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12/28/60 Montreal, Quebec, Canada @ Forum
Handicap Match
Edouard Carpentier beat Roy Heffernan & Wild Red Berry on a 3rd fall dq
Al Costello beat Mighty Ursus
Don Lutz & Mark Lewin beat Fred Atkins & Chet Wallick
Angelo Mosca beat Angelo Savoldi in 2:22
Sandor Kovacs beat Gene Murphy
Note: Reportedly Angelo Mosca’s pro wrestling debut

2/1/61 Montreal, Quebec, Canada @ Forum
Special Referee: Yvon Robert
Dominic DeNucci (sub Antonino Rocca) & Edouard Carpentier beat Al Costello & Ivan Kalmikoff (sub Roy Heffernan)
Angelo Mosca beat Tony Altomare
Mark Lewin & Don Lutz beat Wild Red Berry (sub Ivan Kalmikoff) & Angelo Savoldi
Ike Eakins ddq Fred Atkins (sub Dominic DeNucci)
Bob Nandor beat Juan Desilva

3/14/61 Hull Auditorium
Edouard Carpentier & Claude Dassary vs Mr Hito & Duke Keomuka
Angelo Mosca vs Baron Gattoni
Cyclone Smith vs Johnny Rougeau
Danny O’Shocker vs Dominic DeNucci

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