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 Posted: Fri Mar 12th, 2010 04:31 am
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Okay, I think I've picked out each thread I could find in this forum that could be classified as a "Record Book" or match listings for individual wrestlers and tag-teams. If you see something I should add, errors or something I missed please PM me with it as opposed to posting it in this thread as this thread is only for posting links only and not discussion.
I'll probably collect links for various territories next and put them all together here.
I hope what I've done will make it easier for people to search out results and find the proper place to post any new results so we can keep everything together and not have several different "record books" started of the same wrestler, etc; here.
Thanks to Claw, Hammer To Fall, Dbaker, Kriss, Vance Nevada, Wong Lee, Ron and all the other people here who provide all of these results they we enjoy looking through. Hopefully Claw's results forum here will continue to grow and become a first stop on the internet for anyone wishing to look for specific wrestling results that have taken place through the years and for other "wrestling historians" and "results geeks" to have a place to put their results so we can get some of these record books completed.

This will be a working progress. This should help to eliminate duplicate results threads being started for the same wrestler, town, territory, year, etc. I'm also going to try to keep it all in alphabetical order so it is that much easier to find and also keep wrestler's ring records separate from specific town results, etc. Basically keep it half-assed neat and user friendly.

Individual Wrestler's(& Tag-Team's)Record Books

Abdullah The Butcher Record Book:

Muhammad Ali Record Book:

Andre The Giant Record Book(2 Threads Found so far):

Bob Armstrong Record Book:

Shohei "Giant" Baba Record Book:

Bob Backlund Record Book:

Tully Blanchard Record Book:

Nick Bockwinkel Record Book:

Paul Boesch Record Book:

Broadway Venus Record Book:

Brute Bernard Record Book:

Bruiser/King Kong Brody Record Book:

"Bad" Leroy Brown Record Book:

Jim Browning Record Book:

Frankie Cain(The Great Mephisto)Record Book:

Primo Carnera Record Book:

Riki Choshu Record Book(North America):

Jim Cornette(As a "Wrestler")Record Book:

Dick The Bruiser Record Book:

Steve Doll Record Book:

Bobby Bold Eagle:

Pampero Firpo Record Book:

Ric Flair Record Book(2 threads found so far):

"Chief" Kit Fox Record Book:

Ron Fuller Record Book:

Charlie Fulton(Gary Fulton)Record Book:

Terry Funk Record Book:

George "Scrap Iron" Gadaski Record Book:

Hubert Gallant Record Book:

Ronnie Garvin Record Book:

Gorgeous George Record Book:

Tim Gerrard Record Book:

Fritz Von Goering Record Book:

Jimmy Golden Record Book:

Terry Gordy Record Book:

Rene(Jacques)Goulet Record Book:

Owen Hart Record Book:

Michael Hayes Record Book:

Larry "The Axe" Hennig Record Book:

Gino Hernandez Record Book(Found 2 threads so far):

The High Flyers(Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell)Record Book:

Helen Hild Record Book:

John Hill Record Book:

Hulk Hogan(Sterling Golden, Terry Bollea, etc.)Record Book(2 threads found so far):

Austin Idol(Mike McCord)Record Book:

Antonio Inoki Record Book(North America):

Insane Clown Posse Record Book:

Iron Sheik(Khosrow Vaziri)Record Book:

Paul Jones Record Book:

Ken Jugan(Lord Zoltan)Record Book:

Ernie Ladd Record Book:

Mark Lewin Record Book:

Buddy Love(Joe Thomas) Record Book:

Hartford Love Record Book:

Ken Lucas Record Book:

Billy Red Lyons Record Book:

Mr. Wrestling II/Johnny "Rubberman" Walker Record Book:

Magnum T.A.(Terry Allen)Record Book:

Man Mountain Mike Record Book:

Man Mountain Dean Record Book:

Gino Marella(Gorilla Monsoon) Record Book:

Luis Martinez Record Book:

The Masked Superstar, Bolo Mongol, Demolition Ax Record Book(2 Threads So Far) :

Moondog Mayne Record Book:

Wahoo McDaniel Record Book: I found 2 different threads for far. Maybe they could be merged lmk.)

Scott McGhee Record Book:

Lenny Montana Record Book:

Angelo "King Kong" Mosca Record Book:

Mr. Wrestling II("Rubberman"Johnny Walker)Record Book:

Black Jack Mulligan Record Book:

Dick Murdoch Record Book:

"Magnificent" Don Muraco Record Book:

Pat O'Connor Record Book:

One Man Gang Record Book:

Pat Patterson Record Book:

Roddy Piper Record Book(Found 2 thread so far):

Angelo Poffo Record Book:

Ron Pope(Mighty Zulu, Ali Pasha)Record Book:

Johnny Powers Record Book:

Harley Race Record Book:

Dusty Rhodes Record Book:

Yvon Robert Record Book:

Buddy Roberts Record Book:

Billy Robinson Record Book

"Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers Record Book(2 threads found so far):

Rick Rude Record Book:

Bruno Sammartino Record Book:

Tito Santana Record Book(2 threads so far):

Baron Mikel Scicluna Record Book:

Sandy Scott Record Book:

Bobby Shane Record Book:

"Iron"Mike Sharpe Jr. Record Book(2 threads so far):

The Sheik(Ed Farhat)Record Book:

Dick Slater Record Book:

"Lawman" Don Slatton Record Book:

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka Record Book:

Stan Stasiak Record Book:

Ricky Steamboat Record Book(2 threads found so far):

Tom "Rocky" Stone Record Book:

Sweet Daddy Siki Record Book:

Lou Thesz Record Book:

Champ Thomas Record Book:

Tinker Todd Record Book:

Tommi "Jumbo" Tsuruta Record Book:

The Undertaker(Mark Calloway)Record Book:

Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon Record Book:

Greg Valentine Record Book:

The Valiant Brothers(Jimmy, Johnny & Jerry)Record Book:

Johnny Weaver Record Book:

Bill White Record Book:

The Wild Samoans(The Great Tio & Cheif Tapu) Record Book:

Larry Zbyszko Record Book:

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