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 Posted: Sat Jul 12th, 2008 02:52 pm
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Maurice Vachon beat Paul Boesch by submission in 9:00 with a double arm stretch

Interesting match, taken from the Vachon thread. Was Boesch pretty much a top guy throughout his wrestling career?

Do you have many results for Paul Boesch, Claw?

When did he have his last matches?

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 Posted: Sat Jul 12th, 2008 04:38 pm
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I don't have that many Paul Boesch results. I will undoubtedly get more as I continue to use that free newspaper archive site for Texas results. Boesch pretty much retired from active competition when he became a TV announcer and later the promoter in Houston, Texas. However he would come back to wrestle in special matches against people like Gary Hart and JJ Dillon.

3/2/73 Houston
Jack Brisco beat Fritz Von Erich
Ivan Putski won battle royal
Paul Boesch drew Gary Hart
Ivan Putski & Jose Lothario beat Missouri Mauler & Brute Bernard
Ricky Hunter beat Bobby Duncum dq
Ron Pritchard drew The Spoiler
Tom Jones beat John Foley

7/20/73 Houston, TX @ Sam Houston Coliseum
Jack Brisco beat Harley Race to win NWA Title
Jose Lothario & Ivan Putski beat Blackjack Mulligan & Missouri Mauler
Paul Boesch beat Gary Hart
Great Goliath beat Billy Red Lyons
Raul Mata drew Black Gordman
George Scott beat Johnny Fargo dq

9/28/73 Houston
Special referee: Lou Thesz
NWA Champion Jack Brisco vs Dory Funk Jr
Gary Hart vs Paul Boesch
Jose Lothario vs Nikolai Volkoff
Paul DeMarco vs Man Mountain Mike
Billy Red Cloud vs Gran Goliath
Black Gordman vs Khosrow Vaziri
Mack Quarry vs Tiger Conway Jr

9/10/76 Houston
Ivan Putski & Rocky Johnson vs Moondog Mayne & Siegfried Stanke
Jose Lothario vs Mr Fuji
James J Dillon & promoter Paul Boesch will attempt to dunk each other into a tub of water

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 Posted: Sun Jul 13th, 2008 02:42 am
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Sometime in the mid-late 70s, Boesch's last match was against Boris Malenko.


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