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 Posted: Sat Dec 26th, 2009 06:19 pm
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8/15/53 St Louis
Buddy Rogers beat Frankie Talaber
Dave Sims beat Chris Zaharias
Tarzan White drew Tom Bradley

9/5/53 St Louis
Buddy Rogers beat Marco Polo
Roy McClarty drew Jim Wright
Ricki Starr beat Jose Carillo
Stu Gibson drew Dave Sims
Nick Roberts drew George Bollas

11/7/53 St Louis
Buddy Rogers beat Roy McClarity
Ray Eckert drew Joe Tangaro
Paul Baillargeon beat Joe Christie dq
Great Zorra drew Big Jim Wright
Guy Brunetti beat Finice Hall
Babe Zaharias beat Carlos Rodriguez

1/29/54 St Louis
Buddy Rogers & Great Scott beat Guy Brunetti & Joe Tangaro
Johnny Valentine beat Chest Bernard
Fuzzy Cupid beat Tuffy McRae
Jim Wright beat Sonny Kurgis
Chris Zaharias beat Ted Marshall
Tony Lanza drew Pete Managoff

3/26/54 St Louis
Guy Brunetti & Joe Tangaro drew Buddy Rogers & Great Scott
Bill Longson beat Bobby Lane
Mr Moto beat Pat O'Shocker
Bob Leipler drew Don Leo Jonathan
Ricki Starr beat Pedro Godoy dq

4/17/54 St Louis
Buddy Rogers beat Bob Leipler
Guy Brunetti beat Chest Bernard dq
Bill Longson & Vern Taft beat Danno O'Shocker & Larry Hamilton
Matt Murphy beat Pedro Godoy dq
Joe Millich beat John Mercurio

9/25/54 St. Louis
Buddy Rogers beat Larry Hamilton
Dave Jons drew Joe Millich
Guy Brunetti beat Bill McDaniel dq
Dutch Hefner beat Abe Coleman
Frankie Talaber beat Carlos Rodriguez
Vic Holbrook beat Jack Hader

10/15/54 St. Louis
Wladek Kowalski beat Don Leo Jonathan
Buddy Rogers beat Cyclone Anaya
Ray Eckert & Mike Paidousis beat Joe Tangaro & Dave Jons
Bob Leipler drew Guy Brunetti
Lu Kim beat Dutch Hefner

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We are the priests
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