Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid
03/11 Hershey, PA  vs. S.D. Jones
03/16 Hartford, CT  lost to Koko B. Ware
03/20 Springfield, IL (TV) w/. Terry Gibbs, lost to Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid
04/21 New Haven, CT  lost to Junk Yard Dog
04/22 Springfield, MA (TV) lost to Bam Bam Bigelow
04/22 Springfield, MA (TV) w/. Terry Gibbs, lost to Jim Brunzell & Brian Blair
04/24 Toronto, ON  lost to Scott Casey
04/26 Glens Falls, NY  vs. Scott Casey
04/27 Syracuse, NY  lost to Scott Casey
05/01 Milwaukee, WI  lost to Scott Casey
05/06 Hershey, PA  vs. Scott Casey
05/07 Boston, MA  beat Scott Casey
05/08 Binghamton, NY defeated Scott Casey
05/08 Binghamton, NY lost to Ultimate Warrior
05/09 East Rutherford, NJ lost to Scott Casey
05/12 Erie, PA  defeated Scott Casey
05/13 Buffalo, NY  defeated Scott Casey
05/14 Hartford, CT  lost to Scott Casey
05/27 New York, NY  beat Jerry Allen
05/28 Providence, RI  lost to Jerry Allen
05/29 Montreal, QC  lost to Jerry Allen
05/31 Fresno, CA (TV) lost to Ken Patera
05/31 Fresno, CA (TV) lost to Jake Roberts
06/01 Oakland, CA (TV) w/. The Intruder, lost to Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty
06/18 Philadelphia, PA lost to Sam Houston
06/21 Glens Falls, NY (TV) lost to Don Muraco
06/21 Glens Falls, NY (TV) w/. Tony Ulysses, lost to Warlord & Barbarian
06/21 Glens Falls, NY (TV) lost to Jim Duggan
06/22 Binghamton, NY (TV) w/. Chris Duffy, lost to Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty
07/03 Warwick, RI  lost to Brian Blair
07/07 Portland, OR  lost to Terry Taylor
07/08 Eugene, OR  lost to Terry Taylor
07/09 Chico, CA  lost to Ultimate Warrior
07/11 Modesto, CA  lost to Ultimate Warrior
07/15 Tulare, CA  defeated Terry Gibbs
07/16 Santa Paula, CA defeated Terry Gibbs
07/21 Tampa, FL  lost to Lanny Poffo
07/22 Miami, FL  defeated Lanny Poffo
07/23 Nashville, TN  defeated Lanny Poffo
07/24 Chicago, IL  lost to Lanny Poffo
07/25 Columbus, OH  lost to Scott Casey
07/30 Grand Falls, NL  lost to Owen Hart
08/01 Welland, ON  lost to Blue Blazer
08/01 Welland, ON  lost in a 12-man Battle royal
08/02 Allentown, PA  defeated George Skaaland
08/03 Little Silver, NJ  vs. Jerry Allen
08/03 Wheeling, WV  lost to Don Muraco
08/07 Toronto, ON  lost to Sam Houston
08/20 Frederick, MD  defeated Bill Woods
08/24 Poughkeepsie, NY defeated Bill Woods
08/27 Burlington, VT  vs. Brady Boone
09/02 Canton, OH  lost to Jim Powers
09/03 Kittanning, PA  lost to Jim Powers
09/10 Reading, PA  lost to Sam Houston
09/14 Louisville, KY (TV) w/. Danny Davis, lost to Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty
09/14 Louisville, KY (TV) w/. Sandy Beach, lost to Paul Roma & Jim Powers
09/15 Auburn Hills, MI  defeated Tommy Angel
09/16 Chicago, IL  beat Tommy Angel
09/17 Biddeford, ME  vs. Lanny Poffo
09/17 Landover, MD  beat Tommy Angel
09/18 Toronto, ON  defeated Tommy Angel
09/19 New Haven, CT  defeated Tommy Angel
09/24 Philadelphia, PA lost to Jim Powers
10/06 Toledo, OH (TV) w/. Steve Lombardi, lost to Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty
10/08 Houston, TX  vs. Scott Casey
10/09 Toronto, ON  lost to Brian Blair
10/10 Portland, ME  lost to Brian Blair
10/10 Boston, MA  vs. Brian Blair
10/16 Providence, RI  beat Boris Zhukov
10/16 Providence, RI  lost to Red Rooster (Terry Taylor)
10/17 Utica, NY  lost to Hercules Hernandez
10/21 St. Paul, MN  lost to Sam Houston
10/26 Salisbury, MD (TV) w/. Steve Lombardi, lost to Paul Roma & Jim Powers
10/26 Salisbury, MD (TV) lost to Tito Santana
10/28 Chicago, IL  lost to Brian Blair
10/29 Lakeland, FL  vs. Brian Blair
11/04 Milwaukee, WI  defeated Brian Blair
11/05 Champaign, IL  lost to Brian Blair
11/06 Toronto, ON  lost to Brian Blair
11/06 Ottawa, ON  lost to Brian Blair
11/13 Spokane, WA  vs. Brian Blair
11/15 San Francisco, CA (TV) w/. Barry Horowitz, lost to Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart
11/16 Sacramento, CA (TV) lost to Koko B. Ware
11/20 Fayetteville, NC  lost to Harley Race
11/25 Hartford, CT  lost to Nikolai Volkoff
11/26 New York, NY  lost to Nikolai Volkoff
11/27 Rochester, NY  lost to Boris Zhukov
12/02 Providence, RI  lost to Barry Horowitz
12/03 Boston, MA  beat Barry Horowitz
12/04 Springfield, MA  lost to Barry Horowitz
12/06 Daytona Beach, FL (TV) lost to Ronnie Garvin
12/06 Daytona Beach, FL (TV) w/. Rusty Brooks, lost to Ax & Smash
12/07 Tampa, FL (TV)  w/. Jose Estrada, lost to Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty
12/10 Regina, SK  vs. Jose Luis Rivera
12/18 Vancouver, BC  beat Jose Luis Rivera
12/26 Kitchener, ON  beat Scott Casey
12/26 Toronto, ON  beat Jose Luis Rivera
12/27 Worcester, MA  lost to Scott Casey
12/28 Lincoln, NE  lost to Scott Casey
12/30 Chicago, IL  lost to Scott Casey

