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 Posted: Fri Jan 18th, 2008 09:59 pm
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necrosis if you go through my Graham record book you will find more Backlund stuff for 82 and 83 when you read the newspaper clippings that are attached to it.

One thing overlooked is Bob working, and booking in the North east after he left the WWF.  One such card is this:

December 2, 1984


If you read on the bottom of that poster you will see a KM poster their by the same name.  SGT. Muldoon.  He posts their at KM in the ICW- Savoldi forum mainly.   He is a great wealth of information on Backlund when he was working, and promoting for the different North East indy promotions durring this time frame.  If I remember correctly and I may be wrong, but I think Muldoon says this poster was from the Eastern Wrestling Alliance, and Bob worked for a few promotions in the North East.

Now I need to go off and stab myself for helping out in this topic.

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