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 Posted: Thu Nov 8th, 2007 09:12 pm
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Being in sales in cyberspace, I hear crazy biz ideas that make little sense all day.  So, getting a story like this is nice because it reminds me that you never know who you're dealing with:


It was a dark and stormy night.  The wind blew in all directions; the rain

came down in torrents.  An elderly man and his wife sloshed up to the desk of a small hotel in Philadelphia.  Half in apology he asked, "Can you possibly give us a room?  All the big hotels are full."

"Every room is taken, sir," replied the clerk, "But I can't send a nice couple like you out in this storm at 1 o'clock the morning.  Tell you what, you can sleep in my room."

"But where will you sleep?" asked the guest

"Oh, I'll make out, sir," replied the young clerk, "Don't worry about me."

When the guest paid his bill the following morning, he praised the young man who had given up his room.  "You are the kind of manager who should be the boss of the best hotel in the United States." he added, "Maybe someday I'll build one for you"

The clerk thanked him for the compliment, and the couple went on their way.

Two years later, the young clerk received a round trip ticket to New York City and a note from the guest of that stormy night.  He was invited to meet the man in the city.

The older man led the younger one to a corner of Park Avenue. Pointing to a towering new building, the old gentleman declared, "There is the hotel I've built for you to manage!"  Almost speechless, the young man stammered his thanks.  The older man, his benefactor, was named William Waldorf Astor.

And that is how George C. Bolt became the manager of the most elaborate

hotel of its day, the original Waldorf Astoria. 

"That's what a pre-med degree will get you kids, nearly correct spelling and pissing in a bowl on Skype"-SRossi on Sunny
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