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 Posted: Thu Feb 14th, 2008 02:47 pm
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Papa Voo wrote:
Did you like the guy?
Yes. He was very underrated as has been said, probably because he was not as flashy as others. I always thought he came across more how a manager would really act if wrestling wasn't a work.

Good booker?
I would say yes. He booked similar to his managerial style. Not real flashy, more old school "realistic" style.

Best period or territory for him?
Some territories he worked in were Australia in '72, where he did a "mama's boy" rich kid gimmick similar to what Cornette would do a decade later. He did very well in Florida, and Texas and I guess gained a lot of his notoriety from working in those areas. Also did well in Mid South,Georgia, and Mid Atlantic, mostly with Kabuki in those areas. Later in WCW as has been mentioned.

Was he "close" with Barnett from GCW?
If I get the way you are hinting, no. I've never heard anything like that.

Anything else on Gary Hart?
Kind of a funny thing, I have a match from '61 or so Chicago "Wrestling Champions" Tv where Gary is billed as "Gay" Gary Hart. The context back then was "a good time, party, playboy" type guy, and not the way the term is thought of today.