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1/8/83 Lakeland, FL @ Civic Center
Midnight Rider vs Kevin Sullivan
Global Tag Title Match
Barry Windham & Ron Bass vs Jim Garvin & Angelo Mosca
Mike Graham vs The Texan
Terry Allen vs Fabulous Kangaroo I
Scott McGhee vs Fabulous Kangaroo II

1/11/83 Tampa, FL @ Fort Homer Hesterly Armory
Midnight Rider & Barry Windham beat Kevin Sullivan & Ric Flair when Midnight Rider pinned Flair in 10:00
Rufus R Jones beat Jake Roberts dq
Charlie Cook beat Jim Garvin dq when JJ Dillon interfered
The Kangaroos beat Scott McGhee & Terry Allen
Leroy Brown beat Ron Bass

2/8/83 Tampa, FL @ Fort Homer Hesterly Armory
Midnight Rider & Andre The Giant beat Leroy Brown & Kevin Sullivan when Midnight Rider pinned Sullivan
Lumberjack Match
Ron Bass beat Angelo Mosca
The Kangaroos beat Mike Graham & Roddy Piper
Charlie Cook drew Jake Roberts
Scott McGhee beat The Destroyer
Terry Allen beat Ciclon Negro

4/2/83 Lakeland, FL @ Civic Center
Cage Match
Dusty Rhodes vs Purple Haze
Bunkhouse Match
Barry Windham & Blackjack Mulligan vs Angelo Mosca & Frank Dusek
African Death Match
Rufus R Jones vs JJ Dillon
The Kangaroos vs Terry Allen & Charlie Cook
Handicap Match
Big Daddy vs The Destroyer & The Texan & Bill Snyder

4/26/83 Tampa
Lights Out Texas Cinch Match, Referee Bill Alphonso
Dusty Rhodes beat Kevin Sullivan via pin in 6:09
Barry Windham & Ron Bass beat Angelo Mosca & Bobby Duncum dq
Adrian Street beat Terry Allen by forfeit due to a leg injury
Scott McGhee & Brad Armstrong drew The Professional & Leroy Brown
Charlie Cook beat Leroy Brown dq (sub Frank Dusek)

5/17/83 Tampa, FL @ Al Lopez Field
Cage Match
Dusty Rhodes & Barry Windham beat Kevin Sullivan & Purple Haze
Florida Champion Scott McGhee beat Adrian Street dq
Global Tag Team Champions Bobby Duncum & Angelo Mosca beat Terry Allen & Brad Armstrong
Ron Bass beat The Professional
JJ Dillon beat Tommy Wright

5/24/83 Tampa, FL
Dusty Rhodes beat Adrian Street COR in 9:25
Purple Haze beat Barry Windham via pin
Global Tag Team Champions Angelo Mosca & Bobby Duncum drew Dick Murdoch & Ron Bass
Florida Champion Scott McGhee beat Kevin Sullivan dq
Terry Allen beat JJ Dillon
Brad Armstrong beat The Professional
Note: Elijah Akeem interfered in the main event.
Note: Correct City

7/23/83 Lakeland, FL @ Civic Center
Texas Bullrope Match, Dillon must leave Florida if he loses
JJ Dillon vs Dusty Rhodes
Lights Out Match
Ron Bass vs Dusty Rhodes
Blackjack Mulligan & Barry Windham & Angelo Mosca vs Zambuie Express & Purple Haze
Florida Title Match
Scott McGhee vs Jos Leduc
Mike Graham vs Kevin Sullivan
Brad Armstrong vs Bobby Duncum
Charlie Cook vs Ox Baker
Les Thornton vs Mr Olympia

7/30/83 St Petersburg, FL @ Bayfront Center
Lights Out African Death Match
Blackjack Mulligan beat Elijah Akeem in 11:09
Canadian Death Match
Angelo Mosca beat Purple Haze

9/6/83 Tampa, FL @ Fort Homer Hesterly Armory
Lights Out Taped Fists Match
Dusty Rhodes beat Purple Haze
Lumberjack Match
Jos Leduc beat Barry Windham
Blackjack Mulligan beat NWA Champion Harley Race
Global Tag Title Match
Mike Graham & Angelo Mosca Sr beat Zambuie Express dq
Southern Champion Ron Bass beat Scott McGhee
Charlie Cook beat Yoshiaki Yatsu
Les Thornton beat Angelo Mosca Jr

9/20/83 Tampa, FL @ Fort Homer Hesterly Armory
Loser Leaves Town
Midnight Rider beat Lucifer (Kevin Sullivan)
Southern Champion Ron Bass beat Barry Windham dq
Angelo Mosca dcor Jos Leduc
Mike Rotundo beat Purple Haze
Zambuie Express beat Hector Guerrero & Mike Davis
Sam Houston beat Mike Fever

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