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 Posted: Mon Nov 12th, 2007 09:10 pm
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in reference to the thread on the prelim guys, this should be a quick one

Tim Gerrard was a prelim guy up here with a day job, by his recollection he never won a bout, there are a couple tag where his team won but assume he didn't make the pin, a good guy though and was a decent wrestler, worked for about 5 yrs

he also worked under a mask occasionally as Executioner, and some Sheik shows around Detroit and West Virginia (80-83). In the Detroit area he would sometimes work as The Great Bolo also Trinidad (as The Assasin) (82-83), Quebec, The Carolinas (?), and New York (84?), sometimes may be billed as Girouard or similiar

have some other Ontario still to add but looking for the Trinidad 82-83 or the other areas, other guys on the Trinidad tour Frankie Laine, Big Mac Tiger Sing, Fazil Dean, if anyone can add, thanks

79/08/23 Hamilton, ON TV Taping 2 Bouts
-Jimmy Snuka W Big Mac / Tim Gerrard.
-Jimmy Snuka W Tim Gerrard
80/01/26 Brantford, ON T.V. Taping Jimmy Snuka / Greg Valentine w Johnny Weaver / Tim Gerrard.
80/03/09 MLG Klondike Bill W Tim Gerrard
80/06/15 MLG Tony Parisi WP Tim Gerrard
80/08/24 MLG Tony Parisi WP Tim Gerrard
81/01/13 Niagara Falls, ON TV Taping 2 bouts
-Sweet Ebony Diamond w Tim Gerrard
-Joe/Bob Markus W Tim Gerrard/Chris Jones
81/03/08 MLG Cowboy Frankie Laine W Tim Gerrard
81/03/30  Brantford, ON T.V. Taping 2 bouts
-George Wells W Tim Gerrard
-Tony Parisi W Tim Gerrard
81/04/13  Brantford, ON T.V. Taping 5 bouts
-Roddy Piper W Tim Gerrard
-Tony Parisi / Bruno Sammartino Jr. W Frankie Laine / Tim Gerrard
-Jimmy Snuka W Tim Gerrard .
-Joe / Bob Marcus W Tim Gerrard / Charlie Fulton
-Tony Parisi / George Wells W Tim Gerrard / Jimmy Snuka
81/05/4  Brantford, ON T.V. Taping George Wells / Dewey Robertson W Tim Gerrard / Swede Hanson
81/05/25  Dundas, ON T.V. Taping Tony Parisi / Bruno Sammartino jr. W Charlie Fulton / Tim Gerrard
81/06/14 MLG Tony Parisi/Bruno Sammartino Jr. W Tim Gerrard/El Toro
81/06/30 - Civic Auditorium; Oshawa, ON Bruno Sammartino jr. W Tim Gerrard .
81/07/28 - Civic Auditorium; Oshawa, ON Nick DeCarlo W Tim Gerrard
81/09/21  Guelph, ON T.V. Taping Jay Youngblood / Jake Roberts W Frankie Laine / Tim Gerrard
81/11/30 MLG Steve Bolus W Tim Gerrard
81/12/27 MLG Tony Parisi WP Tim Gerrard
82/03/07 MLG CADILLAC TOURNAMENT Jesse Ventura W Tim Gerrard
82/05/17  Guelph, ON T.V. Taping Ron Bass W Tim Gerrard ...
82/06/13  Scarborough, ON Whipper Watson jr. W Assassin (Tim Gerrard) by DQ
82/07/4 Scarborough, ON Luis Martinez / Everett Sheppard W Tim Gerrard / Chris Jones
82/07/11 MLG Johnny Weaver WP Tim Gerrard
82/10/17 MLG Swede Hanson W Tim Gerrard
83/01/23 MLG Johnny Weaver vs Tim Gerrard
83/02/20 MLG Nick DeCarlo/Rudy Kay D Pvt. Nelson/Tim Gerrard
83/05/29 MLG Billy Red Lyons W Tim Gerrard
83/07/10 MLG Johnny Weaver/Mike Rotundo W Alec Girard/Tim Gerrard
83/08/28 MLG Nick DeCarlo WP Tim Gerrard
83/11/13 MLG Bob Marcus W Tim Gerrard
83/11/20  Kitchener, ON Kelly Kiniski W Tim Gerrard
83/12/20  Burlington, ON Scrap Iron Sheppard / Tim Gerrard W Fazel Dean / Darsa Singh
84/01/8 MLG Brickhouse Brown/Nick DeCarlo W Gary Royal/Tim Gerrard
84/05/5 Scarborough, ON Dark Angel W Tim Gerrard


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