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 Posted: Wed Mar 10th, 2010 08:24 pm
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srossi wrote: foolio wrote: Here are the nine top ball parks of the modern era as ranked by MLB Network's Prime 9. 

9 - Shibe Park (Philidelphia)

8 - Astrodome (Houston)

7 - Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles)

6 - Tiger Stadium (Detroit, MI)

5 - Camden Yards (Baltimore, MD)

4 - Ebbets Field (Brooklyn, NY)

3 - Wrigley Field (Chicago, IL)

2 - Yankee Stadium (Bronx, NY)

1 - Fenway Park (Boston, MA)

Laughable list.  Tiger Stadium, despite the history there, was an abomination almost the second ground was broken on it.  I don't know how Dodger Stadium can rank that high.  I'll refrain from commenting on Fenway over Yankee Stadium at #1, but they did get the top 3 right.

Taking all factors into consideration (I'm thinking mainly of the neighborhood in which it's located), would you really put Yankee Stadium #1?  Not trying to argue, I'm just curious.  I have a bunch of Yankee fan friends, and more than one have conceded to me that Fenway is generally a better all around ball park than Yankee Stadium.

And for the record, prior to the new ownership group taking over, I don't think I would've put Fenway at #1 either.

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