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Jim Browning 1922-1936  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Thu Mar 3rd, 2011 07:06 pm
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I had originally posted my Jim Browning match results a long time ago on the DragonKing and then KM boards.  I've finally gotten around to updating them from the updates I received on those posts.  Some results were from clawmaster, Ron and his clippings, Steve Yohe, Rich Tate's Georgia site, Gary Will and Don Luce.  I've also spent the last few days searching through a lot of newspaper results and I've gotten up to around 275 results.

One of the  things I've found are the results from his Australia tour in 1929.  I think I have all his matches and some of the better newspaper write ups are included.  The last match versus Pesek on Nov 11 has an ending VERY similar to the Jack Johnson vs Tommy Burns championship fight.  I think they were both fought in the same stadium as well.  From the descriptions it sounds like it would have been a great time to be watching wrestling.

Anyway, Browning has always been a favorite of mine and he was one of the all time greats.  I've also tried to include information about how falls were won, attendance and other information I found.  If you like wrestling from this period, I think you'll enjoy reading through them.

Date    City        Opponent          Result  Time        Falls     Venue
Dec 1    Wichita    Jim McClung    Win            Wichita Forum
    ** Wrestled as Young Joe Stecher

Dec 18    Wichita    Sailor Jack Lewis    Draw    45:00        Wichita Forum
    ** Wrestled as Young Joe Stecher

Feb 2    Wichita    Julius Reiff    Win            Wichita Forum
    ** Wrestled as Young Joe Stecher

Feb 16    Hutchinson    Jack Rooney    Draw

Feb 21    Oak Hill    Harold Joseph    Win
    ** Wrestled as Young Joe Stecher

Mar 12    Oak Hill    Frankie Pierce    Win
    ** Wrestled as Young Joe Stecher

Mar 15    Wichita    Frank Ojile    Win            Wichita Forum
    ** Wrestled as Young Joe Stecher

Apr 6    Wichita    Sailor Jack Lewis
** Zbyszko showed up with a huge boil on his arm, and was not able to wrestle, so the show was canceled … Zbyszko’s manager, Jack Herman, agreed to pay all of Linow’s expenses here (Don Luce research)

Apr 27    Wichita    Sailor Jack Lewis                Wichita Forum
    ** No result given

May 8    Augusta    Jack Roller    Win
    ** Wrestled as Young Joe Stecher

May 11    Oak Hill    Sailor Jack Lewis    Win        2/3   
    ** Wrestled as Young Joe Stecher
    ** Browning took 2 straight falls – Dick Daviscourt challenged winner of the match.

May 25    Augusta    Joe Reiff

Jun 9    Florence    Mysterious Smith

Jun 12    Augusta    Allen Eustace
    ** Eustace claims the Kansas heavyweight championship

Oct 23    Davenport    Clarence Jenkins    Win        2/3    Blackhawk Hotel
** Browning won straight falls in 50:00 and 9:03 to headline a smoker at the Federal Surety Co. convention here
(Davenport IA Democrat and Leader, Friday, Oct. 24, 1924)

Jim Browning, a 224-pound mountain of muscle, defeated the veteran Clarence Jenkins, light heavyweight champion, in two straight falls in a private wrestling bout which was the feature of the Federal Surety Company convention smoker held at the Blackhawk Hotel last night.

Both falls were the results of a body scissors hold, the first coming in 50 minutes even and the second in 9:03. Mike Howard, wrestling coach at the University of Iowa, issued a challenge to the winner.

Jenkins was perhaps the quicker of the two and many times he caught his opponent with a vicious headlock. Superior weight and strength, however, always enabled Browning to shake loose. During the last 15 minutes preceding the first fall, Jenkins, who is a former Navy champion, was continually on the defensive. Once he was caught in a deadly combination of a headlock and toehold but managed to shake loose.

While working for the body scissors, which gave him the second fall, Browning caught his opponent in a flying headlock. He made a leap into the air and caught his opponent's head in his vise-like legs, bringing him to the mat by the force of the jump.

After the match, Jenkins stated that he regarded Browning as a real contender for the heavyweight wrestling championship. Jenkins has met and beaten most of the best men in the mat game. Orey Johnson acted as referee.

Dec 12    Tulsa    Taro Miyake    Loss

Jan 26    Nashville    Joe Stecher    Loss        2/3   
** Joe Stecher beat Jim Browning (2-0, cnc) … NOTE: Stecher, described by the wire services as the “former heavyweight wrestling champion of the world,” used a hammerlock to win the first fall in one hour, one and a half minutes … Browning came back for a second fall, but was soon forced to quit due to an injured shoulder.

Mar 20    Wichita    Jack Roller    Win    18:00        Wichita Forum
    **Browning wins with a scissors hold.  Browning attempted to challenge Dick Daviscourt during             falls of the main event but was shoved out of the ring by the referee.
    ** Att: 800

Apr 17    Wichita    Dick Daviscourt    Loss        2/3    Wichita Forum
**Daviscourt wins 2 falls to 1.  The first came in 45 minutes with a headlock which was turned into a double arm lock. Browning won his fall with a scissors after wearing Daviscourt down with a series of headlocks. Daviscourt won the last and deciding fall in 12 minutes, when he crashed Browning to the mat after evading a headlock and simply rested his massive bulk on the stunned Browning.

May 28    Wichita    Dick Daviscourt    Loss    57:00        Wichita Forum
    ** Daviscourt wins with a series of headlocks

Jun 9    Dallas    Milo Steinborn    Win

Nov 23    Los Angeles    Reginald Siki    Loss            Olympic Auditorium

Nov 25    St Louis    George Calza    Loss
    ** Calza wins 1st fall in 64:00 with a body slam and the 2nd fall in 15:00 with a series of headlocks.

