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 Posted: Mon Nov 23rd, 2009 07:12 pm
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bpickering wrote: 1986 - The UWF held their Superdome Extravaganza at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, drawing over 13,000 fans. Interesting to note, the previous year, Mid-South Wrestling (as the company was known before Bill Watts expanded the territory and renamed it UWF) held a short card at the Superdome, and showed Starrcade on closed circuit television. This year, they presented a full show, no doubt taking away attention from Starrcade in the Louisiana area. Here are the results:
- Jeff Gaylord defeated Art Crews.
- Gary Young defeated The Lybian.
- The Angel of Death defeated Ken Massey.
- UWF World Tag Team Champions Leroy Brown & Bill Irwin defeated Joe Savoldi & Gary Young when Irwin pinned Savoldi.
- Iceman Parsons defeated Gustavo Mendoza.
- Chavo Guerrero defeated Sting via DQ.
- The Missing Link defeated Rick Steiner.
- The Fantastics defeated Mike George & Jack Victory.
- UWF Television Champion Savannah Jack defeated Buddy Landel via forfeit.
- Hacksaw Duggan defeated UWF World Champion One Man Gang via DQ. One Man Gang retains the title.
- One Man Gang won a two-ring battle royal.
- Terry Taylor defeated Buddy Roberts in a Barbed Wire Cage match.
- Steve Williams defeated Michael Hayes in a Steel cage match.

This is the one big Thanksgiving card that I remember being at.

I went to this thinking Starcade would be shown as well.  I don't remember if we just assumed that from the showing of Starcade year before and the fact that the last 3 Dome shows (counting Starcade 85) had been joint shows with JCP (and the 2 prior shows showcased Ric Flair and the NWA title) or if it had been hinted in any advertising.  I don't think it was talked about outright because I remember being confused about that part.

I believe this was the last decent crowd the Dome got.  It was well up from the June show (I think a number of other people expected a tie in with Starcade, but maybe I'm wrong - I'm sure quite a few also expected Duggan to beat Gang for the title).  I remember that the show was basically good, but it was disappointing in a number of ways. 2 of the 3 biggest feuds of the second half of the year (Dibiase vs Hayes and Dr. Death vs Gordy) weren't blown off because Dibiase and Gordy were in All-Japan tag tournament, and the other one (Duggan vs Gang) ended with a DQ in a cage match.  The card was filled with undercard and mid-card guys.  It was obvious that the promotion was in trouble.

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