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5th Post
Vance Nevada


Joined: Mon Nov 12th, 2007
Posts: 215
01/01 West Palm Beach, FL beat Lanny Poffo
01/04 Birmingham, AL (TV) lost to Jim Neidhart
01/04 Birmingham, AL (TV) w/. Alan Kinsey, lost to Ax & Smash
01/06 Montreal, QC  beat Lanny Poffo
01/14 Philadelphia, PA lost to Paul Roma
01/16 Hamilton, ON  lost to Paul Roma
01/20 Portland, OR  lost to Blue Blazer (Owen Hart)
01/21 Oakland, CA  lost to Blue Blazer
01/24 Tucson, AZ (TV) lost to Ronnie Garvin
01/25 Phoenix, AZ  w/. Jose Luis Rivera, lost to Ax & Smash
01/30 Ottawa, ON  lost to Paul Roma
02/05 Greensboro, NC lost to Jim Powers
02/11 Boston, MA  lost to Jim Powers
02/12 Portland, ME  lost to Paul Roma
02/13 New Haven, CT  lost to Paul Roma
02/15 Binghamton, NY (TV) w/. Mitch Casey, lost to Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty
02/16 Hershey, PA (TV) lost to Hercules Hernandez
02/20 New York, NY  lost to Jim Powers
02/24 South Bend, IN  lost to Sam Houston
02/25 Auburn Hills, MI  lost to Sam Houston
03/05 Springfield, MA  lost to Paul Roma
03/06 Colorado Springs, CO lost to Paul Roma
03/07 El Paso, TX (TV) lost to Rick Martel
03/08 Odessa, TX (TV) w/. Dusty Wolfe, lost to Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart
03/16 Wheeling, WV  lost to Tim Horner
03/17 Richfield, OH  lost to Tim Horner
03/19 Detroit, MI  lost to Tim Horner
03/23 Salt Lake City, UT lost to Ronnie Garvin
04/04 Glens Falls, NY (TV) lost to Tito Santana
04/04 Glens Falls, NY (TV) lost to Red Rooster
05/03 Utica, NY  lost to Jim Powers
05/06 Nashville, TN  lost to Jim Powers
05/08 East Rutherford (TV) lost to Jim Powers
06/23 St. Paul, MN  lost to Jim Brunzell
06/24 Auburn Hills, MI  lost to Steve Blackman
06/25 Richfield, OH  lost to Mark Young
06/27 Niagara Falls, NY (TV) lost to Jim Duggan
06/28 Rochester, NY (TV) w/. Sunny Beach, lost to Ax & Smash
06/28 Rochester, NY (TV) lost to Jimmy Snuka
07/09 Toronto, ON  lost to Tim Horner
07/10 Long Island, NY  lost to Tim Horner
07/14 Huntsville, AL  lost to Mark Young
07/17 Manchester, NH lost to Jim Powers
07/18 Worcester, MA (TV) lost to Koko B. Ware
07/19 Utica, NY (TV)  lost to Tito Santana
11/11 Boston, MA  lost to Paul Roma
12/10 Macon, GA  lost to Hercules Hernandez
12/12 Nashville, TN (TV) lost to Koko B. Ware
12/13 Huntsville, AL (TV) w/. Tommy Siegler, lost to Butch Miller & Luke Williams
12/13 Huntsville, AL (TV) lost to Tito Santana
12/20 Oshawa, ON  defeated Paul Roma
12/26 Landover, MD  lost to Koko B. Ware   Matinee
12/26 Hershey, PA  lost to Tugboat Thomas
12/27 Wheeling, WV  lost to Koko B. Ware
12/28 New York, NY  lost to Koko B. Ware
12/29 Binghamton, NY lost to Koko B. Ware