Dec 21    Dallas    Dick Daviscourt    Loss
Jan 6    Memphis    Jim Londos    Loss        2/3    Memphis Stadium   
**Londos wins first fall in 30:00 with head scissors and crotch hold, Browning wins second fall in 34:00 with a flying head scissors and a series of headlocks & Londos wins third fall in 12:00 with head scissors and crotch hold

Jan 13    Dallas    Dick Daviscourt    Win        2/3
    ** Browning wins 2 falls to 1

Feb 1    Chicago    George Hill    Win    29:58        Broadway Auditorium
    ** Browning wins with a head scissors

Feb 15    Chicago    Stanislaus Zbyszko    Draw            Dreamland

Feb 20    St. Louis    Roy Steele    Loss           
    ** Roy Steele = Ray Steele
    ** Date Uncertain   

Mar 4    Dallas    Joe Stecher    Loss
    ** Browning loses 2 straight falls

Mar 10    Columbus    Clete Kauffman    Win            Chamber of Commerce

Mar 10    Columbus    Leo Alexander    Win            Chamber of Commerce

Mar 15    Chicago    John Pesek    Loss

Mar 18    Columbus    George Walker    Loss            MH
    **Walker wins by decision

Mar 21    Columbus    George Walker    Loss            Chamber of Commerce

Mar 24    Columbus    Jack Sampson    Win            Chamber of Commerce

Apr 7    Columbus    George Walker    Loss        2/3    Chamber of Commerce
    **Walker wins two straight

Apr 21    Columbus    Cliff Binckley    Draw            MH

Apr 29    St. Louis    Joe Zigmund    Loss   
    ** A Joe Stecher vs John Pesek match headlined the card
    ** Att: 7,500

Oct 13    Atlanta    Pete Sauer    Draw    60:00    2/3    Atlanta City Auditorium
    **Pete Sauer = Ray Steele

Oct 27     Atlanta    Dick Daviscourt    Loss        2/3    Atlanta City Auditorium

Jan 6    Atlanta    Jack Clark    Win            Atlanta City Auditorium
    ***Att: 2,000

Jan 18    Atlanta    Paul Jones    Draw            Atlanta City Auditorium

Feb 3    Atlanta    Dick Daviscourt    Win        2/3    Atlanta City Auditorium
** Daviscourt took the first fall in 27:20 with a headlock. Browning took the 2nd fall in 31:27 with a head scissors and the 3rd fall in 12:46 with a headlock.

Feb 9    Los Angeles    Paul Jones    Loss            Olympic Auditorium

Feb 17    Atlanta    Joe Stecher    Loss        2/3    Atlanta City Auditorium
    ** Browning was wrestling Stecher for the World Championship
** Stecher won 1st fall in 45:10 with a body scissors, Browning wins second fall in 7:33 with a flying head scissors and Stecher takes 3rd fall in 14:45 with a body scissors.

Feb 18    Columbus    John Paxos    Win        2/3
** Paxos won 1st fall in 35:00 with a headlock, Browning won the 2nd fall in 20:05 and the 3rd fall in 14:00 both with a flying head scissors

Mar 10    Atlanta    Jim Londos    Loss        2/3    Atlanta City Auditorium
** Londos wins first fall in 52:17, Browning wins second fall in 11:58 & Londos wins third fall in 19:34

Mar 18    Atlanta    Paul Jones    Loss            Atlanta City Auditorium

Apr 7    Atlanta    Wladek Zbyszko    Loss            Atlanta City Auditorium

May 10    Atlanta    Dick Daviscourt    Loss            Atlanta City Auditorium
    ** This was a boxing match with Browning being knocked out in the fifth.

Aug 31     Columbus    Alan Eustace    Loss            Haft’s Acre
    **Browning lost by decision.

Aug 31    Columbus    Alan Eustace                Haft’s Acre
    **Card was cancelled – reported that Browning requested more time to train for Eustace.

Sep 28    Columbus    Alan Eustace    Loss            Chamber of Commerce
    **It was reported that Browning suffered a broken rib.

Nov 3    Atlanta    Andy Horn    Win    21:08        Atlanta City Auditorium
    ** Browning issued challenge to winner of Strangler Lewis/Jack Washburn main event

Nov 17    Atlanta    Sandy McDougal    Win        2/3    Atlanta City Auditorium

Dec 7    Atlanta    Charlie Hansond    Loss        2/3    Atlanta City Auditorium

Dec 13    Brooklyn    Reginald Siki    Draw            New Ridgewood Grove

Dec 20    Brooklyn    Renato Gardini    Loss    46:00        New Ridgewood Grove
    ** Gardini wins with a flying mare

Jan 5    Atlanta    Paul Jones    Draw        2/3    Atlanta City Auditorium
    ** Jones took only fall of a 2 hour match

Jan 30    New York    Jim Londos    Loss    43:28        71st Regiment Armory
    ** Londos wins with flying mare and headlock
    ** Att: 1,500

Feb 8    Los Angeles    Jim Londos    Loss            Olympic Auditorium
    ** Att: 6,000

Mar 7    Los Angeles    Tommy Draak    Win            Olympic Auditorium

Mar 22    Los Angeles    Nick Lutze    Draw             Olympic Auditorium
    ** Wrestled to a 2 hour draw

