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 Posted: Mon Feb 22nd, 2010 01:40 am
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On December 28, 1990, the USWA held a TV taping at the Sportatorium in Dallas under the GWF banner, using a combination of the USWA's Tennessee regulars, local Dallas guys, Joe Pedicino's guys from the Georgia indy scene, and some big name out of town guys. The idea was that Joe's money mark was going to buy the USWA and this taping was held not only to fill time on the USWA Challenge show, but to also serve as a GWF pilot. The ultimate goal never worked out, although the GWF did take over in Dallas in June of 1991.

Anyway, the Observer reported on the 12/28/90 card at the Sportatorium without actually printing any results.  Does anyone have full or partial results for the card?