01/02 Birmingham, AL (TV) w/. Bob Burroughs, lost to Butch Miller & Luke Williams
01/02 Birmingham, AL (TV) lost to Tugboat Thomas
01/05 Des Moines, IA  lost to Hercules Hernandez
01/07 Winnipeg, MB  lost to Hercules Hernandez
01/08 Brantford, ON  lost to Hercules Hernandez
01/13 Boston, MA  lost to Bret Hart
01/14 Rochester, NY  lost to Bret Hart
01/24 Auburn Hills, MI  lost to Tugboat Thomas
01/29 Long Island, NY  lost to Tugboat Thomas
02/03 Lethbridge, AB  Advertised to appear
02/09 Cincinnati, OH  lost to Tugboat Thomas
02/10 Minneapolis, MN lost to Tugboat Thomas
02/11 Denver, CO  lost to Tugboat Thomas
02/12 Salt Lake City, UT vs. Tugboat Thomas
02/13 Phoenix, AZ (TV) w/. Buddy Rose, lost to Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart
02/13 Phoenix, AZ (TV) lost to Big Boss Man
02/14 Tucson, AZ (TV) lost to Jim Duggan
02/14 Tucson, AZ (TV) w/. Black Knight, lost to Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart
03/19 New York, NY  lost to Jim Powers
06/05 Rochester, NY (TV) lost to Jimmy Snuka
06/06 Binghamton, NY (TV) lost to Nikolai Volkoff
06/06 Binghamton, NY (TV) w/. Bob Bradley, lost to Butch Miller & Luke Williams
06/07 Springfield, MA  lost to Tito Santana
06/08 East Rutherford, NJ lost to Hercules Hernandez
06/29 Portland, ME  lost to Ronnie Garvin
06/30 Long Island, NY  lost to Ronnie Garvin
07/02 Hershey, PA  lost to Ronnie Garvin
07/15 Milwaukee, WI  lost to Ronnie Garvin
07/16 Omaha, NE (TV) lost to Kerry Von Erich
07/17 Des Moines, IA (TV) lost to Shane Douglas
07/17 Des Moines, IA (TV) lost to Hercules Hernandez
07/17 Des Moines, IA (TV) w/. Spike Jones, lost to Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty
07/17 Des Moines, IA (TV) w/. Pez Whatley, lost to Butch Miller & Luke Williams
07/18 Colorado Springs, CO lost to Ronnie Garvin
07/20 Minot, ND  lost to Ronnie Garvin
08/15 Utica, NY (TV)  lost to Jake “The Snake” Roberts
08/16 Binghamton, NY lost to Jimmy Snuka
08/18 Boston, MA  lost to Jimmy Snuka
08/20 Columbus, OH  beat Sam Houston
08/23 St. Louis, MO  lost to Jimmy Snuka
08/28 Hershey, PA (TV) lost to Nikolai Volkoff
08/30 White Plains, NY lost to Saba Simba (Tony Atlas)
09/01 Warwick, RI  lost to Saba Simba
09/02 Manchester, NH vs. Saba Simba
09/29 Long Island, NY  lost to Haku
09/30 Altoona, PA  vs. Ronnie Garvin
10/01 Emmitsburg, MD lost to Ronnie Garvin
10/15 Hershey, PA  lost to Jim Brunzell
10/19 New York, NY  beat S.D. Jones
10/20 Los Angeles, CA lost to Ronnie Garvin
10/21 Denver, CO  lost to Ronnie Garvin
10/22 Wheeling, WV  lost to Ronnie Garvin
10/26 East Rutherford, NJ lost to Ronnie Garvin
10/29 Indianapolis, IN (TV) lost to Shane Douglas
10/30 Fort Wayne, IN (TV) lost to Davey Boy Smith
11/01 Worcester, MA  lost to Ronnie Garvin
11/04 Milwaukee, WI  lost to Jim Brunzell
11/05 Madison, WI  lost to Jim Brunzell

