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 Posted: Wed Aug 5th, 2009 08:50 am
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Count Grog wrote: king-of-old-school wrote: we are leaving tomorrow morning...its gonna be about an 11 hour drive..I would fly if we weren't bringing merchandise to of the nights a few friends and I will be wearing NWA/WCW shirts and we will be pretty easy to pick out and we will be spending every night at the bar and Dr.Delaware will be there also...look for the guy with the belts

I am easy to spot.  I am working the event for Greg doing airport pick ups and drop offs.  I will be easy to spot in the bar each night, I am a bit loud.

Couldnt find a cheap Ill have to pass on FF this year. Other factors included of course, I just cant afford it this time. Have fun all who are going.

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