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 Posted: Fri Apr 24th, 2009 08:40 am
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3setsof10 wrote: After that self-centered, delusional, hypocritical windbag bitched about not attending some stupid con because that would require having to God forbid pay out of his own pocket to upgrade from Coach, he gets released from his 2K a month deal with the WWE

Guess sitting Coach won't be too much of a problem for him in the future

That was Fanfest last year. Greg Price(who's a good dude) was pissed @ SS for being a douche about that, and had every right to be. SS got pissed because he had gotten wind on what Flair was making for the event, and DEMANDED he be paid the same, or he wouldnt show...Greg told him "Thanks Anyways". Graham then when on some shit fit about it....... Greg had already paid for his ticket, and gotten him booked on the show/airlines/etc. When Grahan found out Flair made quite a bit of dough from the event...all hell broke loose.

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