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 Posted: Fri Feb 1st, 2008 05:18 pm
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Imagine, if you will, a Scandinavian accent...

Sven, having been out of work for many months, found an incredible career opportunity at . . . a pickle factory. His wife, Greta, was overjoyed, and wished him well on his first day of work. That first evening, when Sven came home, Greta hounded him with questions.

"Well, Greta, I really like my job, but today I sorta got this *urge*," replied Sven.

"Urge? What kind or *urge*?"

"Well, I sorta had this *urge* to put my *unit* in the pickle slicer."

"Oh, no! Sven! Please do not put your unit in the pickle slicer!"

The next day...

"And how was your job today, Sven?"

"Well, you know that *urge* I was having yesterday?"

"Oh, no, Sven!"

"Ja, that *urge* to put my unit in the pickle slicer?"

"Sven, do *not* put your unit in the pickle slicer!"

"I know, Greta, I know. I'll try."

Well, the next day, Sven went to his job, but came home two hours early.

Greta: "Sven, why are you home so early from your job?"

"Well, I had that *urge* again, you know, that *urge* to put my unit in the pickle slicer?"

"Oh, no, Sven!"

"Well, I could not resist . . . so I put my unit in the pickle slicer!"

"Sven! No! What happened?"

"Well, they . . . fired me."

"Oh, no, Sven!"

"And the pickle slicer . . . they fired her, too."


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