Apr 19    Los Angeles    Jim Londos    Draw

May 28    Los Angeles    Nick Lutze    Loss            Olympic Auditorium

Jun 27    Los Angeles    George Hotsonaros                Olympic Auditorium

Jul 11    Los Angeles    Pat McGill                Olympic Auditorium

Aug 8    Los Angeles    Jim Londos

Oct 18    Memphis    Ray Steele    Draw

Oct 24    Atlanta    Dick Daviscourt    Win        2/3    Atlanta City Auditorium
    ** Browning wins 2 falls to 1

Nov 8    Atlanta    Stanislaus Zbyszko    Win        2/3    Atlanta City Auditorium
    **Browning wins 2 straight falls

Nov 23    Memphis    Buck Olsen    Win        2/3    Memphis Stadium
** Olsen wins first fall in 27:00 with a series of headlocks and a flying mare, Browning wins second fall in 15:00 with a series of headlocks and a body slam & Browning wins third fall in 6:00 with a headlock

Nov 26        George Hill    Win

Dec 27    Philadelphia    Dick Shikat    Win    45:00       
    **Browning was given the decision by two judges after the time limit ran out.

Dec 29    St. Louis    Roy Steele    Win
    **Roy Steele = Ray Steele
    **Date uncertain

Jan 11    St. Louis    Dick Shikat    Loss            St. Louis Coliseum
    **Att: 4,000

Jan 15    Chicago    Toots Mondt    Loss    19:00

Apr 7    Newcastle    Scotty McDougall    Draw
    ** Browning billed a Missouri Champion during the tour and McDougall as Canadian Champion
    ** Newspaper account:
SYDNEY, Sunday.— An all-in struggle followed the sixth and final round of the wrestling match at Newcastle last night between Scotty McDougall, 15.10, of Canada, and Jim Browning, 15.0, of America.  While the struggle in the ring was going on a beer bottle crashed on the ringside, splintered over the mat and badly cut a spectator's hand. Inspector Steyne entered the ring and ended the contest. At the end of the match McDougall kept his hold on Browning and the referees and seconds separated them. A general mix-up followed.

Apr 28    Sydney    George Zarynoff    Draw
    ** Each wrestler gained 1 fall

May 4    Adelaide    Paddy Manlay    Win            Exhibition Building
    ** Browning wins 2 falls to none
    ** Newspaper account:
Jim Browning, described as the "Missouri Cyclone." made his initial appearance at the Exhibition Building Stadium on Saturday. He stripped on the big side weighing 15 St. 6 lb. Paddy Manaly, the popular Irishman, who was matched with him scaled 6 lb. lighter. The bout had not been in progress many minutes be fore it was apparent that a trial of strength would predominate over wrestling. Browning began by picking up his antagonist and dumping him on the floor. The experience was not new to Manaly. who showed ability on his own account in the same direction: but the Irishman was disturbed when Browning followed the dumping with a body scissors and tossed him about with his legs. Manaly was further tested with an armbar, but he earned applause for a clever escape from a short-arm scissors. Treating Browning to some of his own medicine. Manaly brought off a good dump and held the American on the mat for some time in a grueling headlock. Browning vaulted out of it. When Manaly endeavored to repeat the hold  Browning turned his neck and shoulders sharply and the Irishman was astonished to find himself outside the ring. Browning opened the second round by lifting Manaly shoulder high and dumping him flat on his back. Before the Irishman could move Browning pounced on him with a headlock. There were cheers as Manaly slowly wormed his way out and a fall was looked for when the tables were turned on the American. Several -times Manaly had the referee (Mr. Hugh Whitman) hopping from side to side as he increased the pressure of his headlocks. Sheer strength got Browning out of trouble. Finding it hard to make any impression on the American's neck Manaly tried for the toes, and established a bold that caused Browning to beat the floor in agony. Manaly added a twist to it but Browning released himself by superb bridging.  Browning saw to it that Manaly did not get another grip on his toes. Keeping off the mat he worried Manaly with headlocks and dumps. In the third bout the Irishman also devoted his strength to headlocks. Time after time be floored his man, only to see Browning crawl or vault out. The crowd were not interested in the strong man stuff and called out to the pair to wrestle. The invitation was promptly accepted by Browning, who applied half-a-dozen full halches in succession. This throw is calculated to sap the energy of the strongest and the resounding thuds as Manaly was dropped flat on his back indicated that the end was near. Finding that the Irishman was still capable of resistance, Browning tossed him over the ropes among the ringside spectator. Grabbing his neck again, the American did one heave towards the front ropes and attendants rushed to prevent Manaly falling from the staging to the floor. Fortunately the rope held. The procession of halches proved too much for Manaly, who was pinned to the mat after the next one. Browning recording the first tall In 7 min. 53 sec. The American went full steam ahead with the halches in the fourth round, succeeding in tossing the referee as well as his opponent out of the enclosure. Manaly stood it gamely but he was unprepared for a figure-four body scissors that Browning suddenly applied. It is a ferocious hold, and the Irishman did not take long lo submit when Browning added a half-nelson to it. The strain was all on Manaly's stomach, and he lay on the mat in a state of exhaustion for several minutes after Browning had let go. The fall was recorded in 2 minutes 57 seconds. A good preliminary was witnessed between Val Clayton. 9 st. 2 lb.. and Tommy Cairncross. 8 st. 12 lb. Cairncross scored heavily in the second and third rounds by causing Clayton to miss. Clayton carried the heavier punch, but was seldom able to land a solid one. In the closing rounds Clavton was more successful, and Caincross found it necessary to do a lot of holding.  The referee (Mr. J. Stanway) decided in favor of Cairncross, the margin being very small. An acrobatic turn by the Atlas Brotners. who convulsed the crowd with a wrestling burlesque, was a much-appreciated variation.