05/04 Cleveland, OH  beat Rip Rogers
10/01 Passau, Germany  
10/03 Hameln, Germany 
10/08 Ascheffenberg, Germany 
10/08 Vienna, Austria  lost to Klaus Wallas
10/14 Oslo, Norway
10/18 Vigo, Spain
10/20 Coruna, Spain

World Wrestling Federation:
06/29 Glens Falls, NY (TV) lost to Tito Santana
06/29 Glens Falls, NY (TV) lost to Bret Hart
06/30 Binghamton, NY (TV) lost to Tatanka
07/01 Asbury Park, NJ beat Glen Ruth
07/20 Worcester, MA (TV) lost to Tatanka
07/20 Worcester, MA (TV) lost to Davey Boy Smith
07/21 Portland, ME (TV) w/. Brooklyn Brawler, lost to Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware
08/10 Huntsville, AL (TV) lost to Big Boss Man
08/11 Nashville, TN (TV) w/. Doug Somers, lost to Earthquake & Typhoon
08/11 Nashville, TN (TV) w/. Bob Bradley, lost to Animal & Hawk
10/01 East Rutherford, NJ lost to Jeff Jarrett
10/04 Baltimore, MD  lost to Jeff Jarrett
10/12 Saskatoon, SK (TV) lost to Marty Jannetty
10/13 Regina, SK (TV) lost to Crush
12/28 White Plains, NY lost to Tito Santana

01/04 Beaumont, TX (TV) lost to Typhoon
01/04 Beaumont, TX (TV) lost to Lance Cassidy (Steve Armstrong)
01/04 Beaumont, TX (TV) lost to Tatanka
01/05 San Antonio, TX (TV) lost to Bob Backlund
01/09 Allentown, PA  lost to Jim Powers
01/11 New York, NY (TV) lost to Tito Santana
01/18 New York, NY (TV) lost to Virgil
02/01 New York, NY (TV) w/. Skull Von Krus, lost to Owen Hart & Koko B. Ware
02/01 New York, NY (TV) lost in a 16-man Battle royal
05/10 New York, NY (TV) lost to Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig)
Sports Entertainment Superstars:
05/16 Windsor, ON  Sharpe billed to appear
World Wrestling Federation:
05/24 Halifax, NS (TV) w/. Mark Leroux, lost to Rick & Scott Steiner
05/25 Sydney, NS (TV) lost to Owen Hart
05/25 Sydney, NS (TV) lost to Jim Duggan
06/21 Poughkeepsie, NY (TV) w/. Barry Horowitz, lost to Billy & Bart Gunn
06/29 Morristown, NJ  lost to Virgil
06/30 Atlantic City, NJ  lost to Virgil
07/07 Salisbury, MD (TV) lost to Tatanka
07/18 Warwick, RI  lost to Phil Apollo
07/23 Scranton, PA  lost to Virgil
07/24 Hershey, PA  lost to Virgil
07/25 Alexandria Bay, NY (TV) w/. Damien Demento, lost to Billy & Bart Gunn
07/26 Utica, NY (TV)  w/. Jeff Libolt, lost to Mo & Mabel
07/27 Plattsburg, NY (TV) beat Marty Jannetty
08/13 Wildwood, NJ  lost to Razor Ramon
08/15 Wilton, CT  lost to Jim Duggan
08/16 Poughkeepsie, NY w/. Barry Horowitz, lost to Mo & Mabel
08/18 Lowell, MA (TV)  lost to 1-2-3 Kid
09/13 Vienna, Austria  vs. Cheetah Kid
World Wrestling Federation:
10/18 Poughkeepsie, NY (TV) lost to Tatanka
10/19 Glens Falls, NY (TV) lost to Mr. Perfect
10/20 Burlington, VT (TV) w/. Chuck Greenman, lost to Mo & Mabel
10/20 Burlington, VT (TV) lost to Owen Hart
11/09 Carbondale, PA (TV) lost to 1-2-3 Kid
11/10 Dehli, NY (TV)  lost to Bob Backlund
11/18 Niagara Falls, ON lost to Doink the Clown (Matt Borne)
11/19 Syracuse, NY  lost to Doink the Clown
11/20 Philadelphia, PA lost to Doink the Clown
12/01 Utica, NY (TV)  w/. Mike Bell, lost to Mo & Mabel
12/28 Canton, OH  lost to Bob Backlund
12/30 Johnstown, PA  lost to Bob Backlund
12/31 Williamsport, PA lost to Marty Jannetty

