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Muhammad Ali Ring record  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sun Jun 1st, 2008 01:12 am
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By request of Rossi in the chat room.

Oct. 29 Tunney Hunsaker Louisville, KY W/6 ---

Dec. 27 Herbert Siler Miami KO/4 -

1961 Jan. 17 Anthony Sperti Miami TKO/3 ---

Feb. 7 Jimmy Robinson Miami TKO/1 ---

Feb. 21 Donnie Fleeman Miami TKO/7 ---

Apr. 19 Lamar Clark Louisville KO/2 ---

Jun. 26 Duke Sabwedong Las Vegas W/10 ---

Jul. 22 Alonzo Johnson Louisville W/10 ---

Oct. 7 Alex Miteff Louisville TKO/6 ---

Nov. 29 Willi Besmanoff Louisville TKO/7

1962 Feb. 10 Lucian Banks New York TKO/4 ---

Feb. 28 Jack Wagner Miami TKO/4 ---

Apr. 23 George Logan Miami TKO/4 ---

May 19 Billy Daniels New York TKO/7 ---

Jul. 20 Alejandro Lavorante Los Angeles KO/5 ---

Nov. 15 Archie Moore Los Angeles TKO/4

1963 Jan. 24 Charles Powell Pittsburgh KO/3 ---

Mar. 13 Doug Jones New York W/10 ---

Jun. 18 Henry Cooper London TKO/5

Feb. 25 Sonny Liston Miami TKO/7 Won-World-H

May 25 Sonny Liston Lewiston, ME KO/1 Ret-World-H

Nov. 22 Floyd Patterson Las Vegas TKO/12 Ret-World-H

Mar. 29 George Chuvalo Toronto W/15 Ret-World-H

May 21 Henry Cooper London TKO/6 Ret-World-H

Aug. 6 Brian London London TKO/3 Ret-World-H

Sep. 10 Karl Mildenberger Frankfurt, Germany TKO/12 Ret-World-H

Nov. 14 Cleveland Williams Houston TKO/3 Ret-World-H

Feb. 6 Ernie Terrell New York W/15 Ret-World-H

Mar. 22 Zora Folley New York TKO/7 Ret-World-H

Oct. 26 Jerry Quarry Atlanta TKO/3 ---

Dec. 7 Oscar Bonavena New York TKO/15 ---

1971 Mar. 8 Joe Frazier New York L/15 For-World-H

Jul. 26 Jimmy Ellis Houston TKO/12 Won-NABF-H

Nov. 17 Buster Mathis Houston W/12 Ret-NABF-H

Dec. 26 Jurgen Blin Zurich, Switzerland KO/7 ---

Apr. 1 McArthur Foster Tokyo W/15 ---

May. 1 George Chuvalo Vancouver, B.C. W/12 Ret-NABF-H

Jun. 27 Jerry Quarry Las Vegas TKO/7 Ret-NABF-H

Jul 19 Alvin Lewis Dublin TKO/11 ---

Sep. 20 Floyd Patterson New York TKO/7 Ret-NABF-H

Nov. 21 Bob Foster Stateline, NV KO/8 Ret-NABF-H

Feb. 14 Joe Bugner Las Vegas W/12 ---

Mar. 31 Ken Norton San Diego L/12 Lost-NABF-H

Sep. 10 Ken Norton Inglewood, CA W/12 Reg-NABF-H

Oct. 20 Rudy Lubbers Jakarta, Indonesia W/12 ---

Jan.28 Joe Frazier New York W/12 Ret-NABF-H

Oct. 30 George Foreman Kinshasa, Zaire KO/8 Reg-World-H

Mar. 24 Chuck Wepner Cleveland TKO/15 Ret-World-H

May 16 Ron Lyle Las Vegas TKO/11 Ret-World-H

Jul. 1 Joe Bugner Kuala Lampur, Malaysia W/15 Ret-World-H

Oct. 1 Joe Frazier Quezon, Phillippines TKO/14 Ret-World-H

Feb. 20 Jean Coopman San Juan, P.R. KO/5 Ret-World-H

Apr. 30 Jimmy Young Landover, MD W/15 Ret-World-H

May 24 Richard Dunn Munich, Germany TKO/5 Ret-World-H

Sep. 28 Ken Norton New York W/15 Ret-World-H

May 16 Alfredo Evangelista Landover W/15 Ret-World-H

Sep. 29 Ernie Shavers New York W/15 Ret-World-H

Feb. 15 Leon Spinks Las Vegas L/15 Lost-World-H

Sep. 15 Leon Spinks New Orleans W/15 Reg-World (WBA)-H

Oct. 2 Larry Holmes Las Vegas TKO'd/11 For-World (WBC)-H

Dec. 11 Trevor Berbick Nassau, Bahamas L/10 ---

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 Posted: Sun Jun 1st, 2008 01:13 pm
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If anyone is interested in boxing ring records, there is the excellent site

If only we had such a site for wrestling!

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 Posted: Sun Jun 1st, 2008 02:45 pm
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Here's the actual hotlink for the site Kriss is talking about.

An absolutely amazing effort here where you can check virtually any fighter going back to the 19th century and cross reference every boxing card that was held on a particular day around the world. You can search by fighter, arena, date, country, state. It's a massive project that seems to always work seamlessly.

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 Posted: Sun Jun 1st, 2008 10:49 pm
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"1980 Oct. 2 Larry Holmes Las Vegas TKO'd/11 For-World (WBC)-H

Dec. 11 Trevor Berbick Nassau, Bahamas L/10 ---"

Without these two beatings, Ali probably goes jogging every morning.

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 Posted: Fri Jun 6th, 2008 09:52 pm
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And makes a mint as boxing's most sought-after color commentator.

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 Posted: Fri Jun 6th, 2008 10:11 pm
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thunderbolt wrote: "1980 Oct. 2 Larry Holmes Las Vegas TKO'd/11 For-World (WBC)-H

I  remember thinking Ali had a chance against Holmes.  I was not able to order that on PPV (as you had to go to a theater back then) and I was crestfallen when I got the Star Ledger the next morning to see Ali on the front page, slumped on his stool.
I still have that paper.

T-Bolt, I think Ali took a shitload of pounding against Frazier, particularly in Manila and that took a bit out of him.  The Shavers fight in 1977 was really Ali's last great fight. 

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 Posted: Tue Jun 10th, 2008 08:17 pm
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And I believe he took a few shots in the Shavers fight IIRC Eric.  He has gone on record as saying the hardest puncher he ever faced was Shavers.  I guess that's saying something considering the punishment he took in the Foreman fight.  Also, I think there were some signs that his was getting punchy before the Holmes fight.  I was only 10 at the time, so, I could be wrong about this.

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