May 18    Adelaide    Leone Labriola    Win            Exhibition Building
    ** Labriola advertised as the Italian Champion

Jun 1    Adelaide    Scotty MacDougall    Win            Exhibition Building
    ** Browning wins 2 falls to 1

Jun 8    Adelaide    Tom Lurich    Win            Exhibition Building
    ** Lurich billed as European Champion
    ** Browning wins 2 falls to 1

Jul 13    Adelaide    Tom Lurich    Win            Exhibition Building
    ** Browning wins 2 falls to 1
    ** Newspaper account:
In a wrestling contest at the Exhibition Building on Saturday night, Jim Browning (15.4) beat Tom Lurich (15.2) by two falls to one.  The contest concluded sensationally.  A general uproar followed when Browning continued to apply his punishing scissors after the fall had been awarded to him.  A number of spectators rushed into the ring and broke his hold.  Among the most indignant at Browning’s alleged unfair tactics was Rocky Marshall, who attempted to attack Browning but was restrained by the audience.
    ** Newspaper story:
As the result of "Rocky" Marshall's action in rushing into the arena at the conclusion of the wrestling match between Jim Browning and Tom Lurich on Saturday night, with the object of forcing Browning to release his opponent from the body scissors hold. Browning has refused to meet Marshall in the ring under ordinary circumstances. After having been awarded the winning fall in the match Browning sustained his punishing body scissors for some time. With others Marshall jumped into the ring and gave vent to his indignation at the alleged unsportsmanlike action of Browning. Referring to the incident, Browning said he did not feel the referee's signal and had his eyes closed to avoid the glare of the lights. He was also dizzy owing to the series of heavy falls he had suffered just before. He resented Marshall's action, and declined to meet him under the usual conditions. He, however, was willing to wrestle Marshall if the proceeds of the match were given to charity or if the winner took all. Marshall will agree to a contest under the ordinary conditions, but if Browning desires to wrestle under the conditions as laid down by him Marshall stipulates that he should receive some handicap. He says he is a stone lighter than Browning, but if he will equalise matters by doing away with his body scissors he will meet him, the winner to take all.

Jul 20    Adelaide    Rocky Marshall    Win            Exhibition Building
    ** News paper account:
At the. Exhibition Buildings on Saturday night Jim Browning  (15.5) defeated Rocky Marshall (14.3). Up to the seventh round Marshall led by one fall to none, but Browning, after appearing to be beaten, clapped on a body scissors and equalised matters. Marshall felt the effects of the scissors hold so greatly that he was unable to continue and the match was awarded to Browning. The largest crowd for a wrestling bout to date attended on Saturday night.

Aug 3    Adelaide    Leone Labriola    Loss            Exhibition Building
    ** Labriola won 2 falls to none
    ** Browning’s 1st loss in Australia

Aug 10    Adelaide    Leone Labriola    Win            Exhibition Building
    ** Browning secured only fall and rendered Labriola unable to continue with his leg scissors.

Aug 26    Sydney    John Pesek    Loss            Rushcutter Bay Stadium
    ** Newspaper story:
Before an attendance of 12, 000 the, largest number since the introduction of wrestling in Sydney, John Pesek beat Jim Browning by one fall in the sixth round at Rushcutter Bay Stadium last night  After a fast and scientific match Pesek threw his opponent with a body slam in 4m 45s and secured the fall.  Browning, semi-conscious was carried to his corner when the bell sounded for the seventh round he was unable to continue and Pesek was declared the winner
Browning was engaging in his first Sidney match whilst Pesek has won all his Australian contests. Pesek weighing 13st 81b was at a considerable disadvantage against Browning’s 15st 10lb. The latter displayed great science and frequently had his opponent puzzled.  It was one of the finest exhibit tons seen in Sydney
Browning sought for a head lock as they opened proceedings but Pesek forced him to the ropes. The latter displayed great activity against Browning’s superior strength. Browning forced his opponent to the canvas but failed to pin his shoulders.  Whilst in the grip of a head lock Pesek hurled Browning back to the ropes and later broke an armbar when Browning had him on the mat Browning threw Pesek heavily with a head lock but again Pesek wriggled out of the hold. Some unusually fast and clever work marked the closing stages
With a spectacular head throw Browning hurled his opponent to the mat early in the second round and later forced Pesek down with a wrist lock. Pesek meanwhile wriggling as his shoulders frequently touched the mat, but not of sufficient duration to secured a fall. Pesek had a toe hold but Browning forced himself out by exerting his strength. Pesek was encountering difficulty in placing holds upon his heavier adversary and towards the close, Browning hurled Pesek across the ring, the latter hanging upon the ropes
There were many exciting moments early in the third turn, each man in turn assuming the role of attacker. Then Browning had Pesek in difficulties with a toehold, but climbing over his opponent Pesek released the grip and placed a hammerlock. Escaping, Pesek hurled Browning under the ropes and threw him about the ring
Browning had his opponent on the mat with a headlock soon after the fourth session opened and Pesek, after forcing Browning over the middle rope, fell into a body scissors. Pesek was hooted for wriggling under the ropes when held and Browning was applauded for breaking a wristlock by imposing a head scissors. Towards the end Browning hurled Pesek across the ring into the Press seats
Whilst Pesek was striving for a toe hold in the fifth term Browning obtained a splits but failed to retain it. After Pesek had lifted Browning over the ropes in the next session, he carried his opponent around the ring then, securing the back slam threw Browning heavily upon his back, closing the match.
Sep 14     Melbourne    Ad Santel    Loss
    ** Santel scored only fall in the last round. 
    ** Newspaper  said; Browning displayed great strength but lacked the polish and finish of Santel.