01/01 Allentown, PA  lost to Bob Backlund
01/02 Scranton, PA  lost to Bob Backlund by DQ
01/07 Elizabeth, NJ  lost to Bob Backlund
01/17 New York, NY  lost to Scott Putski
01/17 New York, NY  lost in a 30-man Battle royal
02/02 Springfield, MA (TV) w/. Chris Duffy, lost to Mo & Mabel
02/02 Springfield, MA (TV) lost to Earthquake
02/21 Poughkeepsie, NY (TV) lost to Doink the Clown
02/23 Locksheldreke, NY (TV) lost to Bob Holly
03/23 White Plains, NY (TV) w/. Emilio Ulcia, lost to Mo & Mabel
04/27 Albany, NY (TV) w/. Tony Devito, lost to Billy & Bart Gunn
04/27 Albany, NY (TV) lost to Mabel
06/20 White Plains, NY (TV) lost to Duke Droese
06/22 Poughkeepsie, NY (TV) w/. ?, lost to Billy & Bart Gunn
07/02 Bethlehem, PA (TV) w/. Cory Student, lost to Samu & Fatu
07/07 Valley Forge, PA beat Glenn Osbourne
08/16 Lowell, MA (TV)  w/. Raymond Roy, lost to Butch Miller & Luke Williams
08/16 Lowell, MA (TV)  lost to Doink the Clown
08/17 Portland, ME (TV) lost to Bob Holly
10/19 Albany, NY (TV) w/. H.D. Rider, lost to Fatu & Sionne
08/26 Kahnawake, QC lost to Jeff Jefferson
08/27 Sydney, NS  lost to Rick Martel
World Wrestling Federation:
12/13 Liberty, NY (TV)  lost to Duke Droese
12/14 Newark, DE (TV) lost to Mabel

03/25 Camden, NJ  w/. Kodiak Bear, lost to Tito Santana & Jim Powers
World Wrestling Federation:
05/15 Binghamton, NY (TV) lost to Man Mountain Rock
05/16 Danbury, CT (TV) w/. Duane Gill, lost to Billy & Bart Gunn
09/23 Hamburg, PA  defeated Metal Maniac

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One Fan Gang

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Sharpe is billed as appearing at the Maine (Bangor) State Fair at some point between July 25-August 5, 1990:,3037737&hl=en




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One Fan Gang

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I don't subscribe to Google's pay-per-view archives but you might be able to glean something from these paper's dates and phraseology:


Pay-Per-View - Boston Herald - ProQuest Archiver - Sep 24, 1995
The Warlord Iron Mike Sharpe Superstar Richard Byrne Jamie West and The Eliminators headline Saturday's USWF show at Waltham's IBEW Hall and next Sunday's ...

$1.95 - Worcester Telegram Gazette - NewsBank - Apr 7, 1992
... Town Hall The feature bout pairs Nikolai Volkov against Iron Mike Sharpe A sixman tagteam match featuring the return of Worcester'sThe Great Primo along ...
Pay-Per-View - Boston Herald - ProQuest Archiver - Oct 1, 1995
The Warlord vs Iron Mike Sharpe is the headline match tonight730 p.m. as New Hampshire's Salem High School hosts USWF Pro Wrestling .

Pay-Per-View - Boston Herald - ProQuest Archiver - Aug 23, 1992
... Hammer Little Louie vs Little Hercules in a midget match WFA women's champ Brittany Brown vs Jamie West and Gorgeous Chris Duffy vsIron Mike Sharpe.

