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 Posted: Sat Jan 12th, 2008 03:17 pm
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BigJ wrote: I think MAL/Thunderbolt went to a taping or two.

My brother in law and I went to two or three tapings at a facility called The Country Club in Reseda, CA.  They were marathon affairs which ran 5 to 6 hours each as I recall and covered about a months worth of tv programming.  Every so often they'd shuffle the crowd around, which I didn't speculate until later was to present different faces at ringside.  Admission was next to nothing and there was full bar service.

We saw, just off the top of my head, Billy Jack Haynes, B. Brian Blair, Orndorff, Orton Jr., Dr. Death, Louis Spiccoli, but the most physically imposing guy of the whole bunch was called The Viking, who I didn't until much later come to realize was a young Tony Halme.

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