Sep 24    Sydney    Alan Eustace    Draw            Rushcutters Bay Stadium
    ** Eustace won a fall in the 4th round and Browning took a fall in the 7th round

Oct 5    Sydney    John Pesek    Loss
    ** Pesek out pointed Browning   

Oct 12    Melbourne    Joe Zigmund    W-DQ
    ** Newspaper account:
For attacking the referee (Mr. Alf. Bridges) and throwing him out of the ring, Joe Zikmund (15.0), of Nebraska (U.S.A.), was disqualified after the fifth round with Jim Browning (16.0), of Missouri (USA), at the Stadium on Saturday. Mr. Bridges hurried back into the ring and lifted Browning’s arm in token of victory, whereupon Zikmund, who seemed genuinely annoyed, rushed at the referee again, but was promptly tackled by Browning with a strong hold from behind, and dragged to the mat. Mr. Bridges took a hand in the melee, and, seizing Zikmund's head, rubbed his nose along the bottom rope. Hostilities then ceased, and the most disgraceful exhibition ever seen in the Stadium ring came to an end. From beginning to end the match was a travesty and a tragedy. It so nearly resembled a street brawl that uppercuts with the butt of the open palm to keep within the law against striking with the clenched fist, hair, nose, and ear pulling, thumb and knuckle gouging, stamping upon a prostrate opponent, knee bumping, and elbow jolting, took the place of legitimate countering and wrestling. Science went by the board. Zikmund was the chief offender and initiator of the mauling tactics. Browning retaliated with zest, but he had better control of his temper. Zikmund, muttering threats and wearing a ferocious scowl, appeared completely beside himself with rage. At the end Browning had a black eye and Zikmund was bleeding from the mouth.

Oct 14    Adelaide    George Zarynoff    Win
    ** Browning wins 1 fall to none

Oct 19    Melbourne    John Pesek    L-DQ            Melbourne Stadium
** Browning was DQ’d for punching Pesek, it was later announced he was fined 25 pounds for his actions
    ** Newspaper story:
STADIUM SENSATION MELBOURNE, Sunday. After repeatedly tearing his opponent's hair in defiance of the referee's warnings, Jim Browning (16.1) was disqualified for having struck John Pesek (13.9) in the fifth round of a one-sided match at the Stadium on Saturday. Pesek was winded just as a crashing fall against Browning seemed inevitable. The referee (Mr. Bridges) who had intervened to protect Pesek after the blow was struck and flung sprawling by a sweep of Browning’s arm. Mr. Bridges jumped to his feet, and awarded the match to Pesek, and left the ring. Browning stormed about the ring, smiting his chest, trying to argue with the referee, and glaring at the howling spectators. Not until he had been ordered from the ring by the general manager of Stadium Ltd. (Mr.R. Lean) was quiet restored

Oct 29    Sydney    Allan Eustace    Win            Rushcutters Bay Stadium
** Browning secured fall in the second round, Eustace injured his right foot and was unable to continue and referee declared Browning the winner.

Nov 4    Sydney    Joe Zigmund    Win
    ** Zigmund was unable to continue after Browning had secured a fall with a headlock.
    ** Browning was substituting for an injured Ad Santel.

Nov 11    Sydney    John Pesek    Loss   
    **Newspaper story:
Pesek Beats Browning
John Pesek, who has an unbeaten record in Australia, met Jim Browning in a return match at Rushcutter Bay Stadium last night. Conditions were ten rounds each of 10 minutes, with a stipulation that if a fall had not been secured at the termination of the allotted time the referee was empowered to order three extra rounds. The contest drew one of the largest attendances of the season, and ended in the sixth round. Pesek secured the only fall, in the fifth term, and in the next, when the police Intervened, he was declared the winner.
Browning held the advantage in weight 15st 13lb, compared with Pesek's 13st 81b. Pesek waited in his corner at the bell for Browning to attack.  Browning endeavoured to secure a leg hold, but Pesek beat him off, and later Browning frustrated an attempt by Pesek to throw him with an arm bar.  Browning had his opponent on the mat, but failed to hold him. Again the heavier man brought Pesek down with a headlock and Pesek was hooted for escaping by wriggling under the ropes. Pesek, by spectacular twists, broke from a wristlock.  Browning was doing the greater share of attack, and he had his adversary on the mat with an arm bar when the round terminated.
Browning forced his opponent back as they met for the second term and after some rough work Pesek doubled Browning with a blow to the stomach. After throwing Pesek, Browning gained a toehold and whilst endeavouring to force his opponent down placed his foot upon Pesek's face. When in difficulties, Browning slapped Pesek, and the latter countered his opponent's attempts to trip him.  Browning incurred the displeasure of the crowd by roughing Pesek's face and the latter fell into a splits hold, but Pesek freed himself by bringing Browning to the mat and the bell sounded whilst the heavier man was upon his back.
Early In the third term Pesek held Browning by the foot against the ropes, and Browning was cautioned for indulging in boxing tactics. There was an exchange of boxing and Pesek unsteadied his opponent with an uppercut. Again the referee was compelled to caution the contestants for their illegal methods. Pesek attacked with a couple of head throws, and at the close of the round  Browning had him in a body scissors.
The fourth round opened wildly, Pesek striving for a fall, then forcing down his opponent with a wrist lock, had him on the mat, but failed to hold him.  Browning hurled the lighter man over the ropes and Pesek responded by throwing Browning outside.  Browning gained a splits hold which Pesek evaded by securing an arm bar, but Browning rolled under the ropes. The latter had Pesek In a Boston crab, from which he kicked himself free and obtained a toehold, but when submission appeared certain, Browning wriggled to the edge of the ring and before they resumed the round closed.
Pesek obtained a sensational fall in 6m 45s of the fifth round. After some rough work, Pesek staggered his opponent with a blow to the chin. Before Browning recovered Pesek hurled him around the ring. With a succession of back slams, Pesek eventually succeeded in pinning his opponent, and was awarded the fall.
Browning was assisted to his corner and appeared still dazed when ordered to commence the sixth round. He was unable to resist Pesek's attack, and when lm 50s had passed,  Police Inspector Farley stopped the contest.

