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 Posted: Mon Feb 22nd, 2010 08:35 pm
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Bix wrote: Was it promoted locally as a GWF show?  I thought it was just a special USWA show that would serve as a GWF backdoor pilot.

By the way, since I can't remember, was the weekday afternoon USWA stuff ever current like the GWF was or a few months old at the most recent (towards the end)?  ESPN had complaints about the programming and Embry's booking but I don't think it was first run, just recent enough for it to be an issue.

The Observer doesn't make it clear how the show was promoted, but I'm guessing it was billed as a USWA show since the GWF name didn't mean much at the time and the USWA was a known entity. One interesting thing Dave wrote is that the card was originally scheduled for the Bronco Bowl, home of many Dallas indy cards back then, and only moved to the Sportatorium during the final week or two before the show.

Doc and Gordy were billed as facing Tony Anthony and Doug Gilbert. I'm not sure if that's a missing result, if they no showed or if the card was just rebooked.

Cactus Jack was there, billed as being part of Skandor Akbar's Devastation Incorporated with One Man Gang and Gary Young.

Apart from those already mentioned above or in the results, also billed as appearing were Scotty The Body, Nick Busick, Akira Nogami, Steve Lawler, Chris Walker, and Festus. Apart from Nogami, all were connected to Pedicino via the Georgia indy scene. There was also talk in the Observer that Scott Hall, Mike Enos, Wayne Bloom, Stan Lane, and Jim Cornette would be there, but I don't think any of them showed up. Konnan was there, apparently, but stayed backstage and didn't wrestle or appear in front of the crowd.

While failing to list any results, apart from saying the Lawler-Funk match was good, the Observer did say the card was decent by Dallas standards of the day and drew 1,400. From memory, that 1,400 looked pretty good on TV, so I have a feeling they made people fill in the spots that were likely to be in camera range. It was quite a shock to tune in after this taping cycle was done to see 225 people in the building, Michael St. John as the announcer, all the big name out of town guys gone along with Pedicino and his Georgia crew, and the promotion billed as the USWA with no further mention of the GWF, at least until summer.

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