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 Posted: Sat Jan 19th, 2008 01:13 am
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To put this back on topic, I will add a few Buddy Rogers dates.

November 6, 1962  Bridgeport, CT
Buddy Rogers won by submission over Bob Boyer

November 16, 1962  New Haven, CT
Buddy Rogers, Johnny Barrend vs Dory Dixon, Antonino Rocca

November 27, 1962  Bridgeport, CT
Match cancelled due to Rogers injury.
Buddy Rogers vs Pete Sanchez

December 26, 1962 Bridgeport, CT
Buddy Rogers vs Pete Sanchez
This is odd because Buddy "killer" Austin interfered with the match when Rogers was pumelizing Sanchez.  Austin enters the ring to save Sanchez and has blows with Rogers.  Rogers leaves the ring and refuses to enter to finish his match.  Austin then turns and attacks Sanchez and puts him into a submission hold, and wins the match.  WTF???

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