Sep 10    Columbus    John Pesek    L-D        2/3   
** Pesek won 1st fall in 81:00 with a bodyslam, Browning won 2nd fall in 25:00 with the airplane scissors, judges gave final decision to Pesek after 2 hours
** Att: 4,000

Sep 12    Toledo    Andy Brown    Win    21:10        Toledo Armory
    ** Browning wins with the airplane scissors

Sep 19    Toledo    Glen Wade    Win        2/3    Toledo Armory


May 14    Boston    Abe Kaplan    Win    16:00        Boston Arena
    ** Browning wins with a flying scissors

Apr 30    Schenectady    Reginald Siki    Win        2/3
** Browning wins 1st fall with a body scissors in 33:15, Siki wins 2nd fall with a body slam in 9:00 and Browning takes 3rd fall in 19:50 when a kick to the jaw KO’s Siki.

Jun 18    Boston    George McLeod    Draw    10:00

Jul 1    Hartford    Jean LeDoux                Hurley Stadium

Nov 5    Hartford    Carl Lamele    Win        2/3    Foot Guard Armory

Jan 15    Hartford    Ivan Vakturoff    Win        2/3    Foot Guard Hall
    ** Browning wins 1st in 20:27 and 2nd in 15:12, both with the airplane scissors

Jan 20    New York    Charlie Leahman    Win            St. Nicholas Arena

Feb 1        Billy Bartush    Win
    ** Browning won with the airplane scissors

Feb 25    Boston    Henri DeGlane    Loss        2/3    Boston Arena
** DeGlane wins first fall in 34:35 with an airplane whirl and slam, Browning wins second fall in 19:21 with an airplane scissors & Deglane wins third fall in 9:41 with a body slam

Mar 16    New York    Marvin Westenberg    Win    31:55        St. Nicholas Arena

Mar 29        Al Mercier    Draw    30:00

Apr 8    Salem    Al Mercier    Won        2/3

Apr 13    New York    Buck Weaver    Win    40:36        St. Nicholas Arena

Apr 14    Hartford    Ed Don George    Draw    57:21        Foot Guard Hall

Apr 28    Hartford    Harry Cornsweet    Win        2/3    Foot Guard Hall
    ** Browning substituted for Karl Pojello and won 2 straight falls

May 26    New York    Jose Dominiquez    Win    17:10        St. Nicholas Arena
**Browning,230 threw Dominiquez,225 in 17:10 of a scheduled 30 minute exhibition with an airplane scissors
    **Att: 2,000

Jun 3    Boston    Henri De Glane    Loss    1:16:00
    ** De Glane wins with a body slam

Jun 12    Montreal    Billy Bartush    Win        2/3    Mount Royal Arena
    ** Bartush took 1st fall and Browning wins next 2 with body scissors.

Jul 11    New York    Giuseppe Picco    Win    17:40        Long Beach Stadium
    ** Browning wins with airplane scissors
    ** Att: 1,200

Jul 15    Albany    Karol Zbyszko                Hawkins Stadium
Jul 25    Montreal    Joe Malcewicz    Draw    2:27:00    2/3   
** Malcewicz took first fall in 1:33:15 with a bar arm lock, Brown wins 2nd with the airplane scissors and match called a draw at 2 O’clock in the morning with both wrestlers exhausted.

Oct 10    New York    Sandor Szabo    Draw            Madison Square Garden

Oct 18    Hartford    Stanly Pinto    Win        2/3    Foot Guard Hall
    ** Browning was substituting for Jack Washburn

Nov 2    New Haven    George Manish    Win    24:00
    ** Browning wins with airplane scissors

Dec 5    New York    Joe Malcewicz    Draw    20:00        Madison Square Garden
    ** Undercard to Strangler Lewis vs Ray Steele main event
    ** Att: 7,000

Jan 2    New York    Sammy Stein    Win    31:15        71st Regiment Armory

Jan 23    New York    Ed “Strangler” Lewis    Loss    34:52        Madison Square Garden
    **NYSAC Heavyweight Championship was on the line
    ** Att: 7,000

Feb 6    New York    Century Milstead    Win    17:57        Madison Square Garden
    ** Browning wins with a body scissors in an exhibition match scheduled for 25 minutes.
    **Att: 5,000

Feb 13    Buffalo    Ed Don George    D-L    1:03:00
    ** Don George over Jim Browning on a refs decision 1:03:00 due to 11 O'clock curfew law

Feb 20    New York    Ed “Strangler” Lewis    Win    57:50        Madison Square Garden
    **Browning wins the NYSAC Heavyweight Championship
    **Att: 5,000

Feb 23    New Haven    Matros Kirilenko    Win    31:19        New Haven Arena
    ** Browning wins with airplane scissors
    ** Att: 2,000

Feb 28    New York    Mike Mazurki    Win    23:40        New York Coliseum
    ** Browning wins with the airplane scissors – see clipping
    ** Att: 14,000

Mar 1    Brooklyn    Marin Plestina    Win    23:31        Ridgewood Grove-Brooklyn
    ** Browning wins with the airplane scissors – see clipping
    ** Att: 4,000

