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 Posted: Wed Mar 10th, 2010 08:44 pm
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dogfacedgremlin34 wrote: srossi wrote: foolio wrote: Here are the nine top ball parks of the modern era as ranked by MLB Network's Prime 9. 

9 - Shibe Park (Philidelphia)

8 - Astrodome (Houston)

7 - Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles)

6 - Tiger Stadium (Detroit, MI)

5 - Camden Yards (Baltimore, MD)

4 - Ebbets Field (Brooklyn, NY)

3 - Wrigley Field (Chicago, IL)

2 - Yankee Stadium (Bronx, NY)

1 - Fenway Park (Boston, MA)

Laughable list.  Tiger Stadium, despite the history there, was an abomination almost the second ground was broken on it.  I don't know how Dodger Stadium can rank that high.  I'll refrain from commenting on Fenway over Yankee Stadium at #1, but they did get the top 3 right.

Taking all factors into consideration (I'm thinking mainly of the neighborhood in which it's located), would you really put Yankee Stadium #1?  Not trying to argue, I'm just curious.  I have a bunch of Yankee fan friends, and more than one have conceded to me that Fenway is generally a better all around ball park than Yankee Stadium.

And for the record, prior to the new ownership group taking over, I don't think I would've put Fenway at #1 either.

The neighborhood has almost never been an issue, except when Steinbrenner was using it as leverage to get a new stadium outside the Bronx.  There's nothing wrong with the area immediately surrounding Yankee Stadium during game times.  I wouldn't hang out there at 3:00 AM in December but that's a different story.  It's never been a true factor in fans not coming to games, as is evidenced by record-setting attendance figures as soon as the team actually got good again. 

As far as the park itself, it seemed modern compared to Fenway.  I went to Fenway last year and was sitting on those 100 year old benches where people can only exit to the right to go to the bathroom no matter where they're sitting.  It was a 5 hour game.  I felt like I aged 40 years in the time I was sitting there.  The atmosphere was great and the action is closer to the field because it's a bandbox, but I don't see anything that would put it ahead of Yankee Stadium.  What does Fenway have to compete with Monument Park or any of the historical attractions at Yankee Stadium?  They barely recognize their history and don't retire half the numbers that deserve to be retired.  Of course there is no real Yankee Stadium anymore so it's the best ballpark left today.  It really pisses me off how some people try to make it seem like the new park and the old park are the same.  

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