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 Posted: Wed Jan 13th, 2010 02:39 pm
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Hammer to Fall wrote: stingmark wrote:
Claw! Was wondering how many times Sting wrestled Flair and Barry wrestled Flair? thanks.

I'm the one with all the Flair stuff.

Windham surprises me. Including tags, I have the two facing each other only 82 times (57 singles matches). I also have them meeting once when Windham was Blackjack Jr.

Sting: Currently 238 matches, 102 of those tag team matches.

Overall, I have about 5,100 match listings for Flair.

Just wondering Hammer how complete you think the results you have are for Flair's total number of matches?
How many more matches do you figure he had roughly?

Also do you have a number for matches between him and Steamboat?