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 Posted: Tue Jan 15th, 2008 11:09 pm
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clawmaster wrote: 6/3/81 Miami Beach, FL @ Convention Center
Taped Fist match, No dq
Mr. Pogo & Hiro Matsuda beat Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco
Sweet Brown Sugar beat Les Thornton dq
Tommy Gilbert & Charlie Cook beat Professor Sonoda (sub Don Muraco) & Dory Funk Jr
El Gran Apollo beat Bobby Jaggers (sub RT Tyler)
Assassin I & Assassin III beat Coco Samoa & Kelly Kiniski
Bounty Hunters Joel Deaton & Dave Deaton beat Bubba Douglas & Reggie Parks
Professor Sonoda beat Gordon Nelson
att: 3,681

6/4/81 Fort Pierce, FL @ St. Lucie Civic Center
Jack Brisco & Jerry Brisco vs Hiro Matsuda & Mr Pogo
RT Tyler vs El Gran Apollo
North American Tag Team Champions Mike Graham & Steve Keirn vs Don Muraco & Dory Funk Jr
NWA Junior Champion Les Thornton vs Cocoa Samoa
Assassin I & Assassin III vs Charlie Cook & Sweet Brown Sugar
Plus one more match

Since Muraco didn't appear as advertised in Miami, I think his Florida run had probably ended by now, and he would have missed the Ft Pierce show too. Just guessing, mind you. I have his first WWF appearance as MSG on June 8th.

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