Mar 6    New York    Sammy Stein    Win    46:48        Madison Square Garden
    ** Browning wins with airplane scissors
    ** Att: 9,000

Mar 14    New York    Jack Washburn    Win    21:31        New York Coliseum
    ** Browning wins with the airplane scissors – see clipping
    ** Att: 9,000

Mar 15    Worcester    George Jenkins    Win
    ** Browning wins 2 straight falls

Mar 20    New York    Ed “Strangler” Lewis    Win    59:58        Madison Square Garden
    ** Browning wins with the airplane scissors – see clipping
    ** Att: 7,000

Mar 21    New Haven    Alfone Getzewich    Win

Mar 24    Toronto    Sandor Szabo    Win   
    ** Browning won 2 falls with the airplane scissors

Mar 27    New York    Sam Cordovano    Win    31:43        71st Regiment Armory
    ** Att: 4,000 – see clippings

Mar 28    New York    Dr. Fred Meyers   
    ** Browning unable to wrestle due to a leg injury – see clipping

Apr 3    New York    Nick Lutze    Win 1:03:04        71st Regiment Armory
    ** Browning wins with leg scissors and body hold – see clippings
    ** Att: 3,000

Apr 6    Cedar Rapids    Glenn Munn    Win        2/3   
    ** Browning wins 1st fall in 26:29 and 2nd fall in 12:16, both with the airplane scissors

Apr 11    Chicago    Ed “Strangler” Lewis    Win    1:04:00        Coliseum
    ** Wrestling ban was rescinded for this show

Apr 17    New York    Nick Lutze    W-D    54:00        71st Regiment Armory
    ** Browning awarded decision after match ends due to 11 O’clock curfew – see clippings
    ** Att: 5,000

Apr 18    New York    Sammy Stein    Win    40:27        New York Coliseum
    ** Browning wins with a body scissors – see clippings
    ** Att: 9,000

Apr 19    New Haven    Al Geicewicz    Win     38:47
    ** see clipping

Apr 24    Montreal    Charlie Stack    Win

May 9    New York    Sammy Stein    Win    41:56        New York Coliseum
    ** Browning wins with a scissors hold – see clippings
    ** Att: 8,000

May 13     San Francisco    Ad Santel    Win

May 14    Portland    Richard Stahl    Win        2/3
    ** Browning won 2 straight falls with the airplane scissors   

May 25    Vancouver    Bob Kruse    Win

Jun 7    Los Angeles    Ed “Strangler” Lewis    Win

Jun 12    New York    Joe Savoldi    Win    1:58:05        Yankee Stadium
**Jack Curley’s Milk Fund Show.  Browning given decision after curfew stops match.  Rained all night. – see clippings
    **Att: 6,000

Jun 14    Worcester    John Friberg    Win        2/3
** Browning wins 2 straight falls – 1st fall in 22:03 with airplane scissors and 2nd in 8:54 with a  body scissors – see clipping

Jun 16    Buffalo    Earl McCready

Jun 19    Montreal    Joe Malcewicz    Win

Jun 26    Tacoma    Jack Forsgren    Win

July 3    Winnipeg    Howard Cantowine    Win

July 4    Regina    George Jenkins    Win            Regina Stadium
    ** Att: 2,000

July 5    Moose Jaw    Tony Catalina    Win

Jul 12    Los Angeles    Gus Sonnenberg    Win        2/3    Olympic Auditorium
**Sonnenberg wins first fall in 0:32 with billy goat butt, Browning wins second fall in 24:48 with an airplane scissors & Browning wins third fall in 5:37 with an airplane scissors

Jul 26    Los Angeles    Charley Santen    Win        2/3    Olympic Auditorium
**Browning wins first fall in 19:17 with an airplane scissors & Browning wins second fall in 9:57 with an airplane scissors

Aug 1    Spokane    Ted Thye    Win

Aug 3    Vancouver    Ed “Strangler” Lewis    Win

Aug 29    San Diego    Ed “Strangler” Lewis    Draw

Sep 8    Omaha    Vic Soldat    Win
    ** Att: 2,000

Sep 13    Des Moines    Pat Mc Gill    Win        2/3
    ** Browning won 1st and 3rd falls

Sep 14    Omaha    Cy Williams    Win
    ** Att: 2,000

Sep 21    Toronto    Mayes McClain    Win

Sep 25    Montreal    Joe Malcewicz    Win

Oct 2    New York    Joe Savoldi    Win    36:59        Madison Square Garden
    ** Att: 10,000 – see clippings

Oct 9    Montreal    Sandor Szabo    Win

Oct 12    Toronto    Jack Washburn    Win

Oct 16    New York    Rudy Dusek    Win    35:29        71st Regiment Armory
    ** Browning pins him with a body hold and arm lock – see clippings
    ** Att: 3,000

Oct 30    New York    Sandor Szabo    Win    50:56        Madison Square Garden
    ** Browning wins with the airplane hold. – see clippings
    **Att: 10,000

Nov 2    Toronto    Joe Savoldi    Draw

Nov 13    San Francisco    Ivan Mannagoff    Win    55:30

Nov 20    New York    Gus Sonnenberg    Win    1:10:21        Madison Square Garden
    ** Browning wins with the airplane scissors – see clippings
    ** Att: 10,000

Nov 30    Camden    Ed “Strangler” Lewis    Win

Dec 1    Washington    Ernie Dusek    Win    50:00        Washington Auditorium
    ** Browning wins with the airplane scissors – see clippings
    ** Att: 4,500

