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 Posted: Wed Jan 23rd, 2008 05:45 pm
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lobo316 wrote: Two neighboring farmers cannot stop feuding.

One, out hunting, shoots a duck which falls inside the other's field.

Climbing over the fence, he is stopped by farmer Beejmi who claims the duck as his since it ended up in his field.

After much arguing farmer Jeff states that he is prepared to settle the matter by the Viking method.

He explains that the method involves kicking each other in the nuts until one gives up, and the other is the winner.

Farmer Beejmi agrees reluctantly.

Farmer Beejmi states that since they are on his land, he goes first. Farmer Jeff stands with legs apart and hands on hips while farmer Beejmi takes an almighty swing with his foot and sends farmer Jeff into the air.

After ten minutes writhing on the ground farmer Jeff eventually gets to his feet and prepares to take his turn.

Farmer Beejmi turns and walks away saying " O.K. I give in! You keep the duck!"

I've told that joke a million times.  You probably stole it from the same place I did.

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