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 Posted: Tue Jan 29th, 2008 04:34 am
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I am thinking that "Barbed Wire" matches were a creation from Japan that more or less got picked up by US Indy feds in the 90s.

The earliest "big league" (WWF/AWA/NWA) "Barbed "Wire" match that I can think of was Clash #1 (1988) with Dusty & The Road Warriors vs Ivan Koloff & The Powers Of Pain. Famous of course because it was a "Barbed Wire" match .... without blood

I remember ECW running the Funks vs The Public Enemy and a few years later Sabu vs Funk. Big Show and JBL in the WWE a couple years ago I guess.

Were The Sheepherders pretty much the first to use the "gimmick" in the US (UWF - somewhere around 85 or 86) ??

Chances are these happened way before then and I just don't know about them. Don't even ask me about an AWA or WWWF Barbed Wire match because I can't think of any.