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 Posted: Sat Dec 26th, 2009 06:03 pm
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9/15/50 St Louis
Buddy Rogers beat Tommy O'Toole in 16:22
Bert Rubi drew Great Balbo
Al Lovelock beat Chris Zaharias
Fred Blassie beat Gino "Red" Vagnonne
Cherry Vallina beat Bill McDaniel dq

10/13/50 St Louis
Wladek Kowalski beat Sky Hi Lee in 14:54
Buddy Rogers beat Billy Darnell in 18:41
Warren Bockwinkel drew Tommy O'Toole
Jim Dobie beat Whitey Whittler
Red Vagnonne drew Joe Pazandak

11/18/50 St Louis
Buddy Rogers beat Lone Eagle
Lord Pinkerton drew Dave Levin
Dick Raines drew Warren Bockwinkel
Gypsy Joe beat Joe Millich dq
Jim Dobie beat Red Vagnonne

1/12/51 St Louis
Buddy Rogers beat Lord Pinkerton
Herman Krauser drew Pauncho Romero
Ray Gunkel beat Jack Moore
Dennis Clary beat Ovila Asselin
Mighty Titan no contest Larry Moquin

2/9/51 St Louis
Handicap match Buddy Rogers beat Lord Pinkerton then Bill Longson beat Buddy Rogers
Jungle Boy beat Mighty Titan
Dick Raines drew Herman Krauser
Ivan Rasputin & Red Vagnonne beat Angelo Poffo & Ray Gunkel

2/23/51 St Louis
Buddy Rogers beat Wild Bill Longson
Billy Sandow drew Mighty Titan
Jungle Boy beat Herman Krauser
Ivan Rasputin & Dick Raines beat Ray Gunkel & Pete Managoff

3/30/51 St Louis
Bill Longson beat Chief Lone Eagle dq
Buddy Rogers beat Lucky Simunovich
Lord Pinkerton & Herman Krauser beat Mighty Titan & Dutch Hefner
Ted Christy drew Ivan Rasputin

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We are the priests
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