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 Posted: Mon Jan 31st, 2011 03:24 am
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One Fan Gang

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11/18/1976  Regina    vs. Danny Babich,940034&dq=mike-sharpe-jr&hl=en


10/6/1980 Saskatoon  with Kasavubu, NC Jim Neidhart & Hercules Ayala,2193504&dq=mike-sharpe-jr&hl=en


11/4/1976   Regina   vs. Larry Sharpe,2193504&dq=mike-sharpe-jr&hl=en


10/21/1976   Regina  w/ Dan Smith vs. Danny Babich & Super Assassin (No DQ No Ref),1220857&dq=mike-sharpe-jr&hl=en

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Wednesday, November 2, 1983
Lyman Hall High School- Wallingford, CT  8pm
Attendance: about 600

Chief Jay Strongbow beat Iron Mike Sharpe


Nice action photo and article here:,380875&dq=versus+wrestling&hl=en

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All of these listings will be in a future issue of Florida Mat Wars. 


1/02/82  Melbourne- w/ Chan Chung and Hangman Bobby Jaggers  vs.  Charlie Cook, David Sierra and Eric Embry

1/03/82  Orlando- w/ Chan Chung  vs.  Mike Graham and Charlie Cook

1/06/82  Winter Haven- vs.  Ron Ritchie

1/07/82  Lake City-  vs.  Bubba Douglas

1/08/82  Palatka-  w/ The Spoiler  vs.  Killer Karl Kox and Jack Brisco

* Your city listed for 1/12/ is incorrect.  Should be Tampa.

1/15/82  Deland-  w/ Chan Chung  vs.  Eric Embry and David Sierra

1/16/82  St. Pete-  beat  Ron Ritchie

1/17/82  Ft. Myers (Sunday show)- w/ Chan Chung and J.J. Dillon  vs.  Killer Karl Kox, Jack and Jerry Brisco

1/18/82  Ft. Pierce- w/ Chan Chung and David Von Erich  vs.  Mike Graham, Jack and Jerry Brisco

1/19/82  Tampa-  vs.  Eric Embry was a draw

1/21/82  Jacksonville-  beat Abe Jacobs

1/23/82  Daytona- appeared on card

1/25/82  Hollywood-  Fla. Title-  vs,  Mr. Wrestling ll (c)

Did not appear on the 1/30 Lakeland or the 1/31 Orlando.  I have the clipping for 1/29 in Arcadia and doesn't appear in the top 4 matches.  There was though, "Two more matches"!

2/04/82  Wildwood-  vs.  El Gran Apollo

2/05/82  Sarasota-  vs.  Jerry Brisco

2/06/82  Daytona- w/ J.J. Dillon  vs.  Jack and Jerry Brisco

2/07/82  Orlando- w/ King James J. Dillon v s.  Sweet Brown Sugar and Butch Reed

2/08/82  Ft. Myers- w/ J.J. Dillon  vs.  Sweet Brown Sugar and Hacksaw Reed

Did not appear on the 2/11 card in Cross City

2/13/82  Crystal River- w/ King James Dillon  vs.  El Gran Apollo and Jerry Brisco

2/14/82  Orlando-  vs.  El Gran Apollo

Possibly could of worked the 2/11 card in Melbourne- Could of been part of the "Plus 2 More Matches"

Also could of possible been on the 2/18 card in Jacksonville.

Also, was very probable that he attended the 26 man Battle Royal in Orlando on 2/22.  The actual clipping only shows all the matches that appeared on the card.  There was 23 wrestlers listed on the actual box ad.

2/23/82  Tampa-  lost to El Gran Apollo

2/25/82  Jacksonville-  lost to Mr. Wrestling ll

Possibly cold of worked the 2/26 show in Ft. Myers.  The ad lists a 20 Man Battle Royal and the box ad also says, "plus 3 matches"

Possible could of worked the 2/27 card in Lakeland in the $10,000 25 Man Pole Battle Royal.  Box ad lists all matches with 17 wrestlers.

3/01/82  West Palm Beach-  w/ King James Dillon  vs.  Terry Allen and Eric Embry

Does not compete on the 3/03 card in Miami

3/04/82  Jacksonville-  lost to Terry Allen

Does not appear on the 3/05 card in Starke

3/06/82  Naples-  vs.  Terry Allen

3/09/82  Tampa-  lost to Brian Blair

3/10/82  Miami-  lost to Brian Blair and was 4th man eliminated in the $10,000 20 Man Pole Battle Royal

3/11/82  Jacksonville-  lost to Brian Blair sub for Eric Embry

3/14/82  Orlando-  vs.  Jery Brisco



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What was the MSW show (maybe even Houston) where Sharpe beat Bundy in MSW on KKB's way out... I remember Watts replaying the match on TV a few months later after Sharpe was basically a jobber for him by then (if not gone) just to put over the fact that his wrestlers can beat WWF stars...

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I wonder in which match it was that he injured his forearm?

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