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 Posted: Fri Jan 18th, 2008 08:19 pm
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I am knocking out the entire greater Capitol promotion for the late 50's to the early 60's at present.  It is why seeing two Bridgeport dates that close caught my eyes.  I am sure I have a lot of Rogers dates that are not above.  Who ever is doing the new book can just go to my site when it is done and get them their and credit me or my site is how I see it.  I am doing the Capitol promotion city by city and day by day.  So if soeone is going to use what I post, I feel I should be credited appropriately because it is my time and money, doing something no one else has done.  Tearing apart a promotion for accuracy, and revealing all the dates that can be forund.  Why am I being so anal about accuracy?  It started with Keith Greenburg and Wayne Coleman's advice to me.  If I am going to do anything related to this business, do it like the others do not, as in be unique.  Go for accuracy, and grab everything you can to back things up.  Because their is no accuracy in most things out their.

As for Hisa's site...  

Here is a post I did back in 2005.

It went totally ignored for 19 months dealing with the Florida Title.  Wait let me say this again,  IT WENT 19 FUCKING MONTHS.  Bushinyou was asking me why I do not drop off title changes that I find to other sites.  I pointed him to that topic.  So he made a reply in it.  Then Hisa replied the next day to it.  But yet it sat for 19 months.   Look at the posting dates.  It verifies how long it sat their.  He moved that topic into the CWF forum.  Other title stuff I posted the topics dissapeared totally off that board.  Now I also had the Texas Brass Knucks title changed at his site.  Nothing I did their got me any credit in his section for crediting the correct users for helping out with title changes. 

If you read his reply back to Bush, after I read the last sentenced I was like...  WTF?  My shit sat their for 19 months ignored till someone else replies in it, and I read that like it implied I need to go do more research for site who doesnt give a shit?  Add that with a email I got from his site asking me roughly the following:

Would I e-mail him the stuff rather than posting it on the message board.  He doesnt want corrections posted on his messageboard because they can be misleading and unreliable or some shit.   Hell I was giving him the documented stuff with the original clippings with the links to the shit.  He mentioned something about not wanting to have to screen the posts for accuracey.

 I wrote that site goodbye in my mind.  Yes I know I can be a dick at times with how I see and view things, but with stuff like that I am entitled to be a dick when I feel the research is wasted, when I go out of my way for things that are not in my schedule of researching, thinking I am going to help out a certain project.

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