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 Posted: Fri May 22nd, 2009 09:57 pm
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BottomlessJack2 wrote: For the record DFG, I'm not trying to screw anyone, I'm just playing the game like you guys. When I spot a wrong answer, I want to make a note to get it right.

I was never in this for the DVD's, I probably already have the set for all I know lol, I was just having some fun when time & the children alotted.

If it makes you feel better DFG I will run my own trivia and give away discs and srossi will be disqualified from playing since he already won this month. ;):tongue:

No, I know, Jack...I was just joking.  Hell, you started out this whole tourney on day one kicking everyone's butt, and you were in it pretty much right to the end.  I'm just playing the role of "bitter guy" by attacking you and Horseman, but in reality, I thought this tourney was a real good time.

"I'm putting your worthless fucking ass on ignore so I don't have to read anymore of your pompous arrogant New York big shot bullshit. Good fucking riddance, fuckhead."-Angelic Assassin to rossi