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 Posted: Mon Jul 20th, 2009 12:47 am
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Graham Cawthon wrote: Count Grog wrote: The bar is the draw for me.  Be it Buddy Landell working the marks for free drinks, to Gary Hart and Oliver Humperdink and me talking managing, to the Manny Fernandez, Somoa Joe, Major DeBeers chop fest its a good time.

It doesn't get better than a drunk fan going to every worker at the bar to get chopped.

I love Fanfest. Been going since they started. It's a great opportunity to get merchandise (for me, that means season sets of ... just about whatever), meet wrestlers, and just hang out with old friends.

No matter the line up, it's a blast each year.
I totally agree with Graham....its a great time and the hotel bar is off the hook each night.I have been there for the last and its great to hang out with old friends as well as the wrestlers!I did sell out for the Horsemen pic,the one with Barry Windham and Ole and am considering the Flair/Race with the NWA Belt....

If anyone else is going to be there drop by the bar and we will be there,that goes for Graham also....see you there

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