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 Posted: Fri Jan 29th, 2010 11:56 pm
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will add more later

the June 12 62 is incorrect, card was on the 14th  no Stasiak, Aug 30 62 was a draw, Feb 21 63 was a draw

Toronto MLG except as noted

61/03/30 Stan Stasiak W John DaSilva
61/04/06 BRITISH EMPIRE TITLE: Whipper Billy Watson W Stan Stasiak
61/04/13 BRITISH EMPIRE TITLE: Whipper Billy Watson W Stan Stasiak
61/04/20 Stan Stasiak W Les Lyman
61/06/08 INTERNATIONAL TAG TITLE TOURNAMENT: FINAL: Stan Stasiak/Man Mountain Campbell WCOR Ivan Kalmikoff/Karol Kalmikoff (2-1)
SEMI-FINAL: Stan Stasiak/Man Mountain Campbell WForf Whipper Billy Watson/ Farmer Boy Townsend
(Townsend injured in previous match and unable to wrestle)
FIRST ROUND: Stan Stasiak/Man Mountain Campbell W Pat Flanagan/Tony Marino
61/06/22 Stan Stasiak W Tom Emperor Jones
61/06/29 Tony Marino D Stan Stasiak
61/07/06 INTERNATIONAL TAG TITLE: Stan Stasiak/Man Mountain Campbell D Ivan Kalmikoff/Karol Kalmikoff
61/07/20 Stan Stasiak D Farmer Boy Townsend
61/08/03 Stan Stasiak WCOR Timothy Geohagen
61/08/10 Tony Marino D Stan Stasiak
61/08/31 East York Arena Stan Stasiak D Frank Townsend
61/09/07 INTERNATIONAL TAG TITLE: Cyclone Smith/Hurricane Smith W Stan Stasiak/Man Mountain Campbell
61/09/14 Lord Athol Layton WDQ Stan Stasiak
61/09/28 Stan Stasiak W Man Mountain Campbell
61/10/05 Stan Stasiak W Sandor Kovacs
61/10/12 Stan Stasiak W Farmer Boy Townsend
61/10/19 Bulldog Brower W Stan Stasiak
61/11/02 Stan Stasiak D Gino Marella
62/06/21 Stan Stasiak WCOR Haystack Muldoon
62/07/12 Stan Stasiak D Ray Gordon
62/09/27 Gino Marella D Stan Stasiak
62/10/04 Stan Stasiak D Tony Marino
62/10/11 Stan Stasiak D Jim Hady
62/11/29 Stan Stasiak D Gino Marella
62/12/06 Yukon Eric W Stan Stasiak
62/12/14 Stan Stasiak D Sam Steamboat
62/12/27 Stan Stasiak D Gino Marella
63/01/03 Bruno Sammartino W Stan Stasiak
63/01/17 Jim Hady WDec Stan Stasiak
63/02/14 Fred Atkins D Stan Stasiak