Dec 4    New York    Sammy Stein    Win    25:03        Madison Square Garden
    ** Browning wins with a body scissors and leg hold – see clippings
    ** Att: 8,000

Dec 13    Hartford    Jim Clinstock    Win        2/3    Foot Guard Hall
    ** Halted in 2nd fall when Clinstock became helpless to Browning’s attack

Dec 15    Washington    Tiny Roebuck    Win            Washington Auditorium
** Joe Turner’s Need Children Charity Show. Browning wins with the airplane scissors – see clippings
    ** Att: 4,000

Dec 18    New York    Ed Don George    Draw    1:40:00        Madison Square Garden
**Browning NYSAC Champion wrestled George the New England Champion to a curfew draw – see clippings
    **Att: 8,000

Dec 26    Albany    Fred Grubmeier    Win        2/3
** Browning wins 2 straight falls with the airplane scissors, the 1st in 41:40 and 2nd in 7:45 – see clipping

Dec 29    Philadelphia    Ed “Strangler” Lewis    Win    47:27

Jan 2    Baltimore    Gino Garibaldi    Win
    **Browning won with a body scissors

Jan 5     Schenectady    Frank Bronowicz    Win        2/3
    **Browning won 2 straight

Jan 8    New York    Ray Steele    Win    1:04:56        Madison Square Garden
    **Att: 8,000

Jan 17    Los Angeles    Joe Savoldi    W-DQ        Olympic Auditorium
    ** Browning given DQ win after Savoldi violates a new non drop-kick rule.   

Jan 24    Los Angeles    Joe Savoldi    Win        2/3    Olympic Auditorium
** Curfew time limit draw with 1 fall a piece was originally called.  Both wrestlers returned to the ring after a near riot by the audience and consent from a member of the State  Athletic Commission.  Browning wins the third and deciding fall with the airplane scissors.
**Att: 8,500

Jan 30    Atlanta    Dick Daviscourt    Win            Atlanta City Auditorium

Feb 9    New York    Rudy Dusek    Win    32:48        22nd Engineers Armory
    ** Att: 2,000

Feb 15    Toronto    George Zaharias    Win        2/3        Maple Leaf Gardens
    **Browning wins 2 falls to 1.

Feb 21    Chicago    Joe Stecher    Win   
    **Joe Stecher’s last match.

Mar 5        Ray Steele    Win

Mar 14    Toronto    Jim McMillan    Win        2/3    Maple Leaf Gardens
    **Browning wins in 2 straight falls.

Mar 19    New York    Hans Kampfer    Win    1:01:57        Madison Square Garden
    ** Browning wins with body hold
    ** Att: 7,000

Mar 27    New York    Abe Coleman    Win    22:31        New York Coliseum
    ** Browning wins with airplane scissors
    ** Att: 1,500

Apr 2    New York    Jim McMillen    Win    1:02:09        71st Regiment Armory
    ** Browning wins with slam and body hold
    ** Att: 5,000

Apr 5    Washington    Rudy Dusek    Win

Apr 13    Los Angeles    Leo Numa    Win        2/3    Olympic Auditorium

Apr 15    Mexico City    Ed “Strangler” Lewis    Win        2/3
    ** Att: 12,000

Apr 30    New York    Ray Steele    Win    36:22        Madison Square Garden
    ** Browning wins with an arm and body hold
    **Att: 3,000

May 10    Hartford    Dr. Len Hall    Win        2/3    Foot Guard Hall
    **Browning won 2 straight falls

May 17    Toronto    Gino Garibaldi    Win        2/3   
    **Browning wins 2 falls to 1

Jun 14     Camden    Gino Garibaldi    Win

Jun 25    Long Island    Jim Londos    Loss    70:10        Madison Square Garden Bowl
    **Londos unifies the title by beating Browning.
    ** Att: 25,000 with $40,000 gate

Jul 5    Toronto    Joe Savoldi    Win        2/3
    **Browning wins 2 falls to 1

Jul 13    Knoxville    Orville Brown    Draw

Jul 18    Atlanta    Paul Jones    Win        2/3    Ponce De Leoan Park
    **Browning won 2 falls to 1

Jul 25    Los Angeles    George Zaharias    Loss        2/3    Olympic Auditorium
    **Decision was reversed due to the fans rioting.
    **Att: 9,500

Aug 1    Los Angeles    George Zaharias    Win        2/3    Olympic Auditorium
    **A reported 5,000 people were turned away.
    **Att: 11,000

Aug 8    Los Angeles    Ray Steele    Win        2/3    Olympic Auditorium
    **Att: 8,000

Aug 22    Los Angeles    Jim Londos    Loss        2/3    Olympic Auditorium
** Londos wins 1st fall with his “unconscious hold” in 31:00, Browning takes 2nd fall in 15:00 with the airplane scissors and Londos takes 3rd with body slam and semi-strangle.
    **Att: 9,500

Sep 15    Brooklyn    Sandor Szabo    Win

Sep 17    Montreal    Karl Pojello    Win

Sep 18    Trois Rivieres    Jim Maloney    Win

Sep 20    Toronto    Hans Steinke    Win    35:25            Maple Leaf Gardens
    **Att: 8,000

Oct 3    Syracuse    Flody Marshall    Win    19:58
    **Browning uses the flying scissors to win

Oct 4    Toronto    Hans Steinke    Win        2/3    Maple Leaf Gardens
    **Browning wins 2 falls to 1

Oct 9    Atlanta    Orville Brown    DQW    58:00    2/3    Atlanta City Auditorium
    **Browning wins 2 falls to 1

Oct 12    Houston    Orville Brown    Win

Oct 15    New York    Dick Shikat          &n

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