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 Posted: Sat Oct 27th, 2007 12:53 am
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Here are the first several documented Hogan listings. I forget who found what in which city but the two guys to credit are Ron Witmer and Robert VanKavelaar. If RVK ever shows up online again, I'll invite him here. I haven't seen him around in a few months.

8/9/77 Fort Pierce, FL @ John Carroll High School
Jack Brisco beat Pat Patterson
Charlie Cook drew Tony Marino
Brian Blair beat Tony Rocco
Don Serrano beat Super Destroyer (sub Wolfman Smith)

Hogan aka Super Destroyer

8/10/77 Fort Myers, FL @ National Guard Armory 
Don Muraco vs Ivan Koloff
Mike Graham vs  Great Mephisto
Steve Keirn vs Butcher Vachon
Brian Blair vs Terry Bollea

Hogan using his real name.

8/25/77 Jacksonville, FL @ Coliseum
Dusty Rhodes beat Superstar Billy Graham
Don Muraco beat Ivan Koloff
Charlie Cook & Jerry Brisco beat Dutch Mantell & Keith Franks
Lars Anderson beat Scott Casey
Mr Saito beat Tony Rocco
Mike York beat Brian Blair
Super Destroyer drew Don Serrano

I think Hogan as Super Destroyer again.

8/26/77 Tallahassee, FL @ Sports Stadium
WWWF Champion Billy Graham vs Rocky Johnson
Jerry Brisco vs Lars Anderson
Brian Blair vs Mr Saito
Scott Casey vs Dutch Mantell
Great Mephisto vs Super Destroyer

9/10/77 St. Petersburg, FL @ Bayfront Center
NWA Champion Harley Race no contest Dusty Rhodes
WWWF Champion Superstar Billy Graham beat Rocky Johnson
Steel Cage Match
Ivan Koloff beat Don Muraco
Lars Anderson beat Jack Brisco
Steve Keirn & Mike Graham beat Buddy Roberts & Tony Marino
Dutch Mantel beat Scott Casey
Keith Franks beat Brian Blair
Charlie Cook beat Butcher Vachon
Super Destroyer & Mike York beat Tony Rocco & Don Serrano

10/8/77 St. Petersburg, FL @ Bayfront Center
Pedro Morales beat NWA champion Harley Race dq
Ivan Koloff won a 15 man battle royal
Lars Anderson beat Don Muraco
Ivan Koloff & Mr. Saito beat Jack Brisco & Rocky Johnson
Jerry Brisco beat Tank Patton
Mike Graham beat Tony Marino
Steve Keirn beat Super Destroyer
Buddy Roberts & Keith Franks beat Raul Mata & Don Serrano
Charlie Cook beat Dutch Mantel
Wilhelm Ruska beat Mike York

10/12/77 Miami
NWA Champion Harley Race dcor Dusty Rhodes
Pedro Morales & Rocky Johnson beat Ivan Koloff & Mr. Saito
Jerry Brisco drew Buddy Roberts
Pat Patterson beat John Boy Ruffin
Keith Franks beat Raul Mata
Super Gladiator beat Super Destroyer
att: 3,877

10/14/77 Fort Lauderdale, FL @ National Guard Armory
Florida Champion Lars Anderson vs Don Muraco
Pat Patterson vs Mike Graham
John Boy Ruffin vs Keith Franks
Super Destroyer vs Wilhelm Ruska

10/28/77 Fort Lauderdale, FL @ National Guard Armory
Mike Graham & Steve Keirn vs Buddy Roberts & Keith Franks
Don Muraco vs Tank Patton
Charlie Cook vs Tony Marino
John Boy Ruffin vs